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Saturday 29th of August 2015 02:17:43 PM

FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC 2013 While Traveling Down The Freeway, decelerating to change lanes the stop safely now message appeared and the car lost power. this is a
FORD F 450 2011 Driving On Freeway At 75 m.p.h. (speed limit 75) the motor stalled and would not restart., luckily made it to
FORD EXP 1994 Tl- The Contact Owns A 1994 chevrolet express panel/g van. the contact stated that after shutting the engine off heavy smoke was seen coming
FORD F 350 SUPER DUTY 2012 As I Was Towing A trailer in the 2012 ford f-350 on a two-lane highway (us-95 north of las vegas), the truck suddenly chimed
FORD F 350 2005 The Truck Would Shut Off while driving. nothing will warn the driver when this happens. i have spent more than $1500
FORD FOCUS 2012 I Was Driving In A residential neighborhood and approaching a four way stop so not going fast. my car stopped accelerating and then jerked
FORD F 150 2004 I Have A Problem It pops up saying transmission fault and i want to fix it so help me please!!
FORD RANGER 2005 At Startup My Check Engine light came on and as i went to drive away the entire truck started shaking and the check engine light
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Tl- The Contact Owns A 1995 ford explorer. the contact stated that the vehicle failed to start. the vehicle was taken to an
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2008 The Issue Has Happened Several times. latest was 2 days ago. while driving, the car acceleration all of a sudden
FORD F 150 2004 In All 04-10 F150 Trucks with the 5.4, lack of oil pressure can and will cause cam phaser failure resulting in the motor
FORD F 150 2013 Vehicle Would Repeat Law Battery message. took to dealer battery tests good. vehicle would sometimes die overnight with a no start condition in
FORD EXPLORER 2004 Tl- The Contact Owns A 2004 ford explorer. the contact stated that the warning lamps illuminated for the service engine and the battery light.
FORD EXPEDITION 2006 Suv Entered Safe Mode . .. engine shuddered, low power in low rpm bands.. would not accellerate. had
FORD F 250 2011 Started Vehicle And Drove About 1/4 mile and warning came on to find a safe place to pull over. check engine light came on.
FORD F 250 SD 2011 While Driving My F250 At 30 mph in town a warning alarm went off followed by display saying stop engine safely now. as
FORD TAURUS 2011 The Car Shuts Off While i am driving. there is no power steering and no nothing. each time i have been
FORD F 250 2011 Driver Was Piloting Vehicle Through turn at intersection fully loaded with salt and a snow plow. vehicle dash display read shut down vehicle
FORD F 350 2012 The Truck Dash Display Read stop vehicle safely. i immediately looked for a driveway and found on about 50' on the left.
FORD F 350 SUPER DUTY 2011 I Was Driving East On i-90 near bozeman, mt at about 70mph when a warning appeared on my dash telling me to pull over
FORD F 550 SD 2008 The Truck Has Not Run properly since it was purchased, and the motor was replaced back in 2013 with mileage of 31,00 due
FORD F 350 SD 2011 Sensor Did Not Fix The stalling problem which was monitored by fords box put in the truck. i had to hit the button
FORD FUSION 2014 Driving Down The Road Around 35-40 mph coming up to a light, the vehicle started to accelerate by itself, had to hit the
FORD F 150 2005 Spark Plug Blew Out Of head.
FORD F 250 2011 Driving Through My Neighborhood At approximately 30mph. less than a mile from my house, vehicle displays warning to stop vehicle safely.
FORD 500 2006 First Off I Couldn't Get the date to populate the correct date this problem has been happening for years but the year on the
FORD F 250 2011 Stop Safely Now Came On in display. continued driving until i came to a stop light. when i slowed to stop and slowed
FORD F 150 2005 2005 F150 Goes Into "fail safe mode" and shuts down while driving. it only occurred once per year starting at 65,000 miles,
FORD FUSION 2014 I Avoided Another Vehicle That cut me off on the expressway by honking the horn, slamming on the brakes and quickly changing lanes.
FORD F 350 2005 I Have A 2005 Ford f350 diesel powerstroke that has the fuel tank lining falling off and its gotten to my fuel lines and fuel
FORD EXPLORER 2002 My 2002 Ford Explorer, since 2013 have blew out sparks plugs three times. the threats of the head are damage .
FORD EXPEDITION 2004 I Have A 2004 Ford expedition which randomly shuts off while driving. this has been happening with more frequency. i have taken the
FORD FIESTA 2014 Since I Purchased The Vehicle in september 2013 i have been having issues with the vehicle accelerating, stalling, and jerking forward. on
FORD FREESTAR 2005 I Was Mid Turn When the gas pedal stopped working with a loud grinding sound. it would not shift back into gear and the
FORD FOCUS 2013 My Ford Focus Shudders When accelerating and lurch forward without warning when i'm slowing down or accelerating. i have had it repaired once
FORD FOCUS 2006 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2006 ford focus. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 50 mph, the accelerator pedal failed to retract
FORD FUSION 2007 Had To Replace An Ignition coil for a misfire obd code. after replacing coil problem still existed, so i researched online and found
FORD F 150 2012 Engine Shut Off Completely A big wrench came up on the screen where the mpg and stuff are almost got rear ended due to rush
FORD FOCUS 2009 I Purchased My Vehicle In 2010, at the time the vehicle had 37,000 miles. a less than a month later the transmission
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2001 While Driving The Car, i lost power and had to pull over, upon checking under the hood, we came to the conclusion
FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC 2014 I Was Driving The Vehicle when the "stop safely now" (ssn) flashed on the dash and the car started beeping. i slowed down and
FORD F SERIES 2002 Driving On The Freeway A spark plug came out of the engine causing the vehicle to shake and loose power. the dealer and
FORD F 150 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 ford f-150. the contact stated that while parked in the driveway, the vehicle caught on fire.
FORD 500 2006 All Of A Sudden The car started to run bit slow than usual before the incident and shortly after the check engine light came on.
FORD F 150 2012 Driving At 5 Mph Raining out and engine shut off for about 10 sec. now engine hesitation when passing or just taking off.
FORD F 150 2003 A Spark Plug Blew Out, another plug blew out 3 days later. it cost almost $2000 to fix and there is no guarantee
FORD RANGER 2000 Was Driving Nprthbound On Interstate 05 [aka] golden state hyway when truck made a funy noise and engene frose ? no engine problem light,s
FORD FREESTAR 2006 Sudden Loss Of Power To wheels @ 114,000 miles; ford dealer: "you need to purchase a rebuilt transmission" this is the torque converter
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Spark Plug Blew Out, broke coil and damaged head
FORD F 150 2012 2012 F150 Ecoboost Engine.loss of power and truck shuddering when accelerating at highway speed from possible misfiring. service engine light came on also,
FORD F 150 2005 I Own The Above Mention vehicle, there was no disclosure to me at the time of purchase of a very serious design flaw with
FORD F 150 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 ford f-150. the contact stated that while driving 30 mph, the vehicle stalled and the check engine
FORD F 150 2011 Went To Pass Car Engine began sputtering and shaking had to pull off road to avoid accident .turned engine off and back on as
FORD RANGER 2005 Engine Misfires At Idle Cel flashing needs heads
FORD F 150 2012 I Was Pulled To The side of the highway (i-95) waiting out a heavy rainstorm. upon pulling back onto the highway, my
FORD FIESTA 2012 After 13 Days Of Owning the car, the car began to make grinding noises and would shudder when shifting in low gears. the
FORD TAURUS 2011 When Driving The Car It will suddenly not respond to the gas peddler
FORD ESCAPE 2013 This Is An Intermittent Power loss issue on a 2013 ford escape purchased on december 31, 2013. we have had the issue since
FORD EXPLORER 2015 Purchased A Brand New 2015 ford explorer. almost immediately began smelling exhaust fumes. concerned that this wasn't "new car break-in",
FORD FIESTA 2012 Car Started Grinding, Crunching, and shaking, and had difficulty turning, accelerating, and going up hills. car was brought to
FORD F 250 SD 2001 The 2001 F250 I Own has always stalled at any given time. ford recalled the cam position sensor, i had already changed it
FORD EXPEDITION 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 ford expedition. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
FORD EDGE 2013 At Least Five Separate Times, while driving at high rates of speed, my 2013 ford edge will begin to hesitate and shudder.
FORD FOCUS 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 ford focus. while driving 60 mph, the check engine warning light illuminated and the vehicle stalled.
FORD FOCUS 2012 I Own A 2012 Ford focus se. i bought my ford focus in december 2012 from folsom lake ford located in folsom california.
FORD F 150 2012 After Driving In Raining Conditions for more than four hours, i attemped to pass another vehicle. when i accelerated, my vehicle
FORD EDGE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 ford edge. while driving at approximately 65 mph, there was an abnormal jerking vibration coming from the
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2004 Engine,6.0 Diesel Was loosing water. took the vehicle to the dealer and was told that the head gaskets were blown and that
FORD F 150 2013 I Was Driving To Pick my son up from school going about 25 mph i turned right accelerated and the truck completely lost powered it
FORD F 450 SD 2009 My 2009 Ford F-450 Truck currently is at my local dealer which is kerry ford in cincinnati with a bad motor and bad rear differential.
FORD F 150 2014 Once More This Truck Has lunged without notice!! with the truck in my garage i pushed the button (inside the truck) to open the garage
FORD FIESTA 2011 The Car Was Making Noises and sounding like it was having difficulty changing gears, took it in to a ford dealer in charles town,
FORD ESCAPE 2008 In Colder Temperatures, Below approximately 45 degrees, the accelerator becomes "stuck" and unable to be pressed down. after several times of
FORD F 150 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 ford f-150. while the vehicle was parked, smoke appeared under the hood and the vehicle caught fire.
FORD FOCUS 2013 My Vehicle Shudders Between First and second gears when accelerating from stopped or low speeds. it jolts randomly when driving in lower speeds.
FORD FOCUS 2013 I Have Noticed That My car shifts awkwardly and makes a grinding noise when shifting into second and sometimes third gear. sometimes the car
FORD F 250 1999 A Major Loss Of Power while towing a load. the loss was significant enough the first time that the truck could not shift int
FORD ESCAPE 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 ford escape. the contact stated that whenever it rained or snowed, the vehicle would stutter and fail
FORD MUSTANG 2014 When Downshifting In The Manual transmission version of this vehicle, the car doesn't slow down on any decline and instead accelerates (without touching the
FORD EXPLORER 2003 Vehicle Died Upon Turning Once again. this is becoming more frequent, as it has happened twice now in the last week. seems
FORD ESCAPE 2009 Vehicles Feels Like Its Going to stall then accelerates. it has been recalibrated before but, two months later we are having the same
FORD F 150 2012 During Hard Acceleration After Normal driving vehicle sputters/misfires heavily, no recall or adjustment has been availble from ford. extremely dangerous in traffic and
FORD ESCAPE 2011 The Engine Has Stalled On multiple occasions. several of the incidents have occurred when making a turn, either right or left,
FORD FIESTA 2013 I Also Have Had Engine hesitation with my fiesta since the first days with my new car. from a stop, either on a
FORD FOCUS 2014 I Bought This Car Brand new. i'm a single mom with a tight budget so i was looking for a very dependable car.
FORD FLEX 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 ford flex. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 30 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
FORD ESCAPE 2013 Car Has Been Giving Us an error message "engine fault service now" since we bought the vehicle. ford has been unable to repair
FORD F 150 2012 3.5l Ecoboost F150 Began to shudder and fail to accelerate while trying to merge into interstate traffic. had to slow down to
FORD EXPLORER 2008 Transmision Problems Going Into Gears slipping poping noise when put into park ford is aware of problems with there transmisions and no care to help
FORD ESCAPE 2006 On 12/23/14, Vehicle Cut out after backing out of parking to enter moving traffic on highway. the second time it cut out,12/24/14,
FORD F 350 2012 On Two Different Occasions Now, my 2012 f350 6.7 powerstroke engine is shutdown due to a egt sensor failure. when this happens,
FORD FLEX 2014 I Was Traveling 70 Mph on a toll way in busy morning traffic. without any warning the vehicle lost engine power. pressing the
FORD FIESTA 2014 I Have Been Taking Off after stopping and the transmission or fuel injection misses causing the vehicle to not engage the drive train just right.
FORD F SERIES (HEAVY) 2002 #4 Sparkplug Ejected
FORD F 350 2001 Spark Plug Blew Out On 12/22/14, then another one blew out when i picked up the truck on 12/29/14. have had both fixed
FORD EXPLORER 2013 On December 15 2014, i was driving to ponce on highway 52 in puerto rico. when suddently the engine stall while driving.
FORD FOCUS 2014 Car Shudders On Acceleration From a stop and jerks and lunges upon acceleration from a slowdown. transmission slips gears and also hits a dead
FORD EXPEDITION 2002 Spark Plug Popped Out My iginition coil and the threading section is stripped. when i started my car an exploration sound occurred. also,
FORD EXPEDITION 2006 Engine Frequently Goes In To engine failsafe mode. this happens typically when the car is being lightly throttled such as around corners or
FORD FOCUS 2012 I Am Filing A Complaint against a 2012 ford focus se. the car has been making transmission noises that cannot be resolved for quite
FORD TAURUS 2013 Car Spontaneously Stopped Running. the touch screen display went dark, the dash board lights turned off and the engine stopped while traveling
FORD FUSION 2013 This Is A Case Of multiple incidents, first incident with significant issue was on 12/11/2014. as i was pulling out of my driveway
FORD FUSION 2009 While Driving My Fusion Which has had no mechanical issues up to this point slammed into 3rd gear followed by a rapid decrease in power
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 I Have Had Spark Plugs blow twice in this engine while driving on the highway. the last time in january 2014 that i
FORD FUSION 2012 Tl* The Contact Owned A 2012 ford fusion. the contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, the engine caught fire. the
FORD FREESTYLE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 ford freestyle. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle decreased in speed.
FORD FREESTAR 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 ford freestar. the contact stated that while driving at 70 mph, the engine stalled. the failure
FORD ESCAPE 2008 Gas Pedal Sticks When Air temp is below 20 degrees. can't press pedal to get gas to engine.
FORD F 150 2012 This Is The 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th) instance of a problem i originally described in odi 10659481. again, after traveling
FORD ESCAPE 2013 Just Turned On Car And was pulling out of the driveway. the information light came on and said it was low on coolant.
FORD TAURUS 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 ford taurus. the contact stated that while driving at 35 mph, the vehicle accelerated independently. the
FORD FOCUS 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 ford focus. while driving various speeds, smoke emitted through the vents and the engine caught fire.
FORD F 150 2006 The Engine Began To Tick on top. later it began to tick on the bottom. the engine light came on and
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Bought An Explorer We Thought was a private owner on craiglist in chicago, and found out he was a dealer from indiana.
FORD FREESTAR 2005 Drove Through A Puddle And the engine quit. apparently, the water splashed the on board computer (pcm). i towed vehicle
FORD FOCUS 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 ford focus. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 65 mph, the check engine warning light
FORD C MAX 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 ford c-max. the contact stated that all the electrical components failed and then the vehicle stalled. the
FORD FIESTA 2011 2011 Ford Fiesta Bought At garber used cars in saginaw michigan. i have had my car worked on for the recall for t e
FORD F 250 SD 2013 The Inner Core Of The ignition switch is bad which when moved up or down by movement of the truck going down the road causes
FORD ESCAPE 2005 After Totaling A 2004 Escape, i purchased another 2005 escaped because i loved it. well not so much anymore. i bought the
FORD MUSTANG 2012 Driving Down The Highway Full speed in heavy traffic, and engine just shuts down. wrench light and check engine light come on.
FORD EDGE 2013 Drivers Door Is Closed But the door ajar light and the interior lights stay on. some time turns on while driving.
FORD F 150 2011 While Towing My Camper At 60 mph up an incline my 5.0l f150 began to lose power, as i increased pressure on the
FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC 2014 Stop Safely Now Error Message displayed along with multiple other error messages (tire fault, engine coolant error, rear parking sensor error, etc).
FORD F 250 SD 2004 While Driving At Speeds Between 40 and 65 mph, the vehicle will suddenly stall. fuel light engine preheat warning lights will come on.
FORD ESCAPE 2010 While Driving To Work, my car died twice. the first time, while approaching a stop light, the engine cut off.
FORD ESCAPE 2008 Driving Down Interstate Red Exclamation inside triangle illuminated and vehicle cut off. had to pull over to side of road. repaired at ford
FORD FUSION 2010 Wrench Light Comes On. ford is trying to say it's covered because the wrench light is on, and then bring you in to
FORD TAURUS 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 ford taurus. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 25 mph and the accelerator pedal was released,
FORD F 150 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 ford f-150. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 35-40 mph and driving up an incline,
FORD ESCAPE 2008 I Own A 2008 Ford escape, in august 28th, 2014 as i was coming off the highway and stopped at a light my
FORD F 150 2011 I Was Trying To Pass a vehicle on the highway, doing 70 mph, once i tried to accelerate the truck bogged down
FORD ESCAPE 2012 Engine Died While Making A right hand turn onto another street.
FORD F 150 2001 I Was Driven And The spark plug blew out of the head.
FORD F 250 SD 2012 This Is A Diesel Engine f250. egt sensor failed and engine immediately shut down in the middle of the road. cel was
FORD EXPEDITION 2006 As I Am Driving Down the road i lose power and deaccerlate and go into fail safe mode. the little wrench light comes on
FORD ESCAPE 2006 On My Home From The grocery store driving approximately 55 to 60 mph in our 2006 ford escape 4 cyl suv. the vehicle made
FORD ESCAPE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 ford escape. when the contact started the vehicle, the abs, traction control, brake, and
FORD F 250 SD 2004 Vehicle Will Stall Or No start due to high pressure pump leaving you stranded and could lead to a dangerous situation. there are numerous
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 ford freestyle. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 30 mph, the vehicle shuddered, surged,
FORD WINDSTAR 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 ford windstar. the contact stated that while reversing at low speeds, there was an abnormal noise and
FORD EXPLORER 2002 Overdrive Light Came On. check transmission light came on. the truck suddenly started screeching loudly, nearly caused an accident while going to
FORD FOCUS 2013 Car Went From 60 Mph to 40mph to 20mph to zero and stalled and died in less than ten seconds while driving on the interstate
FORD FOCUS 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 ford focus. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the brake pedal was depressed and
FORD FIESTA 2011 I Was Rear Ended By a ford f350 so hard that i hit the car in front of me, a honda accord. the
FORD FOCUS 2013 When Vehicle Is Stopped And at idle such as at a red light, the engine shakes and when the accelerator pedal is depressed the
FORD F 150 2012 There Was A Misfire And no check engine light. this happened 5 times before the computer showed there was an issue.
FORD FUSION 2010 Wrench Light Comes On And the car does not accelerate! whole veichle shakes. feels like the car is going to just die. not
FORD F 150 2008 On Sunday 12/14/14 At 7pm my 2008 ford f-150 shut off when i was going 65 mph down the new york state thruway. i
FORD F 150 2011 Lost Power During Acceleration, engine light came on instrument cluster. truck had a severe miss. drove about 20 mikes in
FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC 2012 While Driving At About 35 mph, a warning appeared in the instrument cluster "stop safely now'. i stopped at a traffic light
FORD FUSION 2010 I Filed An Original Complaint regarding sudden failure of my vehicle to move or produce any power back on 10-05-2013 under nhtsa id number 10546865.
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2006 On Cold Morning, Car started drove down the road about 5 miles and the car just died, saying "brake safely now."
FORD FUSION 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 ford fusion. the contact stated that while driving approximately 20 mph, the vehicle stalled after the wrench
FORD F 150 1997 I Came Home From Work on 12/13 2014 and noticed i had a water puddle under my truck so on 12/14/2014 i pulled
FORD F 150 2013 Yesterday, My Truck Started fine with no issues, all systems were fine. this morning, 12/13/14, i went to start my
FORD F 150 2011 Since New, This Vehicle has had an issue with a loss of power when accelerating hard. the latest incident, this past october,
FORD F 350 2012 Turbo Charger Tube Failed at the plastic connection joint on the turbo. plastic connection broke causing a sudden loss of power
FORD F 150 2013 Vehicle Sputtered And Stalled While slowing down on freeway. after towing to dealer, dealer could only find loose battery cable. 2 days
FORD FUSION 2012 Driving Car Dies Out And wrench light comes on
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 ford expedition. the contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
FORD FIESTA 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 ford fiesta. when the accelerator pedal was depressed, the vehicle failed to accelerate and the engine rpms
FORD EXPEDITION 2004 While Driving On A 3 lane highway where the speed limit is 65, i began my transition to the right lane to exit.
FORD FUSION 2012 First Incident Was In 2013, driving down freeway and advance trac light came on then the power steering went out on car. took
FORD FUSION 2012 Vehicle Stalled While Driving Probably 45 mph in the middle of traffic. i hit the gas, the car kept slowing down.
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2008 Refer To Tsb-08-24-5 And Recall 14s19. escape hybrid experienced the exact failure described in the recall notice while passing another vehicle at 70
FORD ESCAPE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 ford escape. the contact noticed a leak coming from the front of the vehicle. the vehicle was
FORD F 150 2012 I Was With My Family on the way to church. i was making a right turn out of our neighborhood onto the highway when
FORD F 150 1994 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1994 ford f-150. the contact stated that the vehicle caught fire while sitting in a residential driveway. the
FORD TAURUS 2010 My Vehicle Suddenly Ran Hot while driving on the interstate at approximately 65 mph. i immediately pulled off as my exit was approaching
FORD FOCUS 2013 I Was Driving Home From work, it was raining, as i pulled off the light, the car began sputtering and would not
FORD ESCAPE 2013 The Vehicle Had Been Turned in to brown daub ford in nazareth, pa where it was reported to have died twice on the road.
FORD MUSTANG 2006 As Of Today My 2006 mustang has 58,953 miles on it and it is on it⿿s third alternator. the first one failed at
FORD F 150 2014 2014 F150 Ecoboost V6 - engine shudders and stalls upon rapid acceleration; issue has been addressed with "deflector shield" but this shield is already
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 A Little Over 3 Years ago, i filed a complaint regarding a surging with my ford freestyle. we had our vehicle serviced and
FORD FIESTA 2011 While Driving The Vehicle's Transmission began to act up. i was not able to drive over 30 mph. the transmission would slip while
FORD F 150 2009 Engine Began To Shake At 65mph. pulled over and engine was shot. possible cam phasers
FORD EDGE 2013 This Has Now Happened To me three times and all three times were during rush hour traffic and i was lucky to not be hit
FORD F 150 2011 I Accelerated From A Stop and the engine lost power and went to idle. the check engine light came on steady and the
FORD FREESTYLE 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 ford freestyle. the contact stated that there was a sudden increase in engine rpms while the brake pedal
FORD FREESTYLE 2007 With The Brake Pedal Depressed, the vehicle will lurch forward when putting in forward gear. vehicle stalled while driving and also when
FORD F 150 2002 Spark Plug Blew Out Of head.
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 While I Was Diving Around 35 mph to 45 mph a horrible violent shake starts to occur. and is very difficult to accelerate especially
FORD FIESTA 2013 I Had Just Bought This car four days prior to the incident. i was accelerating from a stopped position (stop light).
FORD FUSION 2008 I Was On The On ramp for the highway and accelerated to enter ahead of upcoming tractor trailer. i entered the highway and the
FORD FIESTA 2011 For Approx. 2 Months, my car will not always start. i would have to crank it a few times before it
FORD F 150 2007 Driving On A Posted 40 mph county road approaching a stop sign. the vehicle made a loud noise from the engine compartment and lost
FORD ESCAPE 2008 After Years (since Early On in the ownership of the vehicle purchased new from the dealer) of intermittent problems with my gas pedal sticking (mostly
FORD FIESTA 2011 Drove Car On Highway This morning on way to work and car would not accelerate or go. the only thing moving was the rpm's.
FORD ESCAPE 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 ford escape. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph, the engine stalled and all the warning
FORD F 150 2011 The Ecoboost Engine Ford Introduced into the f150 (and other vehicles) in 2011 seems to be having common and widespread problems, including my vehicle.
FORD FUSION 2010 Car Was At A Complete stop. engine began to race (sudden unintended acceleration). car began to lurch forward.
FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC 2014 Brand New 2014 Ford Focus electric - less than 200 miles on odometer. driving on 35mph road during evening rush hour the car
FORD MUSTANG 2003 While Driving My Vehicle On the interstate i heard what i thought was a popping sound and then experienced a loss of power.
FORD FUSION 2008 Belt Idler Pulley Attachment Bolt broke off while negotiating a corner, detaching the pulley from the front of the motor causing sudden loss of
FORD FIESTA 2013 Jerking, Shuddering, Loss of power on acceleration. was almost been rear ended because of this. this is a recurring issue.
FORD F 150 2008 I Was Driving My Truck home on thanksgiving and it blew out a spark plug (second incident, different cylinder). i was later told
FORD EDGE 2013 Submission From Constituent Re 2013 ford edge engine stall. *smd the consumer stated the steering wheel locked, the vehicle shook,
FORD FOCUS 2012 At First I Reported Issues with dealership regarding car moving backwards at time when i release brakes to go forward and my car is automatic.
FORD ESCAPE 2011 I Was Driving On A regular street in my area at the rate of 35. the speed limit is 40, so i decided

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