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Dodge Vehicle Speed Control Accelerator Pedal Reports

Tuesday 1st of September 2015 09:56:15 PM

DODGE SHADOW 1993 Accelerator Stuck While Driving At (55) mph, tried applying brakes, punched gas pedal, also tried braking, put on emgergency brake
DODGE RAM 1995 The Gas Pedal Sticks.please describe. tt
DODGE SPIRIT 1994 The Gas Pedal Sticks And there was a spring missing. please describe. tt
DODGE RAM 3500 1991 The Bracket That Holds Up the brake and accelerator pedal broke. tt
DODGE STRATUS 1995 A Loss Of Speed Car backfires no reponse when pressing the accelerator. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1985 Accelerator Stuck In High, causing vehicle to accelerate out of control. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1985 The Vehicle Accelerator Gets Stuck on occasion, and on a previous occasion the cruise control stuck causing the vehicle to suddenly speed out of
DODGE RAM 1998 While Driving Accelerator Pedal stuck when brakes were applied. pedal went to the floor and failed to stop vehicle,
DODGE RAM 1998 Vehicle Exceeded 10mph Without Putting foot on accelerator. when consumer applied brakes or pressed gas pedal vehicle went faster. also,
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Throttle Was Stuck While Traveling at hwy speed of 70 mph with cruise control engaged. vehicle commenced to accelerate up to 80
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Consumer Can Shift Vehicle into any gear. stepped on gas pedal and vehicle would not move. rpms
DODGE NEON 2000 While Driving 50 To 55 mph pressed on accelerator and it stuck, almost causing an accident. also,
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 While Traveling At 50 mph in passing lane consumer depressed gas pedal to pass and vehicle did not gain any speed .
DODGE RAM 2500 2001 While Traveling At Approximately 35 mph on a down grade vehicle was picking up speed while consumer had brakes applied. vehicle
DODGE DYNASTY 1993 While Depressing Gas Pedal vehicle will slow down instead of accelerating than vehicle would stall out. at the same time consumer
DODGE STRATUS 2001 Brake And Gas Pedal Are too close. the two door model is further apart. one was almost killed when car jumped
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Engine Is Causing A "pinging" noise when accelerator pedal is pressed, causing a loss of power. dealership examined vehicle and
DODGE RAM 2500 1998 Automatic Transmission Has Difficulty shifting between drive and overdrive. also, vehicle will not accelerate properly with gas
DODGE RAM 2001 Vehicle Will Act As If out of gas and start jerking. rpms will go up and vehicle seems as if it is
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Consumer Heard A Growling Noise when taking foot of gas pedal. transmission blew a quarter size hole in it. also, losing
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 When Accelerating Gas Pedal Becomes stuck, and vehicle over speeds, it destroys engine.*ak
DODGE NEON 2000 Consumer Was Braking As Normal but vehicle was racing, and did not stop in time, causing a rear end accident. accelerator
DODGE STRATUS 1999 Consumer Pressed Down On throttle & it stuck to floor. vehicle wouldn't stop even after pressing brakes & pulling up
DODGE NEON 1995 Vehicle Lost Power Once It stopped or at slow turning speed. gas pedal pushed to floor, and vehicle would only go 2
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 While Driving At Approximately 40 mph accelerator pedal became stuck in open position, and vehicle started to gain speed, went to full
DODGE CARAVAN 1999 Consumer States That Engine Makes loud noise and it idles erratically, vehicle has stalled while travelling 60 mph, on one occasion, dealer
DODGE RAM 1997 Intermittently While Driving Along Accelerator pedal goes to the floor without application, causing unwanted acceleration. this happens with or without cruise control engagement.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Rear Carrier Weld Broke, causing vehicle to surge forward when applying accelerator, and transmisson did not go into gear.
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Upon Depressing Accelerator Pedal vehicle does not shift into gear. vehicle downshifts , and rpms race high, causing vehicle
DODGE NEON 2000 Spring In The Gas Pedal broke while driving at 65 mph, causing it to fly straight up. dealer has been ocntacted.*ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 When Accelerator Is Depressed there is a loud huming sound. please provide detail.*ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 When At A Stop And applied accelerator pedal and car won't shift into drive right away. when it did shift,
DODGE SPIRIT 1991 While Traveling And When Depressing gas pedal vehicle would not continue to travel. dealer was notified and stated that transmission blew out.
DODGE INTREPID 2000 While Driving Approximately 25 Mph the accelerator pedal cable "snapped" causing failure. *yc
DODGE MONACO 1991 When Approaching A Stop At 2 mph there was a clicking noise, and the accelerator pedal went to the floor without application and the
DODGE RAM 2500 1997 Accelerator Pedal Is Too Loose or soft, and on a rough terrain pulling a trailer, it makes the truck start to hop.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1991 Vehicle Isn't Going Into gear properly. when putting foot on gas pedal vehicle jumps forward, and the gears shift.
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 While Driving At 20-25mph Took foot off the accelerator, and vehicle remained at the same speed. contacted dealer they said nothing was
DODGE RAM 1996 When Driving There Is Loud noise coming from fuel pump. also, when applying the gas pedal vehicle won't move,
DODGE RAM 3500 1995 The Cable Crade Causing The accelerator to stick wide open. had to shut the engine off in order to bring the vehicle to
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 When Foot Is On Gas pedal the motor races, but the vehicle does not move. dealer says it's normal. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Accelerator Pedal Is Spaced Too far apart from the console. foot slipped & became wedged between console & pedal. vehicle had taken off
DODGE RAM 2500 1998 Without Prior Notice While Driving at any speed, the vehicle keeps shutting down due to excessive wear. *ak *yc
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Vehicle Experiencing Ongoing Problem With accelerator pedal stickig while driving. consumer can move foot off pedal and the vehicle would maintain speed as
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 When Applying Gas Pedal at an intersection, vehicle will drift into the intersection and engine will not take off. dealer
DODGE RAM 1999 While Backing Up The Accelerator pedal jammed, causing driver to run into home from under carport. truck was towed to the
DODGE STRATUS 1995 Accelerator Pedal Stuck. put vehicle in neutral which did not stop vehicle. vehicle had to be put in park in order
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Accelerator Pedal Got Stuck In open position, causing the vehicle to suddenly accelerate. brakes did not stop vehicle, resulting in an accident.
DODGE INTREPID 1996 While Backing Out Of The garage the accelerator pedal stuck, causing loss of vehicle control, resulting in vehicle hitting a fuel truck
DODGE NEON 1998 While Driving Accelerator Gets Stuck and will not release. to stop the vehicle consumer has to shut the key off while the
DODGE NEON 1995 While Traveling Approximately 45mph On narrow road, vehicle veered to side & hit another vehicle. driver (sister) overcorrected into other lane &
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Accelerator Sticks, Causing Consumer to have trouble controlling vehicle's speed. cannot make the vehicle speed up, but when it speeds
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with accelerator. at times whe apply the accelerator, it gets stuck. the manufacturer has
DODGE 600 1984 When Driving This Vehicle At 35 mph the accelerator sticks and the vehicle runs on its own without pressing the gas. dealer has been
DODGE INTREPID 1995 While Driving The Vehicle, the automatic transmission malfunctioned, causing the vehicle to slow down which may cause an accident. also while
DODGE RAM 1998 While Starting Accellerator Got stuck, and vehicle took off at about 45mph. brakes were applied, no change. the vehicle
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Sitting At A Stop Light and proceeding to accellerate, the gas pedal stuck to the floor for approximately 10 to 15 seconds.
DODGE RAM 2500 1994 Vehicle Is Used To Haul horses. when pulling a load up a hill, the truck will start violently bucking. after this,
DODGE SPIRIT 1995 After Making A Complete Stop applied the foot to the accelerator the vehicle would not pull. had to push the accelerator down to
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 When The Vehicle Is On an incline with foot on the brake pedal and upon depressing the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will roll back.
DODGE NEON 1996 Stopped At A Stop Light when the light turned green, the driver punched lightly down on the accelerator and seemed the left side had
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Vehicle Stalled When Accelerator Pedal was released, resulting in an accident/injury, *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Accelerator Pedal Sticks, Causing vehicle to go into open throttle position, and sometimes in close position where the pedal locked and will not
DODGE DYNASTY 1991 While Driving Vehicle Throttle Cable stuck in a open position , and the pedal will not move, rpms went up to 4000.
DODGE CARAVAN 1985 While Accelerating At 55 Mph, suddenly received no acceleration, gas pedal dropped to floor, black smoke came from rear exhaust, dealer
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 While Driving The Cruise Control will stay on and when driver attempts to press on the gas pedal vehicle will not stop. this is
DODGE CARAVAN 1988 When Pressing On The Fuel throttle the truck doesn't accelerate sometimes . please describe .*ak
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Consumer States That While Driving the throttle got stuck in the open position and would not disengage. ran (2) stop signs and had
DODGE NEON 1995 Consumer States The He Has been having problems with the anti- lock brake system for over a year. when you braking and turning
DODGE NEON 1995 While Driving The Vehicle, the accelerator pedal stuck for no reason, tried to brake vehicle while pedal was stuck, drove vehicle to
DODGE RAM 1500 2001 While Driving Accelerator Pedal Became stuck and vehicle collided with another vehicle. vehicle was unable to stop. consumer sustained injuries.*ak
DODGE NEON 2001 While In Heavy Traffic Accelerator pedal was applied and vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing a rear end collision. dealer and manufacturer have been notified.
DODGE DAKOTA 1991 When Foot Is Removed From accelerator, pedal doesn't lift up completely/accelerator sticks. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1991 During Vehicle Operation, The vehicle downshifted from 2nd to 1st. also when the gas pedal is applied, a delay is experienced before
DODGE DURANGO 2001 While Depressing Brake Pedal, backing vehicle out, it started to travel fast due to gas pedal and brake pedal being too
DODGE SHADOW 1991 While Driving 35 Mph Had slowed down, consumer applied accelerator and accelerator pedal stuck. applied brakes and brakes didnot stop vehicle.
DODGE RAM 2001 While Driving And After hitting accelerator there will not be a speed increase. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 When Applying Gas Pedal vehicle would lose power or hesitate, and then jump forward into gear. also, stalled completely
DODGE SHADOW 1992 When Applying Gas Pedal Vehicle revs and will not stop, revwing up to a higher speed, even after releasing pressure from the gas
DODGE INTREPID 2000 Pedal Accelerates Accessively While Traveling on highway. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
DODGE INTREPID 1998 While Driving Throttle Stuck, driver lost control of vehicle, and hit two other vehicles before stalling out. please provide further information.
DODGE RAM 1994 Vehicle Was Parked Inside Of parking lot, consumer started vehicle and put it into reverse. he went a couple of feet and the
DODGE RAM 1995 I Went To Pass Another vehicle and depressed the accelerator to the floor and as i completed passing the accelerator stuck in the wide open
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 My Accelerator Stuck In My 98 dodge caravan. the throttle cable was frayed badly. the tow truck driver mentioned he towed
DODGE DURANGO 1999 1999 Dodge Durango 5.2. engine accelerated with throttle stuck full open i was unable to brake. i was traveling around
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2000 The Gas Pedal Broke Off from the accelerator cable while we going 65 mph and my son had to drive to safty by reaching down
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 I Lost Control Of The van trying to stop instead of hitting the truck i hit the steering wheel froze the brakes locked and the
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 While Driving At Approximately 60mph caravan began to slow down to about 40mph and did not want to accelerate when gas pedal was pushed down.
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 My Wife Was Trying To pass another car, when she stomped down on the accelerator to pass, it stayed there and the truck
DODGE RAM 1997 Please Delete Odi #739665. this is the revised complaint. the first repair to the accelerator sticking was done at the
DODGE RAM 1997 The First Repair To The accelerator sticking was done at the cadillac truck center in cadillac, michigan. the last two repairs were
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 Attn Frank Borris. upon pushing throttle to wot the cable stuck. i noticed the pedal wouldn't return at
DODGE NEON 2001 Gas Pedal Folded Over at approx a 90 degree angle, towards driver when driver was attempting to back out of a driveway.
DODGE STRATUS 2000 This Vehicle Is Owned By the state of virginia: i operate this vehicle in conjunction with my position with the government. since being
DODGE SHADOW 1994 Intermittent Stalling - Engine Stalls when gas pedal is released. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 This Has Happened Multiple Times over the last year. what made me report this one is someone else out there is experiencing
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Merging From An On Ramp, accelerator went to the floor by itself and would not release. enginge kept racing faster and faster.
DODGE DURANGO 1998 While On The Highway, the gas pedal dropped to the floor and the car accelerated out of control. applying the brakes did
DODGE STRATUS 1996 I Have Had Over 8 different problems with this car in the last 2yrs, have brakes replaced twice, tires replaced twice, electric
DODGE DURANGO 1998 As My Wife, Starla lee citarella ,was pulling into a parking space the brake pedal pad slipped off as she applied the
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Gas Pedal Failed. yh
DODGE PICKUP 1996 The Consumer Received Recall On throttle cable and linkages. while the vehicle was in dealers shop for recall fixing, the fuel pump broke,
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Accelerator Pedal Stuck Causing Accident/injury. qcaw
DODGE NEON 1995 Accelerator Pedal Sticks. engine gasket failure.
DODGE RAM 1998 Failed Accelerator Pedal, Causing sudden loss of engine power.
DODGE NEON 1995 Grinding Noise In Gas Pedal constantly.
DODGE DODGE 1971 Accelerator Pedal Stuck. *aw
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 dodge grand caravan. while driving at approximately 10 mph, the accelerator pedal was depressed and became stuck
DODGE B350 1992 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1992 dodge b350. while driving 50 mph, the accelerator pedal became stuck and caused the vehicle's speed to
DODGE DURANGO 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2004 dodge durango. the contact stated that the accelerator pedal failed to respond and the service four wheel
DODGE JOURNEY 2010 Tried To Accelerate Out Of a turn, pressed accelerator pedal, accelerator pedal material broke at attachment point. *js
DODGE CHALLENGER 2009 The Gas Pedal Stop Working going up a grade then started working after put the pedal to the floor. *js
DODGE CARAVAN 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 dodge caravan. the contact noticed that the accelerator pedal became detached. the contact was able to drive
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Have To Stomp On Gas pedal to unstick it after using cruise control the 2005 chrysler town & country at my church has the
DODGE CALIBER 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 dodge caliber. the contact stated that while driving approximately 40 to 50 mph, all of the lights
DODGE CALIBER 2007 I Bought A 2007, dodge caliber. drove it for a while. then as i was driving in a school x-ing my accelerator
DODGE CALIBER 2007 2007 Dodge Caliber. Consumer expresses discontent regarding recall repairs regarding the accelerator pedal.*tgw the consumer stated his daughters vehicle is handicap
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 doge caravan. the contact stated that when attempting to accelerate, the accelerator pedal would sporadically become stuck
DODGE STRATUS 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 dodge stratus. he stated that while driving at speeds of 10 mph, the vehicle accelerated causing
DODGE CALIBER 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 dodge caliber. the contact stated when traveling at speeds of at least 60 mph and when the accelerator
DODGE CALIBER 2007 My 2007 Dodge Caliber Sxt has a problem with the throttle. the pedal sticks, causing the accelerator to raise the rpms to
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge grand caravan. while driving approximately 35 mph, the contact stated that the accelerator pedal became stuck intermittently
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2006 On Four Separate Occasions My 2006 dodge grand caravan se gas peddle got stuck. three times while driving it got stuck. it didn't
DODGE CARAVAN 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 dodge caravan. while driving approximately 35 mph the accelerator pedal stuck and as he engaged the pedal the vehicle
DODGE RAM 1500 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 dodge ram 1500. the hook that secures the drivers floor mat to the floor fractured. as a
DODGE DAKOTA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 dodge dakota. the contact stated that the floor mat caused the accelerator pedal to stick. as a
DODGE NEON 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 dodge neon. while driving in the center lane at 40 mph, the accelerator pedal moved all the
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Gas Pedal Locked Up While using cruise control;turned off cruise control,this freed up gas pedal but still a little sticky. rear tail
DODGE DURANGO 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 dodge durango. while driving 35 mph, the accelerator pedal came apart and is currently very loose.
DODGE RAM 1500 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge ram 1500. while driving at various speeds, the contact experiences difficulty opening the rear window.
DODGE DURANGO 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge durango. while pulling into a tire shop parking lot, the contact's foot slipped off the brake
DODGE RAM 2500 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 dodge ram 2500. the contact previously took his vehicle to the dealer for rough idling. the
DODGE CALIBER 2007 1. Events Leading up to the failure, accelerating from light making a left hand turn. 2. failure and its
DODGE RAM 2500 2006 Throttle-body Stuck. Accelerates for approx. 2 seconds then releases. this is the second time it has happened. only
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2008 Car Was Put Into Drive, as i started to drive, i noticed the engine racing. i looked down and saw it was
DODGE CALIBER 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge caliber. while driving 55 mph, the accelerator pedal snapped and went underneath the brake pedal when
DODGE CHARGER 2007 In July 2007 I Purchased a 07 dodge charger. it has been in the shop 20+ times in the last 6 months.
DODGE NITRO 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge nitro. the vehicle has a manual transmission and was sold with a non-functioning parking brake.
DODGE RAM 3500 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge ram 3500. the contact stated that his vehicle has been in the shop 4-5 times.
DODGE CHARGER 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 dodge charger. while driving 30 mph, the accelerator pedal failed while attempting to accelerate. the
DODGE MAGNUM 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge magnum. while driving 10 mph, the accelerator pedal became inoperable for approximately 40 seconds.
DODGE DURANGO 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge durango. while driving 10 mph, the contact's foot slipped off the accelerator pedal and prevented him
DODGE RAM 2500 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 dodge ram 2500. while driving at an unknown speed, the vehicle will begin to lose power.
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Gas Pedal Stuck After van stoppe d for awhile. looking to see if therewas a recall for any parts pertaining to
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2005 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Customer states that after 60 mph the accelerator pedal starts to stick**cc the consumer was informed that a new air
DODGE INTREPID 1999 A Friend Was Getting On to the highway when the accelerator stuck and reved the engine all the way. we had just put
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Tl*- The Contact owna a 2005 dodge caravan. the throttle was sticking on the off mode and stayed stuck
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 There Have Been No Crashes with this vehicle. the problem has existed approximately 1 year. the gas pedal sticks.
DODGE INTREPID 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated When the vehicle was started; the engine was chugging and would not accelerate properly while traveling 30 mph.
DODGE DAKOTA 1996 October 27, 2006 I took 2 friends to town and when the person in the middle seat could not get the seat belt to
DODGE RAM 1500 2006 If You Apply Hard Pressure to the brake pedal, the pedal will travel almost to the floor going past the gas pedal. the
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 2000 Dodge Caravan Consumers Foot slipped off the accelerator pedal causing a very dangerous accident. *kb the consumer was not able to get
DODGE DURANGO 2006 1 - Throttle Sticks, at approximately 55 mph, 2000 rpm's 2- hard to stop vehicle, when throttle is stuck 3
DODGE DAKOTA 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated while approaching a parking space at 5mph, both the accelerator and brake pedal were depressed simultaneously, because there
DODGE NEON 2005 2005 Dodge Neon [xxx]. 4 cyl, 2.0 ltr engine, 12,326 miles, i was driving in anchorage alaska, on
DODGE MAGNUM 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at no particular speed, the throttle control light illuminated and the vehicle lost power. the
DODGE DURANGO 2005 Purchased Vehicle In March 2005, and within the first two days vehicle engine stalling at highway speeds while on the freeway. took vehicle
DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Dt: Consumer Stated That 2005 dodge caravan accelerator stuck and she could not stop. owner put both feet on the brakes,
DODGE NEON 2002 Dt: While Driving In bumper to bumper traffic the consumer's vehicle was involved in a collision. the owner glanced away for a
DODGE RAM 2002 While Driving Vehicle Will Experienced sudden acceleration. however, when applying the accelerator pedal vehicle idled quietly, and then suddenly accelerated.
DODGE RAM 1500 2002 While Reversing Out Of Driveway the accelerator pedal stuck to the floor, causing consumer's vehicle to crash into a fence/another vehicle, and
DODGE DURANGO 2004 While Driving The Throttle Stuck, and the brakes failed. this caused the consumer to go into a ditch. vehicle was towed.
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 While Attempting To Accelerating to 40 mph and pulling out a parking lot the throttle stuck in the open position. when this occurred
DODGE NEON 2003 The Vehicle Experienced Sudden Acceleration when the driver barely touched the pedal, almost hitting the vehicles that were in front. manufacturer was contacted
DODGE RAM 2500 2002 Vehicle Idles And Does Not accelerate when the gas pedal is stepped on. also, vehicle tends to decelerate often when it is
DODGE RAM 1500 2004 The Gas Pedal Pushed Down and stuck to the floor, causing the vehicle to have sudden acceleration. dealer was notified by consumer,
DODGE B350 1998 While Driving At Any Speed consumer had to shift to neutral and shut off the vehicle to get the accelerator pedal unstuck. dealership
DODGE RAM 3500 2004 Consumer Noticed That The Vehicle shifted gears on it own. while the vehicle was parked it shifted into reverse.
DODGE NEON 1998 While Applying The Accelerator Pedal vehicle failed to accelerate. consumer applied the accelerator pedal numerous times and the vehicle accelerated.
DODGE RAM 3500 2003 While Applying The Accelerator Pedal vehicle failed to accelerate and moved on its own. vehicle was towed to the dealer for inspection,
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 While Driving At 60 Mph vehicle suddenly accelerated by itself between 70-75 mph. the brakes were applied but failed to slow down
DODGE INTREPID 1999 After Starting The Vehicle and placing the vehicle in reverse it will accelerate to the point that it will almost run over other
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 After Driving 5 Or 10 minutes vehicle lost power and stalled. consumer contacted the manufacturer, and had taken it to dealer on several
DODGE RAM 2004 While Driving Vehicle Hesitated While applying the accelerator pedal. then, vehicle stalled. consumer restarted vehicle, and drove
DODGE STRATUS 2004 While Driving At Low Speeds vehicle stalled. *ak after the vehicle stalls it cuts off even when the consumers foot is on the
DODGE CARAVAN 2002 While Sitting At An Intersection and then applying the accelerator pedal vehicle hesitated then stalled. consumer restarted vehicle, and drove
DODGE NEON 2003 The Accelerator Stuck And The brakes failed. dealer contacted the manufacturer, who reported that the throttle screw was loose, and
DODGE DAKOTA 2001 I Own A 2001 Dodge dakota quad cab 4x4 sle that we purchased new. in the last 6 months, and with only 49000
DODGE MAGNUM 2005 I Have A New 2005 dodge magnum which is a new car. the car has the 5.7l hemi motor. on
DODGE DURANGO 2004 The Consumer Stated That Accelerator/brake pedal were too close. together. this could cause the consumer to depress the pedals simultaneously. dealership
DODGE DURANGO 2000 When Applying The Brakes Vehicle went into full acceleration. no impact reported. dealer stated that brake pedal sensor switch failed.
DODGE STRATUS 1999 I Was Stopping The Car to park and suddenly it accelerated by itself, brakes didn┤t stop the car not even parking brake and crash
DODGE RAM 2003 While Driving 65 Mph Throttle control failed. as a result, vehicle lost acceleration. no impact reported. *ak
DODGE RAM MAXIVAN 1992 At Any Speed T Vehicle will not accelerate. when the consumer depresses the gas pedal for a prolonged time the vehicle will stall.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 At Any Speed Air Bag light comes on and stays on. when the air bag light comes on horn and the cruise
DODGE RAM 3500 2003 Intermittently When The Accelerator Pedal is depressed vehicle fails to accelerate and stays in the idle position. when this occurs the consumer coasts
DODGE RAM PICKUP 2003 Vehicle Accelerated To A Higher speed without accelerator pedal being depressed. when in second or third gear, and driver released
DODGE NEON 2001 While Leaving A Parking Lot the bracket attachment of the gas pedal fell off and caused the gas pedal to fall behind the brake pedal.
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Started Vehicle Put It In reverse and the accelerator went to the floor and the vehicle went backward full speed. *la
DODGE RAM 2002 When Accelerating. Intermittently Accelerator pedal would stick and would not go over 20 mph. cause has yet to be determine. had taken
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Consumer States Vehicle Does Not accelerate, when applying gas vehicle shuts off. dealer notified. *ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 When Driving With Cruise Control if the brakes are applied and driver returns to cruise control by accelerating the gas pedal goes to
DODGE INTREPID 1999 The Pin That Holds The gas pedal to the gas pedal bracket on the floor comes out causing the gas pedal to seperate form the
DODGE RAM 2500 2003 Vehicle Will Suddendly Accelerate At high speeds without warning. this has occurred several times. the dealership/ service manager is unable to fix
DODGE AVENGER 1995 Consumer Called Complaining About brake problems. also, while driving gas pedal went all the way to the floor, and consumer
DODGE CARAVAN 2002 When Vehicle Was Not Running, it rolled down a hill at 40 mph and airbags did tot deploy. dealer notified. *ak
DODGE RAM PICKUP 1996 Gas Pedal Sticking On 1996 dodge ram pickup causing the vehicle to immediately accelerate. pedal had to be manually pulled "up" to stop the
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 The Accelerator Pedal Traveled To the floor own its own, which increased speed, the consumer had to put the gear into neutral to
DODGE DURANGO 2001 Sudden Acceleration.
DODGE INTREPID 1998 The Accelerator Pedal Became Stuck, consumer was unable to stop the vehicle. *jb

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