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Fleetwood Visibility Windshield Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 09:17:20 PM

FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 Front Windshield Keeps Popping Out and chassis keeps separating from frame. *ak *slc
FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1999 Whenever Driving Vehicle At Night windshield acts like a reflecting mirror. it reflects back what ever is inside motorhome. it makes visibility
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1998 Because Two Of The Main electrical circuits not being fused, when using the air conditioner, could cause a fire. the
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1999 While Driving 60 Mph On the highway windshield cracked and shattered glass onto the passengers in vehicle. cause unknown.
FLEETWOOD STORM 1996 Windshield Is Coming Loose about 12-13 inches on both sides,upper corners from the body. *ak
FLEETWOOD AMERICAN EAGLE 1998 Windshield Not Properly sealed, causing windshield to pop out and shift to passenger's side caused damage to vehicle.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1995 Windshield Is Falling Out From the motorhome. the dealer has repaired the windshield several times. the manufacturer has been notified.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1996 Headlights Go On And Off intermittently after being on for a while. also, defect within windshield causes it to become
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1996 Consumer Learned Of A Possible recall on the internet, called manufacturer and was told that there was no recall. / nhtsa recall
FLEETWOOD TERRY 1995 Window: Driving Approximately 50mph Noticed curtain blowing frame came loose and window ready to fall out , hanging on by one bolt.
FLEETWOOD TERRY 1994 Driving Approximately 50mph When Suddenly noticed the curtains blowing. the entiire right frame came loose and the window was hanging by one
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 There Was A Quarter Of an inch gap in windshield. took vehicle to dealer stated that vehicle was out of warranty. problem still
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1996 Windshield Has Started To Separate from seal at top on both sides. dealer will be notified. *ak consumer adds passenger side
FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1997 Front Windshield Keeps Popping Out. *ak *tt
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 2001 Windshield On Both Sides, driver and passengers, has come apart from seal. took vehicle to the dealer, and had repaires done.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 This Vehicle Style Is Known, by fleetwood, to have severe issues with both sides of the windshield either cracking, or popping out
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1999 The Front Windshield Separated From seal across the top of the windshield. the winshield moved about 1 inch into the cab, but
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 2000 When Leveling The Motorhome With the factory supplied leveling jacks, the windshield buckels and explodes, causing glass chips to fly onto people sitting
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 Driver Side Windshield Popped Out at top right hand corner. other side buckled and broke.*ak
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1994 As First Owners Of This rv, we have experienced more than our share of problems, the latest of which the manufacturer refuses to
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1996 Double Glazed Window Is Discolored, blocking vision of side mirror. mfg. denies that windows are included in recall and will not repair.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 (1) Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. initiated a safety recall with nhtsa in january, 1999. i was told this by john saathoff,
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 The Driver Windshield Popped Out at bottom due to flaw at factory. 5/8 of fiber glass were needed to close the gap between the
FLEETWOOD AMERICAN DREAM 9999 Consumer Stated The Windshield On the passenger side slid down so that there were 6-7 inch long openings at the top of the windshield,
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1998 Windshields Loose On Several Occasions.
FLEETWOOD FLAIR 1994 Window Design Causing Poor Visibility due to mullions/sash dividers located in the line of vision.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1990 Windshield Is Too And Leaks water.
FLEETWOOD REVOLUTION 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 fleetwood revolution. while driving 20 mph, the driver side windshield fractured. the vehicle was taken to
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1995 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1995 fleetwood bounder. the contact stated that the rubber molding detached from the windshield and structure of the vehicle.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 fleetwood rv. while driving 60 mph he heard a bang then felt wind coming from the top of
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 2000 July 2004 Windshield Started To separate from frame in my 2000 southwind motor home. also the right front leaf spring lost tension.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 2004 There Is A Glare In the window that disturbs the view of the driver when the motor home is on the road. manufacturer was
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1990 I Have A 1990 Fleetwood bounder 32' that i purchased from a private owner. both of my windshields are popping out.
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1999 While Driving On The Highway a breeze caused both front windows to develop stress cracks at the corners. as a result, the
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 2001 While The Vehicle Was Parked, the owner noticed that the upper right side of the windshield cracked. this was the second time
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1996 While Driving Both Windshields Blew in the vehicle. *tt
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1996 While Driving Along Interstate 10 in my 1996 pace arrow "rv" made by fleetwood the front windshields fell into the driving area. i was
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 Nar 02/10/2003.. The rv had multiple problems such as the windshield falling out, the roof leaked, there was a propane gas
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1996 Windshield Falling Out

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