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11 May

FLEETWOOD Exterior Lighting Headlights

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FLEETWOOD Exterior Lighting Headlights

BOUNDER FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 If Dome Light Switch Is turned on, both headlights instantly burn out. fuse left in by mistake at ford. all
BOUNDER FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Many Fleetwood Owners Report Their headlight lenses cloud over (become milky) and therefore the light output is drastically reduced. this defect appears on the
DISCOVERY FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 2003 During Active Operation Of The vehicle, dash instrumentation fails and becomes non-functioning. lights, brake and blinking, fail to operate. engine
DISCOVERY FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1997 When Headlights Were Turned On electrical wiring and headlight switch started melting, there was smoke under dash. consumer could only drive during
DISCOVERY FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1998 While Driving At Night, headlights are malfunctioning, causing a decrease in lighting on road for oncoming traffic. dealer has been notified.*ak
FLAIR FLEETWOOD FLAIR 1999 Head Lamps Sockets Are Not wired correctly causing low beams inoperable. yh
FLAIR FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2003 I Presently Own A 2003 flair motor home manufactured by fleetwood corporation on a ford chassis. model: 33r serial: 71600932
FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 2001 Vision Is Impaired By oncoming headlights turns windshield into mirrors. *ak
PACE ARROW FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1996 Recall Work Completed On Head lights, however adjusted improperly.
SOUTHWIND FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1996 Headlights Go On And Off intermittently after being on for a while. also, defect within windshield causes it to become
SOUTHWIND FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 Headlights Out Of Adjustment Causing poor visibility. mjs

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