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16 Mar

DODGE C BODY 1969 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Extended cab 2 wheel anti-lock right caliper keeps stickin everything is new i've miss 2wks work cause of it and
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Ordered A New Fob for my 2009 dodge journey since i only had one and it fell and broke. it cost me $257.

DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 None Of The Doors Will lock or unlock except the driver door. *tr
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2010 Dodge Challenger Se, right rear cv boot ripped and leaked grease onto the tail pipe and passenger side, and which caused a
DODGE C BODY 1969 Bought A 2009 Dodge Charger 5.7 v8 hemi and only had it for 5 months and had to replace the hole engine due to
DODGE C BODY 1969 2010 Dodge Charger had repairs done at darcars of new carrollton and precision engine machine company from 12/05/2011 to 01/03/2012 and now 01/11/2012
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 06 Dodge Caravan (fmi Handicap conversion)- issue spewing gasoline: >filled up approx 9am aug 4th 2011 > parked at residence
DODGE C BODY 1969 Steering Problems 2002 Dodge Intrepid. steering gear replaced at approx 60,000 miles then inner tie rod bushings failed at 196,000 miles
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Am Complaining About A steering linkage component on a 2006 dodge ram 2500 4x4 truck. on 04/21/11, the connecting stud on the
DODGE C BODY 1969 Driver Side Rear Brake Caliber mechanism. i has the caliber replaced in march and had new break pads and rotors installed.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Have Had Ongoing Issues With 2009 dodge journey. vehicle loses power while driving, this has happened approximately 10 times in the last
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Just Bought A 1996 dodge stratus and it has mutiple problems. the main thing is it stalls and dies while your driving down
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 My Airbag Light And Throttle light were on as well as the engine light. i contacted service repair department, md where i purchase
DODGE C BODY 1969 Purchased The Car For My daughter on 12/20/2011 from pat clemmons in boone was told what a great car this was, a few weeks
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2009 Dodge Caravan - Sliding doors are not held far enough away from van body resulting in paint being scratched off rear quarter panel above
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2006 Jeep Commander Limited Purchased brand new dec 2006 from mccune chrysler and jeep, national city california. purchased extended service contract max 6/70,
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Engine Stalls On 2010 Dodge journey..while driving to work engine and car started shaking and would not accelerate. fuel injector fixed.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Tie Rod End Failure At the pitman arm/ inner tie rod connection on a 2006 dodge ram 3500 quad cab 4x4 truck. the tie
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have A 2004 Dodge durango slt with the hemi 5.7 l. it has 127,000 miles on it. we've taking great
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2008 Dodge Caravan Brakes Are defective or under engineered. had to replace front brakes and rotors @ 22k miles and am now having to
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have Had Repeated Shredding of the serpentine belt on my 1999 dodge caravan resulting in loss of power steering and systems shutdown (including engine)
DODGE C BODY 1969 On Feb. 17, 2011, i started to accelerate onto i-495 in maryland. hitting the accelerator for a fast take off,
DODGE C BODY 1969 77000 Miles Entire Front End replaced, ball joints,tie rods,shocks, still noise in front end-alignment. *tr
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Cable That Holds Full Size spare tire rusted through and broke in which my spare tire went flying through traffic. luckily no one
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have A 1996 Dodge grand caravan le 3.8. in the last 2 months the serpentine belt slipped off 2 times when it
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2004 Dodge Ram Quad Cab with hemi engine. for several years has been stalling, when i finally realized it was stalling shortly after
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Bought A 2010 Dodge journey and have had many issue. first the alignment has always gone towards the right and has been in
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Heard Whine Noise Coming from my front wheel hubs on my 04 ram 1500 2wd with 73,724 miles in january of 2010.
DODGE C BODY 1969 On Friday September 17, 2010 i was driving down highway 231 in lafayette indiana, when suddenly i realized i could no longer use
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Driving Vehicle On Highway 82 in gainesville texas at 55 mph in cruise control. vehicle accelerated to go up a hill, and continued
DODGE C BODY 1969 Went To Go To Work and car would not come out of park. unable to manually release gear selector. had car towed to
DODGE C BODY 1969 Bought A Dodge Intrepid The engine has been replaced twice it's an 2.7 v.6 .... the car stalls
DODGE C BODY 1969 Car Was Changing Gear By its self so they rebuild my trans change my catalytic converter same problem now its suck in park and cannot
DODGE C BODY 1969 Shifter Made Of Plastic And breaks have had 3 shifters put in wife's 2007 charger i won't be purchasing any other dodge or chrysler.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, v8, stalls when pressing brake and releasing, coming to a stop at an intersection. also stalls sometimes
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Brake Extended Warranty For 2008 grand caravan. *tr
DODGE C BODY 1969 Automatic Transmission: I Was Not able to put the car into drive, reverse or neutral. *tr
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Just Purchased A Used 2008 dodge grand caravan from enterprise car sales in march of 2010. the vehicle had 58,000 miles on
DODGE C BODY 1969 Failure Of 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 with ho diesel engine and manual 6 speed transmission - engine turns over but fails to start. been
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have A 05 Dodge ram and i snapped my axle for the second time! the first time i did it i slid into
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 While Driving Our 2006 Dodge caravan in the rain or thru a puddle the serpentine belt keeps slipping of comes off this is an on
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have A 2006 Dodge durango and gas overflows and sprays out of the filler neck when tank is filled. several times i have
DODGE C BODY 1969 Unexplained Failure Of Both Ball joints at 45800 miles. *tr
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Vehicle Is Stalling And Losing complete loss of power, very hard to steer vehicle. occurs usually at low speeds, while turning or
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 While Driving Home On March 12, 2010 my 2002 dodge durango slt began to overheat and it shut down on me. i called
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 We Are A Company That sells a steering pitman arm, supplied by another manufacturer that has had multiple failures in the field. we
DODGE C BODY 1969 My 1999 Dodge Ram Seatbelts are stuck and will not work. their is a recall for them but dodge says my truck is not
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Just Found Out Today that i will need to install a completely new set of front wheel bearings, tie rods and ball joints
DODGE C BODY 1969 Death Wobble! This Has Happened to me to many times to count. i have had the front end of my 2003 dodge ram cummins
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Sunroof Of 2008 Dodge Nitro sxt leaks after it rains. the problem started one month after the vehicle was purchased (march 2009).
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 The Serpentine Belt On A 2000 dodge caravan slips off when you go through a puddle of water or wet conditions such as in the
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Bought 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 new from metro dodge in ottawa. have had numerous front end troubles. brakes,3sets
DODGE C BODY 1969 Regarding Our 2001 Dodge Stratus, lower control arm ball joint failure. originally on october 25th of 2005 we had the left front control
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Own A 1999 Dodge dakota v-8 magnum 5.2l, it only has 138,000 miles on it. when i bought it it
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Wheel Bearings Made In China and mexico. i seem to be having continuing problem with this. as the parts have become cheaper they
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Component: Electrical System details: i own a 1999 dodge durango it has 130000 miles on for the past 2 months it just
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Own A 2001 Dodge ram 2500 the dash has been severely cracking for some time now, i thank it is some bad material
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Have A 2008 Dodge avenger that brakes are bad. the vehicle has been taken to dodge several times for service and the brakes
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have A 2001 Dodge durango with 103,000 miles and the transmission has been replaced 3 times. again it's bad, the computer
DODGE C BODY 1969 Acceleration Would Occur When In park position. it would also occur at traffic lights, without pressing the gas. this lead
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 This Vehicle Has Several Defects the front end makes a whining noise when turning ,the dash is rubbing on the windshield with an
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Had A Recall Completed on 2/20/09. prior to recall i was not experiencing any issues w/ my vehicle. since the
DODGE C BODY 1969 This Complaint Is Concerning A local dealership not wanting to work on out factory recall, although they do have chrysler certified mechanics.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Me And A Friend Were in a car accident .when we lost control of my 1998 dodge dakota and hit the side of a
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Own A 2000 Dodge intrepid and have had the oil sending unit pressure switch and a few other things replaced on my vehicle and
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 While Driving My Ram 2500 diesel truck and hauling trailer through cleburne, texas my vehicle died without warning. i had no power
DODGE C BODY 1969 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 motor. after replacing the motor in 2006 35 days after buying it lasted till about sept of 2008.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I've Had Three Brake Line failures in 2 years (the first incident was on 3/31/2006; this was the brake line that was originally on
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Own An 08 Dodge ram 2500 with approx 970 miles on the vehicle. after hitting a series of road bumps, the
DODGE C BODY 1969 Serpentine Belt Slipping. i have owned several year models of caravan and have found this problem to be constant with all.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Defective Parts. *tr
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Have A 2006 Dodge charger with 47,000 miles on it. when i went to my mechanic to have the tires
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Purchased A 2000 Dodge ram 1500 new in 2000. at 50,000 miles the dash began to crack at 2 yrs old.
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Got A 2004 Dodge intrepid and i had it for six months and the car had 53k miles on when i got it .
DODGE C BODY 1969 In 2005 We Purchased A new dodge grand caravan and had it modified for my husband to drive from his wheelchair, spending $50,000
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Drive A 2002 Dodge stratus,at 40,000 miles transmission completely failed costing me 1300 dollars to replace,at 62,000 the second transmission
DODGE C BODY 1969 Vehicle Has Been Making Whining noise from power steering pump for 2 months. dealer says it's because of a leak in the rack
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Am In The Process of replacing the rack in the steering component of my van for the second time. the first was
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Have A Dodge Neon sxt 2003, the service engine light came on while driving home from work. i went straight to the
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Diesel Engine Leaking Fuel And ecm mandating replacement of injection pump as well as three and one half weeks down time to secure parts.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2000 Dodge Durango, When my car had 70,000 miles on it, there was a recall of the ball joints. my durango
DODGE C BODY 1969 2007 Dodge Caliber Have Had this car since june 2006. in the 14 months i have had it on average it seems at least
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Please Refer To Complaint Ticket #10193720. on 7/21/07 i took my vehicle back to the dealership. they told me that they had
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Am Here To Complain about the ball joints on our 1999 dodge durango! i just found out on monday that we have to
DODGE C BODY 1969 My Van Is A 2000 dodge grand caravan. i had the serpentine belt and belt tensioner replaced on dec. 2005.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 We Purchased A 2005 Dodge durango used march 11, 2006 with 16,568, miles on it. on march 13th two days
DODGE C BODY 1969 Had Brake Tsb Done In sept. 06. maybe 3000 miles on car. drove my car on 7/12/07 and heard screeching from left
DODGE C BODY 1969 The Serpentine Belt Kept coming off the 2000 dodge caravan when it rained. this resulted in loss of power steering.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Defective Driver And Passenger Seat belt, in 98 dodge ram. i have contacted the dodge headquarters, when the seatbelts failed the first
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Purchased This Vehicle Used from a reputable dealer. all repairs are well documented. over the last 2 years there have
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 We Have Chased Power Steering issues throughout the lifespan of my 2002 grand caravan sport. noise , shaking and vibrating. local dodge
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Am Extremely Upset Because recently i purchased a dodge 2002 intrepid just a little less than a year ago an without any warnings my
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Transmission Defect, Will Not go into fourth and third gear after initial cold start, truck jerks and makes noise. *nm
DODGE C BODY 1969 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 P/u truck bought new in 12/2005...brought to dealer @ 5,655 miles with warped rotors, causing
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Heat Is Blowing Uncontrollably Out of all vents. can not turn off... the "blend doors" are broken. this happens on
DODGE C BODY 1969 Replacement Of Both Link Sway eliminators and bushings and nuts all were loose and worn, this is the third time replaced.
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Own A 2006 Dodge 1 ton crew cab truck. during the month of december i started to experience wheel bouncing when a
DODGE C BODY 1969 A Few Days After Purchasing my vehicle, i went back to the dealership complaining about problems with the front left tire. the dealer
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Own A 1995 Jeep grand cherokee limited. nhtsa issued a safety recall: "secondary detent system to floor shifter." there
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 2003 3500 Drw 4x4 Diesel while traveling on improved roads/hiways above 40 mph vehicle hits pothole, expansion joint or uneven roadway,
DODGE C BODY 1969 From The First 6000 Miles-3 intake manifold gaskets, new tires, blow out & damaged truck, brakes ,calipers and rotors bad,transmission
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Purchased A 1999 Durango in jan of 2000. i have had numerous problems including rebuilding the transmission. my biggest complaint is the
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Dealer Notified Me That Both ball joints and control arms are dangerously loose and need replaced. nhtsa campaign # 04v596000 specifies manufacture date
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have Had To Have the vacuum hoses replaced in my 2002 dodge durango 4 times since buying it in july of 2003.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 My 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo has had a cracked exhaust manifold for some time now. the dealership knows the price for one off
DODGE C BODY 1969 Rear Brake Pulsation. *nm
DODGE C BODY 1969 When I Left The House the car was ok, i drove to my friend house the car started making a real loud noise.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Headlights Kept Flickering When Turn signal was turn on also high beam light switch would stay on after flashing them. front suspension squeaks and
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Owe A 2002 Dodge dakota and had a recall for upper ball joint that was repaired by merrick dodge in merrick ny.
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Have A 1999 Dodge intrepid. this car had 70000 miles, most of them highway miles. the timing chain broke
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Unusual Tire Wear And Noise from driver's side tire area for last several months. premature severe failure of driver's side upper ball joint
DODGE C BODY 1969 In Early August Of 2004 i purchased a 2004 dodge neon sxt with only 8 miles on it. since december of 2004 i have
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Am Looking For All people that are willing to speak to my attorney about problems they are having with their 04 dakota's. i
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Was Turning Left Into a parking lot when the passenger side outer tie rod broke. this caused an immediate stop as the
DODGE C BODY 1969 After Driving Approximately 12 Miles to work the car was pulled into a parking space and while straightening the wheels a loud pop was heard
DODGE C BODY 1969 We Have Had The Rear end of our 2003 dodge ram 1500 replaced in our vehicle three times in the 2 years. the ring
DODGE C BODY 1969 We Have A Dodge 2001 intrepid with the 2.7 liter motor. according to other mechanics and personnel within the dealership, there
DODGE C BODY 1969 Traveling At Freeway Speed Vehicle engine began to surge 200 to 500 rpm. took to chrys garage and found "intermit volt spikes in a.
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Bought A 2005 Dodge magnum on april 9. on april 15 i had to have it towed because the check engine light came
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 When I Applied The Brakes on my vehicle the steering wheel began to shake and the foot pedal was pulsing and it felt like the
DODGE C BODY 1969 Numerous Failures-since I Bought This "95 dodge stratus with only 30,000 miles. 1) engine making a knocking noise-i took car to
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 The Automatic Shifter Would Slip out of gear. it states that it is in drive but when foot applied to gas vehicle doesn't
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 (1) Eighteen Months Prior To the accident, the upper and lower control arm assemblies were replaced by the dealer. (2) while driving,
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Recently Received A Recall notice from daimlerchrysler for the upper ball joints in my 2000 dodge durango. i contacted the company to
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Everything Bad On My 2002 ram 4wd. i have had new bearings in my truck,radiator 2x,fron axles 3x,rear axles 2x,
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Ave A 2001 Dodge intrepid and at just under100k the engine seized up and blew the head gasket. i then purchased another
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Was Driving Home From work when the front right tire appeared to blowout causing the car to skid in the curb. my husband
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Currenty Own A 2003 dodge durango, which i purchased new in nov 2003. this vehicle has been trouble from day 1.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 My Dodge Ram With The 5.7 (hemi) engine stalls without warning. examples include stop lights, and driving conditions ranging from 20-65mph.
DODGE C BODY 1969 The Right Front Lower Control arm ball joint separated causing my 2003 dodge dakota to run off the road and swerve to the right.
DODGE C BODY 1969 The Power Steering Rack And pinion assembly on my 2003 dodge caravan has had to be replaced twice in 50000 miles of driving.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Transmission Suddenly Wen't Out With no warning what so ever while driving car. paid $2,900.00 to have transmission, timing belt,
DODGE C BODY 1969 Failed Ball Joints On 1999 dakota at 32,000 miles and 67,000 miles. *ak
DODGE C BODY 1969 On February 6, 2004 my 1999 dodge dakota had both the upper and lower ball joints on both the driver and passenger sides
DODGE C BODY 1969 Oil Leakage, Head Gasket replaced 2x in 1997, again head gasket is blown, cam and transmission leakage also. car has
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 At 54,000 Miles The vehicle suffered a complete failure of the passenger side rear brake adjuster, causing additional damage to the brake hardware
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Have Had To Replace my ball joints on my 1999 dodge durango twice in three years. i also found out today that i
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Purchased A New 2003 dodge dakota 4.7l v-8 quad cub. at approximately 6,000 miles, i noticed a shudder in the
DODGE C BODY 1969 Have Stayed Updated On Tune-ups and keeping truck running, got new tires nov. 24, 2004 from leschuab. on dec. 1
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Ball Joint Repairs, Tires and brakes. *jb
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 I Own A 1999 Dodge durango. i went to have my durango wheels balance and align at a goodyear store. the mechanic came
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Am Trying To Find if there is any recall information on my dodge dakota, the reason i ask is the front on this
DODGE C BODY 1969 Ball Joint Failure --- Dodge avenger in jan 04, i had the lower ball joints replaced on my 96 dodge avenger.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 1999 Dodge Durango. - replacement of front end upper and lower ball joints at 59553 miles. previously told that lubrication was all
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 1999 Dodge Durango Engine Ceases along with ball joint problems. i had to have my engine replaced in the 5 yrs that i
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1994 Transmission "grabbing" And "slipping" In all gears. most noticable on the highway. transmission goes from overdrive to one and sometimes two lower gears
DODGE RAM 1500 2001 Several Cracks In The Dashboard. *bf small crack of 2 inches long within a week moved all the way across the
DODGE C BODY 1969 This Has Been An Ongoing situation since about 35000 miles. under extended warranty the dealer replaced all most all of the front end parts
DODGE C BODY 1969 The Following Is Regarding A 1999 dodge ram 2500 van and failure of tie rods. at approximately 30,000
DODGE C BODY 1969 On May 30, 2003, adrian chyrsler center performed a manufacturer's recall to replace the bolts on the driver's front seat back of my
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Started 2001 Grand Caravan Ex after shopping run,abs and traction control check lights remained on. pulled over twice and restarted,same lights
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Bought This Van New in 1997 just after buying the van there was ticking noise coming from the engine i feel it is the
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 This Is In Regards To work that was done on my 1999 dodge durango at extreme dodge, in jackson, mi. for
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 I Purchassed A 1999 Dodge durango on 4-30-03 after driving the vehicle for a week the oil engine light came on. the truck was
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Replaced Upper Ball Joints Again, first was on 7/7/03 39,414 miles on my 1998 dodge durango,now again 3/25/04 45,452 miles
DODGE C BODY 1969 Dodge 2.7 Engine Sludged and broke timing chain engine failed while running.*ak
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 1) Replaced Rack & Pinion @ 41k miles 2) passenger window has been repaired 4 times at dealer and is working more poorly than ever
DODGE C BODY 1969 After Driving Through Standing Water, the serpentine belt slipped off, causing a loss of power steering control. the same thing had
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Second Time To Go To dealership about warped rotors. they try to get away with just turning them, but issue just returns.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Sunday Morning, I Started my truck. the truck warmed up for nearly 30 minutes prior to my trek home. i then drove
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 I Have A 1998 Dodge grand caravan with just under 71,000 miles on it. we first noticed some anti freeze on the ground
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 2001 Durango R/t. second failure of transmission (11/26/03) @ 35000 miles. handled by different dealerships and no one knows exactly why
DODGE C BODY 1969 Head Gasket Failure As Well as other oil leaks on 98 dodge neon. *la
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Consistent Stud Failures On Rear wheels of dodge durango. other dodges durangos are probably affected. i have reminding dodge of this
DODGE C BODY 1969 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan car serpentine belt was making noise. was told it was worn and needed to be replaced.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Truck Shakes When Braking At slow or moderate speed. replaced front rotors and pads three months ago at 38,000 miles. now with
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Bought A Used '98 intrepid in jan. 2002. engine spun a bearing at 58k miles in aug. 2002.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Used 2000 Dodge Neon, sway bar link bolt breaks. to be replaced a second time 09/24/2003. *jb
DODGE C BODY 1969 Used 2000 Dodge Neon, sway bar link bolt breaks. to be replaced a second time 09/24/2003 by dodge dealership. *jb
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Ball Joints Failed. owner replaced 900.00 cost. need to replace again, feels like alignment problem but will not take alignment.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Tie Rods Snapped In The steering box and was replaced by dodge in 2001. as of this week the steering rack bushing is
DODGE C BODY 1969 We Purchased This Vehicle Used in august 2001. after two months of having the vehicle we had to replace the serpentine belt, which
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Ball Joints Wearing Out To soon, outer tie rods to big for vehicle, outer tie rods rub inner wheels when turning either
DODGE C BODY 1969 Had To Have A Pair of struts replaced on car at 37,928 miles, then had to have sway bar bushings ends replaced,
DODGE C BODY 1969 Truck Bounces Out Of Control when hitting small and large bumps in the road. loss of steering control and very dangerous.
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 When I Purchased The Vehicle in june of 2002. the upper and lower ball joints had to be replaced. the vehicle
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 My 2000 Dodge Durango Has 48,000 miles and the front right upper ball joint is failing. my dodge dealer advised me to
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Engine Failure Due To Oil pump failure and sludge buildup. first incident happened on 2-11-02 at 65,499 miles. engine replaced
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Non Accident.... referring to an article in the peru tribune, peru, indiana 7/22/2003 regarding dodge durango failure of the upper
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Upper And Lower Ball Joints worn out. both front lower ball joints replaced at 52264 k miles, 5/17/01 and again at 89387 k
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 I Have Had My Vehicle into two places for underbody inspections and m-59 dodge told me my ball joints (upper & lower) and control arms
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Motors On The Windows have failed three times in four years on two rear windows with very little use. *jb
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Purchase My 1994 Acclaim in 1994. this is the second time i have had to replace the trailing arm in the rear
DODGE C BODY 1969 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 w/ over drive . transmission needs to be replaced after 75,000 miles. also have had several other
DODGE DODGE 1999 I Had Ahnafield Corp. install on my 1999 dodge mini van zero effort steering, a pac unit ( power assist hand control) along
DODGE DODGE 1999 I Had The Ahnafield Corp. 3219 w. washington st., indianapolis, in 46222 (317-636-8061) modifiy my 1999 dodge mini van
DODGE SPORT UTILITY 1979 Transmission In My 2000 Dodge durango sport 2x4 has failed two times placing the driver and the general public in a dangerous situation.
DODGE C BODY 1969 Brakes On Our 2000 Grand caravan go out on us about once every 3-6 months since we purchased it brand new in july 2000.
DODGE C BODY 1969 I Notified The First Incident to the dealer about its speed sensor, over the phone, which blew away just after the two weeks
DODGE C BODY 1969 Transmission Started Slipping In Overdrive. took to dealer was told nothing was wrong. 1 1/2 weeks later. on christmas. stopped at

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