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HONDA ACCORD 1987 Sudden Acceleration The Engine Ea87-012. tt
HONDA ACCORD 1989 Consumer Is Having A Small oil leak . tt
HONDA CIVIC 1994 Noisy Engine. *ak
HONDA ELITE 2000 Scooter Stalls Out And Wait pick up speed. model ch80
HONDA HONDA 1999 Engine Plug Defective honda vt1100d2x 1999
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Vehicle Has Been Cutting Off while driving on an intermittent basis. also, srs light on dashboard remained illuminated. dealer
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Engine Has Developed A Crack which has caused coolant and oil to mix together. please give any further details.*ak
HONDA CRX 1991 While Exiting Freeway At 30 mph temperature gauge went to hot, and vehicle started smoking and died. vehicle was purchased
HONDA SHADOW 2001 During Normal Operation Of 2001, honda, shadow deluxe 600 motorcycle engine stalls intermittently. dealership has examined motorcycle four
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Driving At 75mph Vehicle stalled. consumer pulled off, put vehicle in park, and restarted vehicle.
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Repairs For Recall 01v183000 Was performed, and engine stalled intermittently, approximately 8 to 9 times since the end of july.
HONDA VT1100 2001 While Traveling 65 Mph Or faster there is a "pinging" and a "screeching" noise coming from engine. dealership has examined
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Vehicle Will Shut Down Without any notice. problem can happen at any speed, and is also intermittent. please provide more information.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Stalled Once While Driving 50-55 mph. dealer could not find a problem with vehicle.*ak the vehicle stalls when applying brake to
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Traveling Approximately 25 To 30 mph and making a turn, engine stalled and caused steering column to lock up. this
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer Was Traveling About 55mph on highway and vehicle stopped without prior warning. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
HONDA GOLDWING 2001 While Driving At 65 Mph something let go in engine, causing rear wheel and brakes to malfunction. dealer was
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Traveling At Any Speed vehicle would die intermittently. please provide further information. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Traveling Noticed A Noise, had vehicle serviced. technician stated engine had a crack. *ak the crack in the engine
HONDA CIVIC 1999 Engine Is Making A Loud knocking sound. took to dealer to dealer 10 times, cannot remedy situation. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 When Making A Complete Stop or in stop and go traffic engine will turn off and stall. but, vehicle can be
HONDA CIVIC 1999 While Driving Could Hear A knocking noise on engine, especially when warming up.consumer had taken vehicle to dealer, but no improvements of
HONDA ST1100 1998 Periodically Motorcycle Would Shutdown Without prior warning. dealer has replaced bank angle sensor as remedy free of charge, but
HONDA CIVIC 2001 There Wasn't A Steering Lock when driver turned steering column for security reason. dealership was aware of problem.*ak consumer
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Making Right Turns At any speed vehicle would stall. please provide further information. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Vehicle Stalls When Coming To a stop and again when taking off. has stalled about 10 times. taken to dealer
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Consumer Added Into Crank case an engine treatment slack 50/ manufacturer petrolan-slack 50 penzoil oil tratment ucp, code 027104004131 in june 2000.
HONDA ACCORD 2000 When Driving At Any Speed without prior warning vehicle stalls and cuts off, causing loss of vehicle control. problem occurs more often
HONDA CIVIC 1988 While Traveling For Several Years engine indicator light would stay, causing vehicle to stall intermittent. consumer replaced compurter board, indicator
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 At 70,000 Miles Consumer starts hearing a tapping noise coming from engine. took to dealer, and was told that
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Intermittently While Driving Engine just died. vehicle has been to three different dealers in the last six months.dealerships was not able to
HONDA PASSPORT 1997 Engine Was Ticking, And dealer stated that it was characteristic of hondas. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Vehicle Stalled With No Warning at times. warning may come on & then the engine dies. this has happened 2-3 times.
HONDA ODYSSEY 1996 Wife Was Driving On Highway oil light came on and she pulled over. oil was pouring out from the engine.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehiicle Hesistated When Acclerating And it stalled. this condition almost caused a crash, which could have been fatal. vehicle has been
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Vehicle Will Stall Intermittently And ,without prior warning. it will not crank back up right away, causing a safety hazard.
HONDA CIVIC 1996 While Driving Could Hear Noise coming from the engine then it would stall. had to be towed to dealer where they found
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Vehicle Stalled unexpectedly which could have caused a crash. dealer replaced the relay fork, but could not determine
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Vehicle Stalled and died without warning and started up immediately after. dealer has inspected vehicle, and could
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Car Loses Power While Driving and sometimes it can jerk . it will stall when idling. contacted dealer, and was
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Vehicle Stalled Without a warning, and this had happened several times before. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 When Vehicle Is Coming to a stop or slowing down at an intersection engine cuts completely off. dealer has seen vehicle 3 times
HONDA VT1100 1997 While Driving Motorcycle it loses power. the higher the speed, the faster the problem. motorcycle has been taken to
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Experienceed A Loud Gun shot sound from dashboad area while driving. but no reason or cause could be found. two dealer was
HONDA ACCORD 1991 About 30 Seconds After Starting vehicle, the rpm will shoot up to 4000 rpm, causing driver to turn vehicle completely off.
HONDA ACCORD 1996 While Driving Engine Check light came on, and the vehicle stopped running due to the engine overheating. mechanic said it had no
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Ongoing / Intermittent Problem With the vehicle hesitating; whenever pulling into a intersection or from a stop postion it appears as if it would
HONDA ACCORD 1995 While Driving At 25 Mph and without prior warning vehicle shut down,and the dealer could not determine any type of problems. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Driving And Without Warning the vehicle completely shut down, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Driving 55 Mph on the highway vehicle began to lose power which caused the vehicle to completely shut down cause unknown.
HONDA ACCORD 1994 At Highway Speed Of 55 mph or more, if consumer removed foot of accelerator pedal vehicle would shut off. vehicle been in /
HONDA ACCORD 1998 When Pulling Out, vehicle stalls and hesitates, this has occured since purchase of thr vehicle. *yc
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Engine Completely Shuts Off, causing vehicle to stall at 30 to 60 mph. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1999 When Vehicle Has Not Been driven for awhile and then started up, vehicle made a popping noise. dealer said that the engine had
HONDA CIVIC 1991 While Driving Vehicle Will Stall unexpectedly without warning, which almost may result in an crash. been to dealer several times. dealer
HONDA CR V 1998 While Trying To Make A stop vehicle stalled wiithout any indication. please provide further informaton. *ak
HONDA PRELUDE 1994 There Was A Hole In the air conditioner. this caused the air conditioner to not release air. also, while traveling about 40mph
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer Has Been Experiencing Problems with engine. vehicle constantly stalls. vehicle has been in the shop three times for
HONDA ACCORD 1991 Vehicle Will Cut Back And cut off while driving at 55-60 mph. dealer contacted, and stated they are aware of the problem.
HONDA ACCORD 1993 In Extreme Hot Weather Conditions, the vehicle experiences a no start situation. consumer afraid problem may occur when driving vehicle. consumer
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 While Driving Down The Road vehicle cuts completely off. has no power. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1991 While Driving The Vehicle Stalls unexpectedly, almost causing an accident. cause unknown. please provide details. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer Has Been Experiencing Ongoing problem with vehicle hesitating when consumer starts to accelerate from a stop position. dealer notified, and informed
HONDA ACCORD 1998 When Pulling Onto The Highway and upon depressing the accelerator pedal the vehicle hesitates and cuts off. vehicle also exhibit a hard
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Starting Vehicle Engine Check light remains on. also, while driving problem has occurred five times. engine misfires, but
HONDA PRELUDE 1996 While Driving On The Interstate at about 75mph the vehicle cut completely off. has been to dealer at least 6 times for same problem.
HONDA PRELUDE 1984 While Vehicle Was Parked The engine compartment caught fire. the owner will be contacting the manufacturer. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Engine Oil Seal Breaks; vehicle loses all of the oil, and then engine seizes while driving. **ak
HONDA ACCORD 1989 Vehicle Caught On Fire, cause still unknown. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 Every 3,000 Miles The truck burned about 1.5 quart of oil, took dealer who said that it was normal .
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Has Had To Replace Bearings for distributor shaft. please describe. *ak
HONDA CR V 2002 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the engine. also stated that the vehicle will shout down on a full gas tank. dealer
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Driving At Any Speed the vehicle engine will suddunly shut off. consumer states' vehicle will restart. took vehicle to honda
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Driving At Any Speed the vehicle engine will shut off. took to dealer and they replaced all the electrical components in ignition.
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer States That Intermittenly When driving and decelerating to a complete stop, the vehicle will slow down, but once stops will "lurch" forward
HONDA CR V 2002 Vehicle Stalls Intermittantly Right After take off from a stop. dealer can not find a problem, mentioned it could be air getting into
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Car Stalled Numerous Times At any speed. dealer has been notified. please provide further information. ts
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Consumer Has Problems With Her engine. dealer was contacted. mr
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Consumer States While Pulling Out of driveway the vehicle suddenly accelerated and collided into a tree. consumer also stated the engine continued to
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Consumer States The Vehicle Is consuming one quarter of oil every one thousands miles. dealer has been notified. please provide further information.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 While Traveling About 30 Mph on the highway. without prior warning the vehicle shut down and hit the curb and another vehicle.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer States That The Engine will stall out at any speed with out any warning, due to the defect with the ignition.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Consumer States Of Having Problems with her transmision,consumer also states that there is a recall for this metter on 2000 and 2001 vehicles
HONDA ACCORD 1999 When Driving At Various Speeds the engine will pause and then return to normal. the dealer has replaced the catalytic converter; however
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Intermittent Stalling. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2002 While Making A Turn On highway, the vehicle will shutdown without prior warning. the dealership is aware of the problem.
HONDA ACCORD 1993 This Failure Has Occured Twice, a seal around the crank case popped out allowing the oil to run out onto all the belts.
HONDA CR V 1997 Consumer States That Took Vehicle in for a routine inspection. consumer states on the ride home the vehicle died. cause unknown.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Since 31,000 Miles Vehicle has been stalling intermenttently at multiple speeds. vehicle has been to dealer on two occasions, and problem
HONDA VTX1800 2002 Consumer States While Driving and with no warning the motorcycle loss power. cause unknown dealer notified.*jb
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 While Driving Vehicle Would Just stall out without any warning, almost caused an accident. dealer contacted.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 1998 While Driving Vehicle Just Stalled, almost causing an accident. consumer purchased vehicle in 06/02, and vehicle did not have any oil
HONDA CIVIC 1998 While Drivng Vehcile Stalled Out/ lost all power, was unable to steer, resulting in an accident. *ak
HONDA VTX1800 2002 While Driving At Any Speed motorcycle will start to lose power ,and then stall out. contacted dealer,and dealer was not willing
HONDA CIVIC 2000 At 50mph And With No warning transmission will automatically switch to lower gear. cause unknown. dealer notified.*ak the transmission would not
HONDA CIVIC 2002 While Driving At 30 Mph, battery and oil light illuminated. then, engine died. another driver almost rear ended consumer.
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Vehicle Has Stalled 8 Times at 30-65 mph. dealer was contacted, said a recall was forthcoming on this issue.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Consumer States Intermittently While Driving on a slight downhhill between 35 to 55 mph and applying very light to moderate braking, the transmission will
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Intermittently When Braking, Transmission will shift down on a slight to moderate incline. dealer has been notified. *ak half
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Vehicle Started Hesitating And pulling violently forward. twice having the vehicle checked the second drum was diagnosed as the problem causing the catylic
HONDA ACCORD 1995 While Driving 75 Mph The oil drained from the vehicle, causing engine to lock up. dealer determined that plug from engine housing
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Failure Of The Engine, when driving the vehicle will cut off.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Vehicle Stalls At Low Speed and when going around corners, loses all power. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer noticed vehicle
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Vehicle Would Sometimes Start Up and sometimes not. when vehicle does start it sounds rough. had vehicle towed to dealer, but dealer
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Warning Panel Light Flashes On and off intermittently. dealership is aware of problem. engine is not cranking properly.
HONDA ACCORD 1988 Accelerator Pedal Stuck At Full throttle. dealer was notified. *ak the mechanic stated that the throttle was sticking due to
HONDA CIVIC 1994 While Traveling On Interstate and without prior warning vehicle was hesitating in speed, and ther was white smoke coming out. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1991 Consumer Stated The Vehicle Revs up and down while in park, vehicle has been to dealer four times, and they have been unable
HONDA ACCORD 2000 While Traveling Vehicle Started to skip and shutdown without prior warning dealership is aware of problem.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Backing Out Of The driveway, consumer saw black smoke coming from under the hood. consumer stopped vehicle, looked underneath the car
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Approximately 15 To 20 mph engine stalled unexpectedly. dealership examined vehicle but was unable to reproduce the problem.
HONDA ACCORD 1995 While Driving Vehicle Lost All oil and engine seized. dealer has yet to be contacted. please provide further details.*ak
HONDA GOLDWING 2001 While Driving At An Unknown speed, the engine stalled unexpectedly and it coasted before coming to a stop, dealership has not examined motorcycle
HONDA ACCORD 1994 While Driving Oil Blew Out of oil seal onto engine compartment, causing heavy smoke to come from engine. consumer's vision was temporarily
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Intermittent Stalling While Driving At any speed. vehicle been in dealer's shop on 3 occasions, and dealer was unable to duplicate
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Shutsdown Without Prior Warning. there is a hesitation before shutting down.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Check Engine Light Continues To stay on, in for repair ,after driving about 80 miles light come on again. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Stalled Out And Died without warning. please provide further information.*ak
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 On Four Occasions The Vehicles engine shuts off unexpectedly and without warning, all four occurances happened in heavy traffic. *mj
HONDA S2000 2000 Vtec Actuation Solenoid Suffered O-ring seal failure. *yd
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 The Engine Has Had A continual oil leakage problem, eight reports and repair attempts since first reported in july 1999, however the engine
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Vehicles Engine Began To Race intermittently while stopping or pulling into a parking space, dealer replaced the t/w sensor which seemed to fix the
HONDA CIVIC 1994 The Vehicle Engine Is Smoking. yh
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Engine Failed. Yh
HONDA ACCORD 1990 When Interior Of Vehicle Is hot (due to warm weather) the vehicle cranks, but will not start, has no difficulty starting in cool
HONDA ACCORD 1988 Loss Of Power When Accelerating from a stopped position.
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Cruise Control Failed To Turn off when brake pedal was depressed, cruise control button turned off. braking system failed to slow or stop
HONDA CIVIC 1992 Intermittent Stalling/hesitation.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Sometimes, After Driving Vehicle a short distance and coming to complete stop, pressing on the gas, vehicle stalls then completely dies out.
HONDA ACCORD 1993 Balance Shaft Recall In Place for 1994-1997 honda accords my vehicle 1993 honda accord. letter being mailed to american honda p.o. box
HONDA ACCORD 1993 All Oil Drained From Engine in seconds. balance/counter shaft front oil seal blew out. dt
HONDA ACCORD 2001 I Had A Problem After 200 miles (after fixed). i was driving on nov. 28, 2002 (thanksgiving day) on i-77 / i-64
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Vehicle Was Pulling Into A parking stall when the engine suddenly surged. witnesses heard the engine surge, driver was not able to
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Stopping At A Stop Light the car would move forward. the engine roared, but didn't move. dt
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Was Advised By A Honda technician that it was an emissions problem but the code that came up doesn't show what is wrong. they
HONDA GOLDWING 2002 I Feel This Engine Over heated for no reason it was only 80 deg. dt
HONDA GOLDWING 2002 Engine Temp Gauge Has Shown overheating on 6 or 7 occasions. coolant loss on 3 occasions all times over heating occured speeds were less
HONDA GOLDWING 2002 At Speeds Of 5-20 In slow traffic or slow mountain roads it over heats, loses fluid reported to honda not sure whether honda
HONDA CIVIC 2000 5 Speed - Engine Stalls while in fifth gear. have to pull car over and restart. car taken repeatedly to repair
HONDA CIVIC 1997 I Had The Checked At kolbe honda when the check engine light came on. i thought the porblems related with the check engine
HONDA VTR1000F 1998 Second Failure Of Camchain Tensioner with engine breakdown occurred at 25720 miles. this was also reported to honda with honda again denying that a
HONDA VTR1000F 1998 This Problem Is Fairly Common with this particular vehicle. the chain driving the cams goes lax and the engine dies. sometimes
HONDA CR V 2002 While Making A Left Turn the engine stalled. i lost all power to the vehicle. was able to coast to side and restart
HONDA VTR1000F 1998 This Cam Chain Tensioner Problem is popular among vtr1000f owners, particularly 1999 models and earlier. failure of the tensioner could cause catastrophic
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Brought Car To Mike Piazza langhorne pa honda dealer (1908 e. lincoln hwy - 215-702-1500 / ) - refused to fix defect unless i
HONDA V SERIES 2002 Engine Stalls Intermittently While Shifting between gears at speeds of 35 to 50 mph. the problem is unpredictable. dt
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Fuel System Problem: Fuel Gauge frequently has begun to drop to a reading of zero when the car is not moving but running. the
HONDA ACCORD 1996 The Balancer Shaft Seal On the car has blown. causing the oil to drain out at an alarming rate. to fix
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 This Is The Third Honda i have owned, but the only one with problems. the first two had over 300,000 miles
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 I Am Complaining About Another (as the dealor puts it) "common defect" with my passport. in addition to the valve train premature wear,
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Car Jerked And Stalled in oncoming traffic. cars were able to miss me at that time. this occured and i
HONDA VT1100 1998 This Is A Problem Which appears to affect all single pin crank engines produced by honda between 1990 and 2001. what happens is
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 2001 The Bike Overheats (as Indicated by the gauge) while driven slowly in traffic. you must try to get out of traffic quickly to
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Car Died When Pulling From stop, had previously died when going 20 mph. first time dealer said no way to check. this
HONDA ACCORD 1987 Engine Stalls/dies If Tank Is not full. problem is worse in winter than summer.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 2000 It Happens During Acceleration, driving and stop and go traffic. the most dangerous times when it happened is when trying to merge
HONDA CIVIC 1999 Car Stalls Whenever I Slow down to stop at interections, stoplights, stopsigns. it will restart immediately, but at the next
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Engine Suddenly Quite While Traveling at highway speed . all gauges, dials, etc. went blank and vehicle suffered a loss
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HONDA CBR600F4 2002 Why Is This Happening On a brand new motorcycle?no safety defect listed. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 After Just Pulling Onto The highway from my parents driveway, i heard a "knocking" sound coming from the engine compartment of my vehicle.
HONDA CBR600 2001 Part Requires Reinstallation Everyone 3000 miles or less. honda is replacing parts but not fixing problems. internal engine noise(marbles rolling around)
HONDA PASSPORT 1994 I Would Like To Make this claim in order to have my car repaired for this problem.
HONDA VTR1000F 1998 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
HONDA CR V 2002 My Car Stalled In The middle of the road. i couldn't start it and had to towed it down to dealer.
HONDA ACCORD 1992 The Paint On Hood Went from blue to chalky white, i've seen it on several similar honda's (same color&around same year, also
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Engine Hesitates When Pressing Accelerator traveling between 20-40 mph. engine pings loses power after car sits for 10 to 15 minutes when air temp.
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 My 1999 Honda Odyssey Engine stalled while driving on a busy road. it stalled again while driving into on coming traffic.
HONDA VALKYRIE 2002 On Seven Separate Occasions, the engine on my motorcycle has died when changing gears. this has happened at varios speeds and engine operating
HONDA CBR929RR 2002 The Engine On My Brand new cbr945rr motorcycle died while travelling on the interstate nearly causing a very catastrophic accident. i was thrown forward
HONDA PASSPORT 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Low Oil Pressure Indicator Came on. when i checked oil, 4 quarts low. vehicle had been driven 4000 miles since
HONDA ACCORD 1995 I Recently Was A Victim of a honda recall on front balancer shaft seal, which causes oil to be rapidly pumped out engine without
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 Engine Stops While In Motion, making right and left turns, between 10 and 15 mph and starts right back up after car has come
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 While Driving At A Speed of 20-25 mph, the car will cut off and lose all power. unable to start the vehicle after
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Oil Seal Blown Out At very low mileage; garage informs that problem is occurring at high frequency among hondas of similar age, although
HONDA GOLDWING 2001 Initial Encounter Of Problem When for first time placed in heavy stop and go traffic on 8/16/2001. has repeatedly failed approx 10 times since.
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Sirs:we Have Had Two Problems with our 2000 accord ex from time of purchase that our dealer, crown honda, has been unable to
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Oil Leaking Following Immediate Use of car, unable to be repaired & needs a new engine, ? faulty casting at manufacturer, product
HONDA ACCORD 1993 Balance Shaft Seal Failed. seal retainer not applied at time of timing belt replacement by gentile in 1999. this is gross
HONDA ACCORD 1999 My Primary Concern Is The engine trouble with my 1999 accord. when i need to accelerate the car "misfires" according to the gresham
HONDA ACCORD 1999 For No Apparent Reason My car stops while driving. this engine shuts down forcing me to make an emergency stop whether i am driving
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Oil Pressure Light Came While traveling at low speeds - took care in for repair of oil leak and discovered main seal problem. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 1) On Several Occasions, when key is turned to start the car only an electrical buzzing sound is heard. the car starts normally
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Either Engine Siezed (0w-20 Oil) or inadvertent air bag depolyment. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Came Out Of Church And noticed a line of fluid going to car. then discovered that it was draining oil like crazy. i
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Car Stalled While Driving. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 I Have This Reccurring Problem of my car stalling when in drive gear when the car is at a slow speed. i have taken
HONDA ACCORD 1997 While Driving The Car (approx. 50 mph) the balancer shaft oil seal backed out. the engine oil was pumped out. the warning
HONDA ACCORD 2000 I Backed Out Of A parking spot and proceeded through the parking lot and turned left onto busy road. all of the sudden
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Driving Down Street And Oil light came on..proceeded to store and put oil in car, drove approximately 10 miles and oil light
HONDA CIVIC 2001 When Braking, Car Idle drops so low that car tends to hesitate and sometimes stalls. the problem is intermittent. have
HONDA ACCORD 2000 1. 3.0 L v-6 engines hesitates under slight load or acceleraion between 5 and 60 mph. honda refuses any attempt at
HONDA GOLDWING 2001 Initial Problem Discovered When First time placed in heavy slow moving traffic on 8/16/01. has happened 8 times since first event. manuf was
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Car Suddenlyu Died While Driving on a freeway. *ak
HONDA CR V 1997 Engine Stalls While Driving, hard to restart. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1996 The Mechanic Found Oil Leak at the front of the engine caused by a dislodged seal on the front balancer shaft.
HONDA ODYSSEY 1996 Air Bag -- Control Module failure at 67000 miles. srs light on panel indicated problem. diagnostics showed code 6-2.

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