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Tuesday 8th of September 2015 12:26:31 AM

HONDA CIVIC 1990 While Driving, Suddenly, front left wheel collapsed; steering wheel locked up; suspension dropped down with axle; axle broke; speed
HONDA ACCORD 1981 Vehicle Came To Complete Halt; proceeded thru green light to 25 mph; front left axle broke; lost vehicle power. tt
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer Received Nhtsa Recall 00v058000/ manufacturer's recall sb006s0002 for rear axle. march the part wasn't in. bolts holding the rear axle
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Received Recall Notice & Contacted dealer for appointment in march. took vehicle in for repair of rear axle. after arriving, was informed
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Consumer Contacted Dealer In Reference to recall 00v058000/manufacturer's recall sb0006s002 concerning rear axle. dealer stated parts were not available.
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer Contacted The Dealer In reference to recall 00v058000/manufacturer's recall sb0006s002 concerning rear axle. dealer stated parts were not available. pleas
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Recall # 00v058000 Isuzu/rear Axle; dealer does not have parts to correct recall. owner has contacted the dealership 3 or 4 times.
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer Contacted Dealer In reference to recall 00v058000/ manufacturer's recall sb0006s002/ rear axle failure. dealer stated no parts were available.
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Recall 00v058000/rear Axle: Notified Dealer of recall notice; dealer informed consumer that would be contacted when an appointment date became available, still
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Consumer Contacted Dealer In reference to recall number 00v058000/manufacturer's recall sb006sd02/ rear axle. dealer stated manufacturer has yet to send parts,
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Consumer Received Recall 00v058000 Concerning rear axle. contacted dealer no parts were available to correct problem. please give
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer Received Recall 00v058000 concerning the rear axle. dealer refused to correct the problem because consumer did not purchase the
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Recall # 00v058000 Isuzu/rear Axle; dealer does not have parts to correct recall. also, dealer is not sure when parts will
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Nhtsa Recall 00v058000 And Manufacturer's recall 00v058000. concerning rear axle failure. no parts were available.*ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer Received Recall Notice 00v058000/rear axle in the begininng of april, and was told by dealer that parts kit was on backorder
HONDA CIVIC 1995 When Making A Left Or right turn there is a clunking sound coming from the front of the vehicle. it sounds like something is
HONDA CIVIC 1995 While Driving At 30 Mph without prior warning lower ball control arm became loose, and the front wheel fell sideways. also,
HONDA ACCORD 1986 While Driving Between 35 Mph the front axle broke in half without warning. please describe details. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Rear Axle Assembly Rusted And corroded and ruptured the vehicle line, causing the fuel tank damage. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1999 I Received A Recall Notice on my 1999 honda civic for the ignition switch in september 2002. i took the car to get
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Front Axle Broke Unexpectedly. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1988 The Axle Broke In Two at low speed(luckily), spun around the steering linkage and punctured the oil pan in two places. i believe
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 We Have Experienced Numerous Major problems with our passport since its purchase in 4/99. in 2/00, while driving a 65mph, the
HONDA CR V 1997 Sqeaking Or Grinding In Rear end when making hard turns in any direction, will it fall apart and cause an accident?
HONDA ACCORD 1988 The Axle In Question Failed catastrophically, without warning after only 26000 miles of use. had this failure occurred at highway speed, a
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Bolt Broke From Power Train, causing tire to explode/loss of control/accident. *sd
HONDA CIVIC 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 honda civic. the contact stated that while driving approximately 5 mph, he heard a clanking noise
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 honda odyssey ex. while the vehicle was being serviced the dealer advised her that the left and right axle
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 honda odyssey. the contact was driving approximately 35-40 mph, when the vehicle stability assist system activation indicator and
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1998 honda passport. the contact stated while attempting a turn at 25 mph, the rear axle fractured.
HONDA CIVIC 2008 Tl- The Contact Owns A 2008 honda civic. the contact stated the rear wheels bend inward and is causing the contacts rear tires to
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 honda civic. while driving approximately 45 mph the road surface was covered with black ice and snow. the
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 honda accord. while driving 5 mph, the vehicle hesitated and then accelerated when shifted from first to
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 honda passport. the contact stated that the rear axle separated from the frame. the dealer stated
HONDA VTX1800 2002 Replacing The Rear Tire And the final flange bearing were half gone. *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 We First Noticed A Severe vibration in our car about two months ago when traveling between 65-70 mph. took honda ody to
HONDA VTX1800 2003 (1)vibration In Rear Wheel Of honda vtx1800c 2003 (2)upon disassembly of rear wheel, bearings in the spline flange were found to be
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle rubbed against a curb and the axle and the steering wheel column fractured while traveling 3 mph.
HONDA VTX1800 2003 (1) 2003 Honda Vtx 1800c motorcycle rear driven flange bearing failure. when removing tire/wheel assembly for tire replacement, (2) i discovered the
HONDA ACCORD 2005 I Drove A 2005 Honda accord. after two days of purchased which was in april , 2005 i pulled out of the
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Vehicle In Question Has serious problems and dealership is doubting the safety of it. it has been "clipped" i had it fully inspected
HONDA VTX1800 2002 1, Tire Change 2. inside flange bearing notch 3. replaced bearings, out of pocket expense. 4.
HONDA VTX1800 2002 Rear Wheel Flange Bearings Failed on me 2002 honda vtx 1800 motor cycle. this is a common problem with these bikes and honda
HONDA VTX1800 2002 Bearing Failure In The Final driven flange assembly approximate date of failure: 12/4/2005 year of manufacture: 2002 model purchased
HONDA CIVIC 2005 While I Was Driving On the street, the axle/spindle to the right front wheel/tire of my vehicle broke. therefore i lost control
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Dt: The Consumer Heard A knocking noise while driving. he took the vehicle to dealer for inspection. both front axles broke.
HONDA VTX1800 2003 During Routine Inspection Of Rear wheel assembly while doing a tire change, i identified a bad pair of bearings. the motorcycle
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 At 83,000 Miles The second transmission on my 2001 honda odyssey failed (registered in my wife's name, lynn roessler). original transmission failed
HONDA VTX1800 2003 Premature Failure In The Driven flange bearing set of vtx1800s (all models). mine has now failed with 16,000 miles on the bike.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Dt: Consumer States While driving the vehicle, the front passenger wheel axle support broke and went inside the rim causing loss of control
HONDA ACCORD 2004 While Driving The Vehicle's Drive axle collapsed causing the driver to loose control of his 2004 honda accord. *nm the
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Consumer Was Driving At 30 mph when the right front passenger wheel came off. vehicle was towed, and it was determined
HONDA PILOT 2003 While Driving There Was Noise in the front axle. it got louder with more speed. consumer took vehicle to the dealer. however,
HONDA ACCORD 2003 Complaint Received Via E-mail. i purchased a brand new car, and since then i have been back to the dealership numerous amounts of
HONDA VTX1800 2003 While Driving Motorcycle Pulled To the left. consumer pulled off the road to inspect the motorcycle, and discovered that the rear right
HONDA ACCORD 2003 My 03, Honda, accord had been drifting to the right, and felt a little bumpy. while i was driving my axle
HONDA ACCORD 2000 2000 Honda Accord: Power train axle-wheel bearings. both front wheel bearings had to be replaced. 70,000 miles on odometer.
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Belts Came Of Pulleys, vehicle lost control resulting in acollision. also, replaced throttle cable/emissions/ignition/cv boots and windshield wipers. *ak

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