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Honda Exterior Lighting Fog Lights Reports

22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 2002 Driver Side Seat Shakes/moves When accelerating or appling brakes, the dealer replaced the track but the problem still exist, the windshield wipers are
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Consumer States The Fog Lights were out of focus. *tt

HONDA CIVIC 2001 The Dealer Informed Consumer That the fog lights were inoperative.*jb
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Dealer Installed Fog Light With wood screws insted of bolting it causing ot to become loose, fall out and break. nlm
HONDA CIVIC 2006 2006 Honda Civic Ex factory/honda dealer installed fog lights fog lights lens breakage (3 occurrences since august 2006 when car was purchased from
HONDA CIVIC 2002 My 2002 Honda Civic Had optional fog lights installed as a dealer option. one of the fog lamps took a small rock hit in
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Consumer Stated While Driving And without warning the fog lamps lens shattered causing the consumer to pull over. dealer notified. *ph

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