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22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1995 Check Engine Light Stays On/door locks intermittently lock/unlock/radio, tape unit plays only intermittently/fuel gauge readings grossly inaccurate, and power antenna will not retract.

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I have a 2010 Honda Accord LX with 28,000 miles and the rear brakes pads are worn out and both rear calipers are leaking according to my mechanic.He suggested that I carry it to a Honda Dealer since the calipers were still under warranty. The Hond

I have a honda accord v6 2001. I drove back from work and 30 min later couldn't start my car. All the lights and signals are off. No signs of any electricity, completely dead. Then, I tried to jump up with another car and no success. When I first

I own a 2003 pilot and have been very pleased with its overall performance. However, there is one thing i am troubled with and this is probably true in some way with other manufacturers. My front powered drivers seat had an adjuster that raises th

There is a puddle in my passenger side floor after it rains.  Initially I thought it was the windshield but I doubt that theory now.  I "google" it and it seems that many other fit owners have had the same problem.  I am very annoyed with this

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