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22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1993 I Was In An Accident on saturday 1/13/2001 there was major damage to the front of my honda accord that the radiator was moved the
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Car Remote For Garage Doesn't work.

HONDA ACCORD 1996 Cigarette Lighter Inoperative.
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 The Location Of The Cell phone jack on the dash under the cd holder drawer in the front is not convenient, the vehicle must
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Due To The Design Of dash board lights, it is hard to read odometer, digital clock, and radio indicator.
HONDA VALKYRIE 1997 Motorcycle Displays (gauges) Are Poorly lit. backlight illumination is visible in near or total darkness, but at times of dim light, such
HONDA VALKYRIE 1997 The Numbers On The Speedometer cannot be seen at dusk or erly down due to poor lighting of instrument. *ak
HONDA VALKYRIE 1998 Under Low-light Conditions- Dusk/dawn, and after dark under certain street lighting, the instruments are unreadable. *ak
HONDA VALKYRIE 1997 Cannot See Instruments At Dusk or early morning. it was this way from the factory. *ak
HONDA VALKYRIE 1997 The Instruments Are Unreadable During dusk/dawn conditions due to a faulty lighting condition. *ak
HONDA VALKYRIE 1997 The Tachometer/speedometer Gauges On The honda f6 valkyrie are hard to read even in daylight due to the color and the style of the lettering
HONDA CIVIC 1995 Difficulty Pulling Cigarette Lighter In/out. *ak
HONDA FULL NOSE MASK 9999 2007 Honda Cr-v Auto Door locks faulty. locks will not stay locked, even while driving. hazard for children in back seat,
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Battery Low Indicator Light Comes on no matter how much we drive the vehicle. *tr
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Premature Sudden Battery Failure. shorts out. i've have to get a new battery every year. *tr
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 On June 28, Our 1999 honda odyssey lx lost all electrical power and engine power while traveling on i-94 e bound between battle creek
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Ref: Nhtsa Campaign 02v120000 For 1998 honda odyssey. the ignition switch in my car was replaced in the recall of 2002.
HONDA FULL NOSE MASK 9999 Left Firestone Auto To Get an il change on univeristy blvd after oil change, proceeded onto university blvd, made a left onto broadhead
HONDA 08L14 TA1 100 9999 I Have A Honda Accord 2003 lx. my stereo light is dim and i couldn't see the clock. they have a service bulletin
HONDA FULL NOSE MASK 9999 Check Engine Light On My 2000 honda insight went out at 7,000 miles and they told me i would have to live with it.
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Engine Dtc P0122, (low-volts on the tps). it started to set on my 2005 civic dx. if there
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Bulbs Sold as replacement headlights for passenger vehicles fail within six months to one year and pose a safety hazard. these
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 In November 2005, The driver side automatic seatbelt on my 1991 honda accord coupe (ex) started malfunctioning and would not retract to the driving
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Interior Lighting Honda Manufacture had a interior lighting recall for honda accord 2001 lx , but they didn't recall for hd accord
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 While Parking My Car In my garage, i had put it in park and took my foot of the brake pedal, my 2007
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 I Have Experienced A Recurring failure with the s.r.s. module in a 2000 honda accord the module was replaced a 28,000
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Battery Has To Be Replaced each year. battery won't stay charged and has to be replaced yearly. this is my third battery.
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Electric Back Doors Are Inconsistent with either not opening/shutting all the way. sometimes will not open at all. not safe with children/persons in
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 I Had The Ignition Switch replaced in 2002 under the recall warranty. now 7years later(2009)120,000miles, i am having the symptoms of a
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 My 2006 Honda Crv Suv continually has starter switch problems. it buzzes loudly upon starting the engine. it sounds like the contacts
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 The Ignition System Fails In my 1998 honda accord. it has already been through the recall process for the same problem (03v423000).
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Bought This 99 Honda Accord dx 4 door 5 speed back in 2006 from a honda dealership. in the end of 2007 the car
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Opsd (occupant Position Detection System) and rearwiper motor failed at the same time without previous accident. honda dealer saying this items are not covered
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Engine Stopped While Driving On turnpike. restarted while trying to get off of the road. honda dealer replaced start switch. it was
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Switch, Front Brake light. part no. 35340-ma5-671 honda gl 1100 gold wing motorcycle
HONDA 08L14 TA1 100 9999 When Driving At Night Regardless of the speed, with the a/c on the headlights flickers intermittently. i have read other web
HONDA TRAILER HITCH KIT 9999 On April 3, 2008 i took my car to kuhn honda at 3900 west kennedy blvd, tampa, florida 33609. they did
HONDA 08L14 E09 100 9999 Subject: 1998 Honda Accord 117,000 miles. events that led to complaint: vehicle engine and all electrical completely shuts down leaving
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 On October 30, 2004, i had the ignition switch replaced on my 1998 honda civic per the recall. in late
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Car Stalled When At Complete stop to make a turn on5-24-07, started back up immediately and drove fine. car stalled while making
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 98 Honda Accord, car went dead while driving 30 mph, coasted into lot and restarted. ran fine. 2 weeks
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Vehicle Was Bought 02/2006. to date the odometer is reading more than 30,546 miles. my daily commute to my job
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Electrical Problem With My Honda odyssey 2005 i brought it brand new and every time i sit in the vehicle it will not start.
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 My Car Shut Off When i was in the highway doing 60 m.p.h, this car was recall in 2002 for a ignition
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 The Srs Light Does Not goes off during driving. the dealer told me that it will disable the airbag, and can cause serious
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 At First My Speedometer Where the rpms are at would flicker up and down for a while and now my mph doesn't work. at
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 I Have A 2001 Honda accord ex that i purchased from beaudry honda in tucson, az. i had the computer module replaced approximately
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Acura And Its Dealer Failed to comply with the corrective action required in recall 02v120000 concerning the ignition switch. instead, they
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 I Have This Classic Problem with my 2000 accord srs light is on again i been in the dealership for new transmission.
HONDA TRAILER HARNESS KIT 9999 Electrical Problems, With Door lock actuators and srs systems wheel alignment brake problems, transmission problems yes , parts were replaced,
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 Turn Ignition Key. No crank. no start. repeatedly tried to turn ignition key. again, no crank start. power
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Complaints With 2003 Honda Civic alarm system. *mr the alarm would not shut when using the valet key, the
HONDA CR V 2003 Consumer Stated That The dealer indicated that the use of a cell phone inside the vehicle will cause the air bags to deactivate.
HONDA CIVIC 1990 A Lot Of The Repairs were done under warranty, but i am still having a problem with some thing that isnt listed,in the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Automatic Doors Sometimes Fail To close completely, stopping mid-way. need to restart car to close them. warning lights (all) lit
HONDA ACCORD 1998 This Is My Mothers Car (1998 honda accord ex-vl) which was totaled in an accident due to a sudden unintended wife was the
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Down The Freeway going about 40mph the accelorator stuck and continued to accel at uncontrolable speeds. the brake would not stop the
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Main Problem Is With The engine light coming on periodically and suspension noise in front and back. i have repeatedly taken the care
HONDA ACCORD 2003 They Are Selling Me A lemon and fool me around with excuse. the engine light have been on six time during this two
HONDA ACCORD 1998 I Purchased A 98 Honda accord in october of 2001. it has been in the shop approximately eight times since it was purchased for
HONDA CIVIC 1996 The Computer Control Issue Is unresolved. the factory default settings for the air conditioning were lost after a battery exchange. expensive charges for
HONDA ACCORD 2001 All Of The Above Dates and mileage are approximate. i have the information on paper at home. i have also had
HONDA CIVIC 2002 I Was Parking My Car and the car accelerated and i hit a light pole
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Upon Slowing Down With Brakes on, engine starts to buck and wants to quit, also happens when starting from a stop position.
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Sudden Acceleration, Accelerator Sticking
HONDA ODYSSEY 2003 Sudden Acceleration, Unable To stop the vehicle.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Engine Completely Blew Out one day. i was on the way to work and there was an explosion under my hood.
HONDA ACCORD 1991 D4 Gear Indicator Light On the dash failed: burned bulb or electronic transmission control unit failute (recall)?
HONDA ACCORD 1999 My Crank Shaft Pulley Bolt broke off damaging my whole engine. honda estimates it will be approx. 5900.00 to fix.
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Air Bag Light Illuminated On 8/10/2003. dealer stated cell phone caused front and side air bags to deactivate.
HONDA CIVIC 2003 While Driving, The Steering wheel locked. *ak the consumer had come to an intersection, had her foot on

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