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Ford Engine And Engine Cooling Cooling System Hose Reports

16 Mar

FORD TAURUS 2001 There Was Some Leaking From radiator which was caused by a cracked hose. taken to dealer and dealer replaced hose. a few months
FORD E 150 1996 While Driving Engine's Cooling Line beneath vehicle has split, causing water to spill out of radiator. vehicle has rear heat. thermostat

FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Fluid From The Cooling System leaked from hoses and dripped on #4 spark plug, causing plug not to function. please
FORD CONTOUR 1995 Consumer Turned On Engine to warm up, then went to house, but when came back out, vehicle was on
FORD MUSTANG 1989 Was Driving Vehicle 35mph When it started overheating. hose had broken. then it stalled out while waiting at stop light. contacted
FORD TAURUS 1989 Vehicle Will Stall Suddenly Without prior warning, usually stalls on highway. vehicle has been towed to dealer 6 times . dealer
FORD F250 1993 While Driving Down The Highway stopped at a light and gentleman was honking to get consumer's attention because he noticed a gas leak.
FORD F 150 1998 Hose Clamp Came Loose, causing coolant line to leak onto coil and spark plugs. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1989 Hose That Is Hooked To oil filter is not the correct one. also, the two bars that hold the motor in
FORD TAURUS 1992 While In A Parking lot motor mount bolts fell out. had to shift into drive & engine would jump up & damage
FORD EXCURSION 2001 When The Consumer Applies The brakes, the vehicle will vibrate and the pedal will pulsate. the dealership is aware of the problem.
FORD TAURUS 1995 The Heater Hose Failed Causing catastrophic engine failure. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 2001 The Heater/coolant Hose In The left side engine compartment is rubbing against the dipstick, wearing through the hose and potentially spraying very hot coolant
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 This Is Reported Because Of the common nature of this problem and the expense of repair. this is a faulty design which routes
FORD TAURUS 1993 Original Problem Found Was Defective engine head gaskets, continuous overheating after water pump, radiator, hoses, fan and head gaskets were
FORD TAURUS 1993 Where Do I Start, this car has been a money pit from day one! the brakes had to be completely replaced 3 days
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Several Minor Engine Components (o2 sensors, coolant lines, computer, rough running engine, check engine light coming on & off) failed over
FORD CONTOUR 1996 The Motor Froze After Overheating. the reason for the failure was the heater hose rubbed against an electrical connector at the location near the
FORD TAURUS 1993 Broken Engine Mounts. Also broke exhaust pipe and water hose
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1998 Lower Radiator Hose Failed. yh
FORD RANGER 1998 On Two Occasions The Cooling system hoses were loose, causing failure and leakage. *yc
FORD RANGER 1996 Lower Radiator Hose Failed.
FORD E 150 1994 Hose Installation Causes Hoses To rub against the frame/leak.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 The Head Gasket And Timinig cover leaked as stated in the manufacturers warranty, upon removal of the two components the mechanic found that the
FORD F250 1992 All Cooling System Hoses Were getting very soft. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Check The Engine Light Came on due to disconnected hose. yh
FORD E 150 1993 Engine Coolant Hose Broken Causing leakage. mjs
FORD TAURUS 1995 Radiator Hoses Ruptured Causing Leakage. mjs
FORD E 150 1993 Poor Materials Of External Coolant pipes, which run under the van, have corroded due to exposure to water, road salts,etc.
FORD TAURUS 1993 Water Pump, Hoses And thermostat failed resulting in engine overheating.
FORD SUPER DUTY 1995 Hose Assembly Failed.
FORD TAURUS 1993 Hoses Leak.
FORD AEROSTAR 1992 Air Conditioning Compressor Malfunctioned. in addition, noisy abs brakes/defective front/rear cv joints/premature wear of front brake pads and rotors/electric door locks malfunctioned/lower
FORD TAURUS 1995 Indications Are That The Engine coolant hose material is not adequate and all hoses had to be replaced.
FORD TAURUS 1994 Split In Coolant Hose Caused vehicle to overheat and engine to fail. temperature guage failed to indicate that there was a problem.
FORD TAURUS 1991 Water Hose And Pump Failed.
FORD AEROSTAR 1993 Radiator Hose Failure. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1992 By Pass Heater Hose Failed.
FORD MUSTANG 1987 The Plastic "t" Heater Hose broke, causing water loss/cracked engine block.
FORD TAURUS 1993 Bypass Hose Ruptured Prior To recall causing damage to belt.
FORD F 350 1995 Hose Fell Off.
FORD TAURUS 1990 Replaced Coolant Hoses.
FORD TAURUS 1988 Radiator Hose Leaks Anti-freeze.
FORD MUSTANG GT 2006 At 19,000 Miles My car began overheating during the test drive and had radiator fluid spilled in the engine compartment. inspecting the upper
FORD F 150 2004 Ac Hose Drain Tube Along fire wall disintegrated. hose was replaced with part#emc6a614. this was not original part made by manufacturer. this
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 2 mph slowing to a stop, steam was noticed coming from the vehicle. the vehicle
FORD F 250 SD 2001 Saw Anti-freeze Leaking,took Vehicle, which is a 2001 ford f250 sd, to the dealer. had pressure test done of cooling
FORD FOCUS 2001 Vehicle Stalled And Shuttered As if it was going to cut off. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Upper Intake Plenum Had Burnt a hole in it.*mr while driving the vehicle hesitated and the consumer smelled something burning
FORD F 250 SD 1997 1997 Ford F250hd Mileage of 40,036 and garage kept exhaust manifold rusted, corroded and cracked-bolts rusted to the manifold, can't
FORD ESCAPE 2002 Stiff Accelerator Pedel. Cannot make a smooth acceleration from a complete stop. the pedal doesn't seem to "give" until it's pushed too much.
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2002 I Have Been Smelling Anti-freeze. i just noticed that my radiator hose has been rubbing on the oil fill and made a nice big
FORD CONTOUR 1997 In October 2001 (at 67000 miles), coolant was leaking from the water pump on my 1997 2.5-liter v6 ford contour. water
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Heater Hose Leaks At The back of the firewall, drips down on top of spark plugs and shorts out spark plug & wire.

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