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22 Mar

GEO TRACKER 1992 Holes In Rear Floorboard. dealer / manufacturer were not notified at this time. feel free to provide any further details on this
GEO STORM 1993 While Driving On Highway Pulled into a convenient store, went in and came out. went to start vehicle, pushed in

GEO METRO 1993 Bolts That Hold The Engine to the frame came apart. *ak
GEO TRACKER 1994 Consumer Was Injured In A rollover accident (attorney for client), possibly related to structure stability nlm
GEO METRO 1997 The Consumer Hears A Noise in the rear of the vehicle and thinks it could be the rear stabilizer bar. *slc
GEO TRACKER 1994 The Pillar Attached To The door hinge is disintegrating and the door has come apart from the sheet metal on the upper portion of the
GEO TRACKER 1994 Vehicle Experienced A Rollover In which the seats failed, consumer was injured in accident. (attorney for client) *slc
GEO PRIZM 1996 During Low Impact Collision (knicked other vehicle) stucture folded due to weak material, possible false deployment of air bags (low mph), injury to
GEO PRIZM 1995 Water Leaks Into The Interior of the vehicle.
GEO SPECTRUM 1989 Structure Failure To Floor/roof/pillars. (msp flint post report)
GEO TRACKER 1995 Cracking Rot And Separating Where the rear suspension attaches. *tr
GEO PRIZM 1995 Problems With Black And White spots developing on the vehicle's hood, roof and on top of the trunk. *mr *nm
GEO METRO 1989 1. Hood Flew Up on freeway and shatterd windshield and damage hood beyond repair. 2.fuel system the car would stall
GEO PRIZM 2001 Interior- Front Driver Side, side of dashboard panel and door frame panel rubbing together that causes interior paint to deteriorate. *nm
GEO METRO 1995 The Dash In My 1995 geo metro is disintegrating in small particles that blow into my face while driving and is particularly aggravating when

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