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22 Mar

HONDA CIVIC 1995 My Car Was Parked On the right had side of the road, front wheels turned towards the curb. i turned on the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Vehicle Rear-ended Part Way Into right turn pushing vehicle into another vehicle parked at stop sign. right front of our vehicle collides with

HONDA GL1800 2010 Motorcycle Was Driven To The local dealer for recall inspection for the rear brake cylinder. dealer performed inspection and informed me that the motorcycle
HONDA CIVIC 2010 Premature Brake Wear. front brakes exhibited squealing after 15,000 miles. replacement of all four brake pads was required: approximately 1/16
HONDA ELEMENT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda element. the contact stated that the vehicle was repaired under the recall associated with nhtsa campaign id
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Tl* The Contact Own A 2008 honda odyssey. the contact stated that the vehicle was included in the recall under nhtsa campaign id number
HONDA ACCORD 2005 I Previously Drove My Aunt's 2005 honda accord hybrid on several occasions. almost as soon as the vehicle was purchased, on more
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 honda odyssey. the contact was driving 5 mph and attempted to park, when the brakes were engaged the
HONDA ELEMENT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda element. while driving approximately 5 mph and depressing the brakes, the vehicle would not stop.
HONDA ACCORD 2007 I Have Had At Least visited paragon honda dealer located in woodside newyork, for front rotors and pad problem, car wants to go
HONDA CIVIC 2009 I Purchased A 2009 Civic in august of 2009. my car is now in the shop with less than 24k miles on the car
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 I Was Trying To Trying to stop my 2007 honda odyssey very quickly to avoid hitting the car in front of me and hit the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 2007 Odyssey With Soft Brakes. the recall fix was done in summer 2010. about late november 2010 early december 2010,
HONDA ACCORD 2008 I Was Backing Out Of my drive way when i pressed the brakes to slow down and the brakes "grind'. the following week i
HONDA ACCORD 2010 Rear Brakes Prematurely Wearing Out after 18,000 miles. *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 On July 12, 2010, i took our 2007 honda odyssey) mel rapton honda for the brake recall requested by honda america.
HONDA ACCORD 2010 My 2010 Honda Accord Coupe was making a metallic "squealing" sound when i applied the brakes (and, eventually, after applying the brakes).
HONDA ACCORD 2008 I Have A 2008 Honda accord coupe. on 11/28/2010, while driving the vehicle, i heard a loud screeching sound coming
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. the contact stated while parking the vehicle and depressing the brakes, the vehicle would not
HONDA ACCORD 1997 My 1997 Honda Accord Ex with 107,000 miles that i had owned since brand new and had serviced routinely developed an abs braking problem.
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Back Brakes Are Making A loud sound when i press on them. car begins to shake as well. many people are having the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. the contact stated that they have taken the vehicle to the dealer three times to have the
HONDA CIVIC 2009 While Driving A 2009 Hybrid honda civic in small town traffic, the car in front of me braked suddenly. when i depressed
HONDA ACCORD 2009 My 2009 Honda Accord started having front and back brake problems from 17,000 miles. as it went on the noise got
HONDA ELEMENT 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 honda element. the vehicle was serviced for the nhtsa recall campaign id number 10v098000. after the recall repair
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. while braking from approximate speeds of 45 mph, the brakes fell much farther into
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 [xxx] june 8, 2010 ref. vin # [xxx] honda case # [xxx]
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 honda odyssey. the contact stated that his vehicle was making a grinding noise when the brakes were applied.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. while traveling at 22 mph, the contact applied the brakes and noticed that they hesitated to
HONDA ELEMENT 2008 Brakes Were Soft Almost To the floor,my vehicle would not stop and ended up hitting another vehicle. have contacted honda and they are
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 My 2006 Honda Odyssey Has a problem with the brake feeling 'soft'. i have to press the brake almost to the floor to
HONDA CR V 2005 Left Firestone Auto To Get an il change on univeristy blvd after oil change, proceeded onto university blvd, made a left onto broadhead
HONDA ELEMENT 2007 Premature Failure Of Rear Passenger disc brake at 22000 miles. loud grinding noise noticed coming from rear passenger wheel. brought to dealer immediately.
HONDA ACCORD 2004 What Does One Have To do when there are no brakes on my honda but they will not fix it and it is
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Purchased Honda Accord Exlv6 In 02/08. rear brakes started squeaking at 3k miles. brought the car into bay ridge dealership in brooklyn ny
HONDA PILOT 2007 Car Accelerated And Brakes Failed completely. this was a fatality accident. when approaching a red light the car
HONDA ELEMENT 2005 I Bought The 2005 Honda element in october 2006, as a new 4 wheel drive, standard transmission. after using it for
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 My 2005 Honda Odyssey Van did not stop while i was braking during a stop at a traffic light. the brakes got to
HONDA ELEMENT 2008 I Am An Owner Of a 2008 honda element which recently came out with a media release from honda that there was a problem with
HONDA PILOT 2007 I Got 2007 Honda Pilot. i read about the honda elements and oddyseys recall regarding with the brakes. i believe that honda pilot
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 I Was Driving Down A hill and had to stop suddenly and it took my van about 6-8 feet to come to a complete stop.
HONDA ACCORD 2008 I Have A 2008 Honda accord and drive about 22,000 miles mainly highway a year. at 20,000 miles my rear brakes went
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Mid-december At 28,000mi In my honda accord, i started hearing grinding noises when backing out of the driveway; went to the
HONDA ACCORD 2009 I Bought My 2009 Honda accord lx on december 30, 2008. less than a month after that, my brakes started making a
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Premature Wear On Brakes On 2008 honda accord. purchased car in 2007 and have had to replace brakes in 2008 & 2009 with less
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Brakes Are Too Soft. had accident twice already because brakes dont react like they are suppose to. you have to push the brake
HONDA ACCORD 2008 2008 Honda Accords Rear Brake failing & rotors need to be replaced @16,000 miles. i was upset to find out that my almost
HONDA ACCORD 2008 2008 Honda Accord, 3800 miles, brakes squealing. scottsdale, az dealership said "defect" and changed the front pads. online search indicates
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 I Purchased A New 2005 honda odyssey ex-l in december 2004, and i have experienced multiple incidents in which the brakes make a very
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Driving 50 Mph Consumer heard a noise coming from the vehicle. consumer maintained control of the vehicle, and was able
HONDA ACCORD 2003 My Brakes Squeal 90% Of the time when they are depressed. i had the service department check them and they found no problem,
HONDA ACCORD 9999 Consumer Stated That When trying to apply the brakes the brake pedal will go to the floor causing the vehicle to have extended stopping
HONDA ACCORD 1996 While Driving Vehicle, The abs system was leaking causing the vehicle to have extended stopping distance. ts

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