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Gmc Electrical System Battery Reports

22 Mar

GMC G25 1993 The Vehicle's Battery Buddy Kills all power in the vehicle causing an accident. tt
GMC SAFARI 1994 Battery Malfunctioned When Too Much power was drawn from battery for radio. tt

GMC SUBURBAN 1996 On Going Electrial Problems, replace battery, battery cable, alternater, due to battery acid leaking down cable and corroded cable.
GMC GMC 1984 Fire Coming From Underneath, after the fireman left the vehicle caught on fire again, due to battery shorting out.
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 1998, Gmc, Suburban, replacement battery leaks onto right front wheel brake hose, corroding the fitting. dealer has been notified.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 At The Time Of Starting vehicle battery exploded, spreading acid all over engine compartmen. battery had been already replaced before
GMC SIERRA 1999 Vehicle Was Moving And Had to place foot on brakes to stop. abs pump had malfunctioned and failed to stop vehicle right away.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Consumer's Car Was Pulling To right and braking to left. took to dealer, and and they aligned front end,
GMC JIMMY 9999 When Brakes Were Applied vehicle stalled out and died, resulting in a collision. prior to incident dealer repaired/replaced
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Front Post Of Battery Leaks, postive side, corrodes electrical cables, causing vehicle to shut down. *ak
GMC VANDURA G2500 1992 Consumer Has Had 3 Batteries/ 3 sets of tires on the way to 4th set. while pulling to a traffic light brakes went
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 While Vehicle Was At Dealer for service dealer noticed a battery leak, causing loss of power. *ak transmission
GMC YUKON 1997 Ea0013, Battery Leaks Acid; while driving would lose power. the electrical system would cut off. truck was taken to
GMC SAFARI 1997 Battery That Came With The vehicle is leaking acid from the postive power post which is melting paint from the inner fender, and possibly
GMC SONOMA 1994 Battery Leakage Caused An Underhood fire. dealer notified, and repairs were being made at consumer's cost. feel free toprovide further details.
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 The Battery Is Leaking Acid from the positive terminal, causing vehcile not to start. engineer analysis# ea00013. please give any further
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Battery Acid Was Leaking onto front right brake line and on high pressure air conditioner hose, causing loss of brakes and electrical system.
GMC YUKON 1997 While Driving Through A Carwash battery died, causing vehicle to be in need of a jump. this has happened
GMC YUKON 1997 Ea00013/battery Leaks Acid: Battery Is leaking from both negative/positive post. feel free to provide further details. *ak
GMC YUKON 1996 Battery Positive Post Corroded Due to acid leak. battery has been replaced. *ak *ml
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Pe99013, Delco Battery leaked, and caused acid to spray into the engine compartment. dealer replaced battery. *ak *ml
GMC SAFARI 1999 Vehicle Has Been Experiencing Ongoing problems within a 12-month period. fuel injector had to be replaced on four occasions/driver's power lock failed to operate/courtesy
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Consumer Opened Hood And Noticed battery acid was leaking on a/c cable. dealer has been notified. please provide further information.*ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Battery Has Prematurely Become inoperable, and has been replaced twice in one month due to exassive corrosion. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Vehicle Is A Diesel Engine. battery has a left and a right side. both sides leaked into the brake line,
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Battery Leaking Acid Caused the side post to crack and corrode. cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
GMC YUKON 1995 Pe99-073, Battery Post came apart from the battery, causing fluid/acid to spill over the brake electrical system, resulting in poor braking
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Battery Is Leaking Acid From around the positive terminal down to the brake line at the front passenger's side, in the area of
GMC YUKON 1995 Pe99073,battery Leaked Acid On the front suspension and on the braking system which caused no braking ability. please provide further information.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Pe99073; Battery Leaks Acid; the battery is leaking acid, which causes interior corrosion. about 4 months ago the battery was replaced
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Due To Battery Design flaw acid leaks through a screw hole and causes corrosion. this may result in a no-start
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Battery Ruptured, Causing Acid to leak down on the brake line, resulting in braking system failure. dealer has been contacted.
GMC YUKON 1997 Had Parked Vehicle. Left for awhile & then returned & tried starting vehicle. would not start. checked under hood & noticed battery
GMC SIERRA 1996 Battery Acid Leaked On the brake line. the acid ate through the brake line, causing brake fluid leakage. driver experienced complete
GMC SIERRA 1994 Windshield Wipers Don't Work Properly, causing the consumer to have problems with the vehicle when driving in the rain. also, windshield
GMC SIERRA 1999 When Vehicles Engine Is Shut off the abs pump continues to run, until the vehicle battery goes dead, consumer has to disconnect.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Consumer States That The Delco ac freedom battery was replace due to a faulty battery and alternator. now at the present time the second
GMC SUBURBAN 1990 Consumer Raised Hood; Attempted to start vehicle, after vehicle would not start, douglas battery suddenly blew up, consumer was injured.
GMC JIMMY 1999 Something Keeps Draining The Battery in vehicle. has battery replaced 3 times. dealer contacted. *ak
GMC YUKON 2001 Headlights Just Go Off On low beam will work only on high beam. sometimes they work and then at other times they go
GMC YUKON 2001 For At Least Three Months the dim headlights would go out and only the high beam lights would work we took the truck in
GMC YUKON DENALI 1999 My Vehicle Was Serviced By this facility. i am the second owner and have owned this vehicle for less than 1 year. the
GMC JIMMY 1998 I Have Had Two Instances of battery failure - acdelco 75-6yr, the first at the above date and the second on 08/05/2002.
GMC YUKON 2000 Battery Positive Terminal Cracked And pulled out of battery causing acid to leak and could have caused a fire. dealership said they have seen
GMC PICKUP 1998 No Summary Listed For above vehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1998 Positive Battery Terminal On Ac delco side post 72month battery popped out of battery, resulting in an acid spill. i returned to the
GMC JIMMY 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1998 Auto Transmission In Twice Before failed,battery leak damaged elec sys, rear defog stopped working (glass had to be replaced), dealer unable to
GMC JIMMY 1995 After Abs Brake Recall Was fixed experienced may problems. battery and altenator failure within a week and 4-wheel switches do not work, transmission
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Battery Leaked Significant Amount Of acid, terminal came loose, unable to start, corrosion to cables and components in area of the battery.
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Couldn't Start Vehicle. attempted to replace oem delco battery with new battery and found acid had leaked from positive side terminal,
GMC SAFARI 1998 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 During Summer Of 1999, i noticed battery acid residue below battery on lines and wires. cleaned off with oil. brakes
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 The Battery Failed Completely And suddenly. the vehicle was operating fine. then suddenly there was absolutely no power. on inspection,
GMC SIERRA 1997 Battery Is Leaking Acid From the positive terminal area causing corrosion. this condition could cause electrical or brake failure. this is the 2nd
GMC YUKON 1997 Battery Leak At Sidemount Positive terminal corroding cable connection and brake line metal to rubber line connection. dealer says this is not unusual but
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 The Abs System Has Always been a problem. one morning backing out of the garage after it had rained the night before, i
GMC YUKON 1997 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Vehicle Battery Went Bad. dealer replaced battery with new gmc orignal and replaced alternator. new battery failed months later. positive
GMC YUKON 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Vehicle Failed To Start. upon further inspection the battery was bulging and acid was leaking within the rf side of the engine compartment.
GMC SUBURBAN 1994 April 26, 1996 Original equipment battery failed, was replaced at superior pontiac, san antonio texas with a ac delco part
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Wtnh News Reported 6/20/00 Many instances of battery failure on 1995-1999 suburbans/tahoes. mine failed when only 4 years old after leaking acid in
GMC YUKON 1995 Battery Leaked Into Engine Bay, requiring new battery and re-rustproofing of chassis and engine bay components. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 With The First Event They replaced-battery nad serb belt. the next event happened 2 months later. the next event occurred when the engine
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 The Electric Connector For The low pressure/ loss of fluid was not connected at the factory to the abs valve. the original battery leaked
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Battery Case Cracked At Entry of terminal causing acid to leak out. owner replaced battery and flushed area with water/baking soda solution to
GMC SIERRA 1998 Positive Terminal Of Battery Leaked battery acid. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 The Oem Battery Developed A slow leak. the highly corrosive fluid dripped onto several brake lines and the actuator cable for the 4wd
GMC YUKON 1995 Orginal Delco Battery Leaked Acid all over fender well and floor of garage. upon investigating , found that positive post was loose from
GMC YUKON 1999 The Metal Hydraulic Brake Line running from the master cylinder to the passenger side front disc brake assembly ruptured, causing the vehicle to
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Battery Failed And Leaked Battery acid into engine compartment. intermittent failure to start was subsequent to battery failure. no apparent damage to brake
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Original Gm Battery (side Post style) leaked acid onto steel brake line causing loss of braking system plus maximum corrossion of underside of truck.
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Original Fitment Battery Leaked Causing failure of positive terminal screw (vehicle would not start). extensive surface corrosion in battery area. at
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 The Vehicle Has Consumes Oil at approximately 1 quart every 600 miles,no leaks visible. the dealer worked on the oil problem in may
GMC SIERRA 1994 I Bought This Truck In 1997 and within 30 days the fuel pump went out.i took my truck to chevy land to have the
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Windshield Wiper Motor, Hvac controls, door window motors (2), alternator, and radio failed between 50,000 and 75,000.
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 We Drove The Car Off the lot and took it on a trip from ellensburg, washington to lolo, montana. during this
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 No Summary
GMC SONOMA 1998 Battery.
GMC VANDURA SERIES 1993 Battery Failed Two Times.
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Battery Failed.
GMC JIMMY 1998 The Battery And The Alternator failed. a new battery and alternator were installed. consumer is dissatisfied with the failure of the
GMC JIMMY 1995 The Battery Failed. nlm
GMC SIERRA 1997 Consumer States The Vehicles Battery exploded.*jb
GMC JIMMY 1995 The Battery Leaked And Damaged the cables. *yh
GMC SAVANA 1998 While Driving The Engine Stalled causing loss of power brakes and power steering, consumer had difficulty maintaining control, the dealership indicated a loose
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Battery Leaked Due To A terminal connector bolt being too large, cracking the lead terminal on the battery, the battery leaked acid and
GMC SAVANA 1998 The Vehicle's Delco Battery (original equipment) has been leaking acid on the side connection, consumer lost current three times in app 75 feet of
GMC SONOMA 1994 Battery Replaced Twice. Yh
GMC SIERRA 1995 Acid Leaking From Battery. nlm
GMC SONOMA 1995 Battery Failed And Leaked Acid causing damage/contamination to components. mjs
GMC JIMMY 1995 Battery Failed. Nlm
GMC K1500 1996 Battery Housing Cracking Causing Fluid/acid leakage which damaged air bag sensor and brake lines. loss of braking ability due to damage almost resulted in
GMC JIMMY 1996 Shorted Cell In Battery Causing vehicle stalling. mjs
GMC JIMMY 1996 Battery Failed.
GMC SIERRA 1983 Dashboard Indicator For Battery Continually making noise.
GMC SAFARI 1997 Battery Failed.
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Battery Failed.
GMC JIMMY 1996 Battery Failed.
GMC PICKUP 1997 Battery Leaks Acid.
GMC C1500 1993 Positive Terminal Post Of The battery broke completely off, allowing the battery acid to spill out of battery.
GMC 7000 1986 Battery Failed Due To Short.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Battery Failed.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Battery Failed.
GMC G SERIES 1995 Battery Replaced.
GMC C3500 1993 Battery Replaced.
GMC PICK UP 1990 Battery Exploded Due To An internal short. *ak
GMC YUKON DENALI 2011 2011 Gmc Denali. consumer writes in regards to problems with vehicle engine and battery. *smd the consumer stated as he
GMC ACADIA 2007 2007 Gmc Acadia With Several serious safety issues. she states that the vehicle has had these problems: a large puddle of oil under the
GMC YUKON XL 2001 Heated Seat Module Failed And instead of just not working it stayed on, ran my battery down, caused my seat to get really
GMC ACADIA 2007 Involved In Frontal Colision With major damage pushed into the drivers door making it difficult to open. the airbags did not inflate.
GMC ENVOY 2003 2003 Gmc Envoy With A list of problems **nar**cc the consumer began to hear a knocking and pinging in the engine on cold starts
GMC JIMMY 1995 Both Outside Mirrors Have Fallen off before 90k miles. this was due to the plastic deteriorating at the junction where the mirror "folds
GMC YUKON XL 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated the battery leaked acid causing the positive cable to become corroded. the vehicle was towed to a dealer
GMC YUKON XL 1500 2002 I Am Concerned That Gmc is neglecting a serious issue that could cause car fires. i called gmc 800)462-8782 and spoke with stacy
GMC SIERRA 2002 Factory Installed Delco Battery Started to leak battery acid from positive terminal. *nm
GMC SIERRA 2001 Many Problems: 4 Wheel Drive sensor, front end suspension, parking brake, service brakes, anti-lock brakes, speed sensors, radio,
GMC SIERRA 2005 When Listening To The Radio only in accessory mode for approx. 2-4 hours the battery is drained without warning to the point that the
GMC SIERRA 2002 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2002 gmc sierra. the contact was having a problem with the positive terminals on the batteries that are made
GMC SAFARI 1998 Vehicle Is Experiencing A Lot of electrical problems. the driver's side window will not go up and down, and it makes
GMC JIMMY 2001 Several Problems With 2001 Gmc jimmy. battery - was leaking & running down engine compartment - (under warranty) dealer was going to replace
GMC JIMMY 1997 While Driving Vehicle Stalled. consumer was unable to restart vehicle. it had no power or lights, and was unable
GMC YUKON 2001 Battery Acid Was Leaking Out of the truck and onto the driveway. the third battery was installed because of this problem.
GMC YUKON 2001 Original Equipment Acdelco Battery Positive terminal corroded and fell off with no prior warning. no visible signs. failure can occur at any time,
GMC SONOMA 2002 Vehicle Would Not Start 7am. had driven night before. original battery seem dead however the original battery in vehicle displayed green light to
GMC YUKON 2001 Vehicle Having Multiple Problems With seatbelts. *mr the front seat belt would not pull out or return to position,
GMC SIERRA 2003 On May 31st, The rear end differential assembly exploded sending the pinon thru the housing and the rear axle caught on fire.
GMC SAFARI 1994 We Purchased This Vehicle 2 years ago. shortly thereafter, we had a problem in a mall parking lot wherein the electrical system
GMC C SERIES 2002 A New Distributor Cap And rotor has been replaced 2 times within a 6 month period. the vehicle tries to start but it
GMC TAHOE 2001 My Original Battery In My 2001 tahoe leaked and died after two years. i was informed today, by my gm dealer (north state
GMC JIMMY 2001 I Purchased Our 2001 Jimmy on 2/05/01 (new). we experienced the first of 7 electrical system failures on 10/12/01. on 10/12/01
GMC JIMMY 1996 Second Failure Of Brake Vacuum booster on 1996 gmc jimmy 4wd - actual milage 38,910. the brakes on this vehicle have never worked
GMC JIMMY 1999 I Purchased A 1999 Gmc jimmy for my daughter. all through the warranty period, there have been problems that still have not
GMC SIERRA 2001 While Driving And Without Warning battery died. dealer notified. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 The Right Rear Transmission Seal broke twice and leaked fluid onto the rear brake. this resulted in loss of braking ability.
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Nar 04/28/2003. Mr the consumer experienced problems with his vehicle. the vehicle leaked oil, engine idled roughly, coolant
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 The Positive Battery Terminal Post broke loose from the battery, spilling battery acid on the brake tubing. discussed battery failure with gm
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Engine Failed To Start Numerous times. engine back fired and damaged starter. found oem battery had leaked acid from positive terminal
GMC JIMMY 1999 Front Upper Ball Joints Breakage causing front wheel to come off and improper aligment-steering, battery problems, front passenger seat recliner handle breakage.

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