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15 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1992 The Rear Cable Was Replaced by dealer, consumer is still havings same problem. please describe . *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Vehicle Caught On Fire, fire dept. said possible due to electrical short that start in. tt

HONDA ACCORD 1997 Vehicle Lost All Electrical Power then car became inoperable. also, car was steaming. dealer has been contacted. please
HONDA ACCORD 1995 While Turning A Corner At 15mph gas pedal stuck open. cable melted. *ak
HONDA PRELUDE 1989 Soon After Parking Vehicle caught on fire. fire department said it was due to faulty wires. consumer contacted american honda,
HONDA CR V 1998 Owner Received Recall Notice On november 9, 1999. dealer does not have parts available to correct recall, and refuses to look at
HONDA CR V 1998 While Traveling Noticed Burning Smell from the sterring wheel. manufacturer has been contacted. please provide further information. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1993 When Coming To A Complete stop vehicle stalls . the dealer has replaced the wiring in the cooling system. the
HONDA CIVIC 1995 While The Vehicle Was Parked in driveway for about 30-45 minutes, it caught on fire and burned up. owner not sure what
HONDA ACCORD 1997 When Starting Up The Vehicle will overheat, and the consumer can smell wires burning. when taking the vehicle to the shop
HONDA ACCORD 1994 The Electrical Lines Underneath the vehicle from the center to the rear/muffler/hubs were corroded and had to be replaced which caused noise and difficulty
HONDA CIVIC 1995 While Vehicle Was Warming Up it caught on fire. fire department stated that fire was electrical. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Driving W/daytime Running Light; noticed smoke coming from vent area and flames near leg/hands area; pulled off fwy into gas station; fire
HONDA CR V 2002 Dealer Was Unable To Hook up wiring harness on tow bar that goes up to the motor home. consumer feels it's unsafe to drive
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Short In Horn Wiring In steering wheel cause the gear shift lock to malfunction. could not shift out of "park." *yc
HONDA CIVIC 1992 Wiring Fails During Wet Weather.
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Wires Rusted Behind Door.
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Consumer Received A Recall Notice in october of 1998 and was told by the dealer that his vehicle was not recalled. however, consumer
HONDA ACCORD 1987 Headlight Wiring Failed, Causing loss of low beams/poor visibility.
HONDA ACCORD 1987 Headlight Wiring Malfunctioned. *ak
HONDA FIT 2010 2010 Honda Fit. consumer writes in regards to vehicle underbody exposed wires damaged by rodents that caused transmission malfunction. *smd the
HONDA PILOT 2007 We Experienced A Burning Odor in the car cab, the air bag indicator lit and the a/c temperature rose to the outside air level.
HONDA CR V 2005 The Low Beam Headlights On my 2005 cr-v have been replaced 6 times over the past 7 months. sometimes the passenger side,
HONDA CR V 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 honda cr-v. the contact stated that the low beam headlights would intermittently fail. the contact also stated
HONDA CR V 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 honda cr-v. the contact was driving 55 mph when the low beam headlights failed without any warning.
HONDA CIVIC 2009 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. consumer states air condition failure and problem with indicator lights *tgw the dealer informed the consumer that rodents eating
HONDA CIVIC 2008 2008 Honda Civic. Consumer states problem with the engine and brakes *tgw the consumer stated the air conditioner was not working properly for
HONDA FIT 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda fit. the contact stated that low beam headlights malfunctioned and affected visibility. the contact changed the bulbs
HONDA FIT 2009 I Purchased A Honda Fit in july of 2009. i have driven it 5800 miles. the following is a description of
HONDA FIT 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda fit. the contact stated that the headlights and fog lights would suddenly turn off; however, the
HONDA FIT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 honda fit. while driving at 60 mph, she noticed that the headlights would not illuminate.
HONDA CIVIC 2002 The Srs (secondary Restraint System) light in our 2002 honda civic has come on. this is at least the third time this has
HONDA GL1800 GOLD WING 2007 2007 Honda Goldwing Gl1800 motorcycle has a problem with the brake and signal lights. *nj the consumer discovered the rear brake
HONDA VFR800 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 honda vfr800. the contact referenced nhtsa campaign id number 07v359000 (electrical system, wiring). while driving
HONDA VFR800 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 honda vfr800. the contact received a recall notice in november of 2007 for the electrical system: wiring.
HONDA VFR800 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 honda vfr800. the contact received a recall notice for nhtsa campaign id number 07v359000 (electrical system:wiring) in september
HONDA ACCORD 2004 (1) & (2) Red Safety restraint system (srs) light sporadically light on dash, within one month srs light consistently on. dealer discovered broken
HONDA VFR800 2004 Intermittent Electrical Problems, Loss of power, lights, instruments. loss of power and lights at night resulted lost control of motorcycle,
HONDA VFR800 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 honda vfr800. while riding 70 mph, the headlight shut off without warning. the contact believed
HONDA CR V 2002 While Driving, Steering Wheel began smopking and car smelled hot (somethingin the steering wheeel column was on fire). my husband
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Headlights/interior Lights Began To "flicker", speedometer stopped working properly, check engine light came on. car stalls/engine cuts off when clutch is depressed.
HONDA VFR800A 2002 Wiring Harness Failure. Ground wire at the blue molex connector on the left side overheated and failed, causing the engine not to run.
HONDA HONDA 2003 My 2003 Honda Odyssey Had been stalling and shutting down losing complete power steering, brakes everything. i took it to my local honda
HONDA PILOT 2003 All Right. Enough Is enough. honda now wants us to believe that every rodent has now become aware that a honda pilot or
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 I Have Had Problems Over and over with the sliding power doors on my 99 honda odyssey. this is a hazard.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Re: Honda Case Number : n012006-12-2800187 i have 2006 honda odyssey minivan with 7000 miles on it. the van didn't start
HONDA CR V 1999 I Have A Honda Crv 99 and it has been having the same problems/symptom as described in the recall detail. it stalls when
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Driver Side Headlight Stopped Working on dim only. changed bulb, but this bulb also did not work on dim. verified
HONDA VFR800 2002 Had Starting Problems And Went to check the battery. found that the fuse holder, a connector and the small wire between the
HONDA CR V 2004 I Had Driven About 61/2 miles when the drive light (light showing the gear you are using) went out and the car started to stall.
HONDA RIDGELINE 2006 Ridgelines Built Prior To 8/24/2005 does not support trailers with surge brakes. tow electrical harness needs a 12v line into the trailer to disengage
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Apparently The "master" Control Switch in the driver's door experienced a loose connection. this prevented the windows from operating, i exited the
HONDA HONDA 1986 Complete Loss Of Electrical Power in traffic (1986 honda gl1200i). *nm
HONDA VFR800A 2003 On The Way To Work this morning, the motorcycle died. multiple attempts to restart failed. upon inspection, determined there
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Car Wouldn't Start And Stuck in park. diagnosed as wiring harness that rubbed against body and melted. car has not been
HONDA ACCORD 2000 My Honda Accord Ex 6 cyl has a problem but was not included in nhtsa recall 04v256000. the dashboard lights go on
HONDA VFR800 2003 Regarding Investigation Pe05047 this investigation was closed 12/20/05, but i have read many complaints from owners of this model
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 2002 Honda Odyssey Cd Player, rear wiper motor, clock light and transmission stopped working few months after purchase. *ts ***no
HONDA CIVIC 2005 Fire In Seat Belt Wiring under the passenger seat. the seat, floor and passenger door caught on fire. the fireman
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 My Wife Was Driving Our 1999 honda odyssey a couple weeks ago and the horn began to honk continuously. she immediately pulled over
HONDA ELEMENT 2005 Have A 2005 Honda Element covered under the nhtsa campaign #05e035000. trailer hitch was installed by the dealer on a new vehicle.
HONDA ST1300 2003 Consumer Contacted The Dealer To have recalls repairs performed on his 2003 honda st1300 and was instructed to bring it back at the end of
HONDA VFR800 2003 Dt: The Consumer Experienced An electrical problem, there is a buzzing noise coming from the front of vehicle, one of the wires coming
HONDA ACCORD 1998 During Periods Of Wet Weather, high humidity, power door locks do not work, and right side power windows do not function from
HONDA VFR800A 2003 The Wiring For The Oxygen sensors were crossed on the 2003 honda vfr800/a.*mr since the motorcycle was new it would stall occasionally.
HONDA ST1300 2003 Consumer Received Recall 04v549000 and three consumer service awareness campaigns. no parts for the recall wire harness have been made available.*ak
HONDA ST1300A 2003 (1) No Failure Has Occurred yet. (2) potential failure - the main wire harness has a ground distribution connector. the connector
HONDA ST1300A 2003 Parts Are Not Available For honda recalls nhtsa 04v568000 and 04v549000. recalls came out over 90 days ago. they have had
HONDA ST1300 2003 Recall Campaign. 2003 Honda st 1300 motorcycle, stalls on the interstate. *bf the consumer had been trying to get
HONDA ST1300 2004 Recall Campaign 05v010000 Concerning Combined brake system leak, and recall 04v568000 concerning poor wiring inside block. consumer was unable to get both
HONDA ST1300A 2003 Honda Motorcycle Wiring Harness Safety recall. *nm recall campaign : 04v568000. the consumer stated that he is having difficulty getting
HONDA ST1300 2004 A Recall For a wiring defect was issued, however, consumer attempted on several occasions to setup an appointment, and the
HONDA ACCORD 2003 10/4/2004 - Driving 65 Mph and car completely shut off - lost power steering and brakes. in shop for 5 days and said problem's
HONDA ST1300 2003 I Was At My Honda motorcycle dealer today for the third time. the dealer is ocala motor sports in ocala, florida.
HONDA ACCORD 2004 While Driving At 35 Mph consumer smelled an odor of smoke. after pulling off to the side of the road consumer
HONDA CIVIC 2004 2004 Honda Civic Si - car caught on fire. fire started in engine compartment while driving. car engulfed in flames. car declared
HONDA CR V 1998 I Recently Read The Press regarding fires starting underneath honda crvs. last year, following an oil change, i was stopped at
HONDA CR V 2002 Our 2002 Honda Crv Was destroyed by fire. car was in the driveway of a private home. car was turned off for
HONDA CR V 1999 April 5, 2003 it was about 9:00 pm. i had just paid my toll on the new jersey
HONDA ACCORD 2004 While Driving Vehicle Caught On fire. there was no warning. vehicle was towed to the dealer, where a technician
HONDA ST1300 2003 There Are A Group Of wires that run under the seat latching mechanism and under the top gas tank that rub and fray.
HONDA CR V 2003 Bought New Honda Crv In may of 2004. on september 26, 2004 while driving the vehicle, it burst into flames.
HONDA ST1300 2003 2003 Model St1300 Motorcycle. engine quit abruptly at 75 mph. if vehicle was leaned into turn or in tight passing situation
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Consumer Stated That Her Vehicle caught fire. also, she was told that the brake light in the back window shorted out.
HONDA CR V 2004 While Driving At 5 Mph vehicle caught on fire. *ak
HONDA ELEMENT 2004 While Driving To Work, vehicle caught on fire . *ak
HONDA CR V 2004 While Driving At 65 Mph consumer was warned by another motorist that the vehicle was on fire. vehicle was pulled over,
HONDA CR V 2004 We Got Our First Oil change and afterwards my car started smoking really bad and the low oil light came on. when i called
HONDA CR V 2003 I Just Recieved My First oil change at shockley honda in frederick maryland on my honda crv. after driving for about 2 miles my
HONDA CR V 2004 While Driving 65 Mph Engine started smoking and flames began coming from under the vehicle. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Steering Wiring Harness Malfunctioned. as a result, the vehicle caught on fire. no injuries reported. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Consumer Questioned As To Why he wasn't notified in a more timely fashion relative to the recalls. (nar) *ph
HONDA ODYSSEY 1995 Electrical Fire Inside Driver's Side door. where instrument panel (windows/door locks) is. driver's door (material, buttons, plastic) is melted
HONDA CIVIC 1998 1998 Honda Civic Lx Wiring harness run under intake manifold shorting out due to wiring insulation being abraded by the intake mainifold. according to
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 Problems That Continue To Exist are as follows: 1- miles per gallon are far below what was indicated. in

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