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16 Mar

FORD TAURUS 1996 Rear Axle Broke While Driving down the road. please describe. *ak
FORD ESCORT 1991 Son Driving Vehicle To School, vehicle stopped for no reason, restarted vehicle, son saw pieces of metal on ground, tow person

FORD WINDSTAR 1996 While Backing Out At Approx. 4mph, tie rod end detached and axel pulled out from vehicle, resulting in wheels couldn't rotate.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 The Bolt That Wholds The axle completey come off while driving. and ford said it is not a problem *ak
FORD F 150 1996 When Making Turns, Vehicle would jump up and down, had axle replaced, still have problem. *ak
FORD PROBE 1995 While Driving Expressway; Front driver's side axle broke; vehicle spun around, hit by another oncoming vehicle. tt
FORD CONTOUR 1995 When The Traction Control Engaged itself at 25 mph and if you press on the brake with traction control engaged the car jerks to a
FORD EXPLORER 1992 4-whl Drive Automatic Locking Hubs will disengage while in use. parts for replacing are on national back order. please describe details.
FORD F250 1988 Failure On The Rear Axle caused loss of brake ability. tt
FORD TAURUS 1990 The Rear Subframe Mounts Failed, dealer supposedly made repairs in 4/94 but the problem reocurred on 12/95. tt recall repair 93v106
FORD MUSTANG 1995 In Wet Weather When Turning a corner the rear end comes loose causing an accident consumer will describe . tt
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1991 The Rear Axle Broke Were it meets the tire while driving and the tires came off. tt *jb
FORD MUSTANG 1992 Axle Separation At Brake Drum. resulting in loss of control. tt *slc
FORD F 250 1995 Extremely Dangerous Defect In This type of vehicle, center pivot of traction bar axle is held to main front cross memberm, bolts loosen
FORD RANGER 1994 While Driving, Right Rear axle broke causing right rear wheel to fall off; heard noise on right side of wheel; vehicle spun
FORD TAURUS 1989 Engine And Transmission Mounts Are slack, allows engine/transmission to slip slightly; both rear mounts have separated; still driveable; no accidents.
FORD F150 1989 While Driving Rear Axle Fell off.
FORD BRONCO 1995 Vehicle Has 3.08 Axle in front and 3.05 in rear and when engage four wheel drive blows out the drive train.
FORD F350 1988 The Rear Axle On Right rear side broke there is a vibration on truck. tt
FORD B600 1989 Both Frame Rails Cracked Behind the rear upper ears on shackle bracket front axle. tt
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1990 Rear Axle Broke, Wheel separated from rear axle. tt
FORD BRONCO 1988 Replaced Both Axles Due To wobbling/thumping. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Left Rear Axle Broke, lost control of vehicle, resulting in an accident/injury. *ak
FORD F250 1992 The Axle Bolt Snapped And they fall off. tt
FORD TAURUS 1991 Rack And Pinion And Axle broke causing front wheels to lock. tt
FORD RANGER 1994 Vehicles Rear Axle Broke Off while driving, causing wheel to fall off. tt
FORD ESCORT 1993 Replaced Transaxle. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Rear Passenger Side Wheel Came off while consumer was driving up a slight incline. dealer has been contacted, and informed consumer that axles
FORD FOCUS 2000 While Driving Could Hear Noise on the movement of vehicle had seen recalls on axle of vehicle. decided to take vehicle to dealer,
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Rear Axle Assembly Caused vehicle to vibrate at 70mph & over. when traveling at a lesser speed, it is hard to detect
FORD FOCUS 2001 Some Of The Brake Components are covered in rust, dealer stated that this is a common problem due to a protectant not being used
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 While Traveling At Approximately 10 mph vehicle started pulling to right, and came to a stop. consumer examined vehicle, and
FORD EXPLORER 1999 While Traveling At Approximately 20 mph vehicle was making a rumbling noise, and vehicle was being pulled to right. consumer suddenly lost
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 While Driving Rear Axle cracked in two parts. no reason was found, and dealer /manufacturer had been contacted.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 1999 Traction Control Had To Be replaced. also, axle was defective, it shut down, causing vehicle to lose all power.
FORD RANGER 1999 While Driving At 30 Mph rear axle broken. it was like running over a speed bump at time it was
FORD F 250 1997 Front Axle Housing Cracked On 4x4. dealer notified, and informed consumer vehicle was out of its warranty, and problem
FORD EXPLORER 2001 Front Left Steering Knuckle Broke, axle separated from vehicle, vehicle went left and crashed. filed by richard rumplik.*ak
FORD F 350 1997 Rear Axle Wheels Came Off and could have rolled in someones path and caused an accident. *ak
FORD RANGER 2000 While Driving Rear Axle completely broke off which caused rear wheel to come off. please give any further details.
FORD F 250 1997 Was In The Process Of turning when right rear axle slid out, vehicle stopped. axle was sitting out from under vehicle.
FORD MUSTANG 2000 While Driving At 35 And 40 mph consumer heard a noise, rear axle broke. *ak
FORD CONTOUR 1995 While Driving 55 Mph Rear differential blew out. also axle toppled out. mechanic told consumer there had been trouble with cd4e transmissions.
FORD RANGER 1999 Driving At Approx 25 Mph when axle broke and passenger's tire shotout, causing vehicle to spin out of control and hit a stone
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Was Traveling 20mph & heard a strange sound from rear wheel area. consumer stopped & saw the wheel up against the wheel well.
FORD E 150 1999 When Backing Out Vehicle Locked up in reverese gear. vehicle was taken to dealership. dealership found that a bolt that holds
FORD F350 2000 Air Intake Hose To The manifold came loose when the turbo was needed. intake hose has been replaced four times between february and may
FORD FOCUS 2000 Consumer Owned Vehicle For Only 6 days. was driving at approximately 50 mph when axle broke, causing left front tire
FORD EXPLORER 1996 After Noticing Fluid All over the driveway truck was taken to the dealership. dealership stated that fluid was leaking from front axle.
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Consumer Had Seen Left Front tire show initial separation. consumer believed it was the axle. *ak
FORD F450 1991 Consumer Has Had Several Problems with vehicle. rear axle/flywheel and clutch pressure plates have all been replaced 3 times each.
FORD WINDSTAR 1994 When Going To Park Into reverse consumer will hear a loud clunking noise. please provide further information.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 2000 While Consumer's Wife Was driving on freeway at 65 mph rear axle broke and back left tire broke off. vehicle taken
FORD F 150 1996 Rear Axle Broke And Fell off. *ak-
FORD F 150 1999 Master Cylinder Had To Be replaced after going out twice/abs light stayed on constantly. dealer fixed brakes twice. also,
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 While Driving On Highway At the normal speed limit left rear dropped like in a blowout. vehicle started to fishtail.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Defective Rear Axle Sheared Off, causing rear to drop which may have caused loss of vehicle control and a crash.
FORD TAURUS 1994 Trans Axle Failure; First commenced at 19,000 mile of wear. dealer notified, and replaced it with the same model( #
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Engine Head Gaskets Needed To be replaced. consumer spoke with customer service concerning extension of warranty. request was denied.
FORD CONTOUR 1995 While Driving Out Of Driveway less then 5 mph, front axle broke. vehicle was being repaired at an independent repair shop.
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Ongoing Intermittent Problem With A squealing sound coming from front axle. vehicle been in / out of dealer shop on five occasions, and
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Macpherson Strut And Trans axle broke within 45000 miles.please provide further information. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1991 When Traveling On Highway at 65 mph and upon exiting the highway when coming to a graudal stop, consumer noticed rear of
FORD F 350 1994 The Left Rear Axle Support frame bracket cracked and separated from the vehicle, resulting in a collision. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1999 While Driving At Approximately 45-65mph, would hear noises from the rear axle, like a humming sound. the noise is more noticeable
FORD RANGER 1999 Was Driving Noticed Black Smoke coming from driver's side left rear wheel. called dealer and had it towed. was told by
FORD F 150 1997 While Driving At 65 Mph the right rear axle fell out which could have caused an accident. either clip that holds axle is faulty
FORD F350 1999 While Driving Through Drive Through a line running over a curve, rear axle fell down. vehicle had to be towed..
FORD CONTOUR 1996 All The Bolts Sheared Off on bracket supporting transaxle, causing it to fall down and wedge against the exhaust pipe. heard a
FORD F 150 1999 While Driving At 60 mph rear axle came off. *ak
FORD FORD TRUCK 1990 Rear Axle Is Too Light for the weight of the coach and the overhang.consumer contacted dealer and manufacturer.consumer even had it weight.
FORD TAURUS 1991 Consumer Was Driving Approximately 15mph when vehicle lost power, vehicle would not move, although the engine was still running on an incline.
FORD TAURUS 1991 Front Axles Have A Rubber cup on them which wears out and breaks, dirt accumulates and vehicle will go into neutral and there would
FORD TAURUS 1991 While Driving At 30 Mph without prior warning the engine head gasket blew out and the motor mounts are broke and needed to be replaced.
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Front Axle Broke Off On the driver's side, causing a vibration in the vehicle. vehicle was stopped, unable to continue driving.
FORD RANGER 1998 When Applying The Brakes The pedal went to the floor ,the driver tried to pump the brakes, but vehicle kept going. owner
FORD F250 1999 Vehicle's Capacity Of The Weight rating is wrongfully misprinted at 4900,but should read at 6000+. dealer/mfr. notified, and refused to make
FORD F 150 1997 The Rear Axle Broke, causing a vehicle accident. cause unknown. dealer cannot determine problem. *ak
FORD F 250 1996 Vehicle Shakes Violently On The highway, and repairs were done because bolts were loose and missing on the front axles. axle pivot bracket.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Transmission Blew Out, Causing the vehicle to stall, almost resulting in an accident. dealer did a transaxle repair,
FORD RANGER 1998 Consumer Said That His Truck is all messed up due to transaxle failure. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 While Pulling Out Of Parking lot rear axle broke. dealer noted rear axle housing broke. cause unknown. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1991 Had Taken Vehicle To Dealer. was informed that motor mounts were cracked & broken & needed replacing. motor mounts need replacing again for
FORD F 150 1997 Ea97027; The Rear right wheel fell off due to the axle breaking and causing the wheel bolts to shear off,
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 \vehicle Hit Curb And Was sideswiped at about 3mph backwards. impact bent rear axle assembly, causing other parts to fail. also shifted
FORD MUSTANG 1996 Consumer Was Attempting To Pull out of a parking lot and upon acceleration the rear axle separated, causing the consumer to lose control
FORD F 150 1994 The Defective Front Right Side axle rubber bushing melted due to the cataylic converter, causing loss of control of the vehicle. *ak
FORD F 150 1997 While Driving The Rear Axel broke off, causing the vehicle to lose control/swerve and hit the median. the dealer has been
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Consumer Was Driving Down Road made a 90 degree right turn began to speed up, when he reached 35mph the axle came of of
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Truck Was Parked In 4-wheel drive and when the emergeny brake was let up the truck would not move. then the brakes got ripped
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 The Truck Is Brand New and the axle and the whole underside of the vehicle was rusted. *ak
FORD RANGER 1994 While Driving Left Rear Axle came out with wheel/tire still attached, vehicle spun, right rear axle came completely out, loss of vehicle
FORD TAURUS 1990 Owner States That While Driving vehicle at 15 mph the bolts that hold transaxle and engine mounts broke, causing total steering loss.
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Owner States While Backing Out of the driveway her rear axle broke. owner also notes that dealer said it was from a pothole.
FORD RANGER 1993 While Driving About (35) Mph the front axle broke, causing the driver's side wheel to break lose., driver lost control
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Vehicle's Rear Axle Failed. *ak
FORD RANGER 1993 While Driving The Rear Axle at the connection point to the left rear wheel snapped in half and wheel fell off, causing truck
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Consumer Was Driving Under Normal conditions and experienced vibration in the steering wheel, pulled over and the left front wheel was deatached from
FORD MUSTANG 1991 While Driving The Vehicle, going about (5) or (10) mph, the rear axle broke on the driver's side. waiting for insurance company
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Owner Received Recall Notice, contacted manufacturer and was told they had no knowledge of recall. recall#96v252000. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Rear Axle Broke Under Normal driving conditions. *ak
FORD RANGER 1994 The Rear Axle Bent, causing the rear of the vehicle to bounce when the brakes are applied. *ak
FORD AEROSTAR 1990 The Power Steering Pump And power train axle were replaced, also having other problems . please describe . *ak
FORD RANGER 2000 Consumer States While Driving Front axle broke causing vehicle to have a collison, also the upper kingpen, lower kingpen, tie rod end
FORD FOCUS 2000 While Driving 45mph front axle cracked.*ak
FORD RANGER 1990 Left Rear Axle Broke, including wheel assembly coming off truck while being driven 50 mph. leaf springs hit the asphalt, causing
FORD FOCUS 2000 While Driving Heard A Loud noise. took vehicle to dealership, axle had broken.*ak
FORD FOCUS 2002 When Accelerating Vehicle Would Shake and be very noisy. dealer determined that front axle was broken.*ak
FORD F 150 1997 While Turning Front Axle Sheared off with entire axle moving into wheel hubs, driver unable to keep truck from having an impact.
FORD FOCUS 2000 Axle Assembly Failure. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1991 Recall On Subframe Was Done in february 1999, at this time subframe is detaching from the body on drivers side of vehicle.*ak
FORD EXPLORER 1998 While Driving, Rear Axle broke on driver's side. consumer lost control, causing a vehicle roll over. driver injured. *ak
FORD TAURUS 2001 Transmission Would Not Change Gears properly, causing vehicle to jerk. once vehicle shifts into proper gear, there is a
FORD CONTOUR 1998 While Making A Turn, heard a loud noise due to a problem with the front axle. had repaired but problem still exist.
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Front Axle Has A Manufacturing defect which does not allow the axle to vent properly, this causes oil to foam and spray ou of
FORD FOCUS 2000 While Driving On The Highway and applying the brakes suddenly, the front right wheel collapsed under the car due to the axle breaking.
FORD F 150 2001 While Driving At State speed limit heard a loud noise from rear of vehicle. without a warning lost steering control, resulting in
FORD F250 1999 While Replacing Front Rotors, consumer noticed that front axle was incorrect for this vehicle as listed in parts of catalog. ford has been
FORD RANGER 1997 While Traveling At 35 Mph driver heard a loud pop. then, lost control and hit a cliff. fire department stated axle
FORD F 150 1997 While Driving Front Frame Axle cracked. axle had been replaced twice. had contacted dealership. *ak
FORD RANGER 1999 After Putting The Vehicle Into four wheel drive, the vehicle suddenly stopped. when this happened, the vehicle flipped and ended up on
FORD MUSTANG 1990 Rear Axle Is Slightly Off on both sides by a 15 degree angle, causing loss of vehicle control. please give any
FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 1994 Vehicle Makes Growling Noise From the rear end, during acceleration or turning a corner, dealer fixed for the first time, problem started
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Rear Axle Broke, And engine head gaskets blew out.
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Rear Axle Sheared Off, causing wheel to fall off. vehicle lost control, resulting in a crash and a fatality.
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Right Rear Axle Broke, causing the front wheel to come off. vehicle lost control, resulting in an accident.
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2001 During The Manufacture Of The rear end by ford they pack the inappropriate amount of grease in the differential (wheather too small or too much)
FORD F 150 2002 Was Driving Down The Road the steering wheel jerked to the right could not gain control back. there is one skid mark 35
FORD F 150 2001 No Summary. Dt
FORD MUSTANG 1998 We Took Car In To local ford dealer for routine oil change and to check a noise we had heard in the rear end.
FORD F 150 1998 While Driving At 60 Mph on highway. the pin in the rear axile broke causing the axile to come completely out of the housing,
FORD RANGER 1998 Only 55,000 Miles Of highway usage no hauling/off road axle and bearings must be replaced. dt
FORD F 150 1998 Axle Seal On The Left rear tire is leaking and causing brakes to fail, also not only on my truck but many other trucks
FORD FOCUS 2000 Car Stalled Along Side A road seemed like "vapor lock" would not start, had the car towed to dealer, he checked it out
FORD TAURUS 1997 Air Condition Unit Sealed Now leaking again the cv joints went out and the auto repair shop (marty's auto discount at 13 and harris ave)
FORD F350 1999 We Feel This Truck Is a lemon and we want someone to be responsible for what we have gone through with this truck, we
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Transaxle Was Replaced At 105, 000 before purchasing from dealer then 4 months later transaxle goes out(111.000 miles) while driving down interstate dealer where
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 This Vehicle Has Had Numerous braking problems/axles/sway bars/calipers/electrical problems
FORD FOCUS 2001 Told Waldorf Ford That The car was leaning was told this is normal. went out of town and a family member looked at it
FORD F250 1999 Axel Assembly Appears To Have been devoid of lubricant since manufacturing. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 2002 While Traveling 55 - 65 mph a high pitched whinning noise would develop in the rear portion of the vehicle. the noise would subside
FORD EXPLORER 1998 April 2, 2002, while driving on a flat, straight freeway, the rear driver's side axle broke. the tire
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Exciter Ring Came Loose From axle assembly, causing abs to intervene when it shouldn't have, with resultant loss of braking. this
FORD FOCUS 2000 I Was Driving Down A 35 mph road. when i stepped on the brake to stop front passenger side wheel completely buckled under
FORD FOCUS 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
FORD FOCUS 2001 The Bushings Failed Ruining The back tires. the door locks have a mind of their own which could be dangerous in an accident and
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 We Know Of No Incident that could have caused this failure. see photo in email. no safety defect listed. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1997 After The Car Was Broken on highway 20 west, :making a lot of noise [ sound like the flat , but lucky,
FORD RANGER 1998 Rear Axel Broke. *ak
FORD F 150 1999 Rear Axel Has Cracked Twice on my ford f-150. i have not been in any accidents and have not bottomed out my car.
FORD ESCAPE 2001 The Left Front Axle Made a clicking noise as the vehicle turned. the problem was fixed by the dealer. my concern
FORD EXPLORER 1998 I Feel This Suv Is very unsafe ford and dealership state otherwise. no safety defect recorded. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 My Wife Pulled Out Of the driveway onto the road and heard a horrible screeching/squealing sound and smelled rubber burning. she pulled into
FORD EXPLORER 1994 At Speeds Of 55 To 70 mph the vehicle shakes and vibrates excessively. dealer recommends replacing the motor mounts and rear axle-to-frame lateral
FORD TAURUS 1991 Total Repairs 3400.00 At a time when money is very scarce as i am retired and on a very limited income. i
FORD ESCAPE 2001 The Front Axle And Cv joints completely fell off. there was no evidence of the saftey connector bolt being installed at factory.
FORD RANGER 1999 While Travelling On Interstate 25 northbound near albuquerque, rear axle broke on the right rear of the vehicle. right rear wheel with
FORD FOCUS 2000 Rear Tires Have Been Replaced four times with 60000 mile tires and it is eating the tires in less than 20000 miles. the
FORD F250 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
FORD FORD TRUCK 2000 The Outside Right Rear Tire on a double rear axle failed while transporting a patient. the tread completely separated from both the inside
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2000 From Date Of Purchase Severe vibration throughout chassis-has had extensive work and still vibrates so severely afraid to drive it and seals and components have
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Theres A Noise Coming From front driver side, if you loodk under the vehicle you can see where the axle and transmission have
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Just Before Vehicle Went out of warranty (approx. 31,000) transaxle went out. ford replaced the entire transaxle. last
FORD F 150 1997 No Summary
FORD MUSTANG 1998 We Took Car In To local ford dealer for routine mileage checkup. they heard noise in rear -end. we had them tear
FORD FOCUS 2000 Brakes To This Date Continue to be a problem; grinding, squeeling, etc; cruise control sticks, airconditioner leaks, sometimes ignition
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Tread On Dayton Tire Disintegrated and the entire tire fell apart; left rear axle. *ak( dot number: )
FORD ASPIRE 1997 After Fred First Mechanic Repaired transaxle, i examined the four spider gears from the differential. they were worn completely, as if
FORD F250 1985 The Right Rear Axle Brok. e, caused us to hit the bridge on the right and then richocheted us to the left and we
FORD RANGER EV 1998 I Asked The Mechanic Who diagnosed the problem and fixed it what the possible cause could be, and the answer given was "normal wear
FORD ESCORT 1993 Noise From Front Axle When brake is depressed, cold wet weather causes doors to freeze and condensation on inside of windows. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 The Sensor Ring For The abs system failed. the entire axle had to be replaced at a cost of over $300.00. i
FORD MUSTANG 1994 This Car Is So Unsafe i well no longer drive it ! this car has had the engine, rearend, ac, tranmission,
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Since An Initial Visit To the ford dealer for what seemed to be an "out of balance tire" problem the vehicle has had 6 new
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1995 Ford Says, Rear Wheel drive are not covered. why it's the same 3.8l in the others!
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 The First Time We Took the expedition on the road, 180 miles into the trip we pulled into a gas station and noticed liquid
FORD TAURUS 1994 On Or About 2/26/2000 While driving in aiken, sc i attempeted to make a left hand turn and my car disengaged while in gear
FORD BRONCO 1995 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Because The Axle Was Put in wrong, many problems occured, including transmission and electrical problems. i do not know all the
FORD F 150 1997 No Rear Axle Brakes In emergency stop attempt, resulting in crash. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Axle-front- Lubricant Leaking From Front axle tube vent hose--issue oil is forced out the vent tube and sprayed oil all over right/front tire and
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 The Transmission Failed At 28169 miles(1/19/99 - 18 months after delivery), and the rear at 42407 miles(11/19/99 - 28 months after delivery). in
FORD F 150 1997 In May 99 Heard Rattle from left rear. found spring clamp missing bushing, no big deal. but did notice bottom
FORD F 150 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
FORD F 150 1999 Vehicle Purchased New. Vehicle returned to dealer 18 days later due to problems. metallic rattling and tinging noise coming from rear along with
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Hood Light Connection Faulty.'clunk' going over moderate bumps due to suspension concern-dealer said it was because my gas tank was 3/4 full and it
FORD TAURUS 1997 Requested Dealership To Check Transmission at time of purchase, felt that the transmission did not shift smoothly, was told nothing was wrong.
FORD RANGER 1997 Loud Noise In Rear Right axle causing loss of control and went off i 35 into center medium rolling the pickup across the uncoming line
FORD TAURUS 1994 Transaxle Is An Axod Model that had the forward piston and seal fail, resulting in severe slippage when attempting to accelerate from a stop.
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Panhard Bar Bracket Has Large crack on drivers side. i have talked to many other expedition owners and many have had the same
FORD TAURUS 1988 Ford Taurus - History Of multiple failures even on this individual vehicle. axle failed twice, cylinder head cracked twice (different units),
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Rear Axle Broke, With 4 repair attempts to the powertrain. *ak
FORD CONTOUR 1996 The Left Front Axle Broke while i was driving the car and it punctured my tire and damaged the rim of it. the
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1999 Vehicle Is A Police Package crown victoria used for paramedic service. we began to notice the vehicle sway subtly with braking, acceleration,
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 1997 No Summary Listed For This vehicle.
FORD AEROSTAR 1992 Left Front Axle Failed. also 4-wheel drive failed twice. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Driving West Bound On I-94 just part menomonie, wi, the left rear wheel fell off around 7:30 pm on 1/2/99. about
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 I Have Had The Drive train from the transmission back replaced and still have a vibration thruoughout the vehicle. along with this it
FORD MUSTANG 1997 After Hearing A Strange Noise in the rear end of the vehicle while driving at speeds no more than 45 mph, the vehicle was