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22 Mar

GEO METRO 1989 Speedometer Cable Was Not Sealed during assembly, cable pump became loose acting as pump, pumping oil fluid into instrument panel, creating potential
GEO METRO 1996 Vehicle's Speedometer & Odometer Not working correctly due to a malfunctioning of computer chip. would register a different speed or mileage. engine light

GEO PRIZM 1996 I Got A Report From carfax and found out that the car i bought two years ago had over 37,000 more miles on it
GEO METRO 1999 The Local Dealer Declined To repair the speedometer. on record reported "no problems found" off the record they told me nothing can be
GEO METRO 1999 Speedometer Needle Wiggles At Speeds between 20 and 45 mph, speedometer cable replaced and did not rectify problem. *mjs
GEO TRACKER 1993 Vehicle Would Not Downshift Properly on slushy road surface causing vehicle to loose control resulting in vehicle accident. seat belts broke during collision resulting
GEO METRO 1998 Transmission Would Require Excessive Effort to shift from first to second gear and putting it in neutral was worse when hot. owner was
GEO STORM 1992 Odometer Fraud. *sd
GEO METRO 1992 Speedometer Cable Replaced Due To noise.
GEO METRO 1992 Speedometer Cable Making Noise.
GEO TRACKER 1995 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1995 geo tracker. while driving less than 15 mph, the transmission moved into first gear, but failed
GEO TRACKER 1994 Right Rear Rides Low. rear right axle housing welds appear to be stretched and leaking. vehicle brought to dealer for recall inspection (recall
GEO METRO 1997 One Of The Wheel Hub caps came off and the tread of two tires began peeling off.*nm a ticking sound was heard

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