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FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Engine Head Gaskets Have Blownout. entire engine needs to be replaced. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details.*ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Light Came On The Dashboard indicating there wa sno oil inside of vehicle, and it started making clunking noise.
FORD TAURUS 2000 Vehicle Was Going In For a routine check and mechanic spotted an oil leak. dealership replaced the oil pan . but
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Was Traveling 65mph On highway and noticed that temperature gauge went up and was red. he pulled over to shoulders
FORD TAURUS 1993 When Driving And Upon Acceleration and deceleration engine was bouncing back and forth due to wearing out the motor mounts ,
FORD F 150 1998 Vehicle Was Leaking From engine head gaskets. noticed on dashboard panel coolant going down, . overflow had no coolant. took
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Needle In Oil Pump was defective. it kept going up and down. oil pump has not been replaced. the dealer
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Vehicle Was Going 60mph And engine lost oil pressure and constantly overheated. engine check light didn't come on as a
FORD ESCORT 1998 Crankshaft/ Pulley Came Loose From mounting and shifting over, causing vehicle to lose all power. piece that broke off jammed
FORD F150 1992 Vehicle Will Stall Without prior warning. also, there is a lot of jerking and jumping in front. dealership
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Timing Cover Seal Was Leaking, upon having this problem fixed, the engine began making a knocking noise, engine was replaced.
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 After Driving To State Of virginia and parking it for 5 days. when consumer attempted to start vehicle head gasket blewout.
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Engine/ Brakes/ Starter /catalytic Converter/ fuel pump and fuse failed. dealership was aware of problem vehicle wouldn't start,
FORD TAURUS 1994 While Driving Vehicle Started smoking due to head gaskets blowing and leaking coolant onto engine. ford has extended the warranty on
FORD F250 2000 Natural Gas Vehicle. Clamp in engine was rubbing onto flexible hose that was hooked to fuel injectors, causing a hole
FORD F 250 1997 Natural Gas Vehicle. Clamp in engine was rubbing onto the flexible hose that was hooked to fuel injectors, causing a hole
FORD F 250 1997 Natural Gas Vehicle. clamp in engine was rubbing onto flexible hose that was hooked to fuel injectors ,causing a hole
FORD F 250 1997 Natural Gas Vehicle. Clamp in the engine was rubbing onto flexible hose that was hooked to fuel injectors, causing a hole
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Consumer Got A Warning about head gaskets, manufacturer's recall 00m10. but dealer refused to work on vehicle. also,
FORD EXPLORER 1997 While Driving Vehicle Heard A loud noise and vehicle stalled. also, opened hood to check, and found a hole in
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Consumer Took Vehicle Into the dealer to get camshaft fixed. after dealer fixed the problem back engine.*ak
FORD F150 1993 Vehicle Started Leaking Oil Through out oil gasket, and it leaked on exhaust pipe. dealership was aware of
FORD TAURUS 1994 Engine Mounts Failed. the consumer realized this problem when engine was popping up. consumer has had these bolts replaced 6
FORD RANGER 2000 There Is A Loud Pinging noise coming from engine at all times, at any speed. dealer replaced computer module, and pinging
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 While Driving Engine Check light was illuminating on dashboard. consumer contacted dealer to have vehicle inspected, and mechanic replaced
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Vehicle Had Shutdown While Driving. dealer was notified, and informed consumer that camshaft had failed. part was not covered under
FORD CONTOUR 1998 While Driving At About 5mph and making a right turn right front wheel came off due to loose lugs: nuts. dealer has seen
FORD AEROSTAR 1992 Oil Pan Has Rusted And developed a leak, consumer feels this is dangerous if small kids are hanging around vehicle.
FORD TAURUS 1996 Consumer Was Traveling About 55mph on highway and vehicle shut off without prior warning. vehicle stalls at anytime on
FORD F250 1998 Spark Plug Number Four Had blown out of head, consumer managed to get vehicle to a mechanice and was informed that head was made
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Within 55,000 Miles engine mounts have broken, causing vehicle to vibrate, and engine to rise when accelerating.
FORD PROBE 1995 Oil Pressure Sensor Has Malfunctioned which has caused oil to leak into engine compartment. consumer has contacted dealer. dealer is not
FORD TAURUS 1993 While Vehicle Was Being driven engine mounts broke, causing engine to rise and to become extremely loud. please give
FORD MUSTANG 1994 While Driving 65 Mph On highway head gaskets blewout, causing consumer to almost lose control of vehicle. consumer
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Thermostat Has Been Replaced six times for overheating. dealership informed consumer that head gasket had cracked, and was
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 Vehicle Had An Oil Leak, and engine compartment was smoking. consumer took vehicle to dealer, and they replaced campshaft
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Premature Wear Of The Head gaskets. head gaskets blew out, causing engine to lock up, resulting in driver losing control of vehicle,
FORD E 150 1994 Consumer Noticed An Oil stain under vehicle. dealer stated oil pan was rusting from inside out, and was leaking.
FORD TAURUS 1992 While Attempting To Start Vehicle engine would not turn over and start. dealership examined vehicle, and determined that head gasket needed
FORD TAURUS 1996 While Traveling At Approximately 30 mph in city traffic vehicle lost all power when engine stalled. dealership examined vehicle,
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 3.8 Liter Engine. premature wear of head gaskets. head gaskets blewout, causing engine to go.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Within 97,000 Miles transmission has malfunctioned, reverse position is inoperable, cause unknown . *ak consumer also states that
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 Injector In Cylinder #5 Was held wide open which allowed raw fuel to saturate catalytic converter, which ended up running out of exhaust.
FORD ESCORT 1987 Engine Shut Off Without When being in traffic. dealership is awre of problem. *ak
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1991 Head Gasket Blewout With any warning or prior problem. vehicle has low mileage, but manufacturer is not covering
FORD F 150 1997 After Vehicle Was Examined for a manufacturer service program on ingition,vehicle did not operate properly. when dealership examined vehicle,
FORD TEMPO 1992 Vehicle Experinceing On Going/intermittent Problem with stalling, mostly in hot weather condition. vehicle would restart aproximately 1/2 hrs later on. dealer/manufacturer were
FORD MUSTANG 1997 With 60,000 Miles On vehicle head gasket blewout, and had to be replaced at consumers expense by dealership. then
FORD TAURUS 1995 Consumer Is Having Problems With head gasket. gasket is leaking oil onto engine. has not contacted dealer yet.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Head Gasket Is On verge of blowing. antifreeze has to be added weekly to keep cooled off. dealer isn't doing
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1991 Antifreeze Is Leaking Through Out exhaust system caused by bad head gaskets. engine overheated, blew a head gasket, and lost antifreeze
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 While Starting Vehicle Noticed White smoke coming from tail pipe. dealer was contacted, and stated that head gasket needed to be replaced.
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Engine Failure Due To camshaft pulley. dealer notified and replaced engine under ford program. please feel free to provide
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 3.8 Liter Engine Head gasket blewout. contacted dealer. *ak consumer states there was a recall, but the warranty ended
FORD CONTOUR 1995 While Traveling Notice Vehicle Running rough. also, notice little overheating next day vehicle would not start. dealer stated head gasket needed
FORD TAURUS 1993 Head Gasket Had A Leak and overheated block, and caused block to warp. consumer stated car was not driveable. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1994 While Driving Vehicle Would Make a chugging noise. next day, had noticed white smoke coming from rear of vehicle. then,
FORD TAURUS 1994 While Driving About 35 Mph engine made a clanking sound. then, consumer noticed smoke coming from rear of vehicle. had vehicle
FORD TAURUS 1993 Vehicle Was Repaired Under Recall 98 v 323 000/ subframe corrosion on 03-mar-1999 at victor ford in wauconda, il 847-526-5541.
FORD ESCORT 2001 Consumer Has To Add 1 quart of oil every 500 miles because engine (2.0) runs hot and smokes. vehicle at the
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 Engine Check Light Keeps Coming on and off for last 4 years. dealer states that oxygen sensor was bad.
FORD CONTOUR 1996 Was Traveling On Highway 70mph without prior warning all lights came on the dashboard and there was a clicking noise .
FORD TAURUS 1993 Engine Head Gaskets Blewout While driving. anti freeze leaked out of engine. contacted manufacturer, informed consumer no recalls on
FORD TAURUS 1993 While Driving 35mph Vehicle Started to vibrate. then vibration would stop, and later start over again. would lose power while going up
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Loss of coolant and overheating while driving. independent mechanic informed of a head gasket failure. vehicle was not
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Vehicle Was Running Rough When idling. dealer replaced headgaskets at 26,041. then, on 14 sept 1999, temperature gauge would
FORD TAURUS 1994 In August Of 1997 dealership replaced engine head gasket because there was a head gasket leak. then, on
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1992 When A Service Employee Started vehicle and moved it into garage white smoke came out of vehicle. upon examination by
FORD F250 2000 Exhaust Fumes Were Entering car, and consumer was breathing in fumes. dealer could not find cause. 2200 miles
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Was Driving Vehicle When head gaskets blewout.started to lose antifreeze; this caused engine to overheat. took vehicle to independent mechanic,
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Consumer Was Starting To Accelerate almost reaching speed of 25-30mph when engine shut off due to crankshaft that fell off. no prior warning
FORD TAURUS 1993 Engine Stopped Operating One Morning on a cold start and caused a black smoke to come out of tailpipe. consumer took
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Engine (3.8l) Was Leaking coolant onto engine cylinder. also, oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Engine Head Gaskets Blewout And leaked coolant onto engine, causing engine to fail. dealer has replaced head gaskets
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Outer Ring Is Plastic And it wore out, causing engine to quit running. consumer was pulling away from a stop sign,
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Engine Started Blowing White Smoke from underneath the hood and running very rough. consumer took vehicle to a private mechanic,
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 A Private Mechanic Diagnosed That both engine head gaskets have gone out, and were leaking engine coolant. manufacturer extended
FORD CONTOUR 1999 There Was A Bad oil leak that could cause a fire, took vehicle to dealer, and they said it was
FORD PROBE 1997 Oil From Engine Is leaking onto spark plugs. manufacturer has been notified.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1992 Engine Check Light Comes On without prior warning, and vehicle just stops without prior notice. but, vehicle will starts back
FORD F 150 1997 When Consumer Went Out to warm up vehicle in the morning, vehicle started up fine. however, then piston
FORD TAURUS 1998 There Was A Knocking Noise coming from front of vehicle. when dealership examined vehicle, it was determined that
FORD TAURUS 1993 Was Driving 30mph And noticed smoke coming from exhaust. had a 3.8liter engine. head gaskets had blown. contacted manufacturer,
FORD F 150 1997 Consumer Took Vehicle In to be examined because of a loss in coolant. a private mechanic noticed that timing cover was
FORD F250 1999 Engine Was Leaking Oil At 8577 and 9830 miles on vehicle. dealership examined vehicle, and determined there were two leaks.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 When Starting Vheicle Could see a white smoke just like mentioned in recall on engine head gasket. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1993 Car Was Taken In For a recall on motor mounts. about a year and half later motor was lifting out
FORD TAURUS 1993 Consumer Heard A Clunking Noise when accelerating or decelerating. motor mounts disconnected from body.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Bolts Used In The Heads of engine can snap, which can allow water to flow into chamber that holds vehicle.
FORD TAURUS 1993 Without Prior Warning Engine Started shaking, white smoke came from exhaust, head gasket was blown. *ak
FORD E 150 1997 Coolant Level Dropped, Consumer found timing cover leaking, allowing coolant to leak in oil.*ak *jb
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Camshaft Chain Malfunctioned, causing engine to fail. *ak consumer states camshift tensioner failed, camshaft chain slipped, camshaft went out
FORD TAURUS 1993 While Driving At Approximately 40 mph engine stopped, and steering control/ braking system were lost. a private mechanic informed consumer
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Vehicle Started Operating Above The normal temperature. dealership examined vehicle and discovered that there was an internal leak. there was
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Vehicle Had Been Driven Home and parked in garage. started noticing fumes coming inside house. later went out to start vehicle which
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Timing Chain Belt Broke While travling at 35 mph with no prior warnings . has not contacted dealer. *ak
FORD F 450 SD 2000 Clutch Came Apart. Consumer was not able to push clutch into change gears, took to dealer, and they replaced clutch /
FORD CONTOUR 1995 While Driving Vehicle Would Stall at lights, took vehicle to mechanic and he replaced timing belt, and something with idle.
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 Whenever Driving At A High rate of speed would experience a rattling noise near engine area. vehicle does not shake when this
FORD F 150 1994 Consumer Noticed Oil In driveway. inspected vehicle and noticed oil pan was rusted through. *ak consumer states he contacted dealership,
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1996 Engine Check Light Was illuminating on dashboard. contacted dealer, dealer has determined that head gasket was leaking fluids onto
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Oil Leakages Due To engine galley plug coming out of it housing on two other occasio. dealer notified, and unwilling to
FORD F 150 1997 Comsumer Was Turning Into A parking lot and heard something click. consumer took a look and went to a nearby garage.
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Head Gasket Has Blownout, causing damage to engine which occurred over night. please provide further information.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Head Gasket Has Cracked, possibly damaging engine. *ak consumer received manufacturer's recall 00m10, however failure occurred prior to receiving
FORD TAURUS 1994 Motor Mounts Separated, Causing engine to move where vehicle accelerated. a recall has been issued on vehicle's make and model,
FORD MUSTANG 1994 3.8l V6 Engine Experienced overheating/ white smoke and loss of coolant. vehicle towed to an independent repair shop, and informed of a
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Head Gasket Is Leaking Coolant onto engine, causing shaking and engine temperature to go up. dealer determined head gasket needed to
FORD F 150 1997 Consumer Received Notification From Ford , in service program #99b29, that engine gasket front cover was defective and would be replaced with
FORD CONTOUR 1999 Was Driving Vehicle When It suddenly stalled out for no reason. had no prior warning of any problems. vehicle can be restarted after
FORD EXCURSION 2000 While Driving And When making a right or a left hand turn consumer has noticed a very loud knocking noise when turning. consumer
FORD F 150 1994 Consumer Had Taken Vehicle For an oil change and found out that oil pan had a rusted hole, and oil had been leaking
FORD TAURUS 1992 Consumer Had Problems With heater, and heat gauge would go up and down. thought automobile was going to explode. took
FORD TEMPO 2000 Idle Pulley/crankshaft Popped Off. this caused car to make a squealing noise. *ak
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Consumer Was Traveling On highway and temperature light came on, and engine gasket blewout. had vehicle
FORD F 150 1997 After Recall Work Was Performed for the timing cover, when driving vehicle and going to apply brakes, oil light would
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Consumer Started Up vehicle and noticed that there was blue smoke coming from underneath vehicle. took vehicle to a dealership,
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Engine Is Overheating During Normal operation of vehicle, past 220 degree mark and rising. this is affecting operation of
FORD F350 2001 Vehicle Was Running At Idle for 30 minutes when engine compartment caught on fire. ford has been notified.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1988 Rubber Mounts Deteriorated, Causing them to crack in half, dealer replaced. *slc
FORD TAURUS 1993 Motor Mounts Broke. consumer was told by dealership that motor mounts were broken when she took her vehicle in for service check
FORD TAURUS 1993 Engine Head Gasket Blewout While driving around for an hour at approximately 35 mph on city roads. dealership replaced leaking head gasket and
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Oil Pan Leakage Due To rust/corrosion. dealer / manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that vehicle was not covered under a recall.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Engine Starts To Charge And white smoke comes out of the tailpipe. took to dealer, and it was a blown head gasket,
FORD F 150 1997 Engine Would Be Making Loud knocking noises. took vehicle to mechanic and was informed that engine pistons were knocking within
FORD TAURUS 1994 Intermittently Vehicle Will Stall and die in warm climate without warning. vehicle will start up about 10 minutes after it has
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Noticed Oil Beading Up in coolant tank. took vehicle to dealership and head gasket and engine manifold gaskets were
FORD TAURUS 1993 Smoke Was Coming Out Rear exhaust, causing heat to fail and overheat. a 1/2 gallon to a gallon
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Engine Check Light Was On/ off. consuemr sent vehicle to a radiator shop, and they referred her to dealer. dealer
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Had To Have Whole head gasket set replaced, also brakes failed completly.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1994 Oil Pan Leaked Due to corrosion. dealer / manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that problem was not covered under a recall
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1994 Consumer Was Traveling About 45mph on highway and suddenly without prior warning vehicle had smoke coming from underneath of hood.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Overheating And Loss Of Engine coolant, and heater would blow out cool air. dealer notified, and informed consumer that 3.8l
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Piston Knocking And Vehicle Is losing power, and it stalls. could be dangerous if on a highway. consumer states at
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Engine Check Light Keeps Coming on. also, a lot of anti-freeze was missing too fast, took vehicle to dealer,
FORD TAURUS 1996 While Traveling Notice Engine Check indicator light would stay on. technician stated that camshaft needed to be replaced. please provide further information.
FORD F 150 1997 Upon Start Up Engine Was making a knocking sound. problem was diagnosed as a bent rod for the number one piston. *ak blown
FORD MUSTANG 1997 Front Timing Gasket Failed, causing loss of coolant from 3.8l v6 engine. dealer notifed, and informed consumer
FORD TAURUS 1992 Motor Mounts Have Broken Off, just top two not bottom two. contacted dealer, and the dealer said it was regular
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Engine Check Light Kept Coming on/ over heated and loss of coolant. taken to an independent shop, and informed consumer of a head
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Had Noticed Smoke And Steam coming from tailpipe out of rear view mirror. engine head gaskets blewout while driving. vehicle kept going
FORD F 150 1997 Timing Cover Gasket Is Leaking which can cause anti-freeze to leak onto engine and seize up. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1994 Consumer Started Vehicle And noticed that at first, vehicle was not starting at all. then, vehicle started and smoke
FORD TAURUS 1993 Engine Overheated And Lost coolant. vehicle taken to an independent shop, and informed consumer of a head gasket failure.
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Stated That On december 11, 2000 haed gasket was replaced due to crack and coolant leakage that got into
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Engine Head Gasket Was Leaking anti-freeze. had taken vehicle to dealer for repairs where they said that head gasket blewout, and could not
FORD AEROSTAR 1995 Vehicle Overheated/ Stalled Due to blowen headgaskets. dealer was inspecting vehicle.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 3.8 Liter Engine. head gaskets failed prematurely. dealer was inspecting and will repair vehicle. manufacturer has
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Head Gasket Stopped Operating, resulting in replacement of engine. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on highway and vehicle was running hot she was able to pull over to shoulders.
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Head Gasket Had To Be replaced. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Consumer Never Had A warning of a problem until she had 100 thousand mile check up. then, heard a noise.
FORD EXPLORER 1997 While Driving About 65 Mph engine malfunctioned. then, stopped and found that crankshaft was out of engine. vehicle had
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Vehicle Will Overheat And head gasket blewout. also temperazture gauge light came on, and oil was coming from underneath
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Transmission Has Failed. *ak vehicle completely shuts off with no warning while in motion, consumer states it feels as
FORD ESCORT 1996 While Driving Engine Lost Power. had taken vehicle to dealer where they said that problem was head gasket that blewout.
FORD ECOSTAR 1993 After Having An Oil Change noticed oil light on. had vehicle reserviced, and technician stated oil pan had rusted as result
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Consumer Was Losing Antifreeze. took vehicle to deaelr, and they said consumer needs a new head gasket. consumer was
FORD ESCORT 1998 Pulley Had Frozen And Serpentine belt had came off. it was frayed. it then shot up into the timing belt. this caused
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Engine Head Gasket Cracked, causing oil to leak into compartment. dealer has been contacted.*ak
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Loss Of Coolant And engine check light would come on. vehicle taken to dealer, and informed of a head gasket failure on
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Head Gasket Started To Leak fluid onto engine compartment which caused loss of heat. also, engine check light illuminated
FORD F250 1999 When Depressing Clutch Pedal to floor board vehicle goes into extended stoping distance. technician stated that flywheel needed to be replaced.
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Consumer Was Driving Less Than 30 mph and stalled. all lights came on. towed to dealer who found crankshaft had broken.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1995 Engine Check Light Keeps Coming on. consuemr feels vehicle is overheating.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Engine Check Light Keeps Coming on. taken vehicle to dealer, and informed consumer of a head gasket failure which was
FORD F 350 1997 Bearings Came Loose In flywheel, causing vehicle to shake as if engine was loose. dealer has been contacted. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1995 Engine Mounts Prematurely Broke Which has caused engine to rise while vehicle was being driven. please give any further details.*ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Right Head Gasket Has Cracked, causing oil to leak onto starter motor. dealer has been contacted.*ak consumer states that
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Recall For Head Gasket Was performed, but now engine is leaking all water out of it .*ak consumer states heater
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Vehicle Was Leaking Antifreeze. dealer found timecase cover gasket needs to be replaced. *ak
FORD CONTOUR 1995 'impaler' In Vehicles Water pump broke apart. due to this piece of equipment breaking, car overheated rapidly, resulting in
FORD TAURUS 1993 Vehicle Was Repaired Under recall for engine mounts. replaced mounts have failed again. *ak
FORD PROBE 1993 After Being Parked overnight in garage when engine was started loud noises coming from engine. dealer state low oil perssure was
FORD F150 1993 Within 60,000 Miles oil pan has prematurely rusted, causing oil leakage. please give any further details.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1994 Their Is A Recall On ford taurus for rear motor mounts. consumer has had this repaired. front motor mounts have
FORD TAURUS 1992 Engine Locked Because Head gaskets blewout. dealer notified.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 1995 Reporting A 3.8l V6 engine with head gasket failure; manufacturer was notified ,and informed consumer that vehicle was not covered
FORD E 250 1996 .engine Oil Pan Leaked all over driveway. warranty was up in january of 2001. oil pan was rusted.
FORD TAURUS 1995 Consumer Stated Before Buying vehicle noticed that air bag light was coming on. after buying vehicle dealer refused to fix it.*ak
FORD CONTOUR 1995 At 60,000miles Head Gasket failed, causing damage to water pump/ timing belt, and possibly new head. *ak
FORD F 150 1999 While Driving, Consumer Could smelled oil burning. contacted dealership and took vehicle in. mechanic checked vehicle and informed owner
FORD TAURUS 1993 Vehicle Was Cold and temperature gauge was high. coolant in reservoir was very low. it was towed to
FORD MUSTANG 1997 Antifreeze Drips Out From Defective timing cover, and starts causing a burning smell, and severe engine damage. consumer feels fumes are
FORD ESCORT 1996 While Traveling At 10 Mph and going through traffic light car died. took to dealer, and they said valve seals let
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Vehicle Was Blowing White Smoke out of back of vehicle due to a leaky head gasket, allowing coolant to leak onto engine.
FORD CONTOUR 1995 While Traveling Noticed Engine Indicator light came on .vehicle was serviced. technician stated vehicle was overheating and needed valve job .*ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Engine Hesitates. Dealer was not able to locate problem or provide remedy. also, vehicle had an oil leak, and
FORD TAURUS 1991 After Shifting Gears Could Feel a clump on vehicle. then, took vehicle to shop where they found that front and rear motor
FORD EXPLORER 1997 While Driving All Lights On dashboard came on, humming sound, had vehicle towed. crankshaft had broken.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1997 There Is A Fuel Smell in passenger's compartment due to oil leaking from oil pan.*ak consumer states the smell is so bad
FORD CONTOUR 1998 Engine Blower Motor Switch Has caused wire harness to burn. ford has extended warranty on vehicle. however,vehicle
FORD TAURUS 1993 Headgasket Blewout, No Prior notice. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Consumer Noticed Drops Of Oil on garage floor. dealer stated that head gasket may be leaking. *ak the consumer states
FORD F 150 1997 Vehicle Was Leaking Anti-freeze. prior to leakage, vehicle was overheating. took to mechanic, and informed consumer that could not
FORD TAURUS 1992 Vehicle Experienced Overheating And White smoke coming from tail pipe. taken to a independent repair shop, and informed consumer that 3.
FORD TAURUS 1997 Head Gasket Blew Out, leaving it inoperable. please provide any additional information. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Vehicle Started To Overheat. when taken vehicle to dealer, dealer noted that vehicle had a cracked head gasket. this vehicle
FORD E 350 1997 While Vehicle Was Being driven spark plugs blewout on engine head. engine head was replaced. *ak
FORD RANGER 1998 While Traveling About 35-40mphand /after crossing a bridge front body mounts broke off. driver had to jump from vehicle to avoid

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