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Geo Electrical System Ignition Reports

22 Mar

GEO METRO 1995 The Electrical System Keeps Shorting out dealer replaced the wire and transmission has no power car keeps stalling . tt
GEO STORM 1993 Vehicle Makes Jerking Motion Premature stalling. conclusion fuel pump. tt

GEO SPECTRUM 1989 Consumer Starts Car To Warm said cuts off and car starts to smoke and caught on fire . tt
GEO PRIZM 1992 Upon Using The Accessories Vehicle stalls. rendering windshield wipers inoperative. tt
GEO PRIZM 1993 Continuous Stalling, Jerking At higher speed. tt
GEO STORM 1991 Car Was Park In The driveway it was off it cut it self back on and off and tire was turning. tt
GEO METRO 1991 Vehicle Stalls In Traffic Losses power and sometimes will not restart. tt
GEO METRO 1992 When Raining Most Times Car won't start in cold weather it starts with no problem. tt
GEO PRIZM 1994 While Driving At Different Speeds, the vehicle would stall out for no reason. has taken vehicle to dealer 4 different times. had coil/carburator
GEO STORM 1993 While Driving The Vehicle Lurches and loses power and stalls intermittently without prior warning which almost caused an accident. dealer replace rotor cap/ignition
GEO METRO 1996 Vehicle Caught Fire Under The the steering column near the feet of the driver. *ak
GEO METRO 1996 Owner Has Various Problems With this vehicle, one being a safety problem, vehicle stalls while driving, owner notes that
GEO TRACKER 1995 When Driving And Coming To a stop the truck stalls. please describe . *ak
GEO PRIZM 1993 While Driving The Oil Cap exploded and the engine started smoking; on 2 separate occasions th window regulators failed, sending the windows into
GEO METRO 1996 After Driving The Car For 15 to minutes, the car stalls, consumer drives 35 to 40 miles . please describe.*ak
GEO STORM 1991 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GEO STORM 1991 I Sent One Complaint Today, with some errors. i am sending this complaint to correct these errors, and also to complain a
GEO STORM 1993 This Car Has Had A habit of stalling while goin down the road, at any speed( once while in a six lane highway,
GEO STORM 1992 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GEO STORM 1990 I Have Already Had The pick-up coil and ignitor module replace at 132,563 miles. now beginning before 189,000 miles and after the
GEO STORM 1991 Car Loses Power With No indication of a problem. all speeds. been chasing problem for almost 3 years now. *ak
GEO STORM 1993 How Many Thousands Of Incidents must occur before you people take action.this seems to be a well documented manufacturing defect which causes the
GEO STORM 1991 This Is Known To Be an endemic problem with this vehicle and related isuzu vehicles. the item was inherently defective and creates a
GEO STORM 1990 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GEO TRACKER 1998 We Have Had To Take the vehicle in almost every week to fix something in the last month. we are not happy with
GEO STORM 1992 No Summary
GEO METRO 1996 Steering Wheel Able To Spin in circles with no resistance, or any effect on steering mechanism, condition finally stopped, next few days
GEO PRIZM 1994 Cannot Remove Key From Ignition.
GEO TRACKER 1995 Intewrmittent Stalling (attorney For Client). *ak
GEO STORM 1991 Vehicle Started Up By Itself with no keys in ignition/no driver and went uphill, resulting in accident. *skd
GEO PRIZM 1997 A Few Minutes After I started my 1997' geo prizm on the evening of 3/7/04, it began to make a strange noise. i
GEO STORM 1993 On The Morning Of January 15,2003, my vehicle, (1993 geo storm, 1.6l eng, 152k miles), suddenly lost engine

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