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Fleetwood Electrical System Wiring Reports

28 Mar

FLEETWOOD CORONADO 1994 The Eletrical Outlet In The propane gas housing whigh is a potential for an explosion. please describe.
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND STORM 1998 Above Entry Door 2 switches that control the motor coach battery and engine battery could not be turned off. dealer said

FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1998 Vehiclee Had An Electrical wiring problem. also, there were nine leaks in the vehicle, including in the shower/kitchen and other
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1990 Had Started Motorhome When Motorhome caught fire. fire dept was called & put flames out. motorhome totaled. fire dept report & insurance
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 1998 "bargman Electrical Connector" Came Loose from socket while towing, resulted in loss of brakes on trailer, and causing an accident which
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 2001 Short Cord Melted Due To loose ground wires. dealer has replaced short cord. *ak this vehicle has had 156
FLEETWOOD JAMBOREE 1998 Left Rear Tire Blewout, causing the wiring from the vehicle to break, this caused all safety devices, co2 and propane dectectors,
FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 1997 On The Date Indicated, while the motorhome was plugged into 115v 30 amp a/c power, with one roof air conditioner operating, an
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 A Repair Man Changing A flat tire discovered the propane line located in front of the wheel was broken and the wire harness above the
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1999 While Testing The Motorhome Due to fumes, the dealership discovered that the lavatory fan was wired backwards and blowing air inside instead of outside.
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1998 Electrical Wires Hanging From Case upon delivery. mjs
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 1998 The Trailer Has Had Major electrical failure causing several component wiring failures,resulting in electrical fire. yh
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 1998 Several Incidents Of Electrical Wiring failures causing burning and small fires, and component failures (slide out motor and smoke/alarm). mjs
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND 1995 Incorrect Wiring To Ignition Switch, caused ignition to short out/fail. *skd
FLEETWOOD AMERICAN EAGLE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 fleetwood american eagle motor home. the wires in the control panel, used for lighting in the vehicle,
FLEETWOOD WILDERNESS 2005 Vehicle Caught Fire During Delivery. upon further investigation, it was found that the main wiring harness was incorrectly routed / clamped between chassis
FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 1999 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 1999 fleetwood savannah rv. the contact stated that the camper has 20 feet of wiring, but
FLEETWOOD EXCURSION 2005 Motor Home Had Multiple Safety related issues throughout 2005. -fire in awning motor inside motorhome -warped slide which could not be
FLEETWOOD EXCURSION 2006 Why Doesn't Fleetwood Safety Recall # 06004 show up in the nhtsa databse. isn't it the same kwikee step & similar wiring problem
FLEETWOOD ORBIT 2005 2005 Fleetwood Orbit's Four Brakes had damaged wiring shorting the brake system. *kb the wires to the magnets were rubbing on the hubs
FLEETWOOD PROWLER 2003 Fleetwood Prolwer Trailer (year 2003) power converter problem. i sent letters to the home office and the maryland office. i
FLEETWOOD SOUTHWIND STORM 1996 The Wiring Harness Caught Fire. dealer notified. please provide additional information. *jb
FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 1999 Nar 02/10/2003.. The rv had multiple problems such as the windshield falling out, the roof leaked, there was a propane gas

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