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11 May

FLEETWOOD Equipment Mechanical Jacks

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FLEETWOOD Equipment Mechanical Jacks

ALL MODELS FLEETWOOD ALL MODELS 1990 The Rear Leveling Jacks On my 2005 32' southwind hang below the departure angle of the vehicle. i hit them at least twice
BOUNDER FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Hydraulic Jacks Would Not Retract and missing seals, consumer stranded due to malfunctional jacks, warngin light for jack occasionally illuminates. mjs
BOUNDER FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1990 Jack Failed, Also Jack springs broke.
FLAIR FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2000 Consumer States Dash A/c Won't cool, it just blows hot air. mechanic checked charge in a/c which had no freon in system,
FLAIR FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2000 Hydraulic Jacks Are Leaking, one of the four supplied with vehicle had to be replaced.*ak
FLAIR FLEETWOOD FLAIR 2000 Jack Which Came Equipped With vehicle is extremely too low. vehicle cannot travel over speed bumps or up a driveway because there
PACE ARROW FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 2000 During Wet, Rainy Conditions, water gets into filter and causes engine to stall. while driving at 65 mph, leveling jack
PACE ARROW FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW 1995 Vehicle Has Natural Gas Leaks due to missing sealing pipes when in mfr plant. the leveling jacks go down in reverse.
SOUTHWIND FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 Hydraulic Jacks Lines Fell Off and got tangles up in the front tire ruining the wheel. mjs
TRIUMPH FLEETWOOD TRIUMPH 2005 Various Problems Relating To The 2005 fleetwood triumph 5th wheel trailer. problems are as follows: left passenger doors would not remain closed while the
WESTPORT FLEETWOOD WESTPORT 1997 The Consumer Has Had Numerous problem with the trailer's front jacks. *nm the trailer brakes failed and the gauge on the lp

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