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Geo Tires Tread/belt Reports

22 Mar

GEO TRACKER 1994 Consumer Was Driving Up A hill hit some ice the jeep rolled over no one was hurt . tt
GEO TRACKER 1990 Pe00 020 ;was Traveling about 61mph on highway and heard a noise vehicle started to vibrate and she lost control.

GEO TRACKER 1992 While Driving About 75 Mph right rear tire blew out and tread separated. week after, samething happened with right
GEO METRO 1996 Had Goodyear Tires Changed At 8,000 miles due to broken belts. had to change them again at 23,000 due to
GEO TRACKER 1992 I Will Need To Check further to determine the actual date of the accident. the tire in question suffered tread separation while i
GEO PRIZM 1994 My Daughter Was Driving Her car when all the tread came off one of her tires. i retrieved the tread, still in
GEO TRACKER 1991 Rear Firestone Tire Shredded During rush hour, vehicle was towed and the mechanic showed the consumer bubbling on the other three tires.
GEO METRO 1997 One Of The Wheel Hub caps came off and the tread of two tires began peeling off.*nm a ticking sound was heard
GEO PRIZM 1991 Tires Have Belt Separations And as well air bubbles which caused the tires to blow. when taken to get serviced, shortly after the
GEO PRIZM 1996 Tire Tread Separated While Driving. *mr the consumer heard a loud noise and felt a pull while the vehicle was in

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