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Dodge Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe Reports

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DODGE CARAVAN 1993 The Seal That Goes Around the exhaust pipe wore out. *ak
DODGE DAYTONA 1988 That Excessive Heat Is Coming from the trunk above the muffler and it has melted the carpet in the trunk. please describe.
DODGE VIPER 1994 Consumer Was Getting Out Of the car and the exhaust pipe outside burned consumer skin on the leg. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1992 Defective Muffler. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Replaced Muffler Due To Corrosion. *ak
DODGE RAM 1995 Nuts On Exhaust Pipe To manifold keeps coming loose; replaced 3 times within 3800 miles. tt
DODGE RAM 1992 Exhaust Manifold Is Coming Apart due to bolt cracking. tt
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Front Exhaust Pipe Has Cracked . dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak consumer states crack is on flexible part of exhaust pipe,
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Exhaust Manifold Bolts Cracked, causing exhaust fumes to come inside vehicle. please give any further details.*ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 While Driving Vehicle Back Fired and noticed a lot of racket, and a lot of oil consumption. consumer stated it was manifold
DODGE INTREPID 2000 Here Is Oil Leaking Into engine manifold, causing a skipping/hesitation in engine. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Vehicle Is Leaking Fuel. dodge dealership informed consumer that there was a defective fuel rail in vehicle. consumer was informed
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Head Of A Bolt broke from base of engine manifold. consumer noticed this while drying some parts on engine.
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Engine Had Leaking Seals which caused exhaust manifold to leak. fumes would come from blower (defroster) when it was turned
DODGE RAM 1997 There Is A Padded Material laying against exhaust pipe which has already slightly burned. vehicle is not included in recall 97v126000 although
DODGE RAM 1995 While Driving Steering Wheel locked up where manifold fell off on top of the frame, jaming the steering shaft. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 Rust Underneath The Vehicle. all four axles/brake caliper,brake drums/stabalizer/ exhaust pipe and leaf spring bracket.also, on tires and inside
DODGE RAM 3500 1997 Diesel Engine Has Replacement Part such as timming change injector pump. transmission sender switch and seal had to be replaced.
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Consumer Was Inside Of a parking lot and smelled a strange odor coming from rear of vehicle. at this time she
DODGE RAM 1996 Consumer Called Manufacturer In Reference to recall # 97v084000. recall only involved v10 engines, not diesel engines. therefore,
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Consumer Was Traveling On The highway and vehicle just stopped. also, engine was blowing blue smoke from
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 Exhaust Leakage Due To A broken manifold bolt; dealer notified. manifold stud replaced at no cost to owner. *ak *ml
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Recall # 98v184000 Chrysler/fuel Leakage; since having recall work performed consumer has experienced numerous types of problem with vehicle. owner had no trouble
DODGE DYNASTY 1992 While Driving At 40 To 45 mph there was a loud banging noise coming from the vehicle and smoke came from the tail pipe of
DODGE INTREPID 1996 Recall 98v184000 Received In Mail. contacted dealer. took vehicle for repairs for fuel leakage. in the process of repairs, the manifold
DODGE RAM 2500 1995 While Driving Noticed Fluid Leaking from the exhaust manifold due to the rubber holes that are around the exhaust manifold and are causing the
DODGE COLT 1992 Exhaust Manifold Is Prone Too wide/cracking, causing the exhaust to escape into the fresh air intake and then into the vehicle. when
DODGE NEON 1996 Egr Valve Allowed Water Into hydraulic line, causing brake power assist to fail. this made brake pedal "rock-hard", making it difficult
DODGE DAKOTA 1994 The Exhaust Manifold Got Extremely hot which burnt and melted the muffler. *ak
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 The Under Part Of the cargo area of the truck caught on fire due to the muffler catching fire, and there was also
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 Engine Has Too Much Water in it. also, the tail pipe has alot of smoke coming from it. dealer not aware
DODGE INTREPID 1996 There Is A Crack In the fuel line and in the engine manifold which causes the gas to leak out of the vehicle from the
DODGE RAM 1996 While The Truck Was Parked it caught on fire near exhaust pipe. owner had just driven truck about 3/4 of a mile. owner
DODGE RAM 1500 1994 The Bolts On The Exhaust manifold are coming loose. the dealer has changed the bolts. *ak
DODGE RAM 1997 While Driving 70 Mph In hot tempatures, the vehicle without prior warning, had a fire on the walls of the exhaust manifold
DODGE RAM 2500 1997 While Driving On Highway Owner began smelling unknown odor. pulled to gas station and found that the exhaust pipe had burned insulation within 3
DODGE RAM 1997 A Fire Started While Pulling a trailer up hill, exhaust manifold heat melted the plastic tube that connects the clutch master cylinder to
DODGE RAM 1999 While Driving And Without Warning the intake manifold cracked and caused fluid to leak. the dealer was notified. ts
DODGE RAM 1997 Truck Is Burning A Lot of oil. mechanic is saying that it is an intake manifold bolt and gasket problem.*ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 While On A Busy Highway consumer heard a rattling noise coming from engine. consumer thought noise was coming from fuel that
DODGE RAM 1999 Exhaust Manifold Bolts Fell Out and cracked at the manifold. dealer contacted.*ak *tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 A Crack In Exhaust Manifold caused fumes to come into vehicle.*ak dealer could not duplicate concern. customer states vehicle jerks when
DODGE INTREPID 1997 While Driving, Steering Locked. could not turn wheel left or right. took to mechanic to change rack and pinion. dealer contacted.
DODGE NEON 1996 Consumer States The Exhaust Manifold had to be replaced.*tt
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Exhaust Manifold Cracked. *et
DODGE NEON 1998 The Muffler Failed. nlm
DODGE RAM 1998 I Have An Ongoing Problem with preignition (spark knock) in my 1998 dodge ram 1500 with the 318 cid/5.2l motor. .at
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Exhaust Manifold Cracked And headgasket had to be replaced due to leaking oil
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Oil Pressure Dropped To Zero and engine stalled. luckily i was on a side road going very slowly. the vehicle was
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Intake Manifold Resealed, Intake & plenum gasket replaced, intake & pan & o-ring replaced, intake resealed & pcv valve replaced, manifold
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 The Mainfold Bolts Broke Flush with the manifolds. 1998 4 cylinder dakotas are known for this defect. chrysler will not pay for any
DODGE NEON 1998 Dealer Repaired Vehicle Under 7yr/70k warranty. had to pay for broken manifold bolts ($100) - dealer said they were not part of warranty
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Exhaust Manifold Has Developed A hole in it on the right side. this causes exhaust gas to be ported out right in front of
DODGE STRATUS 1995 I Also Had To Have the water pump replaced.along with the sensor on the exhust pipe,seems like just when the warrenty goes off
DODGE STRATUS 1995 This Is The 3rd Head gasket to fail on this vehicle. in one event, the manifold was cracked as well.
DODGE STRATUS 1996 The Car Exibits The Same problems described in the recal 671 for the 1996 dodge stratus oil leaking on exhaust manifold emitting a horrible smell
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Vehicle Bought Brand New, well maintained, but oil started leaking approximately 3 years from purchase. then dealer inspects vehicle and conveyed
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Exhaust Manifold - Upon Dealer replacing defective cylinder head gasket, was notified by dealer that the exhaust manifold has a crack and should be
DODGE NEON 1998 On The Morning Of 06/27/00,while driving to work. as i accelerated to 70 from 65, the donut on the exhaust
DODGE RAM VAN 1996 Exhaust Pipe Cracked Completely Around weak point in pipe caused by oxygen sensor mount
DODGE DAKOTA 1993 It Runs Rough Sometimes And sometimes it runs fine, and no one seems to be able to find the problem. we have
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 Truck Bucked Violently And Stalled immediately after getting discount gas, stalled thereafter shifting from reverse to drive and while waiting at stop signs/red lights
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 5 Core Plugs Replaced.. .intake manifold gasket replaced......throttle positioning senesor replaced...two batteries replaced
DODGE NEON 1997 Exhaust Manifold Has Failed Twice within six months. radiator fan relay failed and dealer stated there was no recall or t.a. on
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Oil Has Leaked Since Feb '99. it cannot be found where oil leakage is coming from. also manifold gasket is not
DODGE NEON 1995 Dealer Has Replaced Brake Rotors 95; exhaust gasket off manifold 96,97,98; electrical emision control system96; engine head
DODGE RAM 1995 Muffler Failed.
DODGE CARAVAN 1999 Tail Pipe Is Black On the inside. nlm
DODGE W250 1987 The Design Of The Faulty muffler caused a portion of the plastic gas tank to partially melt and eventually spring a number of leaks.
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Muffler Developed A Hole. nlm
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 Vehicle Is Pinging Numerious Times broken the manifold bolts. yh
DODGE RAM 2500 1997 Engine Exhaust Manifold Failure.
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 Exhaust Manifold Failed From Rust.
DODGE RAM 1995 Intake Manifold Failed, Causing it to leak.
DODGE RAM 1995 Intake Manifold Failed, Causing leak.
DODGE RAM 1994 Engine Oil Leak Due To faulty intake manifold gasket.
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 Intake Manifold Gasket Blew.
DODGE NEON 1995 Oxygen Sensor Failed.
DODGE COLT 1987 Muffler Failed.
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Seal Ring To Exhaust Pipe replaced due to noise.
DODGE RAM 1997 Rea Rpassenger Fender Began To discolor due to diesel exhaust fluid leak. *ak
DODGE COLT 1987 Hole In Exhaust Pipe.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1991 Muffler Replaced Three Times.
DODGE DAYTONA 1987 Poor Location Of Exhaust Pipe caused cargo area to overheat, melting plastic laundry basket onto rug.
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Tailpipe Broken.
DODGE RAM 1995 Catalytic Converter And Muffler Replaced due to noise.
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Muffler Failed.
DODGE DAKOTA 1992 Front Rotors/brake Pads/steering Rack/speedometer/brake Shoes/brake cylinders/rear drums/muffler/tail pipe replaced/ timing chain misadjusted. *sd
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Exhaust Manifold Donut Causes Noise.
DODGE SHADOW 1989 Muffler Failed. *sd
DODGE D SERIES(LIGHT) 1984 Exhaust Manifold Cracked Due To placement of catalytic converter which generates excess heat. *skd
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Muffler Replaced. *aw
DODGE NEON 1995 Muffler Replaced Due To Noise. *skd
DODGE COLT 1991 Exhaust Manifold Has A Hole in it, causing fumes to leak into passenger compartment.
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 dodge intrepid. after performing maintenance on the vehicle, the contact started the vehicle and the intake manifold
DODGE RAM 1500 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500. the contact stated there was an abnormal noise coming from the vehicle. the
DODGE RAM 1500 2009 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. consumer writes in regards to engine tic/ manifold exhaust leak recall. *smd the consumer stated a
DODGE RAM 1500 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 dodge ram 1500. the contact stated that while at a complete stop, there was a clicking noise
DODGE RAM 1500 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 dodge ram 1500. the contact started the vehicle and there was an unusual clicking from the engine.
DODGE DURANGO 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 dodge durango. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer for a routine oil change.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 Tl*the Contact's Client Owns A 1998 dodge grand caravan. after installing a new transmission and driving the vehicle, the contact's client noticed
DODGE RAM 3500 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 dodge ram 3500. the exhaust manifold was cracking and caused the gasket to fail. exhaust fumes
DODGE DURANGO 2005 Manifold Bolt Broke On My 2005 dodge durango. exhaust smell in vehicle. *tr
DODGE CHARGER 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge charger r/t. while driving approximately 65mph over a bump in the road the vehicles exhaust pipes dropped down.
DODGE INTREPID 2000 Had Short Block Replaced By warranty, timing chain let go one night just off the highway which was not covered by the warranty.
DODGE INTREPID 2001 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Oil light began flashing. checked the oil it was full. about 2 days later a light ticking noise occurred.
DODGE INTREPID 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 dodge intrepid. while driving 74 mph with the cruise control feature activated, smoke appeared out of the
DODGE INTREPID 2000 My 2.7 V-6 Engine in my dodge intrepid blew up because of a timing chain failure do to sludge in the motor due to
DODGE INTREPID 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns 2004 Dodge intrepid. while driving 65 mph, the engine completely shut down. a mechanic stated that there
DODGE RAM 1500 2002 Nov Of 2006 I Took my truck in for misfire and coolant lose, the dealer checked the cooling system and ok'd it .they
DODGE CALIBER 2007 Tail Pipe Of Car Is cut too short sometimes smell exhaust fumes in car. *jb
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 dodge grand caravan. the contact stated that the tailpipe was extremely hot and burned a passenger's knee.
DODGE INTREPID 2004 I Bought Two 2004 Dodges:intrepid w/3.5 l. & stratus w/2.7 l. from g.s.a. auction in june 2007.
DODGE STRATUS 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 dodge stratus. while driving 60 mph, the vehicle experienced engine failure at the head of the engine.
DODGE DURANGO 2004 I Recently Noticed That The suv was made a loud ticking sound at startup, getting a little softer as the motor heated
DODGE RAM 3500 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 dodge ram 3500. during an inspection of the vehicle the contact discovered that the exhaust manifold was cracked.
DODGE RAM 1500 2002 First Let Me State That prior to this experience, i absolutely loved my dodge truck. on 20 apr 2006, my 2002
DODGE SPRINTER 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated the vehicle was constructed without a tailpipe, causing the vehicle interior to become covered with diesel exhaust soot.
DODGE NEON 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated while traveling 35 mph, the vehicle was shifted into second gear and it accelerated beyond effort. the
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 65mph, the check engine light illuminated and the vehicle operated at a reduced speed. the
DODGE INTREPID 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 70 mph, the vehicle would not accelerate with the accelerator pedal depressed. the vehicle began
DODGE STRATUS 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated while parked, there was oil on the ground under the vehicle. the dealership determined there was a
DODGE INTREPID 2000 Dt: The Contact Stated While driving vehicle stalled. the vehicle was towed to a local dealership. they replaced the timing chain,
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Vehicle Kept Flooding Out And would not start over a month period in october of 2005. taken to a garage to be fixed.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2005 On Sat, 07-30-2005, my three children(ages 9, 7, 5) each received 1st & 2nd degree burns on their legs (and went
DODGE RAM 1500 2001 Dt: 2001, Dodge, ram, consumer called the manufacturer and told them that vehicle was using about 2-3 quarts of oil
DODGE DURANGO 2000 A Bolt Head Sheered Off of the exhaust line/manifold connection causing an audible exhaust leak near the manifold. the dealer is charging $245
DODGE INTREPID 2002 2002 Dodge Intripid Blew It's engine 2.7 on 07/002/05 on hwy 50 while i was driving with my daughter in the car.
DODGE RAM 2500 2004 Dt: The Head Blew On the engine at 7,000 miles. prior to engine light come on. took vehicle
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Dt: Own 1999 Dodge Intrepid with 60,000 miles. the oil light continued to illuminate. however, kept oil changed regularly.
DODGE INTREPID 2002 I Was Driving To Church on may 15, 2005 while i was approaching a stoplight the water temp. gauge began to move to
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 I Have A 1998 Dodge dakota. i bought it with 11,000 miles on it. during my warranty at about 20,000,
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Coolant Leak Due To Gasket failure on intake manifold. this is the 3rd time this has happened, twice in just over one
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 Exhaust Became Loud And You can smell it coming through to cabin. i was told it was a crack in the exhaust manifold
DODGE RAM 3500 1997 Vehicle Was Pulling A Trailer at 40 mph, in the process,the rear exhaust manifold bolts came out, allowing a lot of heat
DODGE DODGE 2002 Just Driving On The Interstate and check gauges come on and i pulled over immediately and was towed to a mechanic and the engine will
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Dodge Durango 1999 Ball joints failure. it has same problem as 2000 and up models. the consumer wants to know
DODGE NEON 2002 I Work In The Miami area and was going home after eating ; it had been raining that day and there was some small
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 The Cross Over Manifold was recalled. however, the dealer stated the part was on national back order consumer was waiting for eight
DODGE VAN 1998 My Wife And I Noticed a smoky odor in the interior of the van a year ago. after replacing several engine gaskets and
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 Vehicle Was Taken To A mechanic shop for a routine inspection, and mechanic determined that the exhaust pipe was cracked and needed to be
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 Part In Question Was A cross over manifold pipe; it connected two manifolds together on top of the engine. *bf
DODGE CARAVAN 1999 The Cross Over Pipe Underneath split apart, allowing the exhaust fumes/carbon monoxide to enter compartment. fumes were sometimes overwhelming. vehicle
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2000 The Crossover Pipe Has Holes in it and needs replacing. i was told by my mechanic that fumes can get into the car
DODGE STRATUS 1996 While The Vehicle Was Parked consumer noticed fluid leaking from underneath the vehicle. it was taken to the dealer for inspection,
DODGE STRATUS 1998DODGE STRATUS 1998 I Recently Bought A Stratus from a used car dealer and i know buyer beware. any how, i was told by the
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2000 The Cross Over Pipe/exhaust Manifold failed upon turning the heat on. some very heavy exhaust fumes filled the vehicle when driving. consumer contacted
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 While Driving Muffler/intake Manifold Exploded. consumer was unable to start the vehicle, and it was towed to the dealer for
DODGE RAM 1995 The Ezra Valve . intake manifold gasket was replaced. in august 2002 the intake manifold failed again. intake manifold was replaced three
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 While Driving From Cold Start engine performed roughly, and smoke came out of the exhaust tail pipe. consumer changed fuel,
DODGE DAKOTA 2000 Exhaust Manifold Bolts Snapping Off. this is a common problem with 3.9 liter engines in the dodge trucks. exhaust fumes
DODGE RAM 1994 While The Vehicle Was Parked and running and consumer was standing in the rear of vehicle white smoke came from the rear of the
DODGE DURANGO 1999 I Don't Who Else To go to, dodge durangos need a recall on several issues. ball joints for one, plenum gasket,
DODGE INTREPID 2000 My Wife Was Driving The car and it stopped. we took it to the dealer the company we bought the warrenty from won't pay
DODGE INTREPID 2000 I Bought 2000 Dodge On6/09/2001 with 24269 miles on it also bought exteneded warranty .on oct.4,2001 input sensor went out of it.
DODGE INTREPID 2000 While Driving Consumer Noticed Smoke coming from the rear. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and drove it to
DODGE NEON 1998 Intermittently Vehicle Stalled While driving. vehicle was taken to the dealer, and they determined that the intake manifold was cracked and
DODGE STRATUS 1998 Mechanic Determined That Intake manifold was cracked. and coolant spilled inside the engine and the overflow. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1998 Problems With Vehicle's Head Gasket. *mr the consumer was told that this part was not covered under warranty.
DODGE STRATUS 1998 Consumer Had The Oil Changed in the vehicle, and was told that the head blew a gasket. manufacturer informed the
DODGE STRATUS 1997 White Smoke And Water Coming out of tailpipe. more than likely blown head gasket.seems to be a known problems for these
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Driving Home One Night And the my 1999 dodge itrepid 2.7l v6 just stalled on me. it was taken to a local mechanic
DODGE NEON 1998 We Have Purchased A 1998 dodge neon for our son who is in college. the car only has 24,000 miles on it
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 I Was Driving My 1998 dodge ram 4x4 extended cab 1500slt 318 motor on the freeway doing 70-75 mph when i lost all power.
DODGE NEON 1996 Electrical System:wiring:front Underhood Caused the fan relay to malfunction which caused the engine to overheat.*ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 When Driving At An undetermined speed oil light appeared on the dashboard. consumer took the vehicle to the dealership for inspection,
DODGE RAM VAN 1999 With 62,000 Miles On the vehicle the intake manifold had to be replaced. *ph vehicle was purchased new.
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 While Driving The Oil Pressure gauge dropped to zero. consumer pulled off the highway to check the oil level. the dip stick
DODGE INTREPID 2001 54,000 Mi. changed regularly at a local chevron station. sudden engine failure: water pump & oil pump went out
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 Purchased Used 1998 Dodge Dakota truck in april 2002 from toyota dealer with mileage of 42,000. i heard a knocking noise in
DODGE DURANGO 1999 We Have Been Told By our local dealership that the ball joints are worn, and are excessively wearing our brand new set of tires.
DODGE STRATUS 1997 1997 Dodge Stratus 2.4l has a blown head gasket. the car has 119000 miles and my repair technician says that this
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Upper And Lower Ball Joints unusual wear, replaced at 70000 miles. also dealer and oil change place said sludge in engine.
DODGE DURANGO 1999 I Purchased My 1999 Durango in march 2001. in dec 2003 i had to get the driveshaft rebuilt. the velocity joint
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Engine Stopped Running On Freeway lost all power top car.*ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 2nd Request Fax Fwd Email fm behalf of jovan j. matthews (tx) re numerous defects on a 1996 dodge stratus (vin#1b3ej46x5tn118925).
DODGE STRATUS 1996 I Have A 1996 Dodge stratus (71,000 miles) with a severe oil leak from the head gasket. it is a 2.4l
DODGE INTREPID 2000 I Was Driving My Dodge 2000 intrepid and suddenly without warning my car started making a loud noise and smoke was coming out from under
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Exhaust Manifold Bolts And Studs broken off. from what i read on the internet, this is a common occurrence. *la
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 Intake Manifold Gasket Leaks Which causes a mixture of oil and gas. as a result vehicle loses power and
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Ltr Fm Jovan Mathews (tx) re problems with his 1996 dodge stratus and asking daimler chrysler to initiate a recall. *mr
DODGE INTREPID 1998 I Believe My Vehicle Overall is defective. we purchased this vehicle new and have had nothing but problems with it. had
DODGE NEON 2003 We Purchased A Dodge Neon srt/4 and 3 weeks after having the car had problem with the manifold was cherry red,and no power what
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Engine Sludge Build Up In 2000 dodge durango.*mr the build up was the result of the design flaw of the intake manifold.
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 The Consumer Stated The Engine started to knock on acceleration, then he noticed the oil consumption started to go up. it was confirmed
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Consumer States Manifold Has cracked, causing fumes to seep into the vehicle. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 Consumer States Vehicle Was Serviced by dealer, technician noticed engine manifold needed to be replaced, but parts were not available. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1999 Intake Manifold Is Leaking Fluid. *ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 While Driving Vehicle Overheated Due to cracked intake manifold dealer notified.*ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 While Driving Through Water The cold air intake took in water that went straight to the engine. as a result the engine cut
DODGE NEON 1995 Chronic Engine Oil Leaks. cylinder head oil leak repaired (including front cam seal, valve cover, spark plug tube, egr,
DODGE RAM 2002 Left Front Control Arm Were not replaced, only the brake pads. dealership claimed this would fix the problem. however,
DODGE RAM 2002 Odi #768732: Brake Pads Were replaced. however clanking noise at front left and right wheel area still existed. inspection revealed pivot
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 Manifold Gasket Sucked In.. causing spark knocking. headlight not working properly due to bad ground. chrysler fixed headlight
DODGE DAKOTA 1998 I Had Catalytic Converter Replace last summer because it was defective . i have an exhasust leak know and took it to the dealer
DODGE NEON 1998 Consumer States His Auto Has been leaking oil for months. he finally took it to the dealership and was told that he had
DODGE DIPLOMAT 1985 Consumer States Turn Signals Are inoperative, the windshield contains small cracks and oil is leaking from the vehicle's tailpipe. ts
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 The Sliding Door Separated From the hinges, also there was problems with the oil, coolant, ball joints, starter, brake line,

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