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Ford Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Reports

16 Mar

FORD ESCORT 1996 Brake Failure, Pedal Went to the floor, loss of complete effectiveness. *ak wheel bearing failure. cv joint failure.
FORD ESCORT 1991 There Is Loud Thumping Noise coming from the front wheels, mostly the right when the brakes are applied. please describe details.

FORD AEROSTAR 1993 The Brake Disc Is Warped. please describe .
FORD TAURUS 1993 Abs, When Driving At speed of 50mph, virbration when applying brakes in the front end, in for replacement of disc rotors and
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Front Brakes Causes Vehicle To vibrate when brakes are applied. please describe details. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1995 Replacement Of Front Brakes Due to wear and 0mission of retaining clips. *ak
FORD F250 1991 The Brake Fluid Is Overheating, causing increased stopping distance and inablitity to stop the vehicle. recall #92s44. *ak brakes have
FORD E150 1987 Electrical Wires Burnt On (2) occasions.ak consumer states exhaust leaked but dealer could not find the leak, clamp was missing , front
FORD RANGER 1996 The Front Brakes Pull To the left when the brakes are applied. there are power disc brakes in the front and abs in the
FORD BRONCO 1990 The Right Front Brakes Wear too often, having a very hard time stopping the vehicle at times. *ak
FORD TEMPO 1991 Brake Failure, Pulsate When brakes are applied, emergency brakes will not hold. *ak
FORD PROBE 1993 Disc Brake Failure, Edneed to change the disc brakes too often. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 The Car Has Disc Brakes. when driving brakes were applied and the car did not stop. please describe. *ak
FORD F250 1988 Front Brakes Overheat And Cause complete loss of front brakes. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1990 The Bolt On The Subframe on the driver's side is loose. fixed under recall #92s61 on mar 13, 1995. still a problem.
FORD F 150 1994 The Vehicle No Longer Has front brakes and you cannot tell by driving the vehicle. please describe. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 The Front Disc Brakes Pull to the right when applied causing slight loss of control of the vehicle. please describe. tt
FORD TAURUS 1991 Front Disc Brake Vibrates Out of round, replaced disc twice. tt
FORD F250 1993 Left Front Brake Does Not release even after foot is taken off brake pulls to the left. please describe details. tt
FORD F150 1993 Failure Of The Front Brakes, brakes lock up (abs) brakes on the rear. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1992 Front Brakes Experience Excessive Wear w/rear brakes showing no signs of usage. please describe details. tt
FORD BRONCO II 1989 Poor Performance Of The Brake front and rear brake failure. tt
FORD ESCORT 1993 When Applying The Brake Locks up have disc brake. tt
FORD RANGER 1993 Having Problem With The Emergency parking brake, there is something that is leaking on the front wheel . tt
FORD BRONCO 1994 Vehicles Brakes Pulls Severely In no particular pattern.tsb has been issued but does not solve the problem. tt brakes cause brake
FORD E 150 1995 The Front Disc Brake Was replaced three times purchase truck new . tt
FORD F150 1992 Excessive Wear On The Front brakes, equipped with rear abs system. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Front Brake Rotors Worn Thin while later developing a crack w/thumping. excessive heat builds up resulting extensive consumer stated that approximately 29,
FORD F250 1991 When Going Down The Hill the brake pedal goes to the floor and there no front brake. tt
FORD F 150 1995 Vehicle Will Pull To The left while driving, dealer replaced entire front brakes. tt
FORD F 150 1995 The Front Disc Brakes Are always warped and there is unstable consumer states there is grinding noise on right front brake,
FORD TAURUS 1995 The Disc Brakes Failed And caused an accident. please describe. tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Brakes Make Loud Noise, vehicle vibrates on left front side, indicating brakes trying to grab rotor. please provide details.
FORD EXPLORER 1991 The Front Brake Keeps Burning up took to dealer replaced them still having the problem . tt
FORD BRONCO 1994 Front Brakes Have Never Worked properly, when applying the brakes they would shimmy, partial loss of braking. tt *jb
FORD TAURUS 1994 Right Front Metal Plate Of brakes was bent w/the top of lug nut flying off hitting owner. tt this was also causing
FORD F150 1988 The Truck Has Abs. the front brakes do not work when the street is wet. the back brakes lock. please describe.
FORD F 150 1995 The Front And Rear Brakes are locking up pulling to the left . tt
FORD E150 1989 The Front Brake Still Makes heat,the rear end axle was replaced . tt
FORD F 150 1994 Front Brakes Grab And Release intermittently. appears to pull more to the right. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1991 The Front Brakes Are Leaking and the brakes will go out. please describe. tt
FORD F 150 1994 The Right Front Brake Locked up when applying the brake . tt
FORD TAURUS 1987 The Right Front Brake Locked up and froze and did not work. please describe. tt
FORD E 350 1995 Purchase Truck New The Two front wheel beadings are about to fall off, the ball joint wears out and the front disc brake was
FORD F250 1992 When Brakes Were Applied There was a loud front end noise, vehicle glided and brakes grabbed suddenly, once rsulting in an accident/replaced pads/rotors.
FORD ESCORT 1993 Disc Brakes, While Driving brakes make a sqeeking noise. tt
FORD F 150 1994 Front Brake Failure. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 The Front Disc Brakes Do not work and they pull to one side and they have been replaced already. please describe. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Replaced Front Brakes 4 Times. *ak
FORD E 150 1995 Abs Brakes; Brake Disc warp due to mounting, and is no cure stated by plantation ford. please describe details. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Replaced Calipers/pads/right Side Rotor. *ak
FORD F150 1993 The Brake System( Calipers, pads, and rotors ) have had to be serviced or replaced three (3) times in the past 2 yrs.
FORD TAURUS 1991 When Brakes Are Applied, left front tire bounces. tt
FORD F250 1993 Brakes Lockup And Pedal Fades, replace rotors/caliper/drum/master cylinder five times. tt
FORD F150 1993 Experiencing Vibration Of Front Brakes. had three attempted fixes. tt
FORD F150 1991 Replacement Of Front Brakes Sounds like metal to metal. this is the twelfth replacement. tt
FORD TAURUS 1991 The Rear Disc Rotor And caliper, pads had to be replace, causing gringing noise when applied. tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Under Certain Braking Conditions Front end goes down and you hear a cracking noise also at high speed. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Replaced Warped Front Brake Calipers/rotor/pads. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1991 Rear Disc Brakes Have Rusted with less thsn 27,000 miles on it. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 During Inclement Weather Front Brakes lock up and vehicle skids the first few times brakes are applied. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 Front Brakes Are Locking Up only when wet, equipped with abs system in rear wheel. tt
FORD TEMPO 1990 Consumer Granddaughter Was Driving Car the left front brake caught on fire. tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Brake Failure, When Brake are applied pull very hard, causing lockup, replaced rotors/pads, also experienced pedal fading. tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Brakes; When Applying Front of vehicle vibrates extensively. two new brake systems replaced with no change in condition. please describe details.
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Continued Wear Of Disc Pads/rotors, replaced twice, pe95-001 active. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Front Disc Brake Failure. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Excessive Wear Of Front Braking system. this is the second incident. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Front Disc Brake Rotors/pads/calipers Warped, causing vehicle to pull to the right, resulting in accident/injuries. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 Front Brake Pads/rotors Failed, causing vibration when brakes are applied. tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Excessive Wear Of Front Brakes. this is the fourth occurance. tt
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 Rear Disc Brakes Failure, brakes dont work. tt
FORD TAURUS 1990 Tie Rod Need To Be replace and the front brake and rod are bad purchase car used from a nissan dealer. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Rotors Out Of Round/warped Pads and calipers, causing vibration. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Brake Pedal Pulstaes. Replaced rotors and pads. tt
FORD F 350 1994 Warped Front Brake Rotors/pads, causing pulsation when braking. *ak
FORD F350 1992 Warped Front Brake Rotors/pads, causing vehicle to vibrate upon braking. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 Front Brakes Has Shuttering At high speeds. please describe details. tt
FORD AEROSTAR 1990 Front End Shimmies When Brakes applied, replace rotor twice and disc brake once. tt
FORD F 150 1994 When Put On A Trailer the front brake lock up when icy wet and snowing. tt
FORD CLUB WAGON 1992 Abs, Failure Of Calipers and disc pads and rotors. tt
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Abs Brake Failure, Continues wear of front disc brake rotors and pads, experienced a vibration in front end of vehicle and pedal fades
FORD TEMPO 1993 Brake Failure, Replacement Of disc rotors, pads and calipers and fittings in the front, still experience pedal fading. tt
FORD TEMPO 1987 Replaced Front Brake Pads/rotors. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1991 Disc Brakes Are Being Corroded by road salt. tt
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Design Flaw Front Brakes Misaligned and burnt out. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Abs System Malfunction On Several occasions, light came on periodically, replace master cylinder/rotor/caliper/ anti-lock controller. tt
FORD F150 1990 Replaced Front Brakes. *ak
FORD RANGER 1991 Abs, Front Brakes Continue to wear every 10,000 miles while driving, replacement of rotors and calipers and disc pads. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1992 Replaced Warped Front Brakes 3 times. pe94-058. tt
FORD F 150 2001 Vehicle Vibrates When Applying Brakes. vehicle taken to dealer, who said ford is aware of problem, but has no remedy at
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Brakes Are Defective. consumer has had to replace pads and shoes/ drums/ discs, and master cylinder, all with
FORD ECONOLINE 1999 Front Disc Brakes Are Wearing out prematurely. dealer/manufacturer notified. feel free to provide any further information concerning this matter. *ak
FORD ECONOLINE 2000 When Brakes Are Applied At various speeds there is vibration ,and vehicle pulls to the left and/or right. dealership has
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Front Brakes Drag. Consumer took vehicle to dealer, and they replaced rotors and other parts. please provide any further
FORD EXPLORER 1999 While Driving 70 Mph And when brakes are applied vehicle vibrates severely, causing loss of control. cause unknown. please
FORD F250 1999 Every 5000 Miles Vehicle Starts to vibrate in front when driving. dealer had to replace warped front rotors/calipers and pads. this has
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Ongoing Problem With Excessive Wear and replacement of brake system. pads/ rotors had to be replaced on five occasions within five years.
FORD F350 1999 Front End Of Vehicle Starts wobbling when brakes are applied. dealer has been contacted for this problem, but has been unable to
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Ongoing Probelm With Excessive wear of brake pads /rotors on the left front wheel. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further
FORD ECONOLINE 1994 When Applying Brakes They Will shudder, and pulsate. replaced rotors because they were warped. vehicle was having brake problems
FORD E 150 1998 Brake Rotors/calipers And Lines Needed to be changed every eleven thousand miles. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details. consumer stated
FORD ECONOLINE 1999 When Brakes Are Applied Vehicle pulls to left severely, doesn't have to be at any speed. vehicle has been in
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Brakes Would Make A Groaning sound and pedal would vibrate when applying brakes. vehicle was taken to dealer shop, and had both
FORD F 150 1999 While Traveling Approximately 20 To 25 mph attempted to stop vehicle, but brakes failed. truck crashed into another vehicle,
FORD FOCUS 2000 When Applying Brakes There Was a squeaking sound. dealer replaced front pads, and it did not remedy problem. on 11 sep
FORD E 150 1998 While Driving Consumer Would step on brakes pedal and hear brakes making noise like metal to metal. vehicle was taken to dealer,
FORD E 350 1998 Consumer Took Vehicle Into Dealer for a routine check. dealer noticed a hair line crack in brakes. rotors/ pads and shoes
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Brakes Have Been A Problem since december 2000. there has been extended stopping distance. also,
FORD EXCURSION 2001 When Applying Brakes At Any speed vehicle pulls either to left or right. dealer turned rotors and replaced brake pads, checked wheel
FORD ESCORT 1997 Brake Pads Were Wearing out quicker then normally. there were also clips that have broken because consumer has had rotors
FORD F 150 2000 Premature Wear Of Brake Pads and rotors. dealer has replaced rotors twice, and brakes still squeak when applied. please provide additional
FORD F250 1999 Brake Pads Are Disintegrating On all four wheels. also, rotors are scored. contacted dealer, and dealer pads had
FORD CONTOUR 1996 Brakes Were Making A Loud squeaking noise coming from left front brake drum. took to mechanic, and they replaced both
FORD F250 1999 After Brake Work Was Preformed on vehicle. when hauling and upon braking vehicle will vibrate. consumer has not contacted
FORD CONTOUR 1998 When Applying Brake Pedal to make a gradual stop front brakes grind. vehicle was taken into repair shop, were mechanic
FORD TAURUS 1996 When Traveling 35mph On highway consumer applied brakes, and they hesitated/ and shook and and vibrated. also,
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1997 Engine Manifold Developed A Crack and started to spit out anti-freeze and water. consumer stated that dealer replaced engine intake manifold.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Brake Pads Wear Excessively Due to rotors. calipers had pushed pistons against pads. pistons had shattered.
FORD E 150 2000 While Driving About 45 mph consumer applied brakes to slow down, and vehicle pulled to the right. following that consumer was
FORD TAURUS 1999 When Pulling Into The Driveway and upon applying brakes consumer heard a scraping noise coming from brakes. consumer has contacted
FORD ESCORT 1997 Consumer Had To Replace shoes and rotors 4 -5 times. dealer said it was due to disc brake calipers causing rotors
FORD EXCURSION 2000 During Braking Vehicle Will Pull to the right typically, however, it will pull to the left on occasion. vehicle
FORD FOCUS 2000 When Brakes Were Applied under normal conditions, brake pedal was normal and brakes did not catch, resulting in extended stopping distance.
FORD FOCUS 2000 Front Brakes Are Making A squeaking noise when brakes are applied. dealership stated that brake pads and rotors were wore out and needed
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Ongoing Problem With Brake caliper sticking and causing rotors to be cut and warped. vehicle been to independent repair
FORD F350 2001 Intermittently When Applying Brakes, left off and reapplied them again, causing abs to lock on and off, resulting
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Front Brakes Don't Work Properly. when going over a bump, it feels like vehicle hydroplaining, and its hard to keep
FORD FOCUS 2000 Brakes Were Squeaking At 10, 000 miles. took vehicle to dealer, but was told it was a normal characteristic. at 22,000
FORD RANGER 2000 Rotors And Pads Replaced After 6 months of purchase. then, again after 3 months due to grinding noise and extended stopping distance.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Vehicle Experienced Extreme Vibration when braking. vehicle seemed to have a defect all together. rotors and calipers have been changed twice
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Brakes Are Grinding Loudly, pedal feels spongy when applying brakes. dealer replaced front and rear pads/ calipers/ drums, and rotors.
FORD TAURUS 1999 When Driving 35 Mph Or above and lightly applying brakes steering wheel will shake to left and to right. consumer repaced tires, but
FORD F 150 2000 Excessive Warpping Of Front brake rotors and pads. dealer notifed, and unable to correct the problem. *ak *jb
FORD FOCUS 2000 Rear And Front Brakes Are making a squeaking noise, took to dealer and changed rear brakes.*ak
FORD F 150 1998 When Applying Brakes front disc brakes locks up, creating extreme vibration which results in loss of steering control. *ak
FORD F350 1993 When Brakes Are applied front disc brakes lock up, creating extreme vibration which results in loss of steering control. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1998 When Applying Brakes front disc brakes lock up, creating extreme vibration which results in loss of steering control. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Brakes Grinded While Driving. had to be changed 3 times within a year.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1997 Brake Pads Twice And The brake rotors once needed to be replaced. abs light and parking brake light in the dash began to
FORD FOCUS 2000 Ongoing Problem With Brake system, it causes steering wheel to shimmy or pedal would go closer to floor intermittently, and
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Front Brakes Had Locked Up when applied and then burned rotors. could feel vibration in vehicle when this happened. took vehicle
FORD F 150 2000 Consumer Applied Brake, Pedal went to floor, no brake action. dealer found pads worn/calipers need replacing. left front had brake
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Vehicle Was Parked. In middle of night consumer heard a loud noise. next morning he started vehicle, put it in
FORD RANGER 1986 Ignition Has Shorted Out 3 times. defect keeps reoccurring.* ak consumer states has now happened 4 times, ignition failed to disengage
FORD CONTOUR 1999 Front End Vibrates/ Shakes when applying brakes. pads and rotors have been replaced more than once, and the problem is still
FORD EXPLORER 2001 When Appyling Brakes Vehicle Severely pulls to right. also, a grinding noise occurs, cause unknown. *ak in less than 15000
FORD ESCORT 1998 Front Brake Caliper Freezes, half of pads is being applied to rotors, resulting in premature wearing of rotors.
FORD TAURUS 1995 While Driving Could Step On the brakes pedal and the brakes will grab and make noise like grinding metal to metal technician said that brakes
FORD E 150 1999 Airbag Light On. dealer replaced sensor, and same day light came on again. dealer could not remedy problem. sway bar
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Intermittent Brake Problems; Brakes lock up, resulting in extended stopping distance. had rotors turned, rotors/pads replaced, abs light
FORD F 350 1994 Consumer Has Had Multiple Scares of accidents pertaining to antilock brakes. in november of 2000 consumer tried to apply brakes,
FORD TAURUS 1999 Premature Wear Of Pads and rotors. dealer has replaced pads and rotors several times. *ak
FORD FOCUS 2000 Brakes Make A Squealing Noise when trying to come to a complete stop. when contacting a dealer , dealer changed otors/drums,
FORD WINDSTAR 1992 Front Brake Problem; when stepping on brake pedal brakes made a loud rattling noise . contacted dealer, and
FORD TAURUS 1991 Front Brakes And Back Brakes; when applying brakes, the failed, vehicle didn't stop. rotors/calipers/ drums shoe pads
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Front Right Inside Pads Have worn excessively and caused damage to brake rotors. vehicle at dealer shop and informed consumer that rotors needed
FORD E 350 1995 Abs Light Kept Coming On. took vehicle to dealer & mechanic could not locate cause of problem. went home, and vehicle started
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2000 Cosnumer Contacted Dealer For Routine repairs. dealer noted that front and rear brake pads and rotors needed replacement at 24000 miles.
FORD F 150 1999 When Applying Brakes It Caused vehicle to vibrate, vehicle been in dealer shop for repairs on two occasions,and problem still reoccurring.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Front Brakes Fell Apart. on a hill vehicle will slide right though a stop sign. consumer stated tghat at 20,000 miles brakes
FORD TAURUS 1997 Brakes Keep Warping. materials that are used for brake pads cause rotors to overheat & become warped. every time brakes
FORD TAURUS 1999 At 19000 Miles Both Front rotors were out of round, causing vehicle to vibrate when brakes were applied. dealer notified,
FORD TAURUS 1999 After Purchasing Heard Grinding And shaking in steering column when brakes are applied. took to dealer, and they replaced front rotors
FORD RANGER 2000 Was Driving 55mph & Vehicle would drift left when brakes applied. took to dealer & nothing found. drove some more & problem was
FORD TAURUS 1999 Vehicle Vibrates When Applying brakes. vehicle had brakes pads and rotors replaced. dealership was aware of the problem.
FORD FOCUS 2000 Everytime Consumer Put On Brakes they would squeak. took to dealer, and they said it was normal. consumer took in
FORD FOCUS 2000 Excessive Wear Of The Front and rear brake pads, shoes and rotors. parts have been replaced seven times. please provide any
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Vehicle Engaged Into Four wheel drive mode. because vehicle was driving in four wheel drive mode front end needed to
FORD F350 1999 When Driving & Starting To brake, brakes would pulsate & vibrate. took vehicle to dealer & mechanic indicated brake rotors & shoes
FORD CONTOUR 1999 Brakes Were Not Operable when applied. pedal went all the way down to floor and there was a sqeaking noise.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Excessive Wear Of Brake rotors. intermittently when brakes are applied the vehicle vibrates violently. dealer has replaced the rotors
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Ongoing Problem With Excessive Wear of rotors and pads which are causing erratic noise when applying brakes. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop on
FORD ECONOLINE 1997 This Is The Second time that consumer had to replace brakes pad & rotors. brakes were making a grinding noise
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 When Brakes Were Applied pedal went to the floor,resulting in extended stopping distance. dealer inspected vehicle,
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Front Brakes Were Replaced In december of 1999, and know consumer is having the same problem again.*ak
FORD F250 1999 Every 3,000 Miles Brakes will pulsate due to warping of the rotors, causing wear on brake pads and shoes.*ak
FORD RANGER 2000 Vehicle Pulled To The Right or left when applying brakes in a sudden/emergency situations. also, pedal pulsated when applying brakes, and became
FORD ECONOLINE 1994 While Driving About 45 Mph and when applying brakes pedal, brakes started making noise, like metal to metal grinding.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Brake Pads And Rotors Are prematurely wearing out, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1998 While Driving Braking System Malfunctioned. vehicle had no braking ability, and had to use the emergency parking brake in order to stop.
FORD F350 1993 When Brakes Are Applied they pulsate. dealer has informed the consumer that the brake system has dry rotted and needed
FORD ESCORT 1998 Consumer Took Vehicle To dealer to have it checked. dealer discovered that steering/ brakes squeaked. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1999 When Brakes Are Applied front end begins to vibrate excessively. also, steering column shakes. rotors and pads have
FORD F 150 1996 Premature Wear Of The Rotors and front brakes. dealer has replaced the rotors and front pads. please provide further details.
FORD ESCORT 1999 Loud Squealing Sound Made Whenever brakes were applied, and a clicking would commence from the brake pedal. vehicle been to three
FORD FOCUS 1999 Brakes Squealed Whenever Brake Pedal was applied. dealer notified, and informed consumer that this was normal, and nothing would be
FORD RANGER 1998 While Applying The Brakes Pedal would go to the floor. failed to bounce back like abs brakes were suppose too. took to dealership
FORD TAURUS 1998 When Braking Consumer Would Hear a grinding and grumbling noise, this happened at 30,000 miles. consumer felt that brakes were worn out.
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1995 Front Brake Rotors Are Worn out, and the pads are not on the spring plate. originally incorrectly installed. ford was told
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1999 Brakes Went Bad, They were rubbing metal to metal and making a winding noise. also, there was a loud clunking
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1987 Consumer Drove Car And Brakes were not good. when driving at about 50 miles car would shimmy badly. *ak
FORD F 250 1997 Front Brake Pads And Rotors are prematurely wearing out, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 Braking System Malfunctioned, Causing extended stopping distance which may result in a crash. dealer replaced brake calipers and front disc
FORD ESCORT 1998 While Driving & Then applying brakes, would hear a knocking noise. been to dealership & mechanic replaced calipers. currently when
FORD CLUB WAGON 1995 Consumer Put On Brakes After someone pulled in front. consumer felt metal on metal and had to swerve to avoid hitting another car.
FORD RANGER 1989 When Driving At Any Speed and applying the brakes vehicle is pulling to the left or the right, also, there 1s
FORD PICKUP 1991 Steering Wheel Has A Lot of play, and no control. steering shaft is gone. front brakes have disintergrated. rear
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Vehicle Experienced Front End Vibration . problem occurred at take off or slow down speed. been inspected by three different dealers, and
FORD F 150 1997 While Driving At 15 Mph and going around a corner noticed some type of loud noise coming from the brake caliper brake caliper snapped