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Gmc Electrical System Alternator/generator/regulator Reports

22 Mar

GMC C15 1991 Engine Fire, Suspected To have started with alternator. *ak
GMC PICK UP 1991 While Driving, Heard Clonking noise, smelled smoke, noticed fire coming from alternator. *ak

GMC C15 1990 The Alternator Failed While Driving and caused a fire. *ak *nlm
GMC K2500 1988 While Driving, Experienced Erratic operation of vehicle, pulled to side, found engine compartment on fire, due to alternator malfunctioning.
GMC SAFARI 1993 Alternator; Serpentine Belt Failed, causing chain of events of stalling to follow. alternator shorts out prematurely. please describe details.
GMC K1500 1993 Ea94-029 Active, Electrical Short, alternator shorted while driving under the hood engine compartment fire. tt
GMC SUBURBAN 1992 The Serpentine Belt Makes Noise took to dealer eight times dealer can't find problem . tt dealer has replaced water pump pulley
GMC SONOMA 1994 When Raining The Abs Brakes lock up and will not stop the truck. tt consumer states that after the truck sits in
GMC C10 1993 Engine Compartment Fire, Alternator caught on fire while driving the vehicle. tt
GMC JIMMY 1991 Alternator Caught Fire, Totalling vehicle. tt
GMC JIMMY 1991 Vehicle Catches Fire In Alternator while driving ea94-029 active. tt
GMC C1500 1992 Alternator Malfunction Twice In Two years. tt
GMC JIMMY 2001 While Driving Voltage Regulator goes down, and headlights go dim. consumer has taken vehicle to dealer twice for this
GMC SIERRA 2000 Headlights Flicker On And Off rapidly. dealer thinks alternator is at fault. *ak
GMC 1500 1990 While Driving Alternater Caught on fire. consumer needed a new alternater. dealer said alternater was incorrectly installed.*ak
GMC SAFARI 1996 Alternator Had To Be Replaced. then, air conditioner was blowing hot air, and consumer took vehicle to a repair
GMC JIMMY 1992 While Driving Alternator Malfunctioned, causing the vehicle to catch on fire, cause unknown. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1993 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with automatic transmission. while the consumer was driving on an interstate, vehicle lost power
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 While Driving The Suburban Just shuts off without warning, this happens on flat roads as well as hilly roads, the dealer was not
GMC JIMMY 1993 While This Vehicle Was Being driven down the highway the engine compartment caught on fire. this happened because of a mechancial failure in
GMC SAFARI 1995 Alternator Bracket Broke, Loss power steering and brakes, nearly caused crash, mechanic replaced alternator. *ak
GMC K35 1993 While Driving The Vehicle There was a fire in the alternator. vehicle was repaired on the same day. *ak
GMC K1500 1992 The Alternator Caught On Fire while the vehicle was being driven. *ak
GMC VANDURA G2500 1993 1) Bracket That Holds Alternator to engine developed a stress crack. this resulted in belt coming off/ losing steering control, etc.,
GMC SONOMA 2002 While Driving At Any Speed on flat surface and with no warning alternator overheated, causing engine to catch on fire.
GMC ENVOY 2000 When Dealership Changed Oil, an oil pressure hose was found to be leaking oil from engine. problem was repaired by the dealership.
GMC SIERRA 1997 Alternator Failed. Nlm
GMC JIMMY 1997 Abs Brakes Failed, Vehicle lost control, resulting in a head-on collision. upon impact, driver's/passenger's air bags failed to deploy, resulting
GMC JIMMY 2000 This Car Has Continually Had transmission problems. i have also stopped in the dealer on 2 separate times about the transmission. the mechanic
GMC JIMMY 1998 1) Instrument Cluster Intermittently Shuts off while driving, then pops back on. on two occasions, it happens while crossing traffic lanes and
GMC SAFARI 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1997 This Vehicle Has Been A nightmare...unfortunately it was a spur of the moment purchase. although used, with only 39,
GMC SAFARI 1994 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 After Abs Brake Recall Was fixed experienced may problems. battery and altenator failure within a week and 4-wheel switches do not work, transmission
GMC JIMMY 1996 I Would Like To Suggest that the entire 1996 gmc- jimmy series made need to be recalled because the owner has to many repairs
GMC SAFARI 1993 We Feel That This Van has had more than it's share of repairs. it has been towed home from cambridge md twice.
GMC YUKON 1997 This Vehicle Has Been a problem since we bought it. right after we bought it we heard a roar in the rear
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 No Summary
GMC ENVOY 1998 No Summary
GMC YUKON 1997 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Vehicle Battery Went Bad. dealer replaced battery with new gmc orignal and replaced alternator. new battery failed months later. positive
GMC JIMMY 1996 Have Had Many Smaller Problems, took in for alternator they replace battery cost to me $70 month or so later need new alternator .
GMC SIERRA 1989 No Summary.
GMC C1500 1993 While Driving At 60mph The dashboard lights and meters started flashing and moving wildely. i then heard a loud screeching noice and smelled
GMC SIERRA 1996 No Summary
GMC SUBURBAN 1993 The Only Warning Of This impending failure was the battery indicator came on. i pulled over when the temperature gauge all of a sudden
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Windshield Wiper Motor, Hvac controls, door window motors (2), alternator, and radio failed between 50,000 and 75,000.
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 No Summary
GMC JIMMY 1997 Alternator Failed. *yc
GMC JIMMY 1998 The Battery And The Alternator failed. a new battery and alternator were installed. consumer is dissatisfied with the failure of the
GMC SIERRA 1997 The Alternator Failed Twice And replaced. *yd
GMC SIERRA 1998 The Alternator Developed A High pitched noise. nlm
GMC SONOMA 1991 While Driving The Alternator Caught on fire causing the vehicle to loose power, the fire spread to the entire engine compartment. nlm
GMC SONOMA 1994 The Alternator Is Defective. yh
GMC SONOMA 1995 Alternator Failed. *mjs
GMC JIMMY 1995 Generator Failed. Nlm
GMC SONOMA 1993 Possible Alernator Failure Resulted In fire. nlm
GMC JIMMY 1993 Alternator Failed Causing Vehicle Fire while driving.(ohio traffic report).
GMC SAFARI 1996 Generator Assembly Failed.
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Alternator Belt Failed, Causing loss of power steering.
GMC SUBURBAN 1993 Alternator Bracket Broke And Dropped into the engine, causing engine failure.
GMC SAFARI 1997 Alternator Failed Twice.
GMC JIMMY 1997 Alternator Failed Twice.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Abs Brakes/radiator/generator Failed.
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Alternator Failed.
GMC SONOMA 1994 Alternator Failed.
GMC SONOMA 1992 Alternator Failed.
GMC C1500 1993 Alternator Fire.
GMC C10 1992 Alternator Failed.
GMC GMC 1990 Alternator Locked Up, Causing fire under hood. *sd
GMC JIMMY 1991 Bearings In The Alternator Locked up, causing fire. *dsh
GMC PICK UP 1991 Alternator Froze, Causing Fire. *sd
GMC C3500 1993 Alternator Replaced Twice.
GMC SAFARI 1994 Alternator Failure. *ak
GMC C4500 2008 At Approximately 2:15 Pm On 9/16/2011 this ambulance was traveling at 55-60 mph in route back to the station after dropping a patient at the
GMC JIMMY 2000 I Bought A 2000 Jimmy from oak motors. i have had it for 5 months. in the last 5 months i
GMC JIMMY 2000 The Entire Car Is Defective, though it does not state it is a lemon. i purchased it used. i have
GMC SAFARI 1995 Significant Loss Of Steering And braking response due to failure of alternator bracket that resulted in serpentine belt falling off that resulted in loss of
GMC ENVOY 2004 Headlights, Interior Lights, all lights on vehicle flicker while driving on the highway. the vehicle does this when there is no apparent
GMC JIMMY 1997 While Driving Vehicle Stalled. consumer was unable to restart vehicle. it had no power or lights, and was unable
GMC SAFARI 1997 Ongoing Problems With Defective Components on consumer's two vans. each van has had problems withit's transmission, alternator, motors for door and
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 1997 Gmc Suburban- Multiple Engine & transmission failures. at 60,000 miles, vehicle began to shift hard. returned to
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 While Driving The Serpentine Belt tensioner broke from its mounting and resulted in loss of power steering and other components including charging of the battery.
GMC SAVANNAH 2002 While Driving At Highway Speeds computer shut down causing the vehicle to stall. dealer attempted to repair the vehicle eight times, but
GMC SONOMA 1996 The Engine Has A Miss in it sometimes it will quit and you have to wait a half hour for it to start again we
GMC SAFARI 1996 Intermittently Rear Windshield Wipers Become inoperable, obstructing driver's view. the accelerator cable was replaced twice. the alternator was replaced three
GMC JIMMY 1996 Second Failure Of Brake Vacuum booster on 1996 gmc jimmy 4wd - actual milage 38,910. the brakes on this vehicle have never worked
GMC JIMMY 1993 While Driving The Battery Indicator started flashing. the consumer pulled into a service station, opened the hood and say flames coming from
GMC JIMMY 2000 I Have A 2000 Slt jimmy which has been a pain. i've had lower ball joints replaced, upper ball joints replaced,
GMC YUKON 2001 The Serpentine Belt Has Been replaced twice and then the alternator was replaced because when the truck is started it makes a squealing noise and
GMC YUKON 2001 Cruise Control Failure Caused By an aberrant voltage on stop lamp circuit. also the pcm, starter and serpentine belt was replaced.
GMC GMC TRUCK 1997 Model 1500. The vehicle tire rod is no longer working properly. dealer notified. ph left and right

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