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Dodge Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System Reports

16 Mar

DODGE RAM 2500 1994 Float In Fuel Tank doesn't register accurately to tell how much fuel is in vehicle. contact dealer, nothing dealer could
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Fuel Sending Unit Went Out. this indicated that tank was empty. took vehicle to dealer . dlr put in a

DODGE RAM 1994 Intermittently Fuel Sending Unit Is not registering the proper amount of fuel in the fuel tank. dealer notified, and informed consumer that
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 Float Within The Fuel Sending unit is defective, causing gauge not to register which could result in running out of gas. consumer has
DODGE SPIRIT 1994 Unable To Get A part needed for float sender. dealer notified, and informed consumer that 244 parts were on back
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 Gas Guage Misreads The Amount of fuel in the vehicle . dealer has replaced the sending unit prior to this incident.
DODGE B200 1977 The Fuel Tank Float Sender had broken loose, causing fuel tank to leak. *ak
DODGE RAM 1995 A Short In Wiring Harness, caused the fuel gauge to go out along with a few other electrical elements. contacted the manufacturer
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Fuel Sending Unit Is Linking fluid.*ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1994 Consumer States That The Fuel pump and fuel float failed. *tt
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 The Fuel Tank Sending Unit was malfunctioning. *et
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Rear Axles Seals Leaked lubricant on the brake shoes causing loss of braking. this problem a very serious safety concern when
DODGE RAM 1996 Failed Sending Unit Will Not allow fuel gauge to indicate gas level in tank. *ak
DODGE RAM CLUB CAB 1998 Fuel Sending Unit Failed. yh
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Fuel Gauge Sender Failed. yh
DODGE RAM 2500 1998 Fuel Sending Unit Failed. *yc
DODGE DYNASTY 1993 The Fuel Tank Sending Unit failed causing the fuel gauge to fluctuate. nlm
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 The Gas Guage Was Malfunctoning due to gas tank sending unit failure. the consumer wants the manufacturer to reimburse him for the repairs because
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 New Sending Unit For Fuel gauge installed. cj
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 The Fuel Sending Unit Failed. *mjs
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Fuel Gauge Failed Due To faulty pump/level, replaced however continued to experience failure, second repair of the sending unit did not rectify failure.
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 Gas Gauge Inside Fuel Tank failed, replacement failed also. mjs
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Sender Continually Fails.
DODGE MOTOR HOME 1995 Sending Unit Failed.
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 Fuel Sending Unit Failed.
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 Fuel Gauge Sending Unit.
DODGE DURANGO 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 dodge durango. when inserting fuel in the fuel tank the gasoline will regurgitate. also
DODGE STRATUS 1999 1999 Dodge Stratus With Fuel gauge problems. consumer states that the fuel gauge shows various value even if the tank is empty. consumer
DODGE DURANGO 4X4 2007 I Purchased A Brand New 2007 dodge durango on 9/21/07 from hatch motor company in snowflake, az. i had this vehicle for
DODGE RAM 3500 1995 Fuel Gauge Not Working. ie full fuel tank, gauge reads empty. *tr
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Durango Was Parked At A business lot when my mother tried to start it the gas gauge didn't register, so she called my husband
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2005 Airbag Sensor Started Coming On about 6 weeks ago. i took vehic le to dealer two days ago, and
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2005 Gas Gauge Does Not Read correctly. ran out of gas on interstate and gauge said it was half full. *jb
DODGE RAM 2500 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds, the abs warning light illuminated and the fuel gauge did not register the content level of
DODGE RAM 3500 1997 I Have A 1997 Dodge ram truck 3500 with 5.9 liter 6 cylinder diesel laramie slt. the fuel gauge hasn't worked for
DODGE RAM 2500 2002 Consumer Concerned About The 2002 2500 dodge ram engine. *ts the consumer stated there is a problem with the fuel injection pump
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Dt: When Gas Tank Is filled full the gas tank level on the dashboard will drop to empty, and the gas light will illuminate,
DODGE DURANGO 2004 Fuel Gauge System Is Unreliable. .. dealer has told me nothing can be done... i can never know how much
DODGE NEON 2003 I Have A 2003 Dodge neon that i bought brand new with one mile on it when i took it off the lot. since
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 Dt: The Contact Owns A 1999 dodge grand caravan. he states that for the last two years all the gauges will go out while
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Dodge Dakota 1999 Numerous Problems with vehicle ball joint and steering mechanisms. *bf there were also problems with the rear
DODGE RAM 2001 Gas Gauge Does Not Register all the time, consumer stated after filling the vehicle with gas to capacity it shows
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2003 I Just Purchased 2003 Dodge grand caravan i was in the expressway and just suddenly the vehicle started shaking and the engine wanted to die
DODGE DURANGO 1999 While Driving There Was A popping noise. the vehicle was taken to the dealer in which they found that the upper and lower
DODGE STRATUS 2004 When Driving Fuel Gauge Dropped to empty. as a result, consumer was forced to put fuel into the vehicle everyday. *ak
DODGE INTREPID 1996 The Rack An Pinion Bushing failed had to replace the whole rack and pinion.also the axle had to be replaced the ring for the
DODGE RAM 2001 The Consumer Stated The Fuel gauge read incorrectly. as a result the vehicle ran out of fuel before the meter read empty, leaving
DODGE RAM 3500 2000 Consumer Noticed That Fuel Gauge was giving false reading when fuel gauge reached half full. vehicle ran out of gas because the fuel
DODGE RAM 3500 2000 Without Warning Vehicle Stalled, causing the driver to drift to the side of the road. consumer stated that the fuel gauge was
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Horn Is Hard To Blow. rear end makes whining noise and it started using 5 quarts of oil between oil changes. i only
DODGE RAM 1500 2001 Consumer Noticed Fuel Gauge Failed while driving. dealer told consumer that warranty expired. *ak
DODGE RAM 1997 After Filling Vehicle With Fuel the fuel gauge will read empty. the fuel-sending unit is the cause of improper fuel gauge reading.
DODGE RAM 2500 1998 While Driving At 55mph vehicle shut down for no reason, forcing consumer to pull out of the road. dealer
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 Gas Gauge Inside On The dodge ram 2500 diesel engines corodes and falls off after a short period of time. our truck is a
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 The Fuel Gauge Wavers After filling up. when there is less than half a tank of gas in car, the gauge reads
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 I Own Both A 1991 and a 1995 dodge caravan... the 1991 has numerous problems, including a back hatch that won't
DODGE DAKOTA 2002 Fuel Level Is Off. the vehicle may have 7-8 gallons out of 22 when fuel light comes on. book says you
DODGE RAM 1999 The Fuel Gauge Did Not give a correct reading.*jb *ts
DODGE RAM 2500 1997 Fuel Guage Is Broken For the second time. first was under warranty in 1999. the sending unit was replaced.
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 Fuel Gauge Is Not Reading accurately and while driving vehicle runs out of gas. please provide additional information.
DODGE NEON 2000 The Vehicle's Gas Gauge Is inoperative. the gauge was reading full , but vehicle was out of gas. the dealership replaced
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Fuel Tank, Been A problem since we bought it, every time we go to bring the vechicle in for them, then could
DODGE RAM 1500 2001 Car Stalled Numerous Time At any speed due to a faulty fuel sending unit not working properly. dealer has been notified. please

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