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Dodge Structure Body Trunk Lid Reports

16 Mar

DODGE STRATUS 1995 The Trunk Lid Has No air shocks just springs on both sides, if the wind blows or if there is any kind of movement
DODGE INTREPID 1994 The Trunk Lid Support Is weak and the trunk will not stay up.*ak consumer states when trunk lid is open, it will

DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Recall Related, 95i001005,structure liftgate assembly failure,vehicle impact 6:00, position and lifgate popped open and unlatched. *ak consumer was
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Owners Have Been Waiting Over 1 year for this recall to be completed.mfr 800-line is stating now that parts will be available till nov-dec
DODGE CARAVAN 1989 Consumer Feels That Chrysler Has taken an excessive period of time to correct the problem, chrysler said they will send him a notice in
DODGE CARAVAN 1987 Contacted The Dealer Since December, parts not available regarding service campagin 95i001000.
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Trunk Lid Will Drop With a heavy force when opened, causing injuries. *ak
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Built In Child Safty Seat, the harness strips lockup and you can't get the child out unless you pull hard on the straps.
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Dar Cars Chrysler 95i001. owner is experiencing difficulty having recall work perfomed.. *ak
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Purchase Car When Pressing On the horn the trunk opened up the dash board where the air bag is loose having other problem consumer will
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Trunk Hinges Continue To Fall when lifted, spring will not hold trunk in place. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Consumer Received Recall Ltr From chrysler 11\02\95, contacted dealer same day but no parts available for repairs. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Sliding Door May Not Open from inside w/automatic door mechanism not locking allowing door to fly open. please describe details. tt
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Falls Unexpectly On consumer. brake pedal sticks. please describe all other probelms. tt
DODGE SPIRIT 1994 Rust On Trunk Lid And on bumper. tt
DODGE NEON 2001 Trunk Lid Will Not Stay in the upright position, springs do not work, there is no tension at all. when in upright
DODGE NEON 1997 Trunk Leaks, Causing Back seat floor to flood. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details.*ak
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Consumer Was Loading Trunk And trunk lid fell down.*ak the trunk lid was heavy and there was nothing to hold it up
DODGE CARAVAN 1989 Trunk Door, When Opening will not stay in up position, will slam shut. also when vehicle put in drive, it
DODGE CARAVAN 1986 While Trunk Lid Was Opened without any indication trunk lid dropped, causing injury to consumer. pleased provide further information.*ak
DODGE NEON 1997 Trunk Leaks When It Rains mats and panel smell . it seems to be coming through the vents of the trunk .
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Bolt Broke From The Trunk lid door , and plastic electrical wires on the inside of the door are coming apart due to the
DODGE NEON 1997 There Is A Leak In the trunk area, flooding the back of the vehicle with three inches of water . consumer has contacted
DODGE INTREPID 1993 A Gust Of Wind Blew and trunk shut down. consumer's hand was caught in the trunk. however, no injuries
DODGE INTREPID 1995 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with trunk lid assembly. while trunk was in the air, it came down and hit consumer
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Trunk Slams Down Heavily When coming out of 90%degree angle which could result in injuries. *ak
DODGE NEON 1998 Consumer Has A Head injury due to the design of the trunk, there is nothing to hold the trunk up. *ak
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Whenever Vehicle Is Parked Or in motion, the truck would pop up & rear view is obstructed. door locks make clicking sounds as
DODGE INTREPID 1994 The Trunk Lid Of The car keeps falling down because it's too loose. owner has been injured. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 There's A Recall On Mr. colby's vehicle. but he cannot get his vehicle fixed under the recall because the system is showing
DODGE SHADOW 1991 The Trunk Hinges On The driver side have corroded, and when driving at all speeds the torque bar makes a squeaking sound, and
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Water Entering Vehicle From Outside into trunk. location is spare tire & jack area. jack was rusty & corroded when retrieved. carpet
DODGE STRATUS 1995 Trunk Lid Has No Hydraulic support rod, trunk crashes down when ever pushed up, as result, lid has fallen on owners head
DODGE INTREPID 1994 The Mechanism That Supports The truck does not keep it in the open position when the vehicle is on a slight incline or when a
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Consumer States That The Sliding door just came off.*ak
DODGE NEON 2000 Consumer States Whenever It Rains water flows through trunk and enters cabin and floods vehicle's floodboard. mr
DODGE NEON 1998 Whenever It Rains Rear bench seat floor, drivers and passenger side ,there is a puddle of water. consumer feels water is
DODGE NEON 2000 Consumer Stated Water Leaks Into trunk, which in return makes puddles of water on floorboard on the passengers side. contacted dealer. *ak.
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Consumer States That The Trunk lid is heavy. *slc
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Trunk Leaks. *mjs
DODGE STRATUS 1998 Trunk Is So High That it is impossible anything directly behind the vehicle.
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Trunk Lid Came Down On driver's head, causing a mild concussion. also,replaced warped brake rotors/steering rack and power steering and egr valve.
DODGE DAKOTA 1992 Vehicle Frame Is Disintergrating, breaking off in big chunks, in tire frame from cab back must be replaced. this vehicle has been
DODGE DURANGO 2002 Hood Insulation Missing Overheating The paint . back door allows emissions from the exhaust . roof panel does not fit at
DODGE NEON 1998 Water Leaks Around Rear Light assembly through gaping holes underneath trunk lid. water has been collecting there for quite some time and collects in
DODGE NEON 1998 Trunk Is Leaking Around Tail lights causing serious water damage. it has leaked down the trunk into the cab, ruining the carpet,
DODGE NEON 1997 Trunk Is Soaked With Water every time it rains, causing all carpeting to be mildewed and moldy, jack and spare tire rim to
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
DODGE NEON 1999 Head Gasket Went Out In vehicle and chrysler says that it is not their problem.vehicle is only 2 yrs and should not have this
DODGE NEON 1997 I Bought My Neon Used (but only a year old) i have had many problems with this car my blinkers come on by themselves,
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Bolt Attaching The Rear Door support shock to the body broke off at the top thread. the shock immediately extended and tore the
DODGE STRATUS 1996 1) Transmission Leak Due To crack in case. mechanic diagnosed as crack due to damaged differential carrier. described as mounting pin broke or
DODGE NEON 1997 Every Time It Rains Our trunk gets soaked and the water moves through the floor board carpet and soakes the floor from front to back.
DODGE NEON 1998 For As Much As I pay per month on this vehicle, it has been nothing but constant problems. i am a single
DODGE NEON 1996 In Severial Neon's There Has been water damage due to improperly sealed trunks and rear lights. water comes in. settles in
DODGE COLT 1986 For Years, Water Leaking inside trunk. don't know where leak coming from. rotted away entire interior of trunk.
DODGE NEON 1995 Transmission/ Engine Continue To Stay at high idle after foot is taken off gas; windows sometimes leak due to moulding assembly,
DODGE NEON 1998 This Car Has Gone Dead twice in the last year and a half while driving.
DODGE RAM 1998 The Latch "will" Vibrate And come lose witch may cause the door to come lose in a crash
DODGE INTREPID 1993 The Trunk Lid Seals And weather stripping leaking during rain and car washing. the blower door control motor makes a noise during vehicle
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1994 While Driving We Experenced A loud explosive sound which was the failure of the bolt holding the right gate lift strut on the gate and
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Have Had Repeated Problems With this car since purchase 2 years ago. water pump has been replaced at least 3 times.
DODGE SPIRIT 1992 The Trunk Seal Leaks At the upper corners of the trunk. water collected inside and trunk has rusted in certain areas.
DODGE NEON 1998 Bumper Cover & Trunk Lid assembly experiencing failure. *yc
DODGE AVENGER 1995 Trunk Release Handle Broke.
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Leaks.
DODGE INTREPID 1998 Consumer States The The Trunk won't stay open. *tt
DODGE INTREPID 2001 While Loading Items Into Trunk of vehicle, the lifts malfunctioned causing the rear trunk lid to fall on consumer, causing injury.(attorney on
DODGE NEON 2000 The Trunk Does Not Function properly. nlm
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Recall Repair Completed (95i-001) however the trunk has collasped on the consumers head due to failure after repair work. *mjs
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Prior To The Recall The lift gate support, the vehicle failed while the lift gate was in up position because the bolt sheared off.
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Trunk Snaps On Lifting Due to broken piston. yh
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Rear Trunk Lid (liftgate) Experienced failure prior to recall notice (95i001005). *yc
DODGE INTREPID 1996 Trunk Lid Collapses From A slight breeze/on an incline or if you bump the rear of vehicle. qcaw
DODGE INTREPID 1996 Trunk Leaks.
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Fuel Rail Failure.
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Transmission Would Take Five Seconds or more to shift into gear after the gear shift was put into "drive".
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Transmission Would Take Five Seconds or more to shift into gear after the gear shift was put into "drive". dealer fixed the problem.
DODGE INTREPID 1994 When The Vehicle Is Parked on a slight incline with the truck fully open, the trunk closes and may cause an injury.
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Trunk Lid Has Fallen Down on consumer's head.
DODGE NEON 1995 Trunk Falls Down Due To hinges and attachments.
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Right Lifter Bracket Came Off at the weld point when closing liftgate.
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Trunk Leaks.
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Will Not Stay in up position.
DODGE NEON 1995 Trunk Leaks Water Inside.
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Trunk Lid Closes On Its own if not opened completely. *dh
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Fell On Driver 4 times. *sd
DODGE NEON 1995 Trunk Cable Failed. *sd
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Trunk Lid Groans When Opening. *ak
DODGE NEON 1996 Trunk Springs Not Strong Enough to hold lid open against wind gusts. *dsh
DODGE CARAVAN 1987 Liftgate Remote Release Button Failed due to corrosion build up. *skd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Water/snow Leak Into Trunk Then down into cavity. *skd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Support Fails, causing truck lid to shut without assistance. *skd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Will Not Stay in the open position. *sd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Fails To Stay up during strong winds, causing lid to drop/injury. *skd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Trunk Lid Designed With No mechanism to hold lid up when open, allowing wind to blow trunk lid down, causing injury to driver's
DODGE SHADOW 1994 Trunk Lid Misaligned. *skd
DODGE STRATUS COUPE 2001 The Trunk Door Came Slamming down on my head and i thought it was bleeding at the time. thankfully it was not,
DODGE STRATUS 2002 Trunk Falls Continually After Staying in upright position for a few seconds or minutes. everyone of my family has been injured since i bought
DODGE MAGNUM 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2006 dodge magnum. the contact stated that the gear shifter could not be shifted from park.
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 dodge intrepid. the contact stated that the vehicle was parked and the hood was raised while she was
DODGE CHARGER 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 dodge charger. the contact purchased his vehicle used from the dealer on march 9, 2009.
DODGE NEON 2001 Leaky Trunk And Back Seat. *tr
DODGE NEON 1998 Trunk Full Of Water - trunk & light seals are bad - why hasn't there been a recall on this safety feature? lights have
DODGE NEON 1996 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 1996 dodge neon. the contact stated that the paint on the vehicle was chipping on the
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2003 My 2003 New Dodge Caravan had the transmission replaced x3, air conditioner replaced x1 then repaired again x 2, replaced starter, wheel
DODGE NEON 2001 The Seal Around The Trunk lid is leaking. there was a large puddle in my trunk from rain water, it leaked underneath
DODGE CHARGER 2006 I Am About To File a lemon law complaint because dodge has been "unable to duplicate" the most serious problems that have plagued my vehicle,
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Decklid Was Opened To Full upright position. i proceeded to place merchandise into cargo area. decklid fell attempting to close by itself,
DODGE NEON 2002 Water Gets In The Back seat through the trunk. there usually is between 1 to 2 inches. dealer was notified.*ak
DODGE NEON 2001 The Seal Around The Trunk of the vehicle leaked, creating a molding smell around the trunk and rear seating of the vehicle.
DODGE INTREPID 2003 Water Was Leaking Inside The vehicle trunk. this caused mildew odors getting inside the vehicle while driving. vehicle was at dealer on
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Water Collects In Trunk's Spare wheel well when it rains. consumer suspects this water leakage is responsible for vehicle interior/exterior lights flickering when
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Driver Power Window Motor Failed twice, now the window has to be held in place for it to roll up straight and go into
DODGE NEON 1998 Rain Water Accumulates In The trunk gathering around the spare tire. this has happened since purchase. *nlm
DODGE NEON 1996 When Ever It Rains Water accumulates in the trunk area and all over the rug in the rear of vehicle. it

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