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Honda Electrical System Alternator/generator/regulator Reports

22 Mar

HONDA CIVIC 1986 Replaced Alternator. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Drove One Tenth Of Mile; stopped car; pumped gas; smelled odor; turned on ignition; noticed smoke coming from underhood;

HONDA GL1500 1989 Motorcycle Stals Out 5 Times, possible electrical problem, bank angle sensor/loose wiring connector to alternator, once resulting in an accident/injury.
HONDA ACCORD 1991 While Driving Under Normal Conditions car suddenly went dead. there were no warning signs. took vehicle to dealer, and
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Vehicle Would Not Start In november of 2000. dealership tested battery to see if this was cause. mechanic
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Consumer Had Just Left Lot, drove it about 10 miles when all of indicator lights started flashing. consumer called dealer from cell
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 Vehicle Lost A Lot Of pressure , and headlights went dim. if charging vehicle it will run for awhile. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1991 The Consumer Was Experiencing Problems with alternator. while driving, vehicle shut completely off. the consumer has replaced the
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Vehicle Was Parked In Garage. about four hours later, while driving about 200 yards, a burning smell then fumes appeared.
HONDA CIVIC 1993 After Market Part Failure Of the alternator overcharging, causing the battery to fail. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2002 Consumer States That The Alternator light illuminated. dealer stated motor needs replacing. mr radiator leaked out coolant and engine locked up due
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Vehicle Died Out While Drving on highway as a result ofalternator going out.contacted dealer. this was a common problem.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Electrical System Shut Down While driving, causing engine to stop which was due to an alternator failure.*ak *jg
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Alternator Went Out While Traveling at 60-70 mph on freeway. this was the second time that consumer has had to replace alternator.
HONDA CIVIC 1999 I Received A Recall Notice on my 1999 honda civic for the ignition switch in september 2002. i took the car to get
HONDA ACCORD 2000 One Month After My Warranty expired i had two major problems. first my alternator was completely replaced as soon as i started getting some
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Alternator Also Has Need To be replace dat 39000 miles. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2003 When Coming To A Slow stop, with brake lightly applied, the vehicle is designed to turn off the engine and disengage the transmission
HONDA CIVIC 1997 When Driving Headlights And Insturment panal get really bright and go back to normal like they flicker bright have changed both alternator and battery and
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 The Safety Problem Is The lack of warning system to note failure of the alternator. the first indication of failure is shutdown of
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 1999 Two Dealers Are Very Aware that this part fails very frequently on this model
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Regulator On The Alternator Is charging up, then going down then up. lights are affected.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 1990 The First Time The Alternator was replaced the car slowly lost power til it just stopped, this also happened the second time, then
HONDA PRELUDE 1985 No Summary.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Intermittent Problems, With Centeral computer contorl, battery sometimes completely drains, sometimes does not, transmission does not engage sometimes ,
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Intermittent Problems, With Centeral computer contorl, battery sometimes completely drains, sometimes does not, transmission does not engage sometimes ,
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Consumer Was Going Approximately 60mph when battery light flashed on and off. consumer was on a 3-lane interstate in middle lane when vheicle stalled.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Alternator Failed Causing Head Lights to fail. yh
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Alternator Failed. *yc
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 Alternator Failed.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Consumer Stated Vehicle Has Stalled on several occasions, the alternator was replaced due to lack of charging on electrical system.*jb
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 Consumer States The Alternator Was replaced. *slc
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Alternator Failed. Nlm
HONDA PASSPORT 1997 Window Regulator Failed. nlm
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 Voltage Regulator Fails, Causing engine to stop.
HONDA CIVIC 1986 Clutch Failure. Also Alternator replaced.
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Fire Began In Alternator While vehicle was idling.
HONDA ACCORD 1986 Alternator Replaced. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 1982 Alternator/regulator Burnt Out. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Car Idles Rough And Stalls, check fuel cap message comes on.this was after they replaced alternator due to lights flickering and radio and fans
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Ongoing Isuues With Electircal system, lights flickering, accessories going in and out,seat uhpulstry and paint and seat frame. had into
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Vehicle Passenger Seat Creaks And is not stable, lights on car continue to flicker and dim in and out when a/c and headlights are
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Cars Lights Dim And Blink everytime the cooling fan kicks on and off,this includes headlights,brake lights,all interior lights,a/c fan dims,radio
HONDA ACCORD 2008 My Headlights And Taillights Flicker dim to bright approximately every 30 seconds when the a/c is on. this is a new 2008 honda accord
HONDA ACCORD 2008 Exterior Lights Flicker Noticeably When the a/c engages and disengages. this happens every 10-15 seconds. i have taken to my honda
HONDA VFR800FI 2002 I Am A Current Owner of a 2002 honda motorcycle vfr800 . in late july of 2007, i was returning home on
HONDA ACCORD 2001 My Car Was Parked For two weeks, as i just purchased another vehicle. i went to drive my 2001 honda accord ex sedan
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Check Engine Light Came On. had the dealer check for the code which came up as p1491, egr valve issue. there is
HONDA CIVIC 2003 The Car Flipped. *nm
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Alternator Bracket Cracked Twice in one year. *jb
HONDA CBR1000RR 2004 Stator Failure @ 25,000 miles. took bike to dealer for warranty repair. dealer refused to honor my extended warranty citing
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Im Driving Down The Road, and the car just stalls. i had to use two hands to get her off the road,because
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 My Honda Odyssey Was Purchased on apr. 1999. on 5/7/2004, i had to replace the alternator at nardy honda as the
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Driving Home At Night In heavy rain with family when the srs light came on followed less than a minute later by the abs light.
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Dt: While The Consumer husband was driving, the vehicle stopped with no warning. he was sitting in traffic and then
HONDA ACCORD 2000 My 2000 Honda Accord V-6 has approximately 85,000 miles on it and i have had very few problems. always took to dealer
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Dt: The Bolt Backed Out of the pulley in the engine, resulting in ruined pulley/ bent the crank shaft/loss of power
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Purchased New 2000 Accord Ex v-6, 4 dr-replaced transmission at 10,000 miles, then again around 55,000 miles. now on
HONDA CIVIC 1999 I Also Have Problems With my window regulator on my 1999 honda civic ex sedan. my car was only 4 years old when
HONDA HONDA 9999 Defective Honda Alternator. *bf *jb
HONDA ACCORD 2000 The Seat Belt, Brake, door, emergency and srs lights were constantly burning at different times on the consumers 200 honda accord.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Alternator Died In My 2001 honda odyssey with only 26,601 miles. alternator has to be replaced. i could have been left stranded.
HONDA ACCORD 2000 I Purchased A New 2000 honda accord v6 in june of 2000. it is now 4 1/2 years old and has fewer than
HONDA CIVIC 2002 My Complaint Is With A 2002 honda civic ex model. i have taken my car into the dealership on 2 separate occasions to
HONDA ACCORD 2000 The Srs Airbag Light Came on at approximately 69,000 mi.the car was taken to dealer and no fault codes were found on the
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Vehicles Automatic Transmission Would slip between first and second gear. *nm the interior lights were intermittent, the alternator
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Driving Altenator Failed. no lights illuminated. *ak the consumer stated that there should be a warning light when altenator stops
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 While Driving, All the warning lights illuminated on the dashboard. the dealership replaced the alternator on november 2002 then the consumer received
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Alternator Failure. Driving 60 mph alternator failed along with battery. vehicle completely shut down at 60 mph at night in the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Consumer States While Driving, sometimes all the indicator dash lights came on. the consumer was told by the mechanic, since
HONDA CR V 2002 After Starting The Vehicle Consumer heard a squeaking noise coming from the alternator. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 Idling For A Long Time, or driving at very low speeds for a long time (stop-and-go in a severe traffic jam) also having most
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Delphi Alternator Failed. first noticed due to noise coming from alternator. with no dash warning lights on, voltage measured as low
HONDA CIVIC 1999 I Notice The Passenger Right front window was not functioning properly. the window would go up and down slowly. the honda
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Defective Alternator Caused Vehicle To lose power when driving. vehicle was returned to dealer, but problem was not solved. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 2000 The Alternator Went Out On the car with approximately 55,000 miles which is way too soon. the check engine light came on
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Sudden Battery Failure Causes Loss of power, steering, and all-around control of the car. alternator has been replaced by selling dealer three
HONDA ACCORD 1999 After Owning The Vehicle For two days it broke down on the highway. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who replaced the
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 1997 Complete And Unexpected Failure Of electrical power. total loss of power. this is due to faulty design of voltage regulator. a
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Was Driving My 1999 honda accord when my cd started skipping and then my abs dash light came on. i continued on
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Dealer Replaced The Ignition Switch under recall. also the alternator replaced . but the intermittent problem to start the vehicle continued.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Driving Down The Road When the crankshaft pully fell out of the bottom of the engine, resulting in power steeering failure and engine
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 When Driving My Odyssey, normally in the 30-50 mph range, all or most of the dashboard indicator and warning lights will flash intermittently
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Summary:on The 2000 Honda Accord after having problems with the alternator the air bags would be useless in a crash unless honda services the vehicle
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 2001 Alternator Is Unable To Keep the battery charged if the high beams are on. motorcycle will stop running when the battery finally gives up.

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