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16 Mar

FORD EXPLORER 1999 Summary Did Not Explain The defects in these components.
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 Customer States Pedal Button On left of steering wheel is installed backward, dealer removed and reinstalled correctly. *tt

FORD EXPLORER 1995 Due To The Design Of the floor mat, the floor mat is sticking under the gas pedal, causing the vehicle to
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1999 Consumer Experienced Problems With The floor mat on the driver's side. ts. the floor mat moved around and became stuck to
FORD ECONOLINE 1995 The Factory Installed Cage Had bolts that were fastened to the side wall of the van. the bolts had broken through the metal,
FORD PROBE 1996 Consumer States That While Driving their is a loud clicking noise. had vehicle serviced. the cv joints had broken, got part replaced.
FORD FOCUS 2000 There Is A Very Bad squeaking noise when braking, and when consumer lets off the brake there is a grinding noise. driver
FORD RANGER 1999 Requested To Have Governor (speed limiter) removed from vehicle, ford dealership will not remove. *ak consumer wants governor (speed limiter) removed
FORD EXPEDITION 2001 Consumer States That There Is a pedal control button on the dashboard right where the left knee comes into contact with the dashboard. as
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Both Running Boards On The driver and passenger side have a serious rust problem. both sides are rusting through in the exact
FORD ESCORT 1999 Vehicle Intermitently Emits Chemical Odor similar to the odor of insect. first trip to dealer blamed on rubber floor mats next trip blamed on
FORD F 150 1997 1st Service At 3000 Mileage-a/c leaked twice; later - alignment at the back (bed) area was croocked due to shocks; built-in floor mats
FORD F250 1992 While Driving The Vehicle Hit a pathole, subsequently the dash on the passenger's side dropped apx 2 inches.
FORD ESCAPE 2002 Consumer Stated On July 2, 2002 the vehicle was taken back to the dealer for a broken headlight and missing equipment from the vehicle,
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Consumer Stated There Was A noise coming from the left front of vehicle, dealer installed dust cap and mud flaps, however the dust
FORD FORD 2002 Consumer States That It Took national bus and sales three months after the first delivery to get the wheelchair floor tie downs to pass inspection,
FORD F 150 2002 Consumer Is Concerned With The control switch that adjusts the position of the pedals. the control switch is mounted on the lower left
FORD E 150 2000 The Television In The Vehicle gets no reception. nlm
FORD TEMPO 1993 Manufacturer Sent The Recall Notice to the wrong person, consumer was denied recall repair work due to deadline of repair (97v-019). mjs
FORD CONTOUR 9999 Recall Repair Work Completed (99v-103) however dealership installed the wrong part and failure of other components due to faulty repair. mjs
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Consumer Was Not Notified Of recalls (97v-204) and (99v-029), however experienced signs of malfunction. mjs
FORD TAURUS 1994 Consumer Denied Recall Repair Due to lack of parts (april 99). mjs (98v-323).
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 Design Of Left Rear Door cup holder inadequate, a 2 1/2 year old child was able to take the cup holder out and put
FORD TEMPO 1993 Floor Mat Became Stuck Under gas pedal causing vehicle to accelerate.
FORD SERVICE STEERING GEAR 9999 All Four Tires Had to replaced by me after only 12,000 miles. two of the tires blew out. power
FORD POWER TRAIN 9999 Cannot See Adequately In Rain even with wipers on high speed.
FORD TRANSIT CONNECT ELECTRIC 9999 Abs And Brake Lights Began coming on on my dash. they will go off periodically, and then come back on. the first
FORD F 550 2011 This Complaint Is A Follow-up to your ref# 521328. it concerns an un-delivered emergency vehicle that plastiscol composites, that is being paid with
FORD POWER TRAIN 9999 Brake Issue. softening of hydraulics of brakes in 2008 ford fusion se. occurs whenever abs are activated. now it occurs
FORD ENGINE & ENGINE COOLING 9999 Vehicle Loses Power During Operation at various speeds. the engine reverts to idle, revving below 1000rpm. depressing the gas pedal has no
FORD TAURUS 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 ford taurus. the contact stated that while driving at various, the vehicle accelerated without manual force,
FORD ENGINE & ENGINE COOLING 9999 I Had A Loss Of power while accelerating and my ford f 150 ecoboost went into limp mode and i had to pull over to
FORD POWER TRAIN 9999 This Incident Just Occurred The first time about 3 hours ago. while traveling on the freeway accelerated at 60 mph my 2009 mercury mariner
FORD TRANSIT CONNECT ELECTRIC 9999 Calipers Front Right F Reb caliper remove and inspect and overhaul caliper front one side. brakes were grinding again which required that inspection which
FORD TRANSIT CONNECT ELECTRIC 9999 I'm 86 Yrs Old And purchased a 2010 mercury milan in feb.2013. this was a dealer demo car with 13000 miles on it.
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 Hi my name is [xxx] an i bought this 2001 ford focus from anotger person [xxx]an i didnt know
FORD FOCUS 2013 2013 Ford Focus. consumer writes in regards to poor dealership service in getting security code changed on car keys. *smd
FORD E 350 2012 2012 Ford E-350 Passenger Van. consumer writes in regards adaptive equipment not being installed correctly or in a timely fashion. *tgw
FORD EXPLORER 2011 2011 Ford Explorer. Consumer writes in regards to issues with a "my ford touch" voice activated system. *tgw the consumer stated the
FORD EXPLORER 2011 2011 Ford Explorer. consumer writes in regards to sync malfunction in vehicle. *smd the consumer stated when the system
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2007 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. attorney writes on behalf of consumers regarding blue ox bx2609 base plate installation. *tgw the lawyer stated his
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 Car Surges When Idling. seems more in hot weather but am told it is the throttle body that has to be replaced and
FORD EXPEDITION 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 ford expedition. the contact stated that while the brakes were depressed, the spare tire detached from under
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 Piece Of Seat Belt Has flimsy plastic that easily snaps in half resulting in two pieces of very sharp pointed plastic. in the event
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 06 Ford Fusion. I have been having a cracking sound in the front right suspension, took it in to ford to get tires
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 2006 Mercury Montego Lurched An lunges also even with foot on brake will stop in the middle of highway will not take gas transmission jerks.
FORD SERVICE FUEL TANK 9999 My Name Is[xxx] And I own a 2002 ford explorer xlt (v6). i have owned it for almost a year now (will be in
FORD EXPLORER 2012 Two Extremely Frightening Experiences Happened this day. (1) i was driving on interstate 95 and the explorer braked extremely hard from a speed
FORD EXPLORER 2012 This Form Does Not Allow entry of multiple dates. there is an issue with myfordtouch with this vehicle that is continual.
FORD F 150 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1997 ford f-150. the contact stated that the vehicle emitted a loud, abnormal noise when driving at various
FORD F 350 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 ford f-350. the contact stated that while driving 35 mph, the spare tire detached from the vehicle.
FORD EXPLORER 2011 Letter From Re Few Defects in my 2011 ford explorer remain after the dealers repeated repair attempts. these issues distract me while driving and
FORD F 150 2006 Purchased A Ford 2006 F150 lariat harley davidson edition from a used car dealership took vehicle out for a test drive and noticed that it
FORD FOCUS 2004 Ford Focus Wheel And Ignition locked up. cant turn key or wheel! i have red multiple problems with this and cant believe ford has
FORD TAURUS 1999 A Minor Slippage In The transmission became a complete transmission failure in less than a mile. no power to any gears, had
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 ford five hundred. the contact was driving various speeds with the air conditioner in activation when warm air began
FORD F 150 2009 I Was On The Interstate 30 east bound just east of downtown fort worth traveling at 55 mph in my 2009 f 150.
FORD EDGE 2011 Ford Sync System Has Been freezing, back up camera blacking out, gps stalling. car has been returned to dealer 3 times for
FORD EXPLORER 2011 We Have Purchased A 2011 explorer, with the bluetooth activated, the person driving cannot be heard because of background noise. from
FORD FLEX 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 ford flex. the contact stated that while driving 70 mph, the rack that was mounted on the
FORD F 150 2004 I Want To Add My name to the ranks of ford f150 owners who had the nightmarish experience of simply needing spark plugs changed.
FORD F 150 1997 On January 8, 2011, 1997 ford f150 xlt lariat burned and totally destroyed our home and toyota tacoma in marshall and
FORD MUSTANG 2005 The Instrument Cluster Is Displaying incorrect information for the speedometer and for the engine temperature. the sensors are working correctly based on a
FORD MUSTANG 2005 My 2005 Mustang Rpm Gauge has quit working. after researching online of this issue i found that this is a known issue with mustangs.
FORD EDGE 2011 Various Problems With Sync/computer Screen in car - side warning car coming lights go on for no reason , screen goes dark and black
FORD EXPLORER 2009 Within The First 12 Months and less than 25k miles had to replace both front firestone tires due to the inside wearing bald on my
FORD FREESTYLE 2007 Everytime I Have The A/c on in my vehicle (2007 ford freestyle) i put the car in drive or in reverse the vehicle lunges forwards
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2006 A/c Compressor Failed , only worked when at highway speed. per reputable a/c mechanic this is a problem with ford 500's.called ford
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2007 Ford 2007 500 Is Lunging forward when foot is on the brake ... this began about a year ago . on
FORD TAURUS 2008 2008 Ford Taurus, Engine dies unexpectedly. died three different times while making a left turn. almost got hit with on-coming traffic two
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 1. The Air conditioner failed, had to be replaced june 2011. it just gradually did not cool the air at
FORD FOCUS 2001 2001 Ford Focus Se 4 door sedan. 67,140 miles. turn signal will not turn off automatically once turn is completed either turning
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 I Have A Ford Freestyle 2005 that has an a/c issue. as i have done some online research there are many complaints.
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2005 2005 Ford 500 , ac compressor stopped working at 63,000 miles , needs to be replaced , looking online and
FORD ESCAPE 2011 On The Same Day Sirius satellite shut down my free radio subscription i lost the ability to dial by voice command from the phone-book and
FORD FREESTYLE 2007 97,000 Miles. I have replaced the throttle body twice, new transmission- hole i n the drive shaft. 3 rear brake jobs-
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2008 I Own A 2008 Escape hybrid. on numerous occasions my escape┐s engine stalls/shuts down at speeds over 40 mph. the red
FORD FREESTYLE 2006 When Putting The Vehicle In gear it accelerates on it's on. the car killed , when i started it back emissions light came
FORD FOCUS 2001 The A/c Evaporator Core Leaking refrigerant into vents of car. fumes making driver and passengers nauseous as well as a/c failure.
FORD EDGE 2011 Purchased A 2011 Ford Edge with sync and my ford touch after the 3rd time the dealer finally upgraded the system on the with the
FORD FOCUS 2007 This Is Not A Safety complaint, but it is a complaint about a defective component that affects comfort, if not safety.
FORD FUSION 2010 My Vehicle Came With The standard cloth floor mats, but my dealer "threw in" the factory rubber ones from another fusion free of charge.
FORD F 150 2004 2004 Ford F150 Bought New. rear window (over back seat) motor/regulator broken over a year ago, fortunately with window closed. ford says
FORD FREESTYLE 2006 2006 Ford Freestyle. Vehicle acts to stall and then jumps forward. backing out and turning on my ac and lunges forward and backwards.
FORD ESCAPE 2007 I Own A 2007 Ford escape, in which i purchased as a new vehicle in 2007. within 500 miles of that purchase date,
FORD F 250 2006 Air Conditioning Issue: in turning on the air conditioning in my f250 ford truck this year it did not cool the cab.
FORD MUSTANG 2005 My 2005 Ford Mustang V6 has been having speedometer malfunctions weekly. these malfunctions cause the speedometer to start at numbers that are not
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2008 While Driving At 35 Mph everything shut off, electrical and mechanical. no warning at all! had to pull off road and hit the
FORD EDGE 2011 Ford's Sync System Is A safety hazard. it does not work as advertised, constantly crashes and is a grave distraction for drivers.
FORD EXPEDITION 2010 There Was No Incidents That led up to the event. was driving down the road and went to apply the brakes when the
FORD MUSTANG 2005 I Own A 2005 V6 mustang. the speedometer stoped working properly at 75k miles. most of the time it
FORD EDGE 2011 2011 Ford Edge Limited With myford touch system. took delivery of this vehicle on 2/23/11. since, the myford touch system has either
FORD FREESTAR 2004 A Car Jack, Part number 3f2z17080ab, that comes standard with 2004 ford freestar minivans, bent while supporting the van causing the vehicle
FORD F 150 2004 2004 F150 3 Window Regulators have failed. one was repaired by ford7/09 two have failed in the last week the window just drops
FORD EXPEDITION 2008 Own A 2008 King Ranch ford expedition el, complained from the beginning that windows were slow to open and close. the windows would
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Water And Melting Snow Leak into the vehicle onto the dome lights, garage door opener, and sunroof switch and motor due to the
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2006 2006 Ford Five Hundred, at the 86,000 mark instrument panel started acting up. all or some of the warning lights (wrench,
FORD EXPLORER 2008 I Have A 2008 Ford explorer, i had a flat tire for the 1st time. the crank handle that inserts into the rod
FORD F 150 2004 I Have A 2004 Ford f150. i have had to repair all four of the power windows. the windows would just slide down
FORD F 150 2008 2008 F-150 Radio And Interior lights randomly come on while the key is off, out of the ignition, parked in the garage,
FORD FOCUS 2001 The Ignition Will Not Turn without large amounts of spray lubricant and pummeling the key while in the ignition to cause the tumblers in the
FORD F 150 2000 Ford F-150 Heater Blend Door model year 97-04 is defective, causing inoperability of windshield defroster and iced over windshield interior resulting in near total
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2006 Starting Since February 2010. my car lunges forward whenever at a dead stop. when shifting to drive and reverse. i have had
FORD F 150 2005 Original Flywheel Broken. Told will cost $1k to $1,4k to replace that and starter b/c flywheel 'probably' damaged starter. truck won't start
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 A/c System Was Found To be totally low on freon. after replacing freon, it was observed that the rear ac low pressure pipe
FORD EXPEDITION 2005 Stopped At A Traffic Light intersection to make a right turn. while i was making the right turn about 5 mph, the
FORD F 150 2004 Window Regulators Keep Breaking On my 04 ford f-150. third window to fall down, this one during a snow storm. *ln
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Was Traveling To Mt. washington, ky. from lorain, ohio, ( approx. 330 miles). we stopped at the
FORD EXPEDITION 2007 2007 Ford Expedition El Front driver and front passenger window regulators broke at the same time. the suv is only three years old.
FORD TAURUS 2003 Heat/ac Fan Blows Only On high. replaced cowl panel and installed rain hat and blower resistor 11/08; blower motor resistor found defective
FORD EDGE 2011 I Have Owned A 2011 ford edge now for almost 2 months, this came with the myford touch system with sync services. this
FORD F 150 2004 Ford F150 Window Regulator Failure. *tr
FORD EXPLORER 1996 My Wife And I Are scared to drive our 96 explorer once we learned of all the recalls ( rear side glass, bad suspension,
FORD F 150 2004 Ford F150 Crew Cab. at 45,000 miles the f/drivers side window regulator failed. replaced under warranty. at 76,000 miles
FORD EDGE 2011 This Is A Preemptive Complaint, as i thankfully have not had an accident yet. the myfordtouch system in all 2011 ford motor co
FORD F 150 2004 3 Window Motors In My 2004 ford f150 crew cab were defective. probably 4 only 21,009 miles. *tr
FORD F 150 2010 I Keep Having Problems With my 2004 ford f150 fxr window regulators. the drivers side window will just drop to the bottom of the
FORD FREESTAR 2005 Van Stalls At Lights. just cuts off. mechanic said it has some thing to do with the pcm. trans has been replaced.
FORD F 350 SD 2007 2007 Ford F-350 Crew Cab srw 4x4, steering oscillation (wobble). have experienced this problem since truck was almost new. now
FORD TAURUS 2010 Purchased 2010 Taurus Limited In fall 2009. within 900 miles, bliss system reported "bliss not available - sensor blocked see manual" after
FORD FIVE HUNDRED 2005 70 Degree Air Blowing At idle and low speed. lowers to 62 degrees at highway speed. no condensation draining thru condensate
FORD EXPEDITION 2005 Our 2005 Ford Expedition Has shut off without warning twice now. the first time this happened we were driving back from missouri to
FORD FREESTYLE 2006 Surging From A While Brake applied or when letting off brake but before applying gas. front end noises when turning to right, loud
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 The Brake Pressure Differential Deactivation switch (scds) (2b264) located under the master cylinder (behind the air filter) developed a leak. this caused a
FORD EDGE 2007 For The Last Year Or more my car (2007 ford edge sel) has been stalling. i brought my vehicle into ford while it
FORD EXPLORER 2003 I Keep Reading About 2 complaints that people need to know about and ford should take action on; the first being the back tail
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Major Transmission Problems At 106k miles on my ford explorer xlt 4.0l. this was not due to poor maintenance or up keep! shifting
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 While The Car Is In idle or no acceleration made, at a stop or in reverse, my car will surge, even with
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Spare Tire Hoist Cable Failed on 1997 ford explorer xlt, resulting in spare tire breaking free of the vehicle while in motion. *tr
FORD FOCUS 2003 I Have A 2003 Ford focus se. the key will not turn when you put it into the ignition. *tr
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 For The Past Two Years i have had trouble with my 2005 ford freestyle surging while in drive or reverse at slow speeds.
FORD MUSTANG GT 2004 The Top Of The Clutch pedal assembly when depressed and released rubs the wiring harness to the brake switch, neutral safety switch and others
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 The Abs, Brake, traction control lights come on and whenever it is warm out and the abs and traction control do not work!
FORD FOCUS 2005 The Key Gets Stuck In the ignition switch of my 2005 ford focus. i have purchased a new key and the key still gets
FORD EDGE 2007 My Husband & I Own a 2007 ford edge. we are a military family with my husband serving in the usaf. needless to
FORD FOCUS 2006 Key Stuck In Ignition. *tr
FORD ESCAPE 2007 2007 Ford Escape Air Conditioner failure. smoke billowing from under the hood. hot air emitting from vents. *tr
FORD TAURUS 2010 I Bought This Car 2010 ford taurus sel and have complained about sudden acceleration but the dealership was unable to duplicate but it still continues
FORD FUSION 2010 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. floor mat as installed at dealer jammed against accelerator. driver was able to stop the vehicle and
FORD F 150 2004 Window Registers In 3 Out of 4 windows have failed on 2004 f150 ford truck with only 28,500 miles on vehicle. *tr
FORD F 150 2004 I Have A 2004 Ford f150 super crew and have had 3 window regulator go out 2 of them less then a month apart and
FORD F 150 2010 2010 F150 Twin Cab Has a plastic tray in the front seat middle bottom section that has very sharpy flash that caused my wife to
FORD FOCUS 2003 I Own A 2003 Ford focus. sometimes the ignition locks and the key will not even turn in the ignition, leaving me
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2009 Organization Owns Two 2009 Ford escape hybrids. first vehicle has had numerous problems including ac/heating system was repaired under warranty, steering wheel
FORD MUSTANG 2006 This Is The Request In order to begin investigations, inspections, analysis on the ford 2006 mustang.
FORD FOCUS 2007 Ford Focus, 2007 the gear shift in my 07 ford focus just fell off into my hand! i was at the store,
FORD FUSION 2006 2006 Ford Fusion Key Will not come out of ignition; gear shift does not go into park even though it looks as though it
FORD F 150 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 ford f-150. while reading the owners manual, the contact realized that the vehicles electronic trailer sway control
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Would Like To Make a complaint regarding the ford window regulator. i know that the f150 i believe has had the same complaints.
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Blend Door In All Ford explorers causes no heat, icy foggy windshields!!!!
FORD TAURUS 2002 I Have A 2002 Ford taurus sel. yesterday my cruise control cable got stuck in the open position while driving on interstate 45 in
FORD F 150 2004 Two Broken Window Regulators Within approximately two weeks. i attempted to roll down windows and i heard a noise and window just dropped
FORD TAURUS X 2008 The Drivers Side Floor Mat on my 2008 ford taurus x, shifts/slides to the right, using the floormat latch as a pivot point.
FORD TAURUS 2005 My 2005 Ford Taurus Accelerates on its own every so often. when it accelerates, i try to brake, but the car
FORD FLEX 2009 I Feel There Is A safety defect in the model of the 2009 ford flex with a dvd system. when the monitor is in
FORD F 250 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 ford f-250. when the contact would attempt to start his vehicle he noticed that the key would turn inside
FORD FOCUS 2003 2003 Ford Focus Zx5--key Won't turn in the ignition, so can't start car. steering wheel locked up and no amount of cranking,
FORD FUSION 2006 2006 Ford Fusion key will not come out of ignition; gear shift does not go into park even though it looks
FORD WINDSTAR 2003 My 2003 Ford Windstar Has been continuously giving my electrical problems. first the rear parking sensors disengage when in reverse. while driving the
FORD EXPLORER 1996 I Did Not Receive A remedy or notification letter from ford about my safety defects on my 1996 ford explorer. what do i do
FORD TAURUS 2005 Power Transmission Problem With My 2005 ford taurus, and my air conditioning unit which has not worked since march of 2008. i contracted
FORD FOCUS 2001 I Tried To Start My car and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition, therefore i was unable to start my car.
FORD FOCUS 2001 Turned Off My 2001 Ford focus (with only 36,320 miles on it) as usual and when i returned to car and attempted to start
FORD FUSION 2010 At Times I Am Unable to read any information in the instrument cluster area. instruments are covered by a dark plastic and when
FORD E 150 2002 Spark Plug Ejected From Engine *tw
FORD E 150 2005 I Own A 2005 Ford f-150. on one occasion, the driver's side window unexpectedly dropped into the door when the vehicle was in
FORD ESCAPE 2010 I Got A Flat Tire on the rear right side of a rented 2010 ford escape. the enclosed jack is unable to raise the
FORD F 150 2004 I Have A 2004 Ford f150 truck with only about 60,000 miles on it. my passenger window just slid down as i was
FORD F 150 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 ford f150. while driving 30 mph the cable that holds the spare tire fractured. as a
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Purchased My 2002 Ford explorer in august 2002. i have been having transmission slippage gear problems since 2003. while driving
FORD FOCUS 2000 In My 2000 Ford Focus se wagon the key in my ignition refuses to allow me to remove the key and then re-insert the key
FORD F 150 2004 2004 F150 Supercrew Lariat drivers side rear window dropped down ,cable failure . this happened while driving with people in
FORD EXPEDITION 2006 Our 2006 Ford Expedition Only had 35,490 miles, and would start up with a rattle. the air was ok, but it
FORD F 350 SD 1999 Ford F-350 Truck. Front aluminum wheel on passenger side of truck has now started to separate. i contacted this office on june 25,
FORD F 150 2004 We Purchased Our 2004 F150 in sept/oct of '04. shortly after our mileage warranty expired (36,000) miles our window assembly regulator broke and
FORD FOCUS 2004 Ignition And Steering Wheel Completely locked up when i put the key in while heading out on my lunch break. i'm really disturbed that
FORD FREESTYLE 2006 This Complaint Is In Addition to complaint #10277570. after writing my initial complaint as explained i have found out that ford quit using the
FORD EXPLORER 2007 I Have A Problem With my 2007 ford explorer ? dual automatic climate control does not work properly: in auto mode (during cooling process)
FORD WINDSTAR 2003 With No Prior Problems To report, i was suddenly unable to put my vehicle in gear after starting it. the gear-shifter felt
FORD F 250 SD 2001 There Have Been No Incidents/accidents, however problem is: 2001 ford f250 super duty pickup truck - owner's guide / manual states on page117
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 Sitting At A Red Light and the car lurched forward when foot was on the brake. almost got hit in the middle of an
FORD F 150 2004 My Drivers Side Window Just fell open while driving and would not go back up. after investigating the power window unit had broken.
FORD ESCORT 1987 Consumer Is Requesting That A defect investigation be done on the crash data report. *nj the consumer was involved in an accident
FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 2003 I Have Owned A 2001 and 2003 ford mustang and a 2001 ford explorer all of which had a factory in dash 6 disc changer.
FORD F 250 SD 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty 6. 0l diesel; 130,000 miles high pressure oil pump goes out. all fuel injectors need replacing,
FORD F 150 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 ford f-150. the contact observed a defect with the tire socket wrench. the wrench was equipped
FORD FREESTYLE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 ford freestyle. the vehicle has continental touringcontact as tires, size 205/65r15. the contact stated that
FORD EXPLORER 2005 I Recently Went To Get into my car to go to work, and when i tried to engage the gear shifter is didn't want
FORD EXPLORER 2004 My Concern Is In Regard to an ongoing problem that my vehicle and thousands of others like it have; the lack of
FORD EXPLORER 2005 About 1 Month Ago The heater began to not function correctly. it kept making a clunking sound, before providing heat. now there
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Ford Windstar 2000 Abs Ecm failure. abs light comes on. any recall notice? *tr
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Have Engine Problem Warranty Will not cover because dealer put back odometer. *tr
FORD F 150 2008 2008 F150 When You Depress the brake and your foot is on the right side of the pedal it will go down pass the acc.
FORD FOCUS 2003 Owner Of A 2003 Ford focus svt. i went to the movies last night and when i put my key in the ignition
FORD MUSTANG GT 2005 I Recently Purchased A 2005 model mustang gt from jim skinner honda in dothan alabama. the vehicle has a significant water leak into
FORD F 150 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 ford f-150. the tires felt slightly low and the contact checked the front passenger side tire.
FORD EXPLORER 1996 1996 Ford Explorer. Vehicle keys only work infrequently. new keys from ford dealer continue to have the same problem. for safety,
FORD EXPLORER 2004 Of The Numerous Issues With this vehicle, the worst is the transmission (40,000 miles ). same old story. started
FORD FOCUS 2003 I Have Replaced The Transmission, the water pump, the thermostat, and all radiator hoses. the car overheats daily still. the