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22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1992 The Car Is A Five speed, a piece around the gear shift broke, causing shifter to get lodged inside. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Clutch Chatters. *ak

HONDA CIVIC 1984 Clutch Assembly Failure. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 When Applying Clutch It Went to the floor and vehicle jumped light. clutch stuck to floor ,and vehicle was stuck in
HONDA CBR929RR 2000 Recall 00v403000/ Manufacturer's Recall 00v403000. consumer took motorcycle in for recall. dealer has had motorcycle at dealership for month and half.
HONDA CBR929RR 2000 Consumer Reeived Recall Letter 00 v 403 000 for a lever on motorcycle. dealer stated it was on national back order.
HONDA GOLDWING 2001 While Driving At 65 Mph something let go in engine, causing rear wheel and brakes to malfunction. dealer was
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Clutch Assembly Is Not working. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Consumer Was Driving On The road at 50 mph under normal road conditions, consumer commenced to downshift when the clutch disengaged due to spring
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clutch Failed To Engage While driving 25 mph. vehicle at the dealer. feel free to provide any futher information.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Stopping At Traffic Light clutch will engage without warning, causing vehicle to "jump" into intersection and stall. this occurred 1-2 times
HONDA CIVIC 1995 Vehicle Will Not Move Due to faulty clutch. *slc
HONDA ACCORD 1985 Clutch Failed. Nlm
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clutch Master Cylinder Is Erratic, very difficult to engage and chatters at every start, new clutch master installed but the problem remains the same.
HONDA SHADOW 1997 Ref . Previous Reports as follows 541061,735146, 744948, 827854. mr frank burris called me but never got
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Transmission - Clutch Dt
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 Mcdavid Honda In Houston, tx repaired the car/ no factual evidence of the problem ocurring at 40,000 miles/ based on mcdavid honda,
HONDA CBR600F4I 2001 None
HONDA CR V 2001 My Problem Is That When you prepare to come to a stop, press the clutch and brake, the car will die. no
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Clutch Slipped, Causing 2nd gear to grind. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Without Any Warning, My clutch went out my gear shift locked up and the car died in the middle of a very busy
HONDA CR V 2001 The Back Tire Locked Up in a curve and caused a head on collision. i feel this problem came from a clutch failure.
HONDA CIVIC 1997 1) Front Brake Discs Warped after only 34,000 miles. shuddering felt upon braking. careful driver did not abuse brakes, and the
HONDA ACCORD 1998 About 4 Months After The purchase of the car, the clutch started making some loud squeeks while pressing or releasing the clutch.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Clutch Master Cylinder Makes a loude squeaking noise when hot
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clutch Master Cylinder Failed. yh
HONDA CIVIC 1989 Clutch Failed
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Clutch Sticks.
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Severe Drivetrain Shudder - Clutch chatters when drivetrain is cold. has been an ongoing problem since new and dealer is unable to diagnose problem
HONDA VT1100 1996 Slave Cylinder Weep Holes Allow for oil to leak on rear tire when failure occurs.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Ever Since I Bought This car (about 3 month now) the clutch makes a squeeky noise whenever its applied. id have contacted
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Clutch Master Cylinder Failed Resulting in leak.
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Clutch Failure. Also Alternator replaced.
HONDA ACCORD 1987 Vehicle Not Designed With A clutch interlock safety switch, allowing vehicle to start while in gear.
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 1996 While In Neutral, Consumer gave the bike some gas and it jerked forward.
HONDA PRELUDE 1989 Clutch Repaired. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Vehicle Bucks And Stalls In first gear. *tw
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 honda accord. the contact stated that when driving, the seat belt would unlock independently and the srs
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 honda civic hybrid. the contact stated when attempting to accelerate from a complete stop, the vehicle would
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 honda civic manual transmission. the contact stated while driving at approximately 60 mph, the vehicle gear shifter
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 honda civic hybrid. the contact stated the vehicle was exhibiting transmission failures. the dealer was unable to
HONDA CBR1000RR 2008 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) the purpose of this letter
HONDA VTX1800 2007 2007 Honda Vtx1800 Reimbursed For repairs. *dt the clutch was replaced. *jb
HONDA CMX250C 2007 Clutch Pedal Fell Off At 320 miles, fuel tank bolts were missing at 635 miles, other bolts replaced. *tr
HONDA CIVIC 2007 I Bought My 2007 Honda civic si on 12/29/07 with approximately 2,200 miles on it. from day one third gear would grind
HONDA CIVIC 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 honda civic. in an attempt to drive the vehicle, the contact placed his key into the ignition
HONDA CIVIC 2006 09/04/2007 Driving East On I-10, smelled something burning, engine would rev up but car would not go. coasted over to shoulder (was
HONDA CIVIC 2007 I Own A 2007 Honda civic si. i have heard a popping type sound coming from underneath the car or on the drivetrain.
HONDA REBEL 2004 My 04 Rebal 250, bought used with 1,500 miles on it has liked to slip from 2nd gear to first. i
HONDA CR V 2005 When Driving At A Low rate of speed or making turns, the 2005 honda crv would grind or chatter due to either incorrect fluid
HONDA CIVIC 2003 My 2003 Honda Hybrid Has vibrations when movement first begins and when climbing hills and after reading some of the statements of others on this
HONDA REBEL 2004 I Purchased A Used 2004 honda rebel motorcycle 2 years ago used. i have only added about 400 miles to it for a total
HONDA VT750DC SHADOW SPIRIT 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda vt750dc shadow spirit. the contact stated that a week after purchasing the atv the clutch began to
HONDA CR V 2003 Vehicle: 2003 Honda Crv with 5 speed manual transimission. on january 23, 2007 during normal driving the manual transmission on the
HONDA CIVIC 2007 I Bought A 2007 Honda civic si on december 18, 2006. in less than 700 miles the clutch burned out.
HONDA CBR929RR 2001 Assingned Recall No#00v-403 Per nhtsa
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Clutch Failed, Only 6, 000 miles, 2004 honda cmx250 rebel. *nm
HONDA CMX250C 2005 In 2004 And Early 2005 models the judder spring has been installed backwards from the factory. honda is aware of this problem however
HONDA REBEL 2004 I Bought A 2004 Honda rebel 250 new and at 500 miles the clutch began to slip. i returned the bike to the
HONDA ACCORD 2003 Thumping Noise When Starting To move forward in first gear. first dealer to look at the problem said it was an apple under
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Clutch Started Slipping In Gear on acceleration and hills. progressively getting worse over about a 3 week period. clutch was not abused as
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Have A 1999 Honda accord dx sedan. the clutch went out recently. according to honda, they have a service bulletin out
HONDA REBEL 2004 2004 Honda Rebel I purchased the bike from a dealer that had accepted it on a trade-in. as soon as i tried driving
HONDA REBEL 2004 I Purchased A 2004 Honda rebel 250 motorcycle in january, 2005. and after only riding it for 661 miles, i noticed
HONDA REBEL 2004 I Purchased A 2004 Honda rebel 250 in may of 04. after only 1100 miles i had complete clutch failure. the honda shop
HONDA REBEL 2004 Dt: Consumer Has A 2004 honda rebel. he says that the clutch failed on august 3, 2005 after drivng a few
HONDA CR V 2003 2003 Honda Cr-v 44,200 miles: bad bearing or pump noise starting coming from engine compartment, stopped and checked (noise varied with engine
HONDA REBEL 2004 Honda 250 Rebel Has Continued to have clutch slippage under highway travel. it is a 2004 and has caused traffic to slow down because
HONDA CIVIC 2005 My Daughter Was Driving Her standard new honda civic 2005 home from the dealer on may 9th. she had 60 miles on the
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Honda Rebel: 2004 does not shift to neutral while engine is running
HONDA REBEL 2005 2005 Honda Rebel Experiencing Problems with the clutch. *mr *sc *jb
HONDA REBEL 2004 Premature Clutch Failure
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Th Clutch On My 2004 honda rebel has gone out after 2500 miles and i believe it was actually going out in advance but i
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Ever Since I Purchased The motorcycle, a 2004 honda rebel, there were a few problems with the shifting characteristics. first,
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Clutch Premature Wear Problem With honda rebel 2004 motorcycle!.have a 2004 rebel with 1600 miles. i did the oil change at 600 miles
HONDA CMX250C 2004 I Purchased A New 2004 honda rebel in march of 2004. i currently have 1700 miles on the bike. ever since the first
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Bike Has Just Over 1200 miles on it and the clutch has started to slip. esp. on the highway or going up hills,
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Clutch Does Not Work Properly. the motorcycle will not go into neutral very easily, never on the first try, bike stalls
HONDA ACCORD 2004 Three Months Ago I Purchased a new honda accord and on november 28th i noticed a unsual smell and procedeed to take the car into
HONDA CMX250C 2004 The Clutch Assembly Of The 2004 honda rebel cmx250c motorcycles were defective from assembly at the factory. honda dealerships have a (secret) service
HONDA ACCORD 1998 With Clutch Pressed Down While car in gear the transmission would start to engage. problem was occasional at the beginning, then worsened
HONDA CMX250C 2004 2004 Honda Rebel Cmx250 - purchased a new honda rebel on 10/27/04 after approximately 250 miles i noticed that the clutch slipped when trying
HONDA CMX250C 2004 This Is A Complaint about a 2004 honda rebel 250cc motorcycle (cmx250c4). with just a little over 1000 miles the clutch went.
HONDA CMX250C 2004 The Clutch On 2004 Honda cmx250 rebel motorcycles are giving out with less than 500 miles on them, causing the motorcycle to not accelerate
HONDA ACCORD 2003 I Have A 2003 Honda accord ex with a manual transmission, with approximately 9,000 miles. by the way, i had
HONDA CIVIC 1996 When The Car Is Cold it is hard to put into 1st gear and when releasing the clutch it jumps until it has warmed up.
HONDA PASSPORT 1994 The Clutch, Pressure Plate and throw out bearing, failed. also, there were stress cracks in the transmission casing. *ak
HONDA PRELUDE 2001 Car Did Not Go Into any of the gears freely. the culprit was a poorly designed clutch disc. the springs on
HONDA PRELUDE 1997 1997 Honda Prelude The Clutch spring retainer broke rendering the clutch inoperable placing stress on the transmission and damaging the internals from the spring
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clutch Failure On 1998 Honda accord-replacement part (clutch master cylinder) on emergency national backorder. told that honda had experienced "problems" with this part.
HONDA S2000 2001 Below Is A List Of all the failures that my 2001 honda s2000 has sustained. the first being the only one that honda
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Drivers Side Seat Rocks Back and forth, first gear lunges out to neutral, shifting gears is not smooth and has rough grinding feel,
HONDA ACCORD 1989 I Wish I Had Known earlier that this complaint to the nhtsa was possible. for years, i did not know what
HONDA PRELUDE 1993 The Metal Spring Holder On the oem clutch snapped off while driving, which made shifting nearly impossible and caused unnecessary and extremely damaging wear
HONDA PRELUDE 2001 Spring Cages On Stock Clutch failed, causing clutch to fail to disengage reliably. this prevented shifting out of, and into gear.
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Car Has Been Nothing But problems since purchased in march 2001. brakes have been replaced 2 times for vibration problems again 4000 miles later

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