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16 Mar

FORD FESTIVA 1988 The Front Driver Seat Screw fell out . please describe . *ak
FORD TEMPO 1991 Driver Seat Spot Weld On the bracket broke while driving, seat went into reclining position. *ak *jb

FORD TAURUS 1987 The Front Passenger Seat Frame broke due to metal fatigue.please describe. *ak
FORD RANGER 1991 Welds Holding Driver's Bucket Seat to track broke, seat disengages, flips/slides toward passenger seat, could cause accident.
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Consumer Was In Auto Accident and the driver seat broke and the back layed down. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1994 At A Complete Stop When driver was rearended and the air bag didn't deploy and the seat went back and twisted. please explain
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Police Officer Stopped At Accident scene, rearended by another car, two front bucket seats collapsed backwards, both frames broke, airbags did
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 While Entering The Interstate Van was hit, front seats collapsed and driver lost control of the steering wheel. *ak
FORD F 250 1995 Gapin Ford, 96s37-96v064. dlr. states they have not received notification of the recall fro front seat lumbar system 95v06400. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 1989 The Drivers Seat Anchors Have come out and taking some of the floorboard with them. please describe.
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Recall Related, 95v228000 And 95v232000 contacted dealership on 3/11/95, will order parts by apr.20,1995, no parts available as 4/3/95.
FORD ESCORT 1988 Drivers Side Seat Does Not work properly. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1994 Driver Seat/tract And Anchors, causing the driver seat not to stay in position, and can not use rear seat belt.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Sometimes While Driving, The driver and passenger side seat bolts fall out. causing the seats to fall into the rear seat.
FORD LTD 1986 Purchased Car Used, On impact, hit from the right rear back, both front seats reclined backward please describe .
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Vehicle Was Rammed In Rear by another vehicle at stop light, driver's seat broke upon impact. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1986 While Driving, When Even accelerating, driver's power seat rocks backwards due to power seat track bracket malfunctioning. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Driver's Seat Slides Back And forth while driving vehicle. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Poor Performance Of The Driver side seat. tt
FORD TEMPO 1991 Vehicle Was Rear Ended And the drivers side seat broke. other car travelled at 35mph. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 The Bolt That Hold The driver seat broke . tt
FORD TAURUS 1987 Driver's Side Seat Track Has broken away from the floor pan. tt
FORD TAURUS 1991 Driver Side Seat Track Anchors, seat broke from the track. tt
FORD PROBE 1993 Consumer Was In Accident And rear seat came forward. tt both rear seats came unlatched and lunged forward. *slc
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 The Rear Seat Was Removed and a child brushed up against it caused 4 inch slash/18 stitches.due to a large jagged piece in its
FORD ESCORT 1993 Was Rear Ended And Pushed into another car, seat broke and seat belt did not restrain. tt
FORD TEMPO 1991 The Drivers Seat Frame Is bent and it will not return to the normal position and the owner cannot drive. please describe.
FORD F 150 1994 Driver Seat Disengaged From The track locking device, resulting in the seat moving back to the rear of the vehicle, almost had an
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 Two Bench Seats Broke Loose after vehicle lost control resulting in accident w/slight slow roll. please describe details. tt
FORD TAURUS 1986 The Front Driver's Seat Anchors has partially detached. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1989 One Of The Four Anchor straps spilt in half, allowing the seat to move freely. tt
FORD F 150 1995 If Rear Passenger Side Seat is occupied, front seat will not lock in place. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1991 Drivers Side Seat Has Come loose from tracking. tt
FORD TAURUS 1987 Driver's Bucket Seat, Seat back bracket broke on one side. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 Truck Seats Are Collapsing Because frames are too light. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1987 Seat Track,and Anchor, driver seat bracket broke while driving. tt
FORD F150 1993 The Weld In The Front end on the tracking to the cross member is threatening to break. please explain. tt
FORD ECONOLINE 1984 All The Seats In The van are very unsteady and the armrests are very poorly made. please explain. tt
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Middle Bench Seat On Right hand side will not latch into frame; seat only held on by one metal bar. tt
FORD TAURUS 1986 The Metal That Attaches The seat to the floor broke completely causing the seat to break free. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Front Arm Rest Between Driver/pass has broken off. tt
FORD BRONCO 1989 The Driver Seat Mount Bracket broke seat folds backwards when you accelerate. tt
FORD TAURUS 1988 Front Drivers Seat Caught Fire. was told by manufacturer recall 91s28 performed. please describe details. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Consumer Drove Car Home Park it car caught on fire ford couldn't find any thing that cause the fire on 1995 of may he receive
FORD BRONCO 1991 Driver's Seat Bolt And Bracket which anchor seat to floor have rusted out. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Upon Starting Vehicle Smoke Filled passenger compartment and fire started under drivers seat. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Consumer Start Car Leaving The mall car caught on fire ford say that could not do anything two month later receive recall #95v062000 on the
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 The Drivers Seat Rail Bracket broke, causing the seat to rock back and forth. tt
FORD F 150 1994 Vehicles Passenger Side Seat Hinge mechanism area involved; child pulled himself in, cut off his ring finger when seat release was hit;
FORD BRONCO 1989 Dot Reference No 954511. steel plate needed for replacement of seat bracket under driver seat. tt
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Drivers Seat Collapsed And Caused occupant to injure himself. please explain. tt
FORD TAURUS 1988 Seat Bracket Has Broken Three times, seat rocks back and forth. tt
FORD ASPIRE 1994 Passenger Side Seat Unbolted From floor board also seat belt is inoperative. tt
FORD TAURUS 1988 Power Seat Switch Wiring Shorted out, resulting in a fire prior to/after recall repairs, owner disconnected passengers seat due to smoke/fire (91v-036).
FORD MUSTANG 1990 Seat Came Up Through The floor board. tt
FORD F150 1990 Vehicles Drivers Seat Bolt Connected to floor welds are defective causing seat to move. tt
FORD F450 1991 Seat Frame Breaks. tt
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Accelerator Went Down On Its own while in reverse, no brakes to stop, resulting in a accident. steering vibrates, recommend
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 No Warning On How Heavy these seats are and that caution should be used. a warning lable or sticker should be attached to the
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 Drivers Seat Came Lose From the floor board.
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Vehicle Was Rear Ended At 35mph, and consumer's vehicle went forward into another vehicle. upon impact, air bags did not
FORD RANGER 2001 Right Front Seat Doesn't Slide or tip forward enough to get into rear of vehicle. also, can't reach in to fastened safety
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2001 Customer Complains That Back Bench seat is of such design that when children sit on it, and brake is applied seat will move up,
FORD RANGER 2001 Consumer Has Extended Cab With seats that face toward the door. seats don't have good support or stabilty. occupant's head hits
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Second Seat Bolts That Hold the seat to the frame are missing. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 2000 Drivers Seat Came Detached From floor while vehicle was going 35mph. seat rocked like a rocking chair. consumer heard
FORD FOCUS 2000 Driver's Side Seat Can Easily move forwards and backwards, even if seat is locked in place or not. has not contacted dealer.
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Vehicle Was Hit From rear at 40 mph in which passenger's seat disengaged from seat track . please
FORD CONTOUR 2000 Driver's Seat Stays Loose And will rock back and forth. consumer has asked dealer to replace seat, but dealer will not replace it.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 At 5,000 Miles A popping sound is coming from steering column. dealer was notified, and replaced steering column on
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Driver's Seat Metal Is fatigue and tore, causing driver's side seat to wobble and shake. consumer feels there could be
FORD ESCORT 1994 Vehicle Was At A Stop when it was rearended by another vehicle that was traveling about 50 mph before slamming on brakes and skidding for
FORD ECONOLINE 1987 While Driving Driver's Seat separated from tracks. *ak
FORD CLUB WAGON 1998 Consumer Leaned Back On His driver seat to hand son some water and seat collapsed, and will not return back to normal position.
FORD F250 1988 Bolts And Nuts That Attach seat to to frame of vehicle have started to pull through floorboard.*ak consumer states the
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Vehicle Was Rear Ended. upon impact, driver's seat collapsed, resulting in minor injuries to passenger sitting in seat.
FORD MUSTANG 2000 While Driving No More Than 2 mph when passenger's seat collapsed with a passenger in it without prior warning. *ak the incident
FORD FESTIVA 1992 Consumer Was Hit From rear by a tow truck, causing driver's side seat to twist and break. consumer felt this
FORD ESCORT 1999 The Driver Seat Rolls Back and forth. the seat is not supported and effects the consumers driving. the dealer couldn't help with the
FORD FOCUS 2000 Bolt That Attaches Seat To vehicle floor broke, and the seat was coming apart.*ak
FORD FOCUS 2000 Manufacturer's Recall 00s55; Consumer has taken vehicle to dealer twice. but, both times dealer,graham ford in dixon ,tn tele#615-740-7957,
FORD F 150 2001 Passenger's Seat Assembly Will slip from a locked position with no notice, and go forward, being pushed into dashboard and
FORD EXPLORER 1998 This Was Second Time that seat has reclined back while consumer has been driving. first time being at 26,400 miles.
FORD F 150 2000 Driver's Seat Frame Twisted. dealer has replaced frame.*ak consumer states that new frame does not appear to be aligned
FORD EXPLORER 2001 When Coming To A Stop passenger's seat slides forward, cause unknown, also rear passenger seat belt does not release from retracting
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Driver's Side Seat Has Come loose from anchors and attatchments. seat rocks when driving. ford has been contacted.*ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1995 After Passenger's Seat Was Pushed attaching bolts were broken without a prior warning of defect. dealer refused to work on
FORD F 150 2001 Seats Are Manufactured Without Any type of back support, after driving a bit circulation in legs is cut off, very uncomfortable to drive.
FORD F 150 1996 Bench And Split Seats are very loose, and they rattle. consumer feels seat may snap back at anytime. consumers
FORD RANGER 1997 Power Steering Had To Be replaced, was making a noise like pump was not working properly. air conditioner pump replaced.
FORD FOCUS 2000 00 V 418 000/seat Hinge: 00 v 411 000/wire harness: 00 v 303 000/rear wheel hub nuts: 00 v 218 000/fmvss 201:
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Seat Tracks For Seat to be moved back and forth are excessively sharp and unprotected. two people have been injured. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1993 Vehicle Was At Stop Sign, got rearended by another vehicle going about 25 mph. upon impact, driver's seat track
FORD E150 1982 Conversion Van With Aftermarket Seats that recline & swerve, not mounted on manufacturer's base. pedestal was built to bolt seat. main holding
FORD MUSTANG 1999 Consumer Was Driving At 10 mph and was rear ended by a truck. consumer's/ drivers side seat broke, and caused consumer to
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Was Driving When Driver's seat collapsed backwards without warning. this caused driver to contact visibility with road. lost control of
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Driver's Side And Passenger's side seat track and anchor system is rusting out. dealer has not been contacted .*ak
FORD ESCORT 1995 Van In Front Made A "u" turn. causing escort to slam on brakes and be rearended after driving 45mph. upon impact,
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1994 Bolts That Anchor Driver's Seat to floor track came out, 2 times this happened. *ak
FORD ECONOLINE 1996 Seat Brackets On Driver's Seat snapped, vehicle was stopped, consumer's foot on brake, seat went all the way back. ford
FORD F150 1993 Vehicle Was Rear Ended. upon impact, driver's seat collapsed, resulting in injuries.*ak
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Consumer's Vehicle Was At A intersection and another vehicle veered into it. consumer and his wife was throwen forward. seat
FORD F 150 1995 When Pushing Reclining Mechanism On passenger's side seat thrusted forward on the seat tracks, and cut child's finger tip off. dealer
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Frame Is Broken And Seat will not lock into place.*ak
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2001 Second Row Seat Is Not properly anchored. dealer notified, and informed consumer that this was normal for that vehicle. seeking help from
FORD MUSTANG 1998 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on highway and heard a noise like a poppy sound. bolt that attached seat broke,
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1994 Seat On The Driver's Side does not hold up. frame was replaced 5 years ago because of breakage. about 3
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 The Bolts Holding Driver's seat to the frame sheared off, causing seat to be unstable. dealer has inspected
FORD ESCORT 2000 Brakes Failed, Resulting In a frontal collision. upon impact, driver's airbag did not deploy, causing injury to the driver.
FORD E 150 1997 Air Conditioner Blower Is Blowing hot air, due to a loose hose that rubs against the under carriage of the engine. dealer has
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1999 Driver's Seat Alignment Isn't Lined up properly with the steering wheel/ gas pedal and brake pedal. seat is going to the right.
FORD F250 1987 Driver Seat Broke Off From the tracks after rear impact at 50 mph. dealer/manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that vehicle was out
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Recall 95v062000/seat:material: Vehicle Experiencing a electrical short in driver seat. manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that there is a
FORD FOCUS 2000 A Bar Was Pushing upward from the seat into the back of driver when seated. dealer notified, and informed consumer that it
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 While Pulling Out Of A lot at approximately 3-5 mph vehicle struck a pole, causing left front anchor bolt to pull out
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Seat Track On Driver's side broke in half, causing seat to wobble back and forth on track. vehicle was
FORD MUSTANG 1994 When Making A Turn Driver's seat suddenly tilted to the side. anchors had broken away from the floor, leaving the seat unmounted.
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Driver's Seat Bolt Broke, causing the seat move down and towards the left side, which may cause the occupant to lose control
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Consumer Was Sitting At light. when light turned green vehicle took off. driver's side seat made a cracking noise and
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Driver's Seat Moves Back Unexpectedly due to broken pivots which may cause loss of vehicle control. dealer fixed driver's and passenger's
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Driver Seat Moved Back and forward. also, reclined without prior warning.consumer lost control of vehicle when this happened.
FORD F 350 1996 While Getting Into The Vehicle and leaning back seatback collapsed backward. dealer notified, and repairs were being made at consumer's cost.*ak
FORD BRONCO 1990 While Making A Left Turn seat came loose and fell over. consumer lost control of vehicle, but didn't hit anything.
FORD F 250 1996 Driver's Seat Weld That Holds seat to rail broke off, causing seat to move back and forth. consumer believes that ford should cover
FORD F250 1999 Seat In Extended Cab has no padding ,only a vinyl cover, causing injuires to passengers. ford has updated seat, which
FORD ESCORT 1998 This Vehicle Was In A rear end accident were the driver's seat became totally disconnected from vehicle. driver of the vehicle died.
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Driver's Seat Cross Bar Pops in and out, causing seatback to go forward into the driver's back. dealer has repaired vehicle on
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 Braking System Malfunctioned, Causing extended stopping distance which may result in a crash. dealer replaced brake calipers and front disc
FORD EXPLORER 1992 While Getting Into The Seat leaned back and heard a snap and seat went back. when driving there was no support. dealer said
FORD AEROSTAR 1996 While Driving Seatback Bolt Sheared off, causing the driver's seat to collapse backwards. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1996 While Stopping At A Red light vehicle was rear ended by a van, upon impact, the driver's seat broke in half.
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Made A Turn & Came to a stop, driver's seat went forward. pulled to side of road & checked the seat. noticed
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 While Traveling After And Making a stop driver's seat rocks backwards, causing the seat bolt to pop out and seat to lean.
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Lumbar Support Isn't Working Due to the harness and the driver side seat not moving. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1999 While Sitting At A Stop and making a left turn another vehicle rear ended consumer'svehicle, in which consumer's vehicle was air bound about
FORD MUSTANG 1999 While Driving Driver's Seat Slid back on the track and the seatback collapsed, leaving the driver immobilized, and hitting a telephone pole.
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Brother Was Checking Underneath Vehicle & noticed the under carriage was rusty. contacted dealer & manufacturer & was informed it's normal due to heavy
FORD RANGER 1999 2 Side Jump Seats In the extended cab are too small to fit a toddler seat which consumer was not aware off , causing
FORD TEMPO 1988 Driver's Seat Broke From The frame to the floor, causing the driver seat to move unexpectedly which may have resulted in loss of
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Arm Rest In The Back of the truck is in the way of where the child seat is the best place to was
FORD MUSTANG 1995 The Left Track On The driver's seat that is used to connect the seat to the frame of car broke. everytime a
FORD EXPLORER 1999 When Lifting The Latch On the seat, the latch spring flipped off, and the passenger's side seat broke. seat rocks forward
FORD AEROSTAR 1986 Driver's Seat Broke Due To a faulty bolt in the hinges. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1986 Bucket Seat Kept Falling Off. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1993 Vehicle Does Not Start Up right away. took vehicle to dealer. was informed that the ignition switch wires had to be replaced due
FORD MUSTANG 1997 Driver's Seat Track Leveled Out and caused driver's seat to move frontward unexpectedly which could have caused loss of control.
FORD RANGER 1990 Consumer Complaint Of Driver Seat back is collaping from insde of seat; resan unknown at this time. dealer/mfr. not notified. can
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Driver's Seat Track Broke And caused driver's seat to move upward unexpectedly while driving which almost caused a crash. please provide further
FORD TAURUS 1997 Due To The Material In the driver's seat there is an electrical shock to the occupant when leaving vehicle. also, same
FORD RANGER 1999 Jump Seats In Rear Of vehicle of extended cab pickups do not allow for car seats to fit properly. also, since pasngers in
FORD AEROSTAR 1992 During A Crash Bumper/hood/fender/switch/grill/core support/air conditioner condensor/fan belt/transmission and driver's door were damanged from impact to the driver's side. also seat came off
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Driver's Seat Anchors Broke, causing the driver's seat to rock back and forth, away from the steering wheel, almost
FORD TEMPO 1994 While Driving At 55 Mph driver's side seat broke, causing the consumer to fall back while driving, which almost caused an accident.
FORD TAURUS 1987 Bracket On The Seat Broke, causing the seat to move forward and backward and from side to side while the consumer is driving.
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1994 Seat Anchors On The driver's side seat broke away from frame. dealer is aware of problem. seat anchors have since
FORD F 250 1995 Driver's Side Seat Track And seat is broken, causing the consumer to be held by the springs and not by the seat.
FORD EXPLORER 1997 While Driving And Applying Gas the driver's seat rocks back and forth. also, when the brakes are applied the seat rocks forward.
FORD TAURUS 1986 The Male Part Of Seat belt on driver's side snapped off the strap. also one of the brackets on the right side,
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Driver's Seat And Track Assembly left and right broke at the point where they are attached to the seat, metal piece broke off.
FORD F150 1991 The Latch That Let Down the front back of the seat broke. the manual pulley wire inside of seat broke off & the seat
FORD F 150 1996 The Construction Of The Rear bucket seat is not properly manufactured. when a child is placed in the seat belt the child's head touches
FORD CONTOUR 1998 The Vehicle Was Rearended By another vehicle and both the driver's and the passenger's seats collapsed. dealer has not seen the vehicle.
FORD PROBE 1997 On Driver Side A Giant bar has popped out which is pressing against consumer's back. could also cause injuries and pain in event
FORD EXPLORER 1995 The Rear Seat Frame Locking mechanism fails to work. need to use a tool to release locking mechanism to remove or fold seat down.
FORD EXPLORER 1998 The Driver's Seat Mechanism Cannot move back more than 10 inches which put the consumer in danger of the airbag if it was to deploy.
FORD MUSTANG 1994 The Bolt On The Right side of the driver's seat has broken away from the frame. the dealer is aware of the problem.
FORD ESCORT 1997 Driver's Seat That Is mounted to the seat track broke, causing the seat to "rock" which may cause loss of vehicle control.
FORD F350 1999 The Driver's Cabin Seat Location is off center which causes the steering wheel to be off center, and misapplication of the brake and
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1994 The Driver Seat Anchor Bolt broke, causing the seat to become unstable. please give any further details. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Upon Accelerating The Seat Track releases from the set position, causing the seat to move to the rear. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Bolt On The Driver's Seat broke and the seat collapsed and went to the backseat of the car. dealer contacted and has
FORD CONTOUR 1998 While Driving At 20 Mph, a vehicle stopped in front of the consumer's vehicle, causing the consumer to be rearended from behind.
FORD RANGER 1989 Driver's Side Seat Track And anchors have broken . the dealer has not been notified. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1987 While Driving 50 To 55 mph steering wheel locked up, causing vehicle to roll over. also both rear seats in vehicle
FORD ESCORT 1998 During Rear Impact At 20 mph, the driver's side seat frame broke, causing seat to go off seat track. please provide further
FORD RANGER 1998 Consumer Started Hearing Loud Rattling noise. noticed that passenger's bucket seat was loose. bolts that attach to seat were not tightened enough ,
FORD EXPLORER 1998 During Rear Impact At 20 to 25 mph, the driver's side seat frame broke, causing the seat to collapse backward. please
FORD LTD 1989 Driver's Seat Would Separate From the tracks and anchors. the driver would lose control of vehicle temporarily. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 While Driving The Driver's Seat collapsed to a reclining position which nearly caused loss of vehicle control . *ak
FORD F 250 1994 Driver's Side Seatback Has broken to the reclining position. consumer has contacted the dealer, dealer refuses to replace the seat.
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Seatback Webbing Has come apart. when the driver makes a right turn the seat goes to the right. consumer
FORD EXPLORER 1997 While Driving The Engine Cut completely off. dealer replaced engine. *ak consumer states that after engine replacement, oil pump
FORD RANGER 1991 Consumer Was Involved In A rear end collision. pushed into the leading vehicle, and both driver's and passenger's side seats collapsed to the
FORD ECONOLINE 1991 Seat Back On Drivers Side collapsed as driving down the highway. sit willstay upright but as soon as you lean the seat falls
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 While Driving Vehicle, Driver's seat would shift on tracks; would not lock in. when coming to a stop or taking off from
FORD ESCORT 1994 Driving 35mph When Vehicle Was rearended & slammed into vehicle in front. driver's seat collapsed backwards from either being rearended or rearending other vehicle.
FORD AEROSTAR 1996 Vehicle's Back Seat Material Is torn, causing a metal rod to stick out. *ak
FORD BRONCO 1989 Vehicle's Legs To Seat Tracks gets stress cracks and seat comes loose from floor. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Bottom Seat Frame Broke, causing the seat to be released from the upright position. please give any further details.
FORD EXPLORER 1992 While Driving Vehicle The Metal frame that holds the seat together broke, causing the seat to fall back while the driver is driving.
FORD ESCORT 1990 The Passenger's Side Seat Just broke off the brackets without an occupant. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 The Middle Bench Seat Folded and sandwiched a child in it. the seat locked up and had to be ripped off to get the
FORD TAURUS 1987 Driver's Left Side Seat Bracket attached to the floor broke, causing the seat to be loose which could result in unwanted accident and
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Mounting Rail That Holds the seat and track on the driver's side is broken just above the flange. problem not corrected.
FORD TAURUS 1996 During Rear-end Collision The Passenger's side seat mechanism broke, causing the seat to fall backwards into the rear seat. *ak
FORD PROBE 1990 The Driver's Side Seat Broke off from the frame of the vehicle, when driving the seat is not secure due to a brokent bolt
FORD MUSTANG 1991 Owner States That The Anchorage for the seat hold down bolts to the floor broke, causing driver's side seat to fail.
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Went To Get Into Vehicle the driver's side seat broke and reclined backwards . *ak
FORD TAURUS 1993 Driving Vehicle At 50 Mph, started slowing down, road conditions bad, hit sheet of ice, spun into median & around median,
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 While Driving The Vehicle And making a complete stop, impact at 6:00 position, driver's side seat broke off from the track, causing