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22 Mar

HONDA ODYSSEY 1995 Vehicles Rear Middle Bench Seat middle seat belt slips with any motion and does not stay adjusted around the lap belt area.
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Gerry Guardian. Belt is not long enough to properly install a child safety seat. tt

HONDA CIVIC 1990 All Seatbelts Do Not Properly retain carseat allowing too much slack. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Rear Seatbelts Do Not Properly retain carseat, allowing free movement when driving vehicle. have tried more than one carseat. please describe details.
HONDA CIVIC 1992 Rear Seatbelts Do Not Properly retain carseat when driving, causing carseat to move from side to side when place in center(rear). please describe
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Rear Seatbelts Do Not Properly retain carseat, causing free movement of carseat. seatbelts tighten than gradually lossen while driving. describe.
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Back Seat Safety Belts Are mismatched. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Rear Seat Belt Does Not tighten up when the belt is activated. also, bolt that holds the seat in place failed when
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 There Is So Much Play within the rear seat belt that the rear seat belt will get so tight that consumer's child got stuck
HONDA CR V 1997 Vehilces Rear Shoulder Belt Some how rapped around childs neck and it was not even in the latch, the belt locked up and had
HONDA ODYSSEY 1996 Owner States That Her Rear lap belts cannot tighten correctly to support her child seat, owner notes that there is too much play
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Seatbelt Design Defective On Odyssey minivans. in the center row of seats, with a bench seat configuration, the seatbelt does not
HONDA CIVIC 2001 The Problem Is Not A failure. the problem is that rear seatbelts are not long enough to go around my wife or myself
HONDA CR V 2001 Not All Honda Makes Are reliable... with this new honda vehicle i've experienced bad paint, leaking cargo, bubbles on pilar,
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Seat Belt Tore In Half in accident, allowing passenger to be ejected from vehicle/killed. *dh
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Rear Seat Belts Stuck/won't Pull out from seat. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Rear Seat Belt Does Not have enough slack preventing buckle from latching, also latch slips in-between seat/seatback. *ak
HONDA FIT 2012 Right Rear Seat Belt Was fastened around a child. it locked and became tighter and tighter until child had trouble breathing. seat belt
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 honda odyssey. the contact stated that the vehicle was stopped and she was unable to remove a child
HONDA CR V 2002 Cpsc# I1160315a 2002 Honda civic. consumer states that seat belt was locking up and with each movement was pulling tighter and tighter and
HONDA CR V 2002 Cpsc Document Number I1160315a. consumer states seat belt locked up tightly and would not release until completely unhooked *tgw the consumer stated
HONDA ODYSSEY 2011 2011 Honda Odyssey. Consumer states problem with rear seat belt *tgw the consumer stated the rear seat had a middle seat which folded
HONDA CR V 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 honda cr-v. the contact stated that the rear seat belts have caused discomfort to her passenger when riding
HONDA RIDGELINE 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 honda genesis (n/a). the contact stated that the rear passenger seat belt buckle latch failed while attempting to
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. the contact noticed that the seat belt webbing on the rear drivers side seat was coming
HONDA ODYSSEY 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 honda odyssey. while driving approximately 30 mph on normal road conditions; unexpectedly, the rear third row
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 honda civic. while examining the vehicle he noticed that the plastic trim on the rear seats were cutting
HONDA CR V 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda cr-v. the rear middle seat belt hooks to the seat. as a result, the
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Two Of The Three Back seat belts, the center and the back driver's side, have broken away from the buckle side that is
HONDA ACCORD 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 honda accord. while driving 25 mph, the contact's son wrapped the rear seat belt around his neck
HONDA PILOT 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 honda pilot. while driving 10 mph, another vehicle crashed into the rear driver side of the contact's
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 My Daughter, Hannah (age 2 years, 3 months was sitting in the car seat behind driver in the 2006 honda odyssey.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda odyssey. after parking the vehicle the contact could not release the 7 year old child
HONDA ACCORD 1993 Tl* - The Contact has a 1993 honda accord with an odometer reading of 175000 miles who's rear passenger side seat belt doesn't retract,
HONDA CIVIC 2006 My 3 Year Old Son unbuckled the seat belt while in car seat while car was parked. he managed to get the seat
HONDA PILOT 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated While the vehicle was parked, the center seat belt in the third row seat locked closed around a 5 year
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 30 mph on normal road conditions, the front of the vehicle shook when the brakes were applied.
HONDA CIVIC 2002 My 7 1/2 Year Old son got into the back side passenger seat of my mother's honda civic, (we were visiting them from out
HONDA PILOT 2004 As A Child Passenger Safety instructor i want to inform you about the safety belt systems in the honda pilot, acura mdx, toyota
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Upon Buying A 2002 Honda odyssey, we expressed concern that the 2nd-row passenger-side seat belt would not lock at the shoulder/frame point (the device
HONDA ACCORD 1993 Rear Driver Side Seat Belt malfunctioned in an accident, passenger was not supported resulting in injury to the head. *nm
HONDA PILOT 2005 I Filed A Complaint One year ago and never received any kind of response. it is odi id number 10122170. *nm
HONDA ACCORD 1993 I Have A 1993 Honda accord lx 4 door , my son was involved in an accident 3/9/2006, 5 people was in
HONDA ODYSSEY 2003 Mid Cabin Seat Belts Will not retract on honda odyssey 2003 model. have had the belts fixed twice and still having the same
HONDA ACCORD 2001 1) The Rear Seat Belt fails after driving for a while 2) the seat belt cannot be pulled out anymore; thus it will
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 My 14-year Old Became Entangled in the seat belt in the 3rd row passenger-side seat of our new honda odyssey van. the seat
HONDA CR V 2003 Seat Belt Around Child Using a child safety seat malfunctioned and could not be removed. seat belt continued to tighten to the point of
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Problems With The 1999 Honda accord rear seat belts.***no answer required***. *mr due to manufacturer design, the rear seat
HONDA PILOT 2005 2005 Honda Pilot - Fundamental flaw in shoulder belt center seating position 2nd row. the belt starts in the cealing so far forward that
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 The Lap/shoulder Belt In The center position of the third row seat was anchored with the anchor latch. my 2 1/2 yr old child
HONDA ACCORD 2001 The Rear Seat Belts Are retractable. however, consumer does not have the ability to move them. the belts
HONDA CR V 2003 The Rear Center Passenger Seat belt buckle blocks access to the rear passenger buckle. i asked the dealership and honda america to change this
HONDA CR V 2004 Consumer Applied The Brakes For a sudden stop vehicle stopped, but the passenger's side rear seat belt broke in half. no
HONDA CIVIC 2004 The Rear Passenger Seat Belt unlatched by it self automatically. while driving the consumer could hear a noise. *jb
HONDA PILOT 2004 My Question Is " Why would a car manufacture install seat beats anchors in a over lapping fashion?" i have a 2004 honda pilot and
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 The Middle Rear Seat Belt on driver's side will not retract properly. vehicle was taken to the dealer for repairs and problem
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 The Right Rear Seat Belt has been replaced twice for tightening on a child. now the middle rear seat belt buckle has come
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 When Trying To Remove Her child from the booster seat, the seat belt became attached to his foot and it was impossible to unlatch
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Another Car Turned Left In front of me, with no signal or no notice. i hit her and my air bags deployed
HONDA CR V 2000 I Have My Grandchildren In car saftey seats in the back. they are secured by over the chest seatbelts. when stopping short,
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 3rd Row Passenger Rear Seat belt lock up, seatbelt will not retract. seat beat was not buckled but a small child managed
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 The Seat Belt Locking Mechanism activated when the consumer's grandson attempted to pick something off the floor with the seat belt on. *ph
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Rear Seat Belts In My 2000 honda accord ex are too short for adults. it is very difficult to get them on without
HONDA CR V 2003 The Occupant,10 Years Old, in the rear seat took the seat belt off to reach for something. somehow the seat belt
HONDA ACCORD 2001 For Tall/large Passengers, Rear seatbelts lock up and rachet tighter and tighter with accelleration , causing pain and restricktion of movement.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Rear Bucket Seat Buckle Unbolted from its structure without any impact or force being applied. *ak there were problems with the
HONDA CIVIC 2002 The Middle Seatbelt In The back does not work. i have taken it to the dealership and they could not get it to
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Problem Is Not With Car seat but seat belt on the honda odyessy 1999. the middle row, passenger side seat belt has
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Rear Seat Belts Often Retract in the process of putting them on, making them so uncomfortable that passengers do not want to wear their
HONDA ACCORD 1985 Honda Accord Going 45 Mph was struck on left rear by another car going also forty 45 mph hitting gas tank located behind left back
HONDA ACCORD 1996 The Rear Seat Belt Became tangled and locked around a child's neck. the more the consumer pulled to release the belt the more
HONDA CIVIC 1995 The Rear Seat Belt Failed to lock. *ak *cb *jb
HONDA PILOT 2003 2003 Honda Pilot Center Seating position 2nd & 3rd row. seat belt system does not fit adult ( in my experience, 1 woman
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Rear Seat Belts Tightened as the consumer tried to pull it for slack. the consumer had to cut the seat belt from
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 The First Failure Resulted In the belt not retracting, the second failure resulted in the belt not locking after being retracted. (both
HONDA ACCORD 1991 Back Seat Belts Do Not lock. i have 2 small children who require a carseat and a booster seat. problem is
HONDA CIVIC 1999 Consumer Stated The Rear Seat belt buckle clip mechanism is not working properly. dealer has been notified. please provide further information.*jb

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