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Daewoo Power Train Automatic Transmission Reports

17 Mar

DAEWOO LANOS 2000 Transmission Banging Up And Down, maybe a stripped wire, other problems are fuel injection, transmission oil leak.
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2000 When First Starting Vehicle And putting it in drive consumer finds it very difficult to shift into drive, it sticks.*ak

DAEWOO LANOS 2000 Vehicle Veers Into Other Lanes. when vehicle is backing down upgrades it will go into neutral. *ak
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 While Driving 70mph Transmission Will downshift. speed went down to 40mph,and then tried to upshift. took vehicle to dealer, and
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2001 Vehicle Will Not Move Or shift out of gear. dealer has not been notified at this time. feel free to provide any
DAEWOO LEGANZA 1999 Transmisson Fail With Less Than 50,000 miles, warrantly was for 60,000 miles or 5 yr which ever came first. transmission
DAEWOO NUBIRA 1999 Daewoo Nubira's Brake Got Stuck and lost contol of the vehicle. emergency brake was frozen and the car does not go in reverse.
DAEWOO NUBIRA 1999 I Own A 1999 Daewoo nubira. for the last year or so it does what the toyotas are doing. more so
DAEWOO LANOS 2000 While Driving 65 Mph In overdrive the vehicle dropped down to second or third gear without warning. the cause has yet to be determined.
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2000 Transmission Gears Do Not Change occasionally, preventing the vehicle from moving. owner will contact manufacturer to seek repair.*ak
DAEWOO NUBIRA 2000 The Dealership Was Not Able to perform the fmvss106/brake hose recall 02v257000 within a reasonable time frame. they told the consumer to bring the
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2001 When Driving, The Transmission intermittently slipped . the consumer continued to drive. please provide more information. *jb
DAEWOO LANOS 2000 Transmission Was Replaced, the check engine light came on. consumer had to pay out of pocket, and the cam shaft
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2001 Car Will Not Come Out of "park". have to take key out of ignition and put it into "shiftlock release," put the
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2000 1.) Transmission Will Not shift for 10-15 min. resulting in high rpm during that time frame. 2.) exhaust fumes are
DAEWOO LEGANZA 2000 The Transmission Of My 2000 daewoo leganza ignited and caused the car to burn to the ground and almost killed myself and my 4 other
DAEWOO LEGANZA 1999 Thermostat Does Not Work. engine overheating, fuel gauge wrong, transmission, timing belt. *nlm

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