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Dodge Fuel System, Gasoline Carburetor System Reports

16 Mar

DODGE SHADOW 1987 Fuel Is Leaking In The carburetor, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. *ak *jb
DODGE AVENGER 1995 The Engine Sucks Up Water and caused the vehicle to stall unexpectantly. please describe. tt

DODGE AVENGER 1995 Under Wet/rainy/puddle, Intake System accumulates water which results in vehicle stalling immediately. please describe details. tt
DODGE RAM 50 1987 Carburetor Failed Due To Corrosion. *ak
DODGE COLT 1986 Carburetor Fire. *ak
DODGE RAM 3500 1994 Intake Manifold Gasket Causes A vaccum leak, resulting in a loss of brakes. tt
DODGE COLT VISTA 1986 Mfr Recall No 324t. replacement of solenoid in top part of carburetor, left a part of fuel nozzle in carburetor. owner has
DODGE DAKOTA 1994 904-386-8388(w): Air Intake Snorkel Can suck rain water thru air intake snorkel into engine; caused static hydro lock up of engine; bends and
DODGE RAM 2000 While Wheel Alignment Was Done mechanic noticed front rotors were worn down to nothing, metal to metal. replaced rotors and front disc pads.
DODGE STRATUS 1997 There Is A Crack In intake manifold. manufacturer has been notified.*ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Engine Was Burning A Quart of oil within 700-900 miles , dealer claimed this was a normal characteristic. dealer did replaced intake manifold
DODGE INTREPID 1995 When Vehicle Is Starting Off to drive or when sitting still, it shakes and vibrates excessively. dealer contacted and is aware of problem.
DODGE RAM 1996 Consumer Experiencing Ongoing Problems with vehicle on varouis parts. 1. transmission failed to operate at 58,000 mile of wear 2.
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 Consumer Had Been Driving Vehicle for about 45 minutes when he started to smell a strong smell of fuel. then he parked vehicle,
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Intake Manifold Slipped Out. dealer notified and will repair if repair costs are picked up by consumer. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Due To An Oil Leak on the intake manifold, head gasket caused the vehicle to catch on fire. fire department was
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Consumer States Had Vehicle Checked by dlr due to smelling gas fumes. dlr determined that fuel is leaking from lower intake manifold and
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Consumer States Of Having Problems with the intake manifold gasket. dealer was contacted. mr
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Consumer States That The Intake manifold is causing vehicle to stall.*jb
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Engine Head Gasket Blewout, causing vehicle to leak oil. *ak consumer states that the manifold was cracked and welded.
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Consumer Was Traveling About 25mph on a residential street. she was bending down to pick up something from the floor while vehicle was
DODGE RAM 1998 Consumers Vehicle Ran Into A trailer on his property and abs was defective, also brake drums were rusted, dealership was aware of problem.
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 While Towing A Trailer My truck lost complete power, engine did not die. i pulled over to side of the road
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Intake Seal Leaked Allowing Most of the oil to burn. i was driving on the illinois tollway and the oil guage dropped to
DODGE INTREPID 1996 I Had Almost Constant Problems i.e. mechanical,equipment and fought a neverending battle with the dealership/warranty dept. and lost work/jobs ultimately leading
DODGE RAM 2001 The Servicing Dealer, Danbury dodge, 100b federal rd, danbury, ct 06813, phone 203-825-5900 has had my truck in the shop
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 Intake Manifold Leak , talking to dealer and mechanic shop this is a common problem and has been for a long time, chrysler
DODGE RAM 1998 Spark Knock Noticed, Vehicle taken to nearest dodge dealership(colonial dr., orlando,fl). vehicle was evaluated by computer diagnostic system and road
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Intake Manifold Resealed, Intake & plenum gasket replaced, intake & pan & o-ring replaced, intake resealed & pcv valve replaced, manifold
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Engine Sludged. Motor Destroyed-oil was changed regularly-coolant leaking into oil system. leak at intake manifold area.
DODGE RAM 1997 I Have Had Two Failures in the past month. first is the fuel pump failed at 57k miles at a cost of $498.00.
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Dealer Said Our Intake Manifold gasket was blown at 34000 miles now a place is telling us our thermostat is gone, does not seem
DODGE RAM 1998 No Summary
DODGE STRATUS 1995 I Paid Over $1000 To replace my blown head gasket, only to find out that there were hundreds of other people experiencing similar troubles.
DODGE DAKOTA 1993 It Runs Rough Sometimes And sometimes it runs fine, and no one seems to be able to find the problem. we have
DODGE DURANGO 1998 The Problems We Had With the windows, going down by itself and then not being able to get them up was reported to the
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 Stalls And Backfires Though The intake during accelaration. *ak
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 The Engine Started With The transmission in gear and no one in the vehicle, starter would not disengage and the heating element on the
DODGE CARAVAN 1987 In Extreme Cold Condition Vehicle slowed to 25 mph and would go no faster. manufacturer said the gas line was freezing near the
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 There Is Premature Wear Of intake manifold. dealer has replaced manifold 5 times. manufacturer will be notified.*ak
DODGE DODGE TRUCK 1980 Carburetor Failed.
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 The Intake Manifold Gasket And bolts were defective causing the engine to use up more gas and oil. *yh
DODGE RAM 1994 The Intake/outake Exhaust Valves Were replaced and the throttle body was replaced. *slc
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 Intake Manifold Gasket/speed Sensor/left And right axle seals failed. *ak
DODGE DODGE 9999 Carburetor Failed.
DODGE RAM 9999 Engine Failure As A Result of a lean carburetor mixture, recall repairs refused.
DODGE STRATUS 1995 Coil Pack On The Carburetor failed.
DODGE RAM 1988 Gasp In Fuel Intake When accelerating or sometimes when cruising along 75 mph up an incline in passing lane, speedometer dropped down to
DODGE DAKOTA 1996 Poor Location Of The Air cleaner intake, causing venturi effect to suck up water when going through puddles, resulting in engine failure/noises.
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Vehicle Stalls Intermittently.
DODGE NEON 1995 Idle Air Control Module Failed. *sd
DODGE AVENGER 1995 Bad Odor Penetrated Inside Of vehicle. *ak
DODGE DODGE 9999 Vehicle Stalls Intermittently. *dsh
DODGE DYNASTY 1993 Vehicle Stalls Intermittently. *dh
DODGE OMNI 1987 Carburetor Failure, Causing Gasoline to leak/odor emitting inside of vehicle. *skd
DODGE DODGE TRUCK 1994 Air Intake System Motor Replaced. *sd
DODGE DAKOTA 1992 Intake Gasket Replaced. *sd
DODGE DAKOTA 1989 Carburetor Problems.
DODGE DAKOTA 1994 Air Intake System Motor Failed, causing vehicle to hesitate when cold or starting from stopped position. *skd
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Air Intake System Failed. *ak
DODGE MAGNUM 2005 I Was Driving The 2005 dodge magnum today and i pushed the accelerator to the floor to avoid a collision. the accelerator would not
DODGE SRT 4 2005 Please No: I Live In florida and driving in summer i go to north carolina. that is where i am now and
DODGE ASPEN 1976 I Have Been Trying To get chrysler to honor its recalls on my 1976 dodge aspen for over a year now. one

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