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Fleetwood Parking Brake Conventional Reports

28 Mar

FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1992 Emergency Parking Brake Came Loose, resulting in a roll away. *ak
FLEETWOOD PACEARROW 1993 Park Emergency Brakes On Motorhome failure, does not hold the motorhome in place, please explain. tt

FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Parking Brake Mounted On Driveshaft. had put on parking brake, and vehicle started to roll away. parking brake had burned up.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1994 Ongoing Problem With Emergency Brake system not holding up properly whenever emergency brake is engaged. vehicle been inspected on two occasions,
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1995 When Putting Into Park or reverse with indicator showing the gear, parking brake will engage by itself . the dealer has replaced
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND STORM 1996 While Driving The Automatic Parking brake engaged, causing the vehicle to rapidly decelerate, cause unknown. *ak *ml
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1997 While Driving At Low Speeds the automatic parking brake engages, causing the vehicle to completely stop. please give any further details.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1995 The Parking Brake Comes On while the vehicle is being driven. dealer can't duplicate the problem. *ak
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1991 Vehicle Was Involved In A manufacturing recall 94i-069, involving the parking brake. consumer took vehicle to dealers were they fixed problem,
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1997 The Emergency Parking Brake System malfunctioned when parking in incline postion. put the vehicle in park position and vehicle moved forward.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 While Traveling On Highway and without out prior warning fuse shorted out, causing parking brakes and transmission to shutdown.
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1995 Parking Brake Locks Up When we are driving - 1st time it happened 8/94-transmission failed -no reverse- 2nd time 10/94 brakes locked up-fluid leaked
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1998 I Received From The Chevrolet motor division a letter stating that they had received reports of crashes that may be related to the maintenance of
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1997 The "auto Park Brake" And the manually foot operated parking brake have failed three (3) times allowing the motorhome to drift freely or nearly
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1995 Automatic Parking Brake Activates At any road speed, causing vehicle to come to a complete stop with no warning. this has happened approximately
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1996 Parking Brake Will Not Hold, vehicle rolls unless foot is on brake, resulted in an accident.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1983 Parking Brake Will Not Hold.
FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1992 Emergency Brake Failed.
FLEETWOOD CORONADO 1992 Parking Brake Cable Defective, causing vehicle to roll back. *sd
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1997 Automatic Park Brake Did Not engage, and the emergency parking brake did not prevent the vehicle from rolling from an incline. vehicle

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