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Honda Power Train Clutch Assembly Pedal/linkage Reports

22 Mar

HONDA VT1100 1998 Motorcycle Stopped At Stop Sign, waiting and it took off, motorcycle gas engaged, emergency button pushed and motorcycle wouldn't
HONDA VT1100 1996 The Motorcycyle Leaks Oil Due to a broken sealant in the clutch assembly which may cause a fire. *ak consumer states taht

HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clutch Pedal Failure.
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Clutch Pedal Squeaks When Depressed. *ak
HONDA HONDA 1998 Clutch Pedal Failed. *yc
HONDA CBR600 1999 The Gearshift Pedal Broke-off From its arm while coming to a stop, causing failure, resulting in possible collision. *yc
HONDA CR V 1998 The Brake Pedal And The clutch pedal are placed too far apart; over 5 inches.
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Shift Cable Failed.
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Shifter Cable Failed, Making it extremely difficult to change gears. *dh
HONDA ACCORD 1982 Throw-out Bearing Failed Twice, rendering vehicle immobile. *aw
HONDA CMX250C 2007 Clutch Pedal Fell Off At 320 miles, fuel tank bolts were missing at 635 miles, other bolts replaced. *tr
HONDA CIVIC 2006 (a) Notchy Shifting (b) resistance going into 3rd gear (c) grinding related to 3rd gear (e) transmission kicking out/popping out into neutral
HONDA CIVIC 2007 I Purchased Honda Civic Si 2007,from norm reeves honda on 7/31/07 someone rear ended my bumper, the car was repaired,
HONDA CIVIC 2006 The Vehicle Has A Manual gearbox and the clutch pedal is very stiff to operate. this combined with a fairly long travel could
HONDA CMX250C 2004 Clutch/shifting Problesms With The 2004 honda rebel cmx250.
HONDA S2000 2001 Squeak Noise When Using Clutch. later the squeak gets louder and requires more pressure to press the clutch. also the clutch

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