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Gmc Power Train Transfer Case (4-wheel Drive) Reports

22 Mar

GMC YUKON 1997 While Driving The Vehicle About (35) mph the retaining ring broke and fell into the oil pump inside the transfer case and caused steering problems
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Water Leaked Inside The Vehicle, also there was a mold problem, the dealer tried to remedy problem by spraying a chemical inside the

GMC ENVOY 2002 While Towing Vehicle In Neutral, transmission slipped out of gear and a fire started in transmission area. contacted dealer who was not willing
GMC JIMMY 1997 Transfer Will Not Engage/disengage All of the time. two gm dealerships have looked at the vehicle and neither can find the cause, suggested
GMC JIMMY 1995 The Four Wheel Drive System locked up, the dealer was unable to repair the problem therefore the consumer has not been able to use
GMC K2500 1999 The Automatic 4 Wheel Drive acted erratically causing the back end to become loose and resulting in the consumer loosing control of vehicle, skided
GMC JIMMY 1995 Transmission/transfer Case Leaking Fluid. nlm
GMC JIMMY 1998 Transfer Case When Ingaged In 4 wheel drive could jump and put car into a spin.
GMC SAFARI 1996 Had Brought The Vehicle In at approx 34k. dealer said left shock was leaky. after that when braking down from higher
GMC SIERRA 1995 Vehicle Does Not Engage Properly into 4 wheel drive but there is no indication that it is not.
GMC SONOMA 1994 4-wheel Drive Activates Without Assistance.
GMC SIERRA 1500 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 gmc sierra 1500. the contact stated that while driving 75 mph, the service 4-wheel drive light illuminated.
GMC SIERRA 1500 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 gmc sierra. the contact was towing a boat and discovered there was transfer case oil splattered all over
GMC SIERRA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 gmc sierra. while the contact was examining his vehicle he noticed that there was oil dripping from the transfer
GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 gmc sierra 2500 hd. the contact performed routine maintenance on the vehicle and observed that the transfer case
GMC DENALI 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 gmc denali. everytime the vehicle undergoes a routine oil change, the contact has to place an excessive
GMC YUKON 2007 Service 4 Wheel Drive Message came up on instrument panel(dic). shifting into 4 wheel drive amber light kept flashing denoting transfer shift did not
GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 2003 Transfer Case Burt Up Due to faulty clip design, snap ring wore into case, very poor case design. an aftermarket
GMC ENVOY XL 2003 Bought My Gmc In April of this year 2007. never had to use the 4x4. unfortunately with 9 inches of snow tried the
GMC SIERRA 2500 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 gmc sierra 2500. while attempting to place the vehicle in reverse, the gear automatically shifted into neutral,
GMC GMC TRUCK 2003 Transfer Case Has Holes In it & fluid leaked out. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 gmc envoy. the air bag light is constantly illuminated and only dims when the vehicle is turned off.
GMC SIERRA 3500 2004 Reference A Gmc 2004 Sierra 3500 4 wheel drive pick up truck, 6.6l diesel engine with 6 speed manual transmission. the molded
GMC YUKON XL DENALI 2003 2003 Gmc Denali Front Transfer case failure. while driving on the highway i noticed a loud noise for a few seconds,
GMC SIERRA 2003 4 Wheel Drive Transmission Will shift from 2 wheel to 4 wheel low while driving. sometimes it will shift to neutral. this can
GMC SIERRA 1500 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 gmc sierra 1500. the contact stated that the vehicle ran hot at speeds of 50 mph and greater.
GMC ENVOY 2005 Tl*- The Contact Stated That while driving the 2005 gmc envoy with 32000 failure mileage at 35 mph on many different occasions the vehicle
GMC ENVOY 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds, the 4-wheel drive indicator light illuminated, and the vehicle stopped as if the brake was
GMC S/T JIMMY 2000 Vehicle Intermittently Goes From 2wd to 4wd without operator interaction (pressing switch on dash). it has occurred at different speeds. vehicle
GMC SIERRA 2003 I Have Been Having Trouble with my four wheel drive. the engine seems to bog down like i am pulling something.
GMC SONOMA 2001 Purchased Truck In 2006. mileage at 48,000. trouble starting, fuel pump replaced. oil cooling lines replaced.
GMC JIMMY 1997 While Driving Along The Pennsylvania turnpike i had my 1997 gmc jimmy in cruise control. i taped to brake to turn off the cruise
GMC ENVOY XL 2003 I Have A Gmc Envoy 4wd, on 2 occasions the vehicle has locked the gear into 4wd and 4hi. vehicle will not
GMC JIMMY 2000 While On I noticed other complaints in regards to my 2000 gmc jimmy jumping into 4 low. one person was told
GMC YUKON 2003 Dt: The Contact Stated When making turns there was a screeching noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. in snowy conditions when
GMC ENVOY 2003 I Was Making A Slow left hand turn from a stop sign and my 2003 gmc envoy drive train had locked up causing the
GMC JIMMY 2004 Dt: The Contact Stated When applying brake pressure the brake pedal pressed to the floor and there was extended stopping distance. this
GMC YUKON 2001 The Consumer Experienced Various Steering, suspension and transfer case problems with her 2001 gmc yukon. *nm the cigarette lighter was hanging
GMC ENVOY 2002 While Driving My Vehicle And the 4 wheel drive switch is in the off position, my vehicle will engage into 4 high and the
GMC YUKON 2005 Bearing And Ticking Noise Coming from transfer case when using 2h at 65 mph & greater. noise goes away in auto 4 wheel.
GMC YUKON 1998 Dt: The Contact Stated About three -four weeks ago the abs kicked in at low speeds, and he has no stopping power.
GMC JIMMY 2000 While Driving Down The Highway vehicle all of a sudden went into 4wd low, could not get vehicle out of 4 low, had
GMC ENVOY 2002 I Have A 2002 Gmc envoy sle vin # [xxx] purchased and serviced by malouf in north brunswick, nj.
GMC ENVOY XL 2004 There Is An Issue With either the transfer case or transmission of my 2004 gmc envoy xl. on several occasions, while performing
GMC JIMMY 1999 There Are Several Recalls Out on my model of vehicle in which my vehicle has the same symptoms but when i run a check on
GMC SIERRA 2001 Dt: The Contact Wa Shaving problems with the push button module that engages the four wheel drive. the vehicle is getting stuck between two
GMC SIERRA 2001 I Own A 2001 Gmc sierra. i noticed that when i put my truck in 4 low on my 4x4 (manual shift),and i
GMC CANYON 2004 When Driving, The Vehicle would automatically kick into 4-wheel drive when making a turn in either direction. the vehicle has been doing
GMC YUKON XL 2002 (1) None (2) pulled out on hwy at normal speed, loud wining, and loud pop.transmission failed, left with only
GMC YUKON XL 2002 On 11/23/04 Left For Vacation noticed that fluid was leaking about two hours into our trip. stopped at dealership in barstow,
GMC JIMMY 2000 Vehicle Goes Into 4-wheel Low drive when it is raining. owner took the vehicle back to the dealer, who did a diagnostic,
GMC SIERRA 2001 The Consumer Heard A Clunking noise and a pulsating sensation in the steering column while making turns. *nm the consumer was told
GMC YUKON XL 2002 While Driving My 2002 Yukon xl, there is yellow light appeared on the i/p cluster message center. "service 4wd" and when gently apply/pressing
GMC ENVOY 2002 Transfer Case( 4-wheel Drive) Wasn't engaging. vehicle was inspected by a dealership, who indicated that the transfer case shift control module was
GMC ENVOY 2002 My Vehicle Is A 2002 gmc envoy. i have had 3 incidents with the 4 wheel drive system in this vehicle since december 2003.
GMC ENVOY XL 2002 Computer That Activates The Four wheel drive is inoperable. it goes into sleep mode and consumer doesn't know that he is in 4-wheel drive.
GMC ENVOY 2003 The Consumer Experienced A Problem with the four wheel drive. the owner says that the light for servicing comes on and the vehicle has
GMC ENVOY 2002 Failure Of Engine Cooling System and four wheel drive system. *jb
GMC ENVOY 2002 While Driving At A Low speed and turning to the left, the four wheel drive engaged. the dealership replaced the selector
GMC YUKON DENALI 2000 1) 4wd Faulty Encoder Motor failure--switch to engage 4wd failed; occurred at 75,841 miles on 12/31/03 2) could not put vehicle into
GMC BLAZER 2000 While Driving At Any Speed consumer heard a clicking noise coming from the vehicle. consumer took the vehicle to the dealership, and
GMC ENVOY 2003 4-wheel Drive Light, My 2003 $35,000 envoy's service 4-wheel drive light came on the first time at 574 miles. the second
GMC SIERRA 2004 Transmission Will Slip Every So often, also it will make a loud noise when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. this happens alot but
GMC ENVOY 2002 Our 02 Gmc Envoy Randomly shifts the transfer case into neutral while driving causing a no power situation in traffic. this has put
GMC ENVOY 2004 Service 4wd Light Came One with 2500 miles on new 2004 gmc envoy. replaced actuator, then a control module on transfer case.
GMC ENVOY 2002 While Driving 40 Mph Vehicle jolted and slipped into another gear without consumer shifting gears. vehicle was serviced, technician determined that
GMC 2500 HD 2003 There Was An Electrical Short in the transfer case that resulted in vehicle engaging into 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive by itself. dealership replaced
GMC 2500 HD 2003 I Have A 2003 Gmc sierra 2500hd. the four wheel drive works intermittently. according to gmc document id#1400441 there is no
GMC GMC TRUCK 1998 Four Wheel Drive Went Into 4 low, by itself, going at 60mph on the highway, wipers have malfunctioned for the third
GMC ENVOY 2002 Transfer Case: While Driving At highway speed of about 65 mph with the transfer case swtich set to a4wd the trransfer switch without any input
GMC ENVOY 2003 While Driving The 4 Wheel drive automatically engaged. the consumer tried to manually disengage it several times. the dealership was notified,
GMC YUKON 2003 We Purchased A 2003 gmc yukon. before it had reached 3000 miles the neutral light came on on the 4x4 unit.
GMC ENVOY 2003 When Vehicle Started Up, 4-wheel drive light came on. diagnosed as no codes stored in atcm. old atcm programming
GMC ENVOY 2003 When The Light Went Out on the 4-wheel drive, the consumer had to the shut vehicle off and restart the 4-wheel drive.*ak
GMC YUKON 1994 Faulty Transfer Case Output Shaft snap-ring. #12470554. this ring has failed three times in three years. gm can't tell
GMC ENVOY 2003 The 4-wheel Drive Intermittently Malfunctioned. dealer indicated to the consumer that the manufacturer was aware of the problem, but had no
GMC ENVOY 2003 While Driving Down Freeway My check 4wd light came on. so now it is in the dealership for 2 days, with only 1600
GMC SIERRA 2003 When The 4 Wheel Drive light illuminates on the dashboard vehicle fails to accelerate. this is caused by the transfer case encoder motor locking
GMC ENVOY 2003 My Husband And I Purchased a 2030 envoy slt in may 2003. the 4 wheel service light has come on twice.
GMC JIMMY 2001 From July Of 2002 Until august 9, 2003 the following problems have occurred with my 2001 gmc jimmy - which now has 46,000
GMC SIERRA 2003 I Have A 2003 Gmc sierra slt ext. cab z71 (4x4), the 4-wheel drive is not working, no lights show up on
GMC SAFARI 1993 The Brackets On Both Sides of the transfer case, which held the front axle in place. consumer very concerned about transfer case
GMC ENVOY 2000 While Traveling 35 Mph On the highway and without prior warning 4-wheel drive will automatically go into effect. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1998 When The Vehicle Is Out of four wheel drive, the vehicle makes a loud noise while driving. this has been happening since
GMC ENVOY 2003 With About 1100 Miles On my brand new car , the 4wd light came on. not happy about this purchase. *ak
GMC ENVOY 2003 When My Vehicle Had Less than 200 miles on it the check four wheel drive light came on. whe had only had the car
GMC SONOMA 2002 I Currently Own A 2002 gmc sonoma zr5 4wd pickup. shortly after purchase the vent controls for the a/c unit started to malfunction.
GMC JIMMY 2001 While Making A Turn The vehicles four wheel drive activated. the dealer was contacted. *nlm
GMC SONOMA 2002 The Transfer Case Leaked, which caused the actuator to short and leaked oil internally. oil was seen in the lighter,
GMC C/K 3500 1996 1996 Gmc 1 Ton Truck 4x4: abs failure with many near accidents. brake does not work. it gets stiff and groans and then
GMC 2500 HD 2003 The 4-wheel Light Illuminated On the dash board which indicated the 4 wheel drive was on, when it was not, the
GMC ENVOY 2002 Gmc Envoy 2002 Sle Xl purchased in the month of june and started having problems in oct. the vehicle would shift

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