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16 Mar

FORD RANGER 1990 When Traveling At 50mph And more the side view mirrors blow back and you cannot use them to change lanes. please describe.
FORD RANGER 1990 Rearview Mirrors Fold Back Upon reaching the speed limit or when its windy. *ak

FORD RANGER 1994 While Driving, Driver/pass Rearview mirrors move, no way to tighten. tt
FORD BRONCO II 1989 Side View Mirrors Are Blown out of position when travelling past 45mph. tt *slc
FORD RANGER 1991 Rear View Mirror On The outside continues to fall off. tt *slc
FORD RANGER 1989 When Driving The Side Mirror on each door starts moving . tt
FORD RANGER 1990 Driver And Passenger Side Exterior rear view mirrors can be moved by the force of the wind. tt
FORD E 350 1993 Passenger Sideview Mirror Has Rubber grommet being same size has exposed edge. door/mirror cut owners finger with (9) stitches. please describe details.
FORD RANGER 1992 Driver And Passenger Exterior Rearview mirrors flops loose at speeds over 40 mph; no way to adjust; difficult for driver to check oncoming
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 The Left Side Mirror Has a very bad blind spot, and because of the small window on the passenger side it is hard to
FORD ESCORT 1995 Side View Mirror Control Does not light up at night. *ak
FORD F250 1999 Reflective Coating Is Coming Off the outsid mirror, can not see out them.
FORD F250 2002 Passenger Side Exterior Mirror Is causing blind spot which results in poor visibility while driving. dealer notified, and unwilling to assist in
FORD TAURUS 2000 A Defective Exterior Mirror On passenger's side, unable to stay up right. dealer notified, and unwilling to assist in this matter.
FORD F 150 2001 Mirror On Drivers Side Is defective, driver cannot see out of that glass, there is a blind spot, dealership is aware of
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Rearview Mirrors On Passenger's and driver's sides are deteriorating. consumer can't see out of mirrors. contacted dealer, and dealer
FORD FOCUS 2000 Was Traveling Approximately 65mph When vehicle went out of control. wheels had felt wobblely and loose. had to swerve to
FORD F250 1999 Consumer Has Noticed That exterior mirrors that are used for towing of vehicle are not adjusted correctly. mirrors
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Exterior Mirrors Are Experienceing peeling from inside of both mirrors, and causing poor visibility. dealer notified, and unwilling to assist
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Both Door Rearview Mirrors Had to be replaced under warranty due to backing peeling off, making mirrors useless. at this time,
FORD LARIAT 1999 Exterior Mirrors Have Turned black. driver cannot see out of them. dealer admitted there was a defect,
FORD F250 2000 Driver's And Passenger's Rearview Mirror is of such design that it cannot be adjusted. driver can not see another vehicle in lane next
FORD RANGER 1991 Both Outside Mirrors Failed For 3rd time. they fold in while driving, and consumer is unable to see traffic. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Rear View Mirror Keeps Falling off. took vehicle to dealer, and they said that consumer should take it to a glass
FORD F 450 SD 1999 Exterior Rear View Mirrors Do not extend out far enough from truck so that driver can have a good view. mirrors do
FORD F250 1999 Right Hand Exterior Mirror Has a regular mirror. it does not have a wide angle mirror on it. it limits vision when
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 On Outside Mirror Reflection Material is coming off, obstructing driver's vision. *ak the manufacturer has redesigned the mirrors 3 times.
FORD RANGER 1991 Outside Rearview Mirrors On Both side do not hold its position at highway speeds, causing poor to no visibility. ford is not
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 While Driving Outside Rearview mirriors began smoking, and then ignited into a fire. fire department put fire out. fire
FORD F 150 1997 Exterior Mirrors Design Are Poor in visibility when used with a trailer hitched to vehicle. unable to see properly and causes blind spot
FORD F350 1999 Extended Driver Side Outside Wide angle mirror does not provide the view the driver needs. *ak because the mirror is poorly
FORD E 350 2000 Right Hand Side Outside Mirror is a regular mirror. it is not a convay mirror, the type that makes vehicle look smaller than
FORD RANGER 1992 While Driving At Highway Speeds side exterior mirrors fold in. owner bought replacement mirrors, but these had the same problem.
FORD F250 1999 Rearview Exterior Mirrors Extend Out too far, allowing other vehicles and pedestrians to come in contact when vehicle is passing. dealer has seen
FORD ECONOLINE 2000 By Setting The Mirror in a lower position driver was unable to see a vehicle coming up on the side of him.
FORD RANGER 1992 Outside Rearview Mirror Will Not hold its position, keeps moving, and causing poor visibility. *ak
FORD RANGER 1988 While Driving On Highway All of a sudden the rearview mirror lost tension and fell off. contacted dealer who knew that there
FORD F250 1999 When Driver Was Reversing he could not see clearly the back or trail of the vehicle. on the right side mirror it was
FORD F350 1999 Exterior Mirrors Leave Blind Spot, and unable to make ajustment. noticed correction made on 2000 f350 models, but not 1999 models.
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Reflective Part Of The Mirror is deteriorating from the inside. dealer says mirror has to be replaced. *ak
FORD F250 1999 Side Mirrors Used For Towing, extend too far out when vehicle not towing. can not pull mirrors in or shift to different position
FORD CLUB WAGON 1997 Side View Mirror On Passenger side makes things look further away than it actually is, causing potetial safety hazard. *ak
FORD F350 1999 Design Of The Mirrors (convex) do not allow the consumer to see properly, and is unable to adjust the mirros. an accident
FORD EXPLORER 1999 When Driving Vehicle At 70 mph it began to shake vigorously, it shook so badly that when trying to look out the rear
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1998 When Driving There Is A big blind spot, and the consumer is unable to see any object or people withinn the view. *ak
FORD RANGER 1992 Exterior Mirrors Are Folding Against the vehicle ,and there is no way to deal with this problem besides replacing the mirrors. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Both Exterior Mirrors Are Becoming distorted in certain lights which reflect. dealer contacted and no recall established. problem still exists. provide further
FORD RANGER 1992 While Going At A high rate of speed would not be a able to see a large vehicle coming from the other direction.
FORD F350 1999 Exterior Mirrors Are Not Allowing consumer to see the back end of vehicle when needed. dealer notified. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 While Driving At 70 Mph on the interstate, the mirror on the passenger's side fell off. on 6/8/98, the mirror on the
FORD RANGER 1991 Since About October Of 1993, the outside mirror on the driver's and passenger side continue to fall down. the problem has not been
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer States That He Received a recall notice about the power mirror switch on vehicle. he took the vehicle to the dealer for repair
FORD RANGER 1992 While Driving About 40 Mph the rearview mirrors flopped down because of the wind. problem not corrected. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Vehicle's Driver's Side Door Caught on fire while driving due to an electrical short of the side view mirror. *ak
FORD RANGER 1990 The Rearview Mirror Collapses. dealer doesn't do anything. *ak
FORD RANGER 1990 When Driving Up To 40mph the rearview mirrors bend downward. dealer fixed them 2 times. the mirrors do same thing every 13 months.
FORD BRONCO II 1989 The Outside Mirrors On Both sides of the truck folded in from the pressure of the wind. *ak consumer states has
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Consumer States That Both Passenger and drivers side rear view windows over time become scratched and spiedery looking. consumer can hardly see the
FORD RANGER 1991 Both Mirrors Have Been Replaced more than one time because they do not stay positioned. dealer has been notified. nlm consumer
FORD FOCUS 2000 Both Exterior Mirrors Go Out of adjustment, dealer unable to remedy.*jb consumer states the inside mirror parts had always fell off,
FORD F350 2000 Mirror Was Struck And Shattered into jagged pieces, causing damage to vehicle and injury to occupant.*ak
FORD RANGER 1992 While Driving 35 Mph And without warning, exterior mirrors will fold in, consumer would be unable to view or use the mirrors.*ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Both Exterior Mirrors Are Distorted and cause severe visibility problems. dealer and manufacturer have been notified. feel free to provide
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 From Both Rear View Mirrors reflection is coming off, leaving mirrors black. unable to see out off them. dealer contacted.*ak
FORD F 150 1999 Side View Mirrors On Left and right side of vehicle have faded and is almost impossible to look at anything in those mirrors. contacted
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Both Exterior Mirrors Are Discolored and cause poor visibility while driving. dealer contacted. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
FORD F 150 1999 On Both Sides Of vehicle mirrors have black spots, and consumer is unable to see.*ak
FORD EXPLORER 1998 While Driving Side Driver Mirror fell completey off the vehicle. please provide any further information.*ak
FORD F 150 1998 Glue On Outside Mirror is bleeding through glass. this is causing a distortion to drivers visibility. dealer has been contacted.please
FORD WINDSTAR 1991 Left Side/drivers Side Mirror Has a blind spot. dealership is aware of problem. *ak consumer adds that when a
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 Passenger's Side View Mirror Does not heat or move by switch inside vehicle.*ak *jb
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Exterior Rearview Mirrors That Have turn signals flash inside of them are starting to deteriorate, making visibility difficult. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Driver's Side And Passenger's Side rearview mirrors are corroding, which makes it difficult for night driving. please provide any furhter information.*ak
FORD FOCUS 2000 Sideview Mirror Had Fallen Out without a reason. it was not attached correctly. dealer was contacted. please provide more information.
FORD FOCUS 2000 Consumer Stated The Gas Gauge failed, the brakes were squeaking, the mirror was torn off by repeated car washes, gas leaked on
FORD EXPEDITION 2001 While Driving At 66 Mph vehicle vibrates and shakes, consumer took the vehicle the to dealer, cause unknown. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Both Exterior Mirrors Are Severely faded and consumer was unable to see properly. dealer was not notified at this time. feel free
FORD F250 2002 Convex Mirror Part On Outside mirror is not adjustable, makes it impossible to change lanes safely.*ak
FORD F 150 1999 The Passenger Side Mirrors Are delaminating, the dealer pointed out that they should be replaced, but the manufacturer declined to pay for replacement
FORD RANGER 1989 Consumer States The Outside Mirrors blow out of position while driving 45mph and over, causing danger while changing lanes, the right side mirror
FORD RANGER 1991 The Exterior Mirrors Failed. nlm
FORD EXCURSION 9999 Consumers Believes That Designs Of rear view mirrors on the excursions, are lethal, not only are they be larger than an semi-tractor trailers,
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Battery/manifold Absolute Pressure (map) Sensor/radius arm bushing/hydraulic lift cylinders (rear door) and driver's side mirror failed.
FORD F 150 1999 Mirrors On Both Side Doors are de laminating the reflectant on the back of the mirrors. this at first looks like paint oversparay,
FORD ESCAPE 2002 Driver Side View Mirror Glass shakes and flutters when driving on highways. driver cannot safely trust mirror for rear and side views of
FORD EXPLORER 2002 "electro-chromatic" Inside Rear View Mirror - obscures forward vision - particularly in turns to the right and at intersections.*ak
FORD F 150 1997 Headlights Worked Poorly Confuse The oncoming drivers, and scares the hell out of the driver of the mentioned vehicle. outside mirrors------outside
FORD F 150 1999 This Vehicle Equipped With Outside "signal" mirrors (red leds behind glass). the right side mirror has suffered a significant loss of reflectant material
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Side Mirrors Deterioration .hard to look for traffic.unsafe to drive. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1999 When Driving At Highway Speeds (65-70mph) the interior electrochromic rearview mirror begins to vibrate. the vibratation causes reduced visibilty as the images are
FORD TAURUS 2001 Rear Miror Too Low On windshield, blocks view to right asked dealer to raise miror states they can't. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Both Exterior Mirrors Are Not usable. these are replacements the first set failed after a year and a half. it seems that
FORD EXCURSION 2000 I Contacted The Ford Hot line, they said this is a normal condition. the blurred vision in thier side view mirrors
FORD RANGER 1998 The Outside Mirrors Vibrate Quite badly; it looks like you are looking at two or more vehicles at the same time. the
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 On First Incident, In august of 1999, i was travelling at 65 mph on i-4 just north (east) of orlando, florida when
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Both Original Equipment External Rear view mirrors are almost completely unusable at this point. the mirrors are not usable at night. i can't
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Positioning Of Rear View Mirror on windshield creates serious blind spot out front window. *ak
FORD ECONOLINE 1999 Shortly After Purchase Brakes Failed pedal went to floor on several occasions but were told by dealer there was nothing wrong was common for
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Wheels - 2 Wheels (rims) warped without reason. caused constant vibration. had checked 3 times before problem found. found at non-ford garage.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Hello, I'm Having A problem with a safety recall for my 1993 explorer ( 1fmdu34xxpuc25877) - power mirror switch. *ak
FORD RANGER 1990 Ford's Side-view Mirrors Blow In, sometimes as low as 40 mph. i complained to ford and was told that they'd never heard
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Head Gasket Failure At 57, 446 miles 3.8l engine engulfed is white smoke. between 57.446 mile and 58,346 all
FORD EXPLORER 1999 The Rearview Mirror Vibrates At highway speeds reducing driver visibility and causing visual distraction potentially resulting in an accident and possible personal injury.
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Passenger Sideview Mirror Motor Forced side panel to bend which cause mirror to crack under force pressure, contacted dealer but refuse to admit its
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Passenger Side Rearview Mirror Switch got stuck, caused mirror to crack under tension.*ak
FORD F 150 1999 Driver Side Outside Mirror Vibrates which distorts view/ brakes sqeeking at 12k miles/vibration in the rear end at 55mph. *ak
FORD RANGER 1988 Both Driver's Side And passenger's side mirrors failed at any speed. i have replaced them twice because there was no tension adjustment
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Rear View Mirror Fell Off 4 times/transmission replaced at 60000 miles, and engine head gaskets replaced at 63000 miles. costly repairs
FORD RANGER 1991 The Side Mirrors On The truck will fold in at highway speeds. the problem started after i had the truck a year or so
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Side View Mirrors Vibrate So badly that you cannot see anything in them. everythung is a blur. the problem is worse the
FORD RANGER 1992 Read Brake Drums Have Warped 3 or 4 times each side, makes brake pedal pulsate. turned by dealer once and possibly replaced
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 On Nov. 7, 1998 i was driving south on i-4, just north of orlando fla. i was in the left (fast)
FORD F 150 1998 Driver's Side Mirror Malfunctioning. *yc
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1998 Design Of Rear Side Mirror on driver side makes it difficult to see the curb when making a left hand turn, resulting in poor
FORD E 150 1998 Cover For The Left Side rear view mirror fell off. mjs
FORD F 250 1997 Outside Rearview Mirror Loose; needed replacement. *yc
FORD MUSTANG 1998 Rear Side Mirror Failed. *yc
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Side View Mirror Failed.
FORD MUSTANG 1996 Convertable Top And Rear View mirror on driver's side failed two times.
FORD E 350 1995 Right Outer Mirror Shows Vehicles closer than they are, causing driver to cut them off. *dsh
FORD FOCUS 2001 On The Way Home After purchasing vehicle, the side view mirrors would not adjust. consumer called the repair service to have the
FORD F350 1999 The Consumer Bought The Camper package when the vehicle was purchased yet the consumer is unable to see around the camper with the rearview mirrors.
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Consumer States Driver Side Mirror will not a hold position. dealer found loose glass and replaced mirror. *tt
FORD RANGER 1992 Consumer States While Driving On highway, and tried to change lanes she has to roll down her window to hold the driver's side mirror
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1997 Consumer Applied Rain-x To Windshield and side view mirrors, a few months later consumer started noticing a haze, similar to water spots,
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 The Right Rear View Mirror was replaced. *slc
FORD TAURUS 1995 Exterior Rear View Mirrors Are designed mounted to close to the vehicle's doors and are not large enough creating poor visibility. mjs
FORD RANGER 1992 Rear View Mirrors Continually Fall down in adjustment while driving, can not be tightened properly, visibility problems. mjs
FORD RANGER 1998 Rear View Mirrors On The exterior are designed with sharp edge, consumer cut hands when washing vehicle. mjs
FORD ESCORT 1998 Poor Design Of Exterior Rear view mirrors causes the driver to adjust mirrors with hands.
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Review Mirror Replaced Due To vibration causing poor visibility.
FORD E 150 1995 Rear View Mirror Fell Off.
FORD FORD TRUCK 1999 Driver Side Powered Trailer Tow mirror defective, lower angle section glued on wrong and installed incorrectly causing the mirror to crack and visual problems.
FORD F250 1999 Rear View Mirror Design Extends too long, resulting in oncoming truck to hit the mirror on the driver's side shattering the mirror and cracking
FORD F 450 SD 1999 Rear View Mirrors Do Not extend outward far enough to allow for safe rear vision.
FORD F 450 SD 1999 The Exterior Rear View Mirrors do not extend outward far enough to allow for safe rear vision, especially when towing standard 8' trailer.
FORD RANGER 1990 Both Side Mirrors Fail To hold their postion at highway speeds. they fold back completely against the window and are useless.
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Rear View Mirror On The driver's side vibrates excessively.
FORD F250 1999 Mirrors Are Designed In A fixed position, can't be adjusted. qcaw
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Side View Mirrors Vibrate Excessively causing poor visibility resulting in accident.
FORD CLUB WAGON 1997 Exterior Rear View Mirror Makes objects seem further away than they are.
FORD RANGER 1992 Rear View Mirrors Blow In towards windows.
FORD RANGER 1992 Rear View Mirrors Flap Into windows when going over 50 mph or over, no visibility, replaced several times.
FORD RANGER 1997 Outside Rearview Mirrors Vibrate At highway speeds.
FORD ECONOLINE 1993 Driver Side Power Mirror Caused a fire which resulted in a burned door panel and stereo speaker.
FORD RANGER 1991 Side View Mirrors Are Useless, can't be adjusted.
FORD BRONCO II 1989 Left And Right Rear View mirrors run in anytime vehicle is driven over 40 mph.
FORD BRONCO II 1989 Both Exterior Mirrors Fold In when vehicle travels above 40 mph.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1991 Rearview Mirror Vobrates Excessively To the point that driver cannot see cars behind him via mirror. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1989 Side View Mirror Too Small and too far back to see adequately.
FORD BRONCO 1989 Rear View Mirrors Do Not remain stable while traveling at 35 mph or more.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Left Mirror Broke.
FORD TAURUS 1994 Right Mirror Glass Fell Out.
FORD RANGER 1992 Right Hand Exterior Mirror Moves out of position.
FORD RANGER 1991 When Driving 55 Mph Or above the driver's side outside mirror folds in towards inside, making it unable to view traffic on driver's
FORD RANGER 1992 At 55 Mph And Above outside door mirror folds in towards the inside of vehicle due to the installment of the bug/hood deflector/passenger's side
FORD RANGER 1992 Left Side View Mirror Collapses when vehicle is driven over 50 mph due to high winds.
FORD BRONCO II 1989 Mirrors Designed That Whole Mirror pivots, not just glass, causing mirrors to fold with wind, causing poor visibility.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Front Brake Rotors Failed, causing brakes to vibrate; also replaced brake pads and reattached rearview mirror. *ak
FORD F150 1989 Side View Mirrors Loose.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Rearview Mirror Is Located Too low, causing a blind spot located in driver's direct line of sight, also bumper rusted. *ak
FORD TEMPO 1992 Rear View Mirrors Must Be adjusted manually due to missing part. *sd
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rearview Mirror Failed To Stay attached to the window. *ak
FORD RANGER 1991 Exterior Mirrors Pushed Forward By wind when traveling at 60 mph or more, reducing visibility. *dh
FORD RANGER 1992 Exterior Rearview Mirrors Loose/flop In the wind, causing poor visibility. *sd
FORD AEROSTAR 1995 External Mirror Design Makes It impossible to see blind spots. *dh
FORD TAURUS 1993 Rearview Mirror Fell Off While driving, affecting driver's visibility. *ak
FORD RANGER 1988 Driver's Side Rear Mirror Replaced. *sd
FORD ECONOLINE 1994 Right Rearview Mirror Is Convex which causes objects to appear much closer than indicated by mirror. *sd
FORD F 150 1994 Replaced Rusted Outside Mirrors.
FORD FORD TRUCK 9999 Passenger's Exterior Rear View Mirror designed with clarity message obstructs driver's view when pulling trailer. (other vehicle on 479678) *skd
FORD RANGER 1990 Exterior Mirror Moves When The wind from a passing or on-coming vehicle occurs, causing poor visibility. *sd
FORD RANGER 1994 Right Outside Rearview Mirror Makes objects appear further away than they actually are. *aw
FORD ESCORT 1993 Vehicle Designed Without Passenger Side exterior rearview mirror, causing poor visibility. (other vehicle on 471388) *skd
FORD TAURUS 1994 Rearview Mirror Disconnected From Windshield due to glue failure. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1991 Vehicle Designed Without Passenger Side exterior rear view mirror, causing poor visibility. (other vehicle on 479638) *skd
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1983 Driver's Side Mirror Fell Off.
FORD FOCUS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 for focus zxw station wagon. the contact stated that when the key was in the ignition and the
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 My Sideveiw Mirrors Keep Losing the reflective mirror. i have replaced them before and after a while the new mirrors do the same thing
FORD F 150 2000 2000 Ford F-150. Consumer states wheel rims started to rust out in one year *tgw the consumer also stated the bumper rusted out
FORD F 150 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 ford f-150. the contact stated the inside covering on the sideview mirrors was defective making it difficult to
FORD ESCAPE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 ford escape. while driving 20 mph, the side view mirror on the passenger side exploded and glass
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 ford expedition. the rear view mirrors on the passenger and driver doors have deteriorated. the contact
FORD FOCUS 2002 2002 Ford Focus Zts Firestone tires with flat spots. customer states that the flat spots would make a noise at certain speeds. mechanic
FORD F 450 SD 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 four winds hurricane (na), serial number haa020149. the contact stated that the outside mirrors vibrate when driving
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 ford expedition. the contact stated that the finish on the rear of both exterior side mirrors is peeling.
FORD FORD TRUCK 2002 The Mirrors On Both My 2002 ford sport trac and 2002 ford ranger do not work properly. the mirrors (x4) are electric and will
FORD F 150 1999 1999 Ford F-150 Exterior Rearview mirrors are extremely faded so they are basically useless. these are the mirrors with turn signals inside the
FORD RANGER 2007 The Exterior Mirrors Are Too small and the inside door/window cowling/trim is to restrictive for quick accurate visibility. *ak
FORD F 150 2006 Driver⿿s Side Exterior Mirror Vibrates when going down the road. this distracts the driver⿿s vision and could cause an accident. it gives you
FORD MUSTANG 2006 Numerous Little Failures. gas light stays on, levers on seat backs both broken, side mirrors needed replaced, both sides.
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 I Have A 2003 Ford expedition and i have the automatic mirrors that rotate in and down when the vehicle is put into reverse.
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 I Have A 2003 Ford expedition and i have the automatic mirrors that rotate in and down when the vehicle is put into reverse.
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 The Reflective Material For The door mirrors fails on 1999 ford expeditions. *jb
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Since About 2002 The Reflective material on both rear view mirrors has alot of cracking. unable to view clearly. this to me is
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Rear View Mirrors Fail To return to correct position after backing up causing a driving hazard. this has been an on-going problems since
FORD TAURUS 2006 Tl* - The Contact stated that passenger's side mirror appeared to show objects further than it should. the contact took
FORD F 150 2006 My 2006 Ford F-150 Super cab pickup, 2x4, v-8 engine, has a major problem with the outside mirrors falling towards the ground
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Dt: The Contact Stated the silver is coming off of the exterior mirrors. the dealership determined the mirrors need to be replaced.
FORD F 150 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated The side view mirror glass on both mirrors did not stay stationary while driving over rough roads at any speed.