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Daewoo Suspension Front Control Arm Lower Arm Reports

17 Mar

DAEWOO NUBIRA 1999 The Lower Control Arm Has problems. dealer has not been contacted. ts without warning the control
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 Lower Control Arm Has A defect. dealer has been notified, however the part is not available. *ak consumer states he needs

DAEWOO NUBIRA 2001 The Daewoo Nubira 2001 Should be recalled to replace lower control arms which are attached to the suspension. i feel the control arms'
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2002 Front Lower Control Arms Have to be changed due to bushings going bad, if these bushings fail it can lead to crashes from having
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 When Accelerating From A Stop position or accelerating while in motion at 45-60 mph vehicle pulled to the left. vehicle was taken
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 When Driving Vehicle Swayed To the left/right. dealership informed the consumer that the problem pertained to the front lower control arm which was
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 While Driving At Any Speed consumer noticed a squeaking noise coming from the front. vehicle was taken to the dealer, and dealer determined
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 No Events Leading To Failure. noticed odd steering around march 2004. car pulls to left on acceleration, once car shifts,
DAEWOO NUBIRA 1999 When Changing Lanes Steering Wheel vibrated. the tires were wearing unevenly. vehicle was driven to a dealership, who indicated that
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2001 Lower Control Arms On 2001 daewoo nubira with 32,365 miles on it are defective. daewoo refused to get back to me on replacement
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2001 The Lower Bushing Arms Need to be replaced on my vehicle. the vehicle has bounced from day one. now i find this out
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2001 Suspension Problem. Lower control arms. has a bad vibration over 60 mph. also makes creaking noise in front
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 Known Nubira 2000 Problem. both lower control arms are defective and bushings shot (design flaw). symptoms of problem include squeak and sludgy shiftiness
DAEWOO NUBIRA 1999 The Control Arm Made A cracking noise when driving, there was a recall regarding the issue, however the vehicle was not included.
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 Consumer States The Lower Control arm bushings are wearing out the front tires too fast. *ak
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 The Consumer Found That The creaking in the front end of the vehicle was due to bad lower control arms. the consumer is

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