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16 Mar

FORD AEROSTAR 1990 Rear Door Hydraulic Bars Do not hold door up. hit passenger in the back. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Related, 95i007000, received 2nd notice, contact dealership/mfr. parts are national backorder no know date of delivery

FORD EXPLORER 1993 Received A Recall Notice, recall #95s21, dealer would not do the repairs. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Has Contacted Three Dealerships To get recall done 95s21 structure; hatchback hydraulic cylinder. please describe. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Dealership Will Not Honor the recall and claims the part is on back order. tt consumer made arrangements on nov 13,
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Related, 95v164000, structure hatchback hydraulic lift, in for repair oct.15,1995 did not replace parts on bb order.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Rear Hatchback Rod Was not available when the recall letter was presented to the dealership. please describe. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Went To The Dealership To have her hydraulic strut replaced and they said they did the work and did not. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Rear Hatch Fell. please describe. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1991 The Rear Hatch Fell. tt when hatch was opening the spot welds holding the upper left gas strut mount to the
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Body Shop Manager @ Tipton ford in brownville tx., failed to respond on (2) requests to correct recall 95s21. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Hatchback Hydraulic Bracket Welds Failed, allowing the liftgate to fall. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Pe95-032 Active, Rear Hatch lift gate failed, when opening would not stay up. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 #pe95-032 The Hatch Door Support bracket is cracked. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Pe95-032 Active, Liftgate Support bracket failed, causing injuries to the head. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Medal Plate That Support The rear lift gate detached, support arm does not work. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Right Rear Support Broke From its mount; now, left mount has broken off; results in very limited use of hatch door.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Rear That Holds Up the door has come out and the rear door is very heavy and it slammed down onto the
FORD AEROSTAR 1988 Liftgate Hydraulic Studs Broke Off inside the paneled wall, allowing the shocks to come loose and shoot forward prior to recalll (91v-136).
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Rear Liftgate Mount Bracket Broke, resulting in collapsing gate. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Rear Left Door Support Bracket broke, resulting in gate collapsing.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Rear Hatch Latch Support rod broke. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Customer Sts Rear Door Support bracket snapped on closing the door. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Hatchback Support Rod Failure, when opened and proped in place support rods will fall out without warning pe95-032 active. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Rear Hydraulic Cylinders Snapped Off and were replaced; hydraulic sylinders are breaking again. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Opened Rear Door Hydraulic Rod broke and got struck. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Bracket Holding The Hydraulic cylinders comes off the welding of the car causing the rear door to fall on a persons head.
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 Debris (sand Or Dirt) Seeps into rear latch rendering it inoperative. also hydraulic lifts will not support the trunk. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Pe95-032 Active, Suupport Rods holding hatch fell off, hatch opened up, resulting in an injury. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Pe95-032 Active, Rear Hatchback support failed will not support the hatchback. tt
FORD AEROSTAR 1988 Ball Stud That Secures Lift strut broke loose, causing liftgate to fail prior to recalll (91v-136). *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Closed Liftgate Door; Heard bang; opened door; liftgate piston popped out of rivets; door would not stay up. tt
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Hatchback Won't Keep Going Wp when cold due to weak struts.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Design: Liftgate Support Rod Suffers from fatigue; causes liftgate door to fall down while in use. tt
FORD RANGER 1990 Hydraulic Lifters Failed, Causing to vehicle rattle *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Rod That Holds Up Right rear tail lift gate up broke, resulting in a hit on the heat by the gate, replace shocks
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Rear Hatch Fails To Support itself. door fell down hitting owner in shoulders due to weld on frame breaking. tt
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 The Rear Hatch Latch When open it come down consumer husband hit head no injury. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Lift Gate Released And fell on owners head. tt
FORD TAURUS 1989 Rear Lift Is Malfunctioning. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Lift Gate Open The Hydrolic lift bracket snapped off causing the liftgate to fall on my sons head. bracket was poorly welded.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 There Was A Recall 95v164001/ hydraulic cylinders. took vehicle to dealer, and they replaced hydraulic cylinders. . went back
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Received Recall Notice 95i00700. took to dealership. repairs were made. noticed one side incomplete. informed service manager, who refused
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Brackets That Are Welded To liftgate have fractured. vehicle has been repaired under recall campaign # 95 v 164 001.*ak
FORD PROBE 1993 Consumer Was Under Hatchback fixing someething in vehicle and hatchback collapsed on consumers back. consumer wasn't injured. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1997 During Normal Operation Of vehicle a metal to metal grinding/rubbing noise was being emitted from vehicle, unknown location. . then,
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Brackets That Are Welded To liftgate have fractured. a recall has been issued on vehicle's make and model; however, this vehicle
FORD TAURUS 1995 Consumer Had Found Cracks on hatchback hydraulic cylinder which had had caused door to misalign, and could be disattached from
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Bolts Holding Hydraulic Cylinder Broke right off on back lift door. when it broke, it fell right on consumer's head. contacted
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Left Liftgate Support Failed, right one failed 2 months later. *ak the first failure injured the consumer. *yh
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Support Bracket That Supports liftgate broke. there has already been a recall, but this vehicle was not included.*ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1992 Consumer Was Removing Items From the rear cargo area and liftgate came slamming down on consumer's head. took to dealer, and
FORD ESCORT 1993 Trunk Cylinder Collapsed When Opened due to defective springs. dealer has repaired vehicle.*ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hydraulic Liftgate Weld Cynlinder Hatch unexpectedly came down on consumer's head. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer Was Inside Of A school parking lot and she went to lift the liftgate window/door and she heard a popping noise.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Recall 99v310001/hydraulic Left Cylinders: Vehicle was repaired concerning this recall. currently, vehicle is experiencing the same problem except at the top of
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Nhtsa Recall 99v310001 And Manufacturer's recall 99s34. there was a missing bracket. was told by the dealer that the bracket
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 Recall 91v13 000/hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder: truck cylinder: vehicle rear door would not stay open due to hydraulic cylinder failure. dealer notified, and informed
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Nhtsa Recall 99v310001 And Manufacture's recall 99s34/ hydraulic cylinders broke. no parts were available. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Received Recall 99v31001 & Contacted dealership for an appointment. was informed parts needed to be ordered before work could be done. took
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Bracket Broke away from the frame on the driver's side. dealership is aware of the problem. problem has
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Hydraulic Cylinder Failure Caused doors not to open properly. also, when applying brakes and coming to a stop, brake
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hatchback Hydraulic Cylinders broke off the from top right hand corner of the door. also, back door won't stay
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall 99v310000/ Hydraulic Lift Cylinders. parts needed to perform recall repairs were not available. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall 99v310.001/hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder brekage. dealer refused to perform recall repairs because vehicle was not purchased there. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall 99v310.001/hydraulic Liftgate Cylinders: prior to receiving recall notice, liftgate broke off the weld and bent the hydraulic cylinder. dealer
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall Number 99v31001, Two hydraulic lift cylinders installed by the dealer as part of the recall remedy collapsed. please give any
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Received Recall 99v310001/ liftgate cylinders. dealer wants the consumer to pay for repairs. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Broke off and fell out. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer Was Looking On the internet and saw her vehicle on recall. she notified the dealership that liftgate rod bracket on the
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Bracket That Holds The Gas cylinder broke off twice, causing the liftgate to fall down unexpectedly, and may result in injuries.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Hydraulic Cylinders Gave Out and collapsed on owner. dealer said it was not part of recall. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Left Driver's Side Support rod popped off of the hatchback, causing the hatchback to fall down on consumer's head. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 While Driving On The Highway heard a snapping noise like metal. the hydraulic lift cylinders, that are attached to brackets and
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Vehicle Is Used. Owner had parked vehicle & went to rear to lift hatch. the cylinder attachment had broken off from the right
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Right Strut/piston On Rear Tailgate broke. previous recall on this by ford. it expired in january 1999. consumer's strut broke in august
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Hydraulic Cylinder That Supports the rear liftgate has pulled away fom frame on the passenger's side. manufacturer was notified about this
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Pine needles collected into outside heater duct and catching on fire. also, rear hydraulic cylinder deatched from vehicle
FORD EXPLORER 1994 While Getting Some Items Out of the hatchback the bracket broke, causing the hatchnback to fail. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Hydraulic Cylinder Support Rod fell from the vehicle, causing the hatch to fall injuring the owner . the dealer and manufacturer
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Passenger's Side Hatchback Support rod separated from hatchback. dealer has been contacted. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Passenger's Side Hatchback support rod separated from hatchback, causing it to collapse. dealer has been contacted. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder Snapped, resulting in minor injuries. a recall has been issued on the vehicle make and model, however
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer Contacted Dealer In Reference nhtsa recall 95i007/manufacturer's recall 95s21, hatchback hydraulic cylinder failure. manufacturer stated that recall has expired,
FORD EXPLORER 1994 One Of The Hydraulic Cylinder supports on the hatchback rear door. separated from the vehicle, causing the door to slam down on owner's
FORD PROBE 1995 Vehicle Experiencing Ongoing Problems With the following: 1. hatchback hydraulic cylinder failed to operate; 2. vehicle wanders to the right
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Liftgate Hydraulic Cylinders Broke away from the truck, which makes it impossible to hold up door. *yc
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Hatch Hydraulic Cylinder Snapped off the weld bracket ,injuring owner . a safety improvement has been issued on make and
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hydraulic Lift Support Bracket On right side of the rear hatchback door broke, causing door to drop down suddenly.
FORD PROBE 1993 Hatchback Lower Pivot Pin separated from the lower strut bracket, causing the hatchback to fall when up. the manufacturer has recalled
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Consumer Had Become Aware Of recalls 95v164 and 94v169. upon contacting the dealer and manufacturer , he was informed that the recalls
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Hydraulic Cylinders That Hold The hatchback lid on the rear of the vehicle broke, causing the door to collapse on the owner. dlr
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Welds That Secure Hatchback Trunk cylinders broke, causing the door not to remain in the upright position. *
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hydraulic Arms On The Hatchback broke, causing the door not to remain in the upright position. please give any further details.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Liftgate Bracket Has Pulled away from the inside of the liftgate. ford recognizes this malfunction as defectict, and extended the warranty,
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Hydraulic Hatchback Collapsed And Shattered the rear window. dealer has seen. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 3 Spot Welds That Are welded to the vehicle and attached to hydraulic lifters have broken, almost falling on top of consumer, could
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hydraulic Cylinder Broke From the weld area; causing the hatchback door to fall upon the head of consumer. dealer notified and informed
FORD PROBE 1993 Hatchback Assembly Struts Malfunctions, causing the hatchback to fall unexpectedly, almost causing injuries. recall # 93v05800, manufacturer stated this vehicle
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Liftgate Shock Bolt That Holds liftgate snapped in two, causing liftgate to fall without warning, which could have resulted in injuries.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall 95i007; The Rear liftgate cylinders broke off and fell on the occupant, causing injuries to occupant. dealer stated this vehicle
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket That Holds The gas cylinder on right side of the liftgate is pulling away from the metal. the dealer will not correct
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall 95i-007.000. Structure hatchback hydraulic cylinder; while lifting the door to open almost up, the support cylinder snapped and broke.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 The Rear Hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder has completely detached from the frame of the vehicle. please provide details. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Opened The Hatchback Of The truck and the shock absorber broke and the hatchback fell down. please provide details. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Had The Hatchback Closed. shock on right hand side pushed through window & it exploded. window was shattered. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Upper Support Bracket For the right hand gas strut ripped out of tailgate frame, tore the metal. when dealer was contacted,
FORD EXPLORER 1994 When Openning The Hatch Door ,the piston on the right side separated from the weld. manufacturer has been contacted. the prolbem has
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Had Received Recall Notice (95i007000). had called the dealer to set up an appointment. was informed by dealership that they refused the recall
FORD EXPLORER 1994 While Unloading From The Rear of the vehicle the hatch fell on the owner's head . the owner received a recall notice to inspect
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall 95i007000, Dealer Refuses to fix recall because vehicle has too much mileage. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Hatchback Cylinder Broke And Fell on owner's wife . the door was hanging off on one side. owner has notified the dealerand manufacturer.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Hydraulic Cylinder On The hatchback broke. the manufacturer has a safety improvement campaign out on these vheicles. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Opened Up The Liftgate And the hatchback support rod broke loose, leaving a 5-inch round hole where the hackback support rod was connected.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Vehicle Experiences Severe Vibration. dealer attempted to fix it several times, but problem continues. also, brackets that connect the hydraulic cylinders
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Consumer Received Manufacturer's Notice In the fall of 96, he contacted a local dealer to have repairs done; when he was told that
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Came detached. repair was made to the top cylinder, now bottom cylinder is detached. dealer refused to
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Related Hydraulic Lift Cylinder failure, 95v164-001, never received recall notice, contacted manufacturer and dealership; expired the recall time frame,
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Vehicle Was Parked; Went to rear; opened hatch and air springs/cylinders holding hatch released & fell on driver's head; took to dealer
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Rear Hatch Latch Support broke off, took to dealer and he said that it was not included in service recall #95i007000.
FORD PROBE 1993 When Lifting The Hatchback, the hatchback support rod failed, causing the hatchback to fall down on consumers back. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 The Stud Holding The Top end of the hatchback struts broke, causing the hatchback to close while open and in use.
FORD AEROSTAR 1988 Recall Related Hatchback Hydraulic cylinders failed, in for repair, still experiences the same failure 91v136000. *ak *jb
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Struts That Hold Trunk Open broke, and hatch door can stay open. contacted dealer, and dealer was not willing to do
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Battery/manifold Absolute Pressure (map) Sensor/radius arm bushing/hydraulic lift cylinders (rear door) and driver's side mirror failed.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Hydraulic Cylinder Separated From the rear door just as the owner was lifting the door overhead. the door came down quickly on her
FORD CONTOUR 2000 The Component Is In The trunk. the valve is held by tabs. if a tab comes loose or if the valve
FORD PROBE 1993 The Struts That Should Support the rear hatch in the open position have never worked, since i purchased the vehicle on january 30,
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Nhtsa Campaign Id Numbers: 94v16900 and 99v310001. dealer refused to fix problem. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket And Gas Assist cylinder on my vehicle has broken as stated in id #'s 95i007000 and 99v310001. i contacted ford to repair
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Passenger Side Tailgate Bracket Supporting gas assist cylinder totally detached after tailgate was fully opened. tailgate dropped, striking my son on head
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Lift Arm Support Bracket on the tailgate ripped out, causing the tailgate to fall causing an injury. although the manufacturer acknowledged
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Bracket & Cylinder Totally Broke/detached from liftgate. dealer has failed to honor recall notice to fix @ no charge. i did not
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Gas Cylinder Attachment Brackets pulled away from the top of the liftgate. neither dealer(hub city ford, crestview, florida or ford motor
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket That Holds The gas cylinder on right side of the liftgate has pulled away from the metal. the remaining bracket will
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Yes, When This Cylinder exploded. my wife became startled and almost lost control of car. i just found out that there is
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Hatchback Cylinder Weld Snapped. mjs
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 While The Lift Gate Was in the up position, one stud snapped off at the frame, dropping the lift gate on the back
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recall Repair 99v-310 Was Scheduled to take 7 hours, the consumer requested a rental but was told he would hae to pay for it,
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hydraulic Cylinder Failed Prior To recall campaign 95i-007, recall campaign not honored, lift cylinder removed and hatch bracket spot-welded at owner's expense.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Brackets Attaching The Hatch door stay up when opening trunk even though recall 95v164001 was complete, dealer tweeked upper back rear of vehicle
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Liftgate Was Replaced Prior To recall notice, consumer requested refund but only recieved partial refund and wants the remaining unrefunded balance. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component prior to recall notification, owner completed repair due to dealership estimation of the complete repair being excessive,
FORD EXPLORER 9999 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component for the (liftgate bracket), recall notification sent after repairs completed prior, consumer is requesting reimbursement for
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Recalled Liftgate Bracket Failed, however vehicle is not included due to vin. #. nk
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Prior To Recall The Lift gate failed (99v-310). yh
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Liftgate Failed Prior To Recall (95v-164). yh
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer Received Recall Notification, problem with dealership in scheduling appointment, consumer had to go to another dealership further away to receive repair of
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Left And Right Side brackets connecting the hydraulic lift cylinders failed prior to recall notice (99v-310). nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Repair For Lift Cylinder brackets (99v310001) was not performed because there were no parts available. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Of The Breacket On the liftgate 99v-310 cannot be completed due to lack of parts. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Liftgate Shock On Drivers side door broke completely off the door prior to recall notice causing it to fall down on consumer.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Liftgate Cylinder Failed Prior to recall notice 99v310001. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Recall Component Failed Prior To recall notification, however vehicle has not been repaired due to scheduling problem, consumer concerned about amount of time
FORD EXPLORER 1994 While Having The Rear Wiper motor replaced the liftgage bracket broke, other bracket broke later, both were prior to recall notification (99v-310)
FORD EXPLORER 1994 On Two Occasions The Brackets connecting the hydraulic lift cylinders to the liftgate ripped off. *mjs
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Liftgate Gas Assist Cylinder attachment bracket pulled away from the inside of the liftgate, causing failure. *yc
FORD PROBE 1995 Hatchback Lift Cylinders Failed Causing the hatch to fall on consumers head. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Right Rear Bracket Separated from the hydraulic lift cylinder causing failure, prior to recall notice (95v164000 & 95v164001). *yc
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Liftgate Cylinder Bracket Ripped off vehicle hitting consumer, recall on component however vehicle denied due to time.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 While Hatch Was Open The weld between the bracket and the hatch sheared causing it to fall on the shoulders of the driver.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Door Slammed, Wedging Cylinder between door/body, bending door assembly. qcaw
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Piston That Supports The Tailgate detached from bodywork.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Upper Bracket That Supports The rear lilftgate strut broke off, recall repairs refused due to vin. (qcaw)
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Hydraulic Hatchback Failed.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Hatchback Support Rod Disconnected. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder Failed Prior to recall (95i-007.000). *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Brackets That Hold The Lift gate open broke, recall on components however consumer was never notified.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket Along With The hydraulic cylinder broke.(a part of the liftgate)
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket That Supports The gas assist cylinder, left side, inside the rear liftgate failed.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bracket That Supports The gas assist cylinder failed.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Liftgate Bracket Failed, Recall component however consumer is having trouble receiving repair work, no notice received by consumer of the recall malfunction.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Rear Hatch Back Rod Broke landing on consumer's head due to weld failure.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rear Hatch Pneumatic Lift Bracket broke loose, causing door to slam down. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Gas Assist Cylinders Failed. recall repairs refused due to vehicle exceeding mileage limitations.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 A Bracket Attaching A Gas assist cylinder to the liftgate ripped away from the liftgate, recall notice not recieved due to vin.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Hatchback Support Rod Failed, causing injury.
FORD TEMPO 1994 Door/trunk Gaskets Replaced.
FORD PROBE 1993 Hydralic Lifts Failed Causing The trunk to fall on consumers neck, component recall but notice not recieved.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Hatchback Hydraulic Cylinder Failed, no one was injured. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Lift Gate Cylinder Brackets Failed.
FORD PROBE 1993 Trunk Released While Driver Was resetting the fuel cut-off switch, causing injury. *sd
FORD TEMPO 1994 Trunk Torsion Bar Disconnects, causing the lid to drop down. *dsh
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Trunk Cylinders Broken.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Liftgate Has Stress Cracks At the point of attachment to the gas assist cylinder. *sd
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 One Of The Pneumatic Braces that support the hatch failed, causing injury. *dsh
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Rear Liftgate Support Assembly Separates from ligtgate when in open extended position, leaving only one strut intact, causing hatch to fall/injury. *sd
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Rear Door Lift Rod Broke loose/had to be rewelded. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 ford explorer. the contact stated that the rear liftgate panel was ajar when the pistons failed, causing the
FORD EXPEDITION 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 ford expedition. the contact stated that while the lift gate would open without warning, it shut with a
FORD EXPLORER 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 ford explorer. she stated while utilizing the rear liftgate to remove items from the trunk compartment, the rear
FORD EXPLORER 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 ford explorer. she stated that when closing the lift gate the hitch snapped and the glass almost fell out
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Drive A 2002 Ford explorer, eddie bauer model, 4 door. the arms (4) which hold both the back door up when
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Lifted My Rear Upper tailgate on my 2002 ford explorer, and the windshield literally exploded on my head, including dropping the lower
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 ford explorer. the contact stated that the hatchback support gate would not properly support the glass.
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 ford explorer. the contact stated that the liftgate assist gas cylinder bracket snapped at the welding point,
FORD EXPLORER 2003 There Appeared Without Warning A big crack in the rear liftgate of the 2003 ford explorer. the crack goes from the bottom of
FORD EXPLORER 2002 There Is A Panel Below the rear window gate that has a vertical crack.. initially, the rear window was a recall,
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated While parked, the rear hatch was lifted up, and the hydraulic support device failed. this caused the
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Copy Of Letter To Fmc: i own a 1991 ford explorer 4wd xlt [xxx]. i purchased this vehicle on 11/9/96,

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