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Gmc Power Train Automatic Transmission Lever And Linkage Column Shift Reports

22 Mar

GMC K3500 1995 Electronic Four Wheel Drive Will not engage, caused the truck to burn to the ground. please describe details. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 The Transmission Shift Indicater Can be moved without keys being in the ignition switch.please describe. *ak

GMC SAFARI 1989 Steering Column Bolt That Holds the steering column in place, becomes very loose, can not shift gears and use turn signals.
GMC ENVOY 2002 Vehicle Is Squealing On front passenger side. also, tranfer case is defective. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1997 A Malfunction Within Electrical motor for 4 wheel drive transfer case causes a fuse to blow, and 4 wheel drive
GMC JIMMY 1996 A Malfunction Has Occurred Within four wheel drive system which has caused vehicle not to move when system was activated.
GMC JIMMY 1994 4- Wheel Drive Module has gone out. also, over past years consumer had to replace fuelinjector system/ egr valve/ brake
GMC JIMMY 1994 While Driving On The Highway the 4-wheel drive becomes engaged. when engaged it causes the vehicle to slowdown and transmssion roars. consumer
GMC PICK UP 1994 4-wheel Drive Switch Failed. dealer replaced it with a heavier unit which should warm up the oil, enabling 4-wheel drive to engage.
GMC SUBURBAN 1994 The Vehicle Was Running In park. four year old son was climbing over the driver to get in, and accidentally knocked the
GMC ENVOY 2002 Within Two Weeks Of Purchase four wheel drive warning illuminated on console. owner took vehicle in to have it serviced. before this
GMC SONOMA 1997 Vehicle Will Stick In 4 wheel high, causing excessive gas usage and vehicle will also shake.*ak consumer stated it also alternated between
GMC SIERRA 1994 While Driving Unable To Engage vehicle into 4 wheel drive, consumer has taken to dealership several times. *ak *jg
GMC JIMMY 1994 Recall 99i00600 Repairs Were Done. brakes were modified without permission. abs brakes will not work on vehicle in 4 wheel drive,
GMC ENVOY 2002 Mirrors 'wander' Every Time Vehicle is unlocked, fail to return to settings creating an unreasonable danger to the occupants of this vehicle as well
GMC SAFARI 1999 Shudder During Tight, Slow turning, dealer rplaced transfer case control module,problem fixed. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1993 1) Dash Brake Light Constantly on or flashing, code = shorted abs defective? 2) 4wd transaxle- shifter fork and thrust bearings broken.
GMC SIERRA 1993 When 4 Wheel Drive Kicked into neutral truck rolled downhill truck was in park and off. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 After Abs Brake Recall Was fixed experienced may problems. battery and altenator failure within a week and 4-wheel switches do not work, transmission
GMC JIMMY 1996 We Had The 4 Wheel drive high repaired 1 1/2 year ago, then it would not engage in the 4 wheel drive high again.
GMC YUKON 1998 Have Bad Vibrations When In 4-wheel drive. *ak
GMC YUKON 1998 Have Bad Vibration After Having 4-wheel drive inspected. *ak
GMC YUKON 1998 Have Bad Vibration When In 4-wheel drive. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 Went To Dealership Talk About techical service bulliten #86-74-03 clunk upon acceleration(replace transfer case fluid). dealer changed transfer case fluid, but glunk noise
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Transfer Case Snap Ring Failed second time in 89,000 miles. makes grinding sound from stop as gears clash. can avoid major damage
GMC JIMMY 1997 4-wheel Drive Motor Failed, and shorted out the 4-wheel drive relay causing entire system to not operate at all.
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Lost Control Traveling Down Interstate i-20 eastbound in conyers, ga. axle separated, and rear wheel came off. suburban flipped
GMC YUKON 1999 Noticed Oil Spots On Garage floor. drove to gmc dealer for repair. first repair, dealer incorrectly diagnosed problem as fuel filter leak.
GMC JIMMY 1996 4-wheel Drive Module And Encoder motor failed.
GMC PICK UP 1996 Four Wheel Drive Inoperative.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component (g99041-s) prior to recall notification. *mjs
GMC K3500 1996 When Driving During Snow Storm on a wet/slippery road, thermal linear actuator which activates the 4 wheel drive system failed, dropping vehicle into
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 4 Wheel Drive Failed, fixed but failed again.
GMC SUBURBAN 1993 4-wheel Drive Failed/leaked Fluid.
GMC K3500 1995 Design Flaw In The Transfer case lever allows for accidental engagement .
GMC SIERRA 1995 The Gearshift Lever Disengaged from the steering column.
GMC GMC 1996 Alignment Problem 4 Wheel Drive, two new front tires, also makes loud clunky noise.
GMC SIERRA 1996 4-wheel Drive Push Button Engages the 4-wheel drive system without anyone touching the button. *ak
GMC 7000 1986 Transfer Case Problem.
GMC C10 1992 Transfer Case Replaced.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Transfer Case Leaks Oil. *sd
GMC ACADIA 2008 I Own 2008 Gmc Acadia. on two occasions the weekend of nov 28, 2009 once when i was driving, separately when wife
GMC SIERRA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 gmc sierra . the column shifter could change gears without brake application. the vehicle has not been
GMC CANYON 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 gmc canyon. when she slightly struck the gear shifter at 20 mph the gear shifted from "drive"
GMC YUKON XL 1500 2002 On 2/24/2008 I Tried To move the automatic gear select lever on my 2002 gmc yukon xl to the park position. the gear select
GMC SAFARI 1999 Dear Whom It May Concern, last monday(5-17-04) my car would not start. prior to that the car was running fine,
GMC YUKON XL 2003 Vehicle Was Shut Off When consumer's child shifted the gear shift from park into drive. this caused the vehicle to drift down on
GMC YUKON 1997 I Put My 1 Year old in his car seat and went around the other side to continue fastening in my other two toddlers,
GMC ENVOY 1999 Nar 1/29/2003. The Consumer stated the vehicle has electrical and transmission problems. the passenger rear view mirror rotated toward the front of

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