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Gmc Fuel System, Other Reports

22 Mar

GMC JIMMY 1995 Gag Gauge Bounces When It gets around 1/4 tank, usually reads empty. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1997 Gas Gauge Does Not Indicate when vehicle is out of gas. consumer feels this is dangerous because one never knows when he

GMC 3500 2001 Gas Gauge Does Not Rgister till 1/2 hour later. consumer feels this may be unsafe because children may be present, and may run
GMC 3500 2001 It Takes A Half And hour before fuel gauge will register. consumer feels that it is dangerous because there are children present,
GMC SAFARI 1997 Gas Gauge Fails To Register the correct amoun tof fuel in fuel tank while driving. vehicle stops when fuel gauge still registers fuel.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 While Driving Daughter To School, pulled into the parking lot and vehicle stalled, and would not start again. had
GMC K1500 1998 Gas Gauge Acted Erratically. warming up vehicle while sitting in idling position for about 10 minutes and all of sudden heard a loud
GMC SIERRA 1999 Intermittently Engine Check And oil lights will illuminate while the vehicle is being driven. dealer has been notified. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1997 All The Gauges Do Not work due to electrical problems. dealer cannot determine the cause of the problem. previously,
GMC SAFARI 1997 Vehicle Experience Problems With Power steering pump leaking/gas pedal sticking/gas indicator always reading full tank of gas/engine light coming on and off, and transmission
GMC JIMMY 1995 While Drivng With Below a quater tank of gas, the engine shut down, causing the vehicle to stall in traffic.
GMC SAVANA 1997 Since Vehicle Was Purchased there has been a gas leak. consumer states' he constantly breathing fumes. cause is unknown.
GMC SAVANA 1997 Consumer States That After The recall #00v110000 fuel odor leakage was repair on the vehicle the sending unit fails to operate within a week.
GMC SONOMA 1997 Gas Gauge Has Stopped Working, and correct gas level will not register properly. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1997 While Traveling And Without Any indication vehicle ran out of gas, but gas gauge was reading gas in tank as full.
GMC JIMMY 1997 We, As The Purchasers, did not know that the part was defective until we went to put gas and were stranded with a
GMC JIMMY 1998 Engine Check Light On Intermittently. suv accelelerate slowly, rpms reach 3000 before vehicles moves. instrument panel lights going on and
GMC JIMMY 1997 This Vehicle Has Been A nightmare...unfortunately it was a spur of the moment purchase. although used, with only 39,
GMC JIMMY 1997 My Gas Guage Is Not working. the mechanics at a local dealership informed me that the computer sensor is not working.
GMC JIMMY 1997 My Gas Gauge Is Not working properly. i was informed today a sensor was needed at a cost of $536.70 for one
GMC SAFARI 2000 Rear Axle Welded Wrong 1/2 off, drag linkage installed backwards, headlights way out of adjustment causing limited 30-50 visibility, propane hose blocking
GMC JIMMY 1996 Have Had Many Smaller Problems, took in for alternator they replace battery cost to me $70 month or so later need new alternator .
GMC JIMMY 1995 When The Fuel Gauge Hits 1/4 it goes to empty & bounces around so that i never know exactly how much gas i have left.
GMC SIERRA 1998 Fuel Meter/gauge Failed. Mjs
GMC GMC 9999 Fuel Gauge Gives Inacurate Readings.
GMC ENVOY 2005 Fuel Sensor Doesnt Work. started out sporatic now just sticks at quarter tank or empty varies at times.
GMC ENVOY XUV 2005 Our 2005 Gmc Envoy Has always had a faulty fuel gauge and has caused our family to be stranded a few times without gas while
GMC ENVOY 2007 My 2007 Gmc Envoy Gas gauge started reading inaccurately one day as i was filling the gas went up as it
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 Filled Car Up With Gas and low fuel light came on. since then low fuel light stays on even when tank is full.
GMC ENVOY 2005 Gas Gauge Stopped Working At 50k miles. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 gmc envoy. while driving approximately 65 mph, the contact noticed that the fuel gauge displayed an inaccurate
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 With No Apparent Cause, the gas gauge on my 2006 gmc envoy began fluctuating wildly. it first happened after i filled up
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 I Filled Up My 2005 gmc envoy xl slt when it had 71,000 miles. i had no previous fuel gauge issues.
GMC ENVOY DENALI 2006 I've Got A 2006 Gmc envoy and the gas gauges never reads full. it's always readying either empty or full. i've
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 2006 Gmc Envoy Xlt - inaccurate and random fuel level reading while driving, resulting in the vehicle running out of fuel and causing vehicle
GMC ENVOY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 gmc envoy. the contact stated that the fuel gage was providing inaccurate fuel level readings.
GMC ENVOY 2007 Around 65,000 Miles The fuel gauge consistently fluctuated while driving and now no longer works. this resulted in me being stranded in a
GMC ENVOY 2007 The Fuel Gauge In 2007 gmc envoy doesn't read properly....even with a full tank the gauge says empty. im 8
GMC ENVOY 2005 2005 Gmc Envoy Fuel Gauge sensor. vehicle has 48,000 miles and when i fill up the gas tank the fuel gauge goes
GMC ENVOY 2005 I Have A 2005 Envoy and it just started smelling of gas fumes really bad and as i was reading some information on your site
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 With No Apparent Cause, the gas gauge on my 2006 gmc envoy began fluctuating wildly. it first happened in march of
GMC ENVOY 2007 When I Start My Car every morning the fuel gauge starts out correctly and then when i start to travel the gauge drops to empty.
GMC ENVOY 2005 On Regular Basis Would Add 10 gallons per fill up, then during a long trip filled the tank completely: which then the fuel gauge
GMC ENVOY 2006 Vehicle Fuel Gauge Shows Empty after filling fuel tank. after driving 30-50 miles, fuel gage appears normal. this started about
GMC ENVOY 2005 Our 2005 Envoy Had A gas gauge malfunction around 2 to 3 years after we bought it as brand new. good thing
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 2005 Gmc Envoy Fuel Gauge in accurate reading. vehicle fuel gauge reading over 1/4 tank of fuel traveling down freeway vehicle ran out of
GMC YUKON DENALI 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 gmc yukon denali. while driving approximately 35 mph, the contact noticed the fuel gauge displayed an inaccurate
GMC ENVOY 2006 Fuel Gauge Began Reading Inaccurately then stopped working entirely. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2006 Fuel Gauge Is Inaccurate. reads completely empty then moves up and down while driving around town. i never know how much
GMC ENVOY XUV 2005 Purchased The 2005 Gmc Envoy xuv used in 2009 with 41000 miles. within 3 months the envoy started having rear door latch failures.
GMC ENVOY 2006 I Have A 2006 Gmc envoy which has a faulty gas gauge. when i fill up my gas tank, the gas gauge
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 For About 2 Years Now, the gas gauge has had an issue on my 2006 envoy xl. incorrect readings and now complete failure.
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 The Gas Gauge Will Read empty right after the tank is filled. the gauge will then slowly go up, then go up
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 Two Months Ago After Filling up my 2006 envoy xl with gas, a previously normally functioning fuel gauge suddenly read empty and the audible
GMC SIERRA 1500 2000 Reference The Recent Newspaper Article involving the faulty fuel gauges on vehicles.. i just purchased a 2000 gm sierra p/u truck that i
GMC ENVOY 2005 Fuel Gauge In My 2005 envoy quit working after a full tank of gas was put in. the gage goes up and down at
GMC ENVOY 2005 Fuel Gauge Erratic After Warranty expired. knew it would be expensive repair. lived on resetting trip odometer every 200 miles and
GMC ENVOY 2006 Fuel Gauge Is Erratic Causing the driver not to know when the level may be dangerously low and leave him/her stranded. gauge will
GMC ENVOY DENALI 2006 Fuel Level Sensor Failed At just over 52,000. miles. from my research this seems to be a recurring problem with many 2006
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Engine Rpm Increases When Foot is off the accelerator while driving. this issue started approximately 4 months ago and is on going,
GMC ENVOY XUV 2004 Speedometer Don't Work,gas Gauge don't work, transmission is going out etc and i only had the vehicle for 9 months now but
GMC SONOMA 1997 Vehicle Throttle Sticks At 1500rpm and will stick above 1500rpm if downshifted or increasing speed. the only way to lower the rpm to idle
GMC GMC TRUCK 2003 I Have A 2003 Gmc sierra 4wd truck and the speedometer cluster is bad. i see that thousands of other people have the same
GMC ENVOY 2003 I Have 03 Gmc Envoy that i take very good care of. i have been smelling gas lately and not seen any gas leaking.
GMC YUKON XL 2009 While Driving From Ga To la on christmas eve, my yukon xl went into reduced engine power and lost traction control and antilock brakes.
GMC ENVOY 2006 Beginning In 2009 My 2006 gmc envoy began having problems with the fuel tank sensor. it would show empty when in fact it was
GMC ENVOY 2005 I Own A 2005 Gmc envoy that is having a known problem with the gas gauge and the sender unit. the check engine
GMC ENVOY XL 2006 Faulty Fuel Tank Sensor In my 2006 gmc envoy. filled my truck up only for the gas gauge to read empty. then my
GMC ENVOY 2005 One Day I Filled Up my gas gage and it read empty when i drove away. it has read empty ever since with the
GMC ENVOY 2005 Fuel Level Sensor In My 2005 envoy malfunctioned. does not register how much fuel is in the tank. this has been
GMC ENVOY 1996 Hello, We Purchased the 2006 yukon denali envoy with low mileage between 30,000 45,000 miles. we didn't expect to
GMC ENVOY 2006 Gm Envoy 2006 Fuel Level gauge has been failing on thousands of cars for years and i am having the same issue. the envoy
GMC ENVOY 2005 2005 Gmc Envoy 4.2 l engine 69k on odometer. re:erratic fuel gauge reading/set code and
GMC ENVOY 2006 Gas Gauge Stuck On Empty after 65,000 miles on 2006 gmc envoy. check engine light also comes on erratically. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2006 A Few Months After I purchased my 2006 gmc envoy, my gas gauge started to act crazy. i took it into a
GMC ENVOY 2005 The Fuel Gauge Became Erratic. the first thing that happened was when the fuel tank was filled, the gas gauge went to
GMC ENVOY 2002 Strong Smell Of Gas Before and after starting engine. *tr
GMC YUKON DENALI 2001 Gas Guage Not Working On 2001 yukon denali. tank was filled up & the fuel gauge read @ 'e'. the low fuel light
GMC ENVOY DENALI XL 2006 2006 Gmc Envoy Denali Xl- fuel gauge is broken. goes from empty to full often. i've seen several other complaints
GMC ENVOY 2005 2005 Gmc Envoy Gas Gauge shows empty with light on even when the tank is full of gas. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2004 My 2004 Gmc Envoy Slt cluster gauge; speedometer, gas gauge, and oil pressure gauge have stopped working. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2005 Fuel Gauge Inop. *tr
GMC ENVOY DENALI XL 2006 Gas Gauge Fluctuates Making It impossible to know the amount of gas left in vehicle. vehicle has run out of gas on highway
GMC ENVOY 2002 I Started To Smell A "gas like" smell in my garage and when parked outside. i took vehicle to local repair shop and
GMC ENVOY 2006 I Own A 2006 Gmc envoy, in 2007 the fuel sensor stopped working at approximately 20k miles, so i couldn't tell how much
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 Fuel Gauge Malfunction. I filled the tank of my vehicle, 2005 gmc envoy xl, i ran out of gas going up an
GMC ENVOY 2004 Right After Purchasing. Engine light has been on. purchased in june/2006, with 40,000miles. 1yr after the rpm gauge quit working,
GMC ENVOY 2002 Gas Tank Has Crack And fumes leak. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2005 Item 1: Fuel Gage Located on instrument panel reads empty after tank is filled to maximum, light goes on indicating tank soon to be
GMC ENVOY 2005 Item 1: Fuel Gage Located on instrument panel reads empty after tank is filled to maximum, light goes on indicating tank soon to be
GMC ENVOY 2005 Item 1: Fuel Gage Located on instrument panel reads empty after tank is filled to maximum, light goes on indicating tank soon to be
GMC ENVOY 2009 My Gas Gauge Began To sway from e to f, no matter how full the tank was. eventually the gauge just remained on
GMC ENVOY 2005 My 2005 Gmc Envoy Gas gauge began to become erratic in november of 09. at that time it would work some times and
GMC ENVOY 2005 2005 Gmc Envoy Gas Gauge is not working. causing increased risk of running out of gas. *tr
GMC ENVOY XUV 2004 Speedometer Failed At 44,000 miles. gas gauge misreads. instrument cluster is being replace by gmc on other models with the
GMC ENVOY 2006 It Seems That My Vehicles fuel sending unit is defective after only 47,000 miles and through further investigation i found there are many other
GMC SIERRA 1500 2000 Excessive Rust From Middle Of under carriage on back lead part failures. one of two straps holding up gas tank, rear strap,
GMC ENVOY XUV 2004 Took Vehicle In For Inspection and check engine soon light was on. a code p0455 was found which means a large gas leak.
GMC ENVOY 2003 Vehicle: 2003 Gmc Envoy failure: speedometor and fuel gauge stopped working. the dealer states this is a very common problem
GMC YUKON XL 2500 2001 Was Driving Vehicle, Stopped vehicle, noticed that gas was leaking from underneath the vehicle. took car to dealership to diagnose issue.
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 Faulty Fuel Gauge On 2005 gmc envoy, slt. everytime the tank is filled, the gauge in the instrument cluster reads empty -
GMC ACADIA 2009 My Client Was Driving A 2009 gmc acadia (acquired 09-03-2008) on interstate 10 near marriana florida on 08-08-09 when the car caught on fire and
GMC ENVOY DENALI XL 2006 Gas Gauge Goes From Empty to full repeatedly, regardless of fuel level. very common on all gm suv's manufactured in 2006. leads
GMC ENVOY 360 2007 Fuel Sensor Failed On Vehicle less than 2 years old but past warranty. symptoms were fuel gauge failed to work or worked incorrectly
GMC SIERRA 2004 Gm Mailed A Notice That the instrument panel in 2004 sieera trucks is subject to failure including fuel gauge, speedometer, etc. these
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 Prob #1 Driving Down Street rear door came open and wouldn't close. already replaced the door latch on pass rear door. if
GMC GMC TRUCK 2000 The Fuel Gauge Stop Working on a 2000 sonoma are they a recall on it. *tr
GMC ENVOY 2002 The Fuel Pump Module On the vehicle began leaking. this leak ultimately lead to gasoline pouring all over the road. one
GMC ENVOY XL 2003 My Service Engine Light Came on and then i started detecting a odor of gasoline. the order grew stronger and then i got
GMC ENVOY XL 370 2005 The Fuel Gauge Went Out on my 2005 gmc envoy. it just quit working. i took it to the dealership we purchased the
GMC SIERRA 1500 2001 I Fully Suggest That You do an investigation on gmc/chevy pick-up trucks. i, along with thousands of others are experiencing fuel gauge problems.
GMC SIERRA 1500 2008 Standard Equipment On A New 2008 sierra 1500 crew cab was not on the vehicle. the item being noted as the dic or driver
GMC ACADIA 2008 Gmc Acadia Was Bought In january 2008. has been back 4 times for propane smell that comes into the car from through the
GMC SIERRA 1500 2008 Rodent Problem Causing A Major gas leak during operation of vehicle, 2008 gmc sierra 1500. this is the explanation from the service
GMC SIERRA 1500 2004 Please Help We Recently Purchased our son a 2004 gmc sierra pickup ,truck is excellent shape not to many miles etc. he has
GMC SIERRA 1500 2004 Internal Failure Of Part In fuel tank that caused the fuel gauge to not read accurately, but allowed the low fuel light
GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 2001 I Was Traveling At Approx. 50mph with two passengers, weather clear, when we smelled a hint of burning plastic. continued
GMC SIERRA 1999 Truck Running Sluggish. Difficult to start at times. hooked up to computer a couple times and showed different sensors bad at different times.
GMC C1500 1996 Engine Would Not Start On occasion fuel pump not running truck taken to garage to have checked for problem found wires inside of fuel
GMC JIMMY 1995 When Originally Purchased, The car would not pass inspection r/t brakes and emissions. the dealership got the vehicle to pass inspection, but
GMC ENVOY 2003 The Consumer Took The Vehicle in for the instrument panel not working. the odometer did not show a reading. the side
GMC SIERRA 1999 Faulty Braking System Engine noise muffler replace instrument panel fault tire wear transmission automatic shifting rearend noise
GMC JIMMY 1999 I Purchased A 1999 Gmc jimmy for my daughter. all through the warranty period, there have been problems that still have not
GMC BLAZER 2000 The Consumer Has Experienced The following: electrical repairs/malfunction-exhaust, fuel, and ac failure. scc