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Fleetwood Structure Frame And Members Reports

27 Mar

FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1995 Stability For Manuvering Is Poor w/cause manufacturing one side of motorhome heavier than other. please describe details. tt
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1995 Only Had Motor Home Eight week on the passenger side it has a crack wall inside,dealer should replacing the shower there work on it.

FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 2000 Body Mount Separated From frame. manufacturer has been notified. please provide additional information.*ak
FLEETWOOD AVION 1999 Fifth Wheel Trailer Was Developing cracks in corner of bed room slide. dealer was notified. feel free to provide any further
FLEETWOOD AVION 1999 Travel Trailer. Frame Is bending in front near kingpin. dealer and manufacturer have been notified.*ak the dealer
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1993 Was Driving 65mph & Heard a pop after getting onto the off ramp. vehicle went to the left. steering had locked up.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 9999 Vehicle Weighs More Than The specified and legal gross weight required for manufacturing. the vehicle is overweght due to an extra fiberglass fixed around
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 Motor Home Has 1 3/4" lean to the l. rear, dealer measured 2 1/4" lean and fleetwood measured 3/4 " lean. due
FLEETWOOD TAURUS 1991 While Driving At 35mph Engine dropped down onto the subframe, and the tie rod was rubbing against the inside of front two tires
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1988 The Motorhome Was Involved In a collision where it hit another car and the rv disintegrated and only the chassis remained, the driver was
FLEETWOOD TERRY 1995 Window: Driving Approximately 50mph Noticed curtain blowing frame came loose and window ready to fall out , hanging on by one bolt.
FLEETWOOD TERRY 1994 Driving Approximately 50mph When Suddenly noticed the curtains blowing. the entiire right frame came loose and the window was hanging by one
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1990 Structure/frame And Members To The body cracked, the parts are not heavy enough, cracked while driving, mfr. of the mor-ryde co.
FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2000 While Driving 60 Mph, consumer heard a loud noise at front of vehicle, dealer determined body welds at front compartment were breaking.
FLEETWOOD TERRY 2001 Consumer States The Tires on the passenger side of the vehicle are rubbing up against the top of the wheel well and the driver
FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 2000 The Break Away Switch In mounted by a bolt through 1/4" fiberglass, the dealer changed the lanyard to a shorter cable under warrantee (old
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 1998 The Frame Gussets On Both sides of the trailer broke off from in front of the tires to the rear of the trailer causing the
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 Rear 15ft Of Unit Breaking off, manufacturer has notified me that it cannot be repaired and that the chevrolet chassies have this problem
FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 1997 Area Of Failure Is In the "kingpin" structure. it will be repaired on july 21, 1999 by another dealer in indiana.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1996 Bent Frame Caused Slide Out room to open as we were driving home from bismarck to san ramon, ca. tour america in
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 Bottom Storage Area Leaks Water, repaired however continues to leak. mjs
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1997 The Chassis Selected By Fleetwood is of insufficient capacity to safely carry the weight of such a large motorhome (34' motorhome on a chevrolet truck
FLEETWOOD LIMITED 1991 The Metal Attachment Of The tag axle to the extended chassis frame has sheared, almost to the point where the axle could separate from
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 Since Delivery, When The slide-out is opened to enlarge the bedroom, the ground can be seen. (attorney for consumer) *mjs
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Water Leaking Into Vehicle, missing seals causing fumes to enter also. mjs
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1994 Welds Holding Coach To Frame broke due to welding failure.
FLEETWOOD TERRY 1998 Frame Is Twisted At Rear of vehicle.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND STORM 1998 Panel On Passenger Side Loose causing damage due to water leaking.
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1998 Frame Bent Due To Weak structure.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Recall On Motorhome Chasis, unable to talk to anyone who can refer hin to a dealer the can service the motorhome.
FLEETWOOD TAURUS 1987 Paint Is Peeling Off Body of vehicle.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1998 Design Of The Motorhome Has a hole between the engine compartment and the driver's feet just under the dash releasing fumes into vehicle.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1989 Middle Two Support Bracket (left and right sides) of vehicle failed and are missing as a result of stress. vehicle sagged at this
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1997 Slide Out Unit Opened While driving, vehicle not stable causing the walls to separate and slide out to open, resulting in extensive structural
FLEETWOOD PACEARROW 1996 The Counter Tops Have Separated from the wall of the vehicle.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1997 Vehicle Is Overweight On the left side.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1996 Motor Home Chassis Too Small for body of vehicle, causing it to lose control easily. *dh
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1990 Floors Giving/walls Coming Loose/ceiling Coming down/fiberglass outer shell bubbling/sealing air leaks/roof penetrations.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1992 Front Corners Of Fiberglass Siding have cracks, also rusted areas underneath the shingles of siding where paint has worn off.
FLEETWOOD JAMBOREE 1994 Vehicle Impossible To Control, also veers to the right on left turn due to chassis being too light to handle that type of
FLEETWOOD TERRY 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 fleetwood terry trailer. while driving 55 mph the fire alarms in the trailer were activated. after examining the
FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 fleet wood flair31af motor home (rv). the contact was driving at speeds of 35 mph when the steering wheel
FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 2003 The Particle Board Flooring On travel trailers deteriorate causing the moldings to fall off while on the road. this is the fourth trailer
FLEETWOOD NITROUS HYPERLITE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 fleetwood nitrous 230 fsx hyperlite toy hauler. the contact stated that the vehicle weaves when a semi-truck passes
FLEETWOOD EXCURSION 2008 Defective Rock Wheel Guard Jn 2008 fleetwood excursion motorhome. large poorly designed guard brakes and fall in the road , potentially causing an
FLEETWOOD TERRA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 fleetwood terra. while the vehicle was parked, the contact noticed that the front and rear caps contained
FLEETWOOD GEARBOX 2006 I Have A 38 Ft 17000 lbs fifth wheel trailer toy hauler. the door that comes down in the back is separating from the
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2002 Excessive Flexing And Twisting Of the main rails that support the fifth wheel travel trailer, caused breakage of the support shackles, tire wear
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2004 2004 Fleetwood Prowler Front Frame and pin box failure. resulting in having to disconnect 5th wheel from tow vehicle and wait for repair services.
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2002 Consumer Discovered Several Cracks In the trailer frame and had it welded a couple of times but it keeps breaking. *nj
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2004 The Folding Slide-out Bar Under the rv is bolted with 2 small wood screws to a piece of plywood. the plywood is next
FLEETWOOD GEARBOX 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 fleetwood gearbox 335. in an attempt to clean the camper, the contact discovered that the upper cabinets
FLEETWOOD GEARBOX 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 fleetwood 5th wheel. the contact noticed a crack on the exterior frame of the vehicle and took it
FLEETWOOD TERRY 2001 2001 Terry 28x Trlr. consumer states that both rear leaf spring shackles have broken from the frame. *mc upon further examination,
FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2006 Took The Motor Home For repair of the frame due to the floor sagging on 11/2006. at the time they welded the frame to
FLEETWOOD ADVANTAGE 2004 1. We Were Returning to sc from fl on jan 20, 2007 towing a fleetwood 36' 5th wheel rv. we were
FLEETWOOD MALLARD 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated The metal cross beams under the trailer bent causing the left side wall and floor to bowed. the trailer was
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated the trailer was towing crooked. once at the contact's residence, the contact noticed the gap between the
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2004 Cracks In Welds On Main frame of trailer. dry rotted tires less than two years old. i do not have the trailer available
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2000 2000 Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer was not welded properly causing support for the axle and frame to break at the welds and breaking the leaf
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2002 Left Rear Spring Shackle Came off at weld. multiple cracks in both frame rails. welds for slideout and rear crossmember broken. frame
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2001 Metal Fatigue And Failure Of the frame on my 2001 fleetwood wilderness trailer. the frame in the area of the rear support bracket
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2002 Fleetwood Wilderness 5th Wheel Main frame was failing.*mr while the consumer was checking the rv's tire pressure he noticed that the frame was
FLEETWOOD MALLARD 2003 My Wife And I Bought a 2003 mallard 30e trailer in july 2003. next april, 2004, went out to prepare trailer
FLEETWOOD MALLARD 2000 40 Gallon Water Tank Dislodged from mounting droping onto street on 2000 model 19n malard travel trailer
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2001 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2001 fleetwood prowler. the contact did see a nhtsa campaign recall 05v289000 on the 2004-2005 fleetwood prowler for the
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS GL 30 5G 2000 Dt: The Contact Had manufacturing 01117 recall repairs performed on trailer in 2001 . it was a structural
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 2000 The Welds Which Held The body to the frame broke. it was welded back together, but it failed again.
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2003 While Driving At 50 mph one of the rear wheels separated from the frame. *ak
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2000 While Driving 60 Mph, the trailer cross member separated without warning. *ak *jb
FLEETWOOD FLAIR 1999 While Driving The Cab Mount that connects to the frame broke and caused temporary loss of control. the dealership indicated that the mount
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1994 While Addressing An Ongoing Problem with the batteries a few weeks ago, we were informed by our dealer that serious cracks had been found
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2001 Consumer States Vehicle's Frame broke enabling the consumer to operate. dealer notified. *ak the curbside rear spring hanger bracket
FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1998 1998 Discovery Motorhome Nar 06/26/2003 *mr consumer received a recall to have the welding done on the frame to the