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16 Mar

DODGE RAM 2500 1995 Bed Of The Truck, where the front wall meets the bottom, metal is ripping and breaking. this causes
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 The Bed In The Vehicle is cracked, and the consumer doesn't know from where the crack came from. *ak

DODGE RAM 1500 1994 Truck Beds Experiencing Cracking Along wheel weld, metals separating on both sides.
DODGE D150 1986 Upon Impact From The Rear, bed retainer popped up causing driver/ passenger to be ejected back wards.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 This Complaint Pertains To A limited supply chain problem with the 2010 dodge journey tire and wheel combination which may lead to accidents.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Premature Brake Wear Due To inadequate brake system to the weight of car. 12k miles brake calibers locked up; 14,500 miles
DODGE C BODY 1969 I've Had 2 Sets Of cooper tires (cooper cs4-215/50r17 95 vput ) on my car in the past 3 years, plus 1 tire
DODGE C BODY 1969 Resonator Failure On A 2006 dodge sprinter (winnebago view). when the resonator breaks, it poses a significant danger of an accident occurring due
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Am Writing To You to express my concerns and also complaints regarding daytona dodge. my husband and i purchased a 2007 dodge
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 After Replacing Hub Assembly At les schwab brakes didn't work right when stepping down on brake it would make a sound as if they were
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Got A 2004 Dodge intrepid and i had it for six months and the car had 53k miles on when i got it .
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 We Had The Recall(ball Joints) done on our jeep liberty back in 03. then on 10/03/06 we had it back in the shop
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Output Shaft In Transmission Has broke twice, once when i bought the car and the whole transmission was replaced, no more than a
DODGE C BODY 1969 Air Filter Failure Cause Filter to suck up into turbo and damage turbo. manufacturer district manager will not honor warranty on vehicle citing that
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Have Had Ongoing Problems with my 1996 dodge neon sport, it has been inoperable for the last year or so, due
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Lodged A Complaint With Government immediately at -----original message----- from: pedersen, claire on behalf of cnd

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