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Honda Seat Belts Front Webbing Reports

Tuesday 1st of September 2015 11:23:30 AM

HONDA CIVIC 1990 Driver's Shoulder Harness Is Inoperative. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1995 Driver's Shoulder Belt Did Not grab/hold upon impact; also, brakes and steering wheel locked up; driver lost control, hit a tree.
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Rear Lap/shoulder Are Too Short and will not fit properly. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1993 The Air Bag Did Not deploy during an accident,and the seat belt did not hold the driver. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Upon Rear Ending Another Vehicle "hard", drivers shoulder failed to restrain along w/air bag not deploying. please describe details. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Seat Belt System Failed During an accident. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Vehicle Was Impacted 6:00 position, vehicle was at complete stop, drivers side lap/shoulder belt failed. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1986 Vehicle Was In An Accident and the drivers seat belt did not catch until after the occupant went into the window. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1992 The Drivers Seat Belt Was broken in the material when involved in an accident and it broke from impact. please describe.
HONDA ACCORD 1986 Seat Belt Did Not Hold the driver in place in an accident, seat belt did not lock. tt
HONDA DEL SOL 1994 Head On Collision And Passenger airbag did not depoly nor did the seatbelt restrain properly. please explain. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1988 Car Was In Accident And the driver's side seat belt didn't restrain, the person was badly injury. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1989 During Frontal Collision, Driver's seat belt fabric broke in half; pulled completely out of lock; driver not properly restrained. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Seat Belt Did Not Restrain driver during a head on collision. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1989 Car Was In Accident And the passenger side seat belt didn't hold the person in the car . tt
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Driver/passenger Side Shoulder Harness Seatbelts do not properly retain occupants during sudden stops. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1992 The Drivers Seatbelt Did Not restrain in an accident. please explain. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1991 When Struck @ 1:00 O'clock position, drivers shoulder didn't restrain driver, allowing her to strike passenger side windshield. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1989 Drivers Side Seat Belt Failed, did not hold in place driver in an accident. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1987 Drivers/passengers Shoulder Belts Failed Duringn an accident, resulting in injuries. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1994 Seat Belt Gets Caught In between the corner of the seat and the heat rest. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1987 Vehicle Was Involved In An accident and passenger side seat belt did not work. tt
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Consumer's Daugther Of 46 Pounds/ 46 inches, and 7 years old got strapped on middle seat belt of last row of vehicle
HONDA ACCORD 1991 While Driving On A Surface street traveling 35mph, another vehicle pulled out in front, and hit consumer's vehicle broadside. upon impact,
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Rear Driver's And Passenger's Seatbelts tighten too hard which causes the occupants to choke and release the buckle. they are unable to wear
HONDA ACCORD 1982 Both Driver's Side And Passenger's side shoulder belts are too short, causing the shoulder belts to fit very tightly. shoulder portion is
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Shoulder Belt Isn't Working Properly due to the switch that lowers the back of the seat belt which is against the passenger's seat.
HONDA ACCORD 1990 The Shoulder Belts In The driver and passenger seats tighten up without brakes being applied. after stopping and turning off the vehicle, the
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Whenever Shoulder Belts Are locked, they would loosen up. would not stay tight. had called dealer & told will not
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Consumer's Passenger's Side Seat Belt does not accomodate her size. the driver side belts fit her just fine. when she rode on the
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Upon Starting The Vehicle The passenger's side seat belts locked up, making it impossible to move. *ak
HONDA DEL SOL 1993 No Deployment Of Driver's Air bag during a head-on accident, also shoulder harness failed to hold. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Driver Side Seat Shakes/moves When accelerating or appling brakes, the dealer replaced the track but the problem still exist, the windshield wipers are
HONDA CIVIC 1989 My Civic Collided With The side of another vehicle at approximately 40mph. the lap component of my seatbelt engaged allowing only minor bruising/cuts
HONDA ACCORD 2002 The Glove Box Does Not close properly. occasionally, the driver seat belt will not retract. dealer found that the belt
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Seat Belts Are Too Tight. cj
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Driver's Shoulder Belt Locked Up upon brisk braking or cornering, also when ignition was turned off, shoulder belt retracted, trapping driver in
HONDA ACCORD 1993 Front And Rear Seat Belts failed to hold driver/passenger's in position during collision, causing injuries.
HONDA CR V 2002 I Am One Of Three owners who purchased honda cr-v ex (and lx) in 2002. this has been a great for me i was
HONDA ACCORD 2008 My 2008 Honda Accord Ex coupe is a nightmare. trying to use the defroster while warming up car,blower motor kept losing power.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 The Drivers Side Seat Belt on my 2001 honda odyssey has become frayed on one side. i am afraid this has compromised its
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl* - The Contact Has a 2005 honda odyssey es. the contact stated that when he pulls the seat belt down on the

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