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02 Feb

CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While In Drive,sudden Acceleration forward took place, also no deployment of driver's air bag during accident, resulting in injuries and abs
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While In Drive,sudden Acceleration forward took place. *ak

CHRYSLER LEBARON 1989 Smoke From Under The Hood, resulting in a fire. after the vehicle was repaired, the cosumer experienced sudden acceleration. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 While Vehicle Was In Park, vehicle accelerated, causing the consumer to have an accident/injury. *ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Cruise Control Problem. please describe. tt
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Vehicle Has Surged Forward While driving on several occasions. tt
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Accelerator Pedal Gets Stuck When accelerating and passing other vehicle. tt
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 Throttle Body Is Not Getting enough air, causing loss of power steering, engine stalls. tt *jb
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 Vehicle Failed To Slow Down after releasing the accelerator pedal. tt
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1995 When Starting Vehicle And Engaging automatic transmission, engine suddenly accelerated on its own. tt
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Auto-tran: Started Ignition, Engine took off like an airplane; accelerator not applied; gear in park position; lurched forward; hit cemented
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 When Using Cruise Control And going downhill, transmission converter unlocks, engine speeds increases to 1,000 rpm's;car speed increases 10 pmh.
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1989 Consumer Was Parked In A garage car wouldn't move start driving on highway with cruise control car accelerate took cruiser control off car went back
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 At High Acceleration Occurs When supposed to be idling and caused an accident. please describe. *ak
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1987 Consumer Was Driving And Car accelerate and lost control consumer hit a pole manufacturer took back car a month later receive recall #87v107000 this problem.
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1986 Battery Failure. *ak
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1986 Replaced Speed Sensor
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1991 Vehicle Intermittently Has Sudden Unwanted can not fix the problem. tt
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1988 The Head Gaskets Have Had to be replaced on numerous occasions, and the throttle gets stuck in the open position. tt
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1993 Cruise Control Does Not Hold vehicle back when travelling down steep environment; goes up to nearly 90 mph before driver can stop/slow down.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Cruise Control Disengaged, Causing vehicle to accelerate forward, resulting in an accident. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Foot On Brake Placed Gear selector into drive and vehicle surged. it felt like someone depressed the gas pedal. tt
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 While Using Cruise Control Vehicle cuts out, erratic operation. tt
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 Cruise Control Failure. *ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Shifted Into Drive Vehicle Surged at high rate of speed, resulting in an accident/injury. tt
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Abs Light Stays On, and horn/ cruise control do not work. rear a/c unit for the passengers only work on high speed.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Air Bag Light Stays On/ horn doesn't blow, and cruise control is not working. contacted dealer, and dealer stated that clock
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 While Driving About 65 Mph vehicle suddenly started dropping speed, rpm's went up as consumer applied accelerator,but vehicle kept slowing down.
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 While Backing Out Of A parking space engine surged and accelerated suddenly. consumer was not able to stop vehicle, and it crashed
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 While Driving With Cruise control activated could not disengage that system by the steering column, and had to apply brakes to stop
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Ea01007. Air Bag warning light intermittently illuminates, indicating a malfunction within air bag system. when light does illuminate
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Ea 01 007/air Bag Clockspring: air bag light remained on while driving. also, horn and cruise control were inoperative. dealer
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 During A Sudden Acceleration vehicle was airborne for 32 feet. came down on its front, and neither airbag deployed. damage
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Is On, horn and cruise control stopped working. clock spring assembly needs to be replaced. *ak
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Vehicle Goes From A Normal idle to half throttle. it can go as high as 2400 rpm's. sitting still vehicle can lurch
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 While Wife Was Pulling Out of parking garage vehicle suddenly accelerated, and driver could not control vehicle,hitting other people around. vehicle
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Vehicle Was Parked With Engine running, emergency brake not engaged, vehicle suddenly went backwards. was stopped when it hit a
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 Consumer Was Parked At Gate of storage lot. she was inside of vehicle punching in numbers to gain
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Consumer Was Driving 35-40 mph and took foot off accelerator pedal to slow down, accelerator pedal was stuck, and vehicle
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1992 Engine Doesn't Shift Into 2nd gear at the proper time. vehicle jerks just as it's coming to a stop. it bucks
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Air Bag Light Started flashing on and off while cruise control failed to engage or operate properly. also, cigarette
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Pe 00 032/air Bag Clock spring failure: reporting inoperative horn and cruise control. also, air bag light sensor remained on while traveling.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 A Short In The Throttle wiring harness located near fuel line was a result of a fire in engine compartment.*ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1997 When She Started Vehicle And took it out of park, vehicle suddenly accelerated out of driveway towards a traffic filled road.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 2000 When The Vehicle Stopped Engine will suddenly accelerate. defect has occurred more than on two different occasions. dealer
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 When Vehicle Was Put Into drive it suddenly accelerated out of a bank parking lot without foot being on accelerator pedal, vehicle accelerated across
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 While Driving About 60 Mph with cruise control on when suddenly vehicle accelerated, and air bag light came on. consumer took
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 When Putting Vehicle In Reverse with brake applied, vehicle accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in a collision. manufacturer has
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Clock Springs Are Not Working properly and horn/cruise control have gone out due to this default. contacted dealer, and dealer was not
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Clock Spring Malfunctioned, Causing air bag warning light to illuminate and cruise control not to activate. please give any further details.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Clock Spring Malfunctioned, Causing air bag warning light to illuminate and cruise control not to activate.*ak *jb
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 While Driving 40 Mph There was a loud clanking sound, engine revved. stepped on gas, engine died. tried to restart
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2000 Vehicle Accelerated Suddenly And Unexpectedly rearward and forward, resulting in collision, and causing minor injuries.*ak front brakes failed at the time
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Airbag Light Is Coming On and staying on. cruise control doesn't work, and horn won't blow.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Airbag Light Stayed On , and cruise control didn't work. dealer identified problem as being clock spring. consumer was responsible
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 About 2 Weeks Ago air bag light came on after starting vehicle. air bag light remained on. also, horn
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Srs Light Stays Illuminated While vehicle is in motion. also, cruise control and horn assembly are inoperable.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Came On/horn And cruise conrol stopped working, dealer stated clock spring assembly needed to be replaced. *ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Consumer's Airbag Warning Light Flickered on & off for a month. then, stayed on another month. during that time cruise control
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Srs Light Stays Illuminated While vehicle is in motion. also, cruise control/ horn assembly are inoperable.*ak dealer replaced
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Air Bag Light Is On, horn and, cruise control do not work.*ak driver side passenger door lock failed.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Horn Is Not Active/ Cruise control doesn't work, and air bag light is illuminating on dash panel. dealer has been
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Is On, and horn/cruise control doesn't work at all. dealership is aware of problem.*ak spiral
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Came On, and both horn and cruise control do not work. defect can cause serious damage in event
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Cruise Control Went Out, and then airbag light came on. also, horn would not work.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Came On/horn, and cruise control failure. consumer took vehicle to a private mechanic who has repaired vehicle.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Airbag Light Came On, horn and cruise control stopped working, took to dealer, clock spring assembly had to be replaced.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Consumer Is Experiencing Problems With steering column where airbag light comes on/loss of cruise control, and electrical problems. please provide any
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Defective Clock Spring Caused Problems within steering and cruise control operations. it can also effect horn and airbag light. *ak the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbags Light Stays On. also, cruise control and horn are not working due to defective clock spring.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Airbag Light Came On Intermittently and then stayed on at all times, cruise control and horn did not work. mechanic replaced
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1995 Transmission Has Problem In Shifting gear and speed control acellerates faster than actual speed.*ak
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 While Backing Out Of garage vehicle suddenly accelerated in reverse at extremely high speed, cause unknown. *ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2001 Car Accelerates On It Own at anytime. *ak the dealer was unable to fix it and the vehicle is unsafe to
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 While Cruse Control Is On and consumer presses on brakes speed control will not turn off. please provide further information. *ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 2000 While In Park Vehicle surged forward suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in injury. *ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 Sudden Acceleration When Applying Brakes intermittently. vehicle been in dealer shop on three occasions, and unable to duplicate problem. please
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 2000 Intermittently While At A Stop and about to accelerate vehicle suddenly accelerated up to 70 rpms. operator had to place vehicle in neutral
CHRYSLER LHS 1998 Was Driving 40mph & Came upon a stop light. was waiting at stop light when vehicle suddenly accelerated. gas pedal went to
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Vehicle Stopped In Parking Lot with engine running. took foot off brake to accelerate, and engine revved up, and
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1997 While Driving At 65 Mph with cruise control set at 65 vehicle was accelerating up to 80 mph. brakes were applied, but
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 While Driving Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated. brakes would not slow down vehicle. had to place vehicle in park position in order
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 Twice When Starting Car And putting it in reverse car will shoot backwards before being able put foot on brakes.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 Front Air Bags Didn't Deploy upon impact. throttle got stuck while going in reverse at 5mph. vehicle went to full
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 Intermittently When Accelerating To Pass another vehicle transmission downshifts. when letting off the accelerator, transmission shifts up. vehicle surges and stalls.
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 While Traveling And Without any indication speed control would kick in . *ak when consumer depressed the brake , it
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1990 Cruise Control & Horn Work intermittently. dealer said t clock spring under airbag was malfunctioning. consumer had to pay for coverage.*ak
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1994 While Driving 40 Mph And without warning transmission downshifted from 4th to 2nd gear, causing vehicle to race to extremely high rpms,
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 While Driving About 45 Mph, throttle went wide open, and vehicle accelerated up to 90 mph. applying the brakes barely slowed
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 When Driver Put Vehicle Into reverse, it surged forward and hit a parked car. neither air bag deployed, vehicle was totalled.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1992 When Abs Light Comes On vehicle will not stop, and brake pedal will become hard. also, on occasion brake
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Driving Abs Braking System malfunctioned, causing abs light to come on and the brake pedal to travel to the floor,
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 When Starting Up Vehicle will stall. contacted the dealer, and dealer told consumer that this was common.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Consumer Was Traveling About 25mph, she applied brakes to veer over to another lane, and vehicle started slowing down.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 Consumer Went To Back Out of parking space ,put vehicle into reverse with foot on brake, and vehicle accelerated rapidly,
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 While In Traffic Took Foot off of brake to proceed and car accelerated very fast into traffic. *ak dealer could not find
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1997 When Shifting Out Of Park into drive vehicle idled high, causing vehicle to run into another vehicle, air bags deployed. *ak
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 Vehicle Was Parked, And consumer started vehicle when it suddenly accelerated and crashed into a wall. applied brakes,
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 After Turning On Engine And putting gear into reverse, automobile quickly went backwards at a 50 to 60 mph, crashed
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1994 While Driving Vehicle Accelerated. applied the brakes very hard in order to stop vehicle. also, while driving vehicle
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2000 While Driving Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated, and braking system malfunctioned, causing driver to place vehicle in neutral and turn off engine.
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Consumer Was Backing Out Of the garage. vehicle was in park and driver had foot on brake pedal when vehicle suddenly
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 2000 While In Heavy Traffic Vehicle surges and may cause a frontal impact. dealer cannot determine the cause of the problem.
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated As Soon as the key was turned and the vehicle was placed into drive, causing it to run into two
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 When Driving At Highway Speeds the vehicle will jump from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm and then lose power and stall. dealer cannot determine
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Cruise Control Cancel Button Intermittently would fail to operate (disengage cruise control). dealer/ manufacturer were not contacted. *ak *ml
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 While Driving About 25 Mph, driver began to accelerate. about 3 seconds later, a loud noise came from the front of the
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 The Consumer's Vehicle Was Side swiped. the consumer attempted to swerve out of the path and then the accelerator became stuck which resulted
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 When Vehicle Was Started And placed into reverse it pulled off on its own while consumer had the brakes applied, backed into a building
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 When Taking The Key Out of ignition, vehicle took off and ran into some type of bushes. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 The Vehicle Had Remained Stuck on cruise control. it kept on accelerating. had applied brakes; vehicle did not slow down.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1995 While Traveling 70 Mph vehicle accelerated without indication to 85 mph while consumer had foot on the brake pedal. please provide furhter information.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 Driver Turned On The Ignition , with foot on brakes shifted to reverse, slowly released brakes, when it shot backwards in extreme
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 While Driving On Highway A t approx 30-40 mph, got ready to slow down , and the vehicle started to accelerate. applied
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Defective Throttle Linkage Caused Vehicle to take off unexpectedly up to speeds of 50 mph while in reverse, driver slammed on brakes, but
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 Vehicle Parked 1 Hour. started vehicle & it accelerated at wild rate of speed. had no control. applied brakes which failed to
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 When Placing Vehicle From Park into reverse, vehicle accelerated and went into a semi circle. consumer has contact dealer and
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 On-going/intermittent Problem With Vehicle Suddenly accelerating causing loss of control. dealer notified and informed consumer that nothing could be found. seeking help
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 When Disengaging The Cruise Control, accelerator pedal weent to floor. driver had to use the emergency brake and shift to park
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Backing Out From a parking lot car shot backwards. pushed the other vehicle out of space, and then kept going.
CHRYSLER FIFTH AVENUE 1993 Ongoing Problem With Headlights/instrument Panel, and disengaged cruise control. whenever vehicle reaches speed of 69 mph. if speed is below 69 mph
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 The Vehicle Took Off As soon as it was put into drive, even with the drivers foot on the brake pedal. dealer said
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 At A Stop, The cruise control activated unexpectedly causing the vehicle to suddenly accelerate.occupant pressed the brake and the vehicle would not slow
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 While Driving With Foot On accelerator pedal, vehicle completely shut down without warning cause unknown. dealer replaced throttle. please
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Consumer Driving With Cruise control on at 65mph when vehicle accelerated to high speed. tried to disengage cruise control by pressing on
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 Consumer Received A Recall/fuel Leakage, upon having this defect repaired consumer has taken vehicle back to dealership 8 times. first time everything was
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 While Driving About 30 Mph vehicle started revving and leaped forward. driver could not stop vhicle even though he jumped on the brakes.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 When Attempting To Make A normal stop vehicle lunges forward/continuous movement, causing extended stopping distance. consumer has contacted dealer, dealer
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Driving Sometimes Engine will die in the middle of high speeds on the highway, and sometimes it will suddenly accelerate to 85mph
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Rmps Will Rev Up, and engine check engine light will come on . the dealer has replaced steering pump and switch.
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 With Brake Pedal Depressed, vehicle went from park to reverse and suddenly accelerated. consumer pressed very hard on brake pedal and stopped
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 Vehicle Was In Park And went into reverse and consumer had foot on brake pedal when vehicle suddenly accelerated and kept
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 While Backing Vehicle Out of the garage it suddenly accelerated, resulting in a collision. dealer has been notified.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 When Putting Transmission Lever Into reverse vehicle will shoot back at a high rate speed, causing a loss of vehicle control. dealer
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Cruise Control Malfunctioned, Causing the vehicle to jerk hard, resulting in back injuries to the consumer. 3 dealerships have refused to fix
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Driving With Cruise control activated, vehicle jerkes badly and makes a grinding noise, which may cause back injuries.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 Consumer Was Pulling Out Of parking garage and put vehicle in gear and the vehicle pulled off on its own very fast, causing
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 The Vehicle Accelerated In Reverse at 30mph into a cement post, then leaped forward and hit another cement post, and neither driver's nor
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 While Backing Out Of A parking space the vehicle suddenly accelerated backwards, nearly causing a collision. cause unknown. *ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1994 While Driving About 15 Mph the vehicle took off, causing the consumer to run over enbankment and into a building, and the air
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 In The Process Of Taking off with vehicle in reverse the vehicle took off forward. on another occasion while the vehicle was
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 While Driving About 40 Mph without prior warning the vehicle just stopped and would'nt start back up. contacted dealer, and they determined the
CHRYSLER LHS 1998 Vehicle Has Sudden Acceleration Which caused the front end to lift, resulting in an accident. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Consumer Was Driving Approximately 45mph when vehicle began to accelerate.
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 The Vehicle Was In The park position and the engine roared up and the car jumped out of gear, and rolled backwards and hit
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 The Throttle Had Stuck Wide open. had cruise control at 73mph. started to brake to release cruise control, but it did not
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 While Pulling Into Garage, foot on brakes and slowing vehicle, suddenly vehicle accelerated when foot was off brake. vehicle hit garage
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 When Starting The Vehicle suddenly accelerated through a wall. the vehicle is currently being inspected. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 In Drive-through; Vehicle Idling & in park; shifted into gear & heard engine rev up; vehicle suddenly accelerated & hit parked semi
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 Consumer Put Vehicle In drive with foot on the brake , and the vehicle suddenly took off, colliding into a wall.
CHRYSLER FIFTH AVENUE 1991 Vehicle Suddenly Started To Accelerate. the throttle housing was burned through the rubber housing to the cables . the vehicle has
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Consumer Says When Electrical Short happens all gauges return to (0), and the power windows quit working. the cruise control and rear defrosters
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Upon Starting Vehicle To Backup with foot on the brake, the engine went wide open and vehicle went backwards about (10) feet hitting (2)
CHRYSLER LHS 1996 While Driving On Freeway Consumer put speed control on 70 mph. the consumer then tried to disengage the speed control but could not do
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Parked Vehicle, Started The vehicle with feet on the brakes and it accelerated, hit another car bumper, took to dealer
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1992 Going 45 Mph, Coming upon stop light, lifted foot off accelerator pedal, & started braking, engine continued to race, tried
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1992 While Driving Experienced Transmission Malfunctioning, dropped down into low gear, then suddenly vehicle accelerated out of control, engine overpowering brakes,
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 With Foot On Brake, put car in reverse moving a short distance-backing out of parking space, with foot still on brake, changed
CHRYSLER LHS 1996 Cruise Control Failure, Vehicle was at complete stop, vehcile lurched forward and impacted vehicle at 12:00 position. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 Car Was Parked In The parking lot, went to back out of the parking lot and car accelerated backward, causing consumer to
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 The Vehicle Was In Motion and the consumer applied force to the brake pedal and the vehicle suddenly accelerated.*ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Consumer States When Slowing Down or stopped at a light, the throttle control will not return to idle. problem occurs intermittenly.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Dealer Taking To Long To perform recall. recall#02v186000 throttle control cable. brockmen automotive 2730 laurens rd greensville, sc 29607 864-281-1500.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 Consumer States That Put Vehicle in gear and accelerated and vehicle took off full throttle. nlm
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Belt Tension" And "power String" failed, causing horn/ airbag, and cruise control to fail.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 When Stopping And Putting Car into park it surges forward, which caused an accident/ injuries.*akthe engine was also reving at an extremely high
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 1999 After Shifing Gear Out Of park into drive vehicle suddenly took off and hit another vehicle. dealer and manufactrer were not notified at this
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 During A Road Trip The consumer had to turn the car off in order to turn the cruise control off. please give
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Consumer States She Received A recall notice for her auto regarding the driver control cable. she called the dealer and took her auto
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Air Bag Light Remains On while driving, also horn & the cruise control are inoperative. dealer notified. feel free to provide
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1985 The Throttle Got Stuck At 65mph. please give more detailed information. *ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Driving 65-70mph On A flat surface and when trying to give acceleration, the accelerator pedal will stick when accelerating at high speeds and
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1994 While Traveling About 45mph On highway and without prior warning rpms will go up, and vehicle will loose all power. dealership is
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Without Prior Warning While Traveling on highway noticed that there was no horn or cruise control, and airbag light appeared on dashboard.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Consumer's Vehicle Exprienced The same throttle problem as stated in recall # 02 v 186 000,which resulted in an accident. but this
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Air Bag Light Remains On while driving. horn and cruise control were inoperative. dealer notified, and they replaced the clock
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2001 Intermittently Vehicle Would Accelerate When brakes wer applied. vehicle been to dealer on two occasions, and they were unable to duplicate the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Air Bag Sensor Light Came on and stayed on . also, horn and cruise control were inoperative.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Air Bag Light Remains On while driving and cruise control is inoperative. dealer contacted. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 During Vehicle Operation, The vehicle stalls. *ak dealer has replaced throttle body plenum, some wire ends, and the idle speed
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 Consumer Used The Cruise Control, it cut off and when went back to start it again, the car accelerated. *ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Parts For Recall Have Not been available due to back orders.*ak
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 While Driving At 5-6 Mph consumer tried to slow down and brakes were not working, vehicle accelerated and ran into a pole.
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 While Placing Vehicle In Drive and without a warning, the vehicle accelerated fast, resulting in driver losing control.*ak consumer did not
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1993 Transmission Failure, Locked Up in 2nd gear while driving at speed of 70mph, cruise control was engaged, also seals are faulty and
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 When Applying Brakes, Engine revs up really high. consumer can barely control car, even with foot on brakes. *ak
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 Consumer States After Releasing The brake pedal vehicle suddenly accelerated and took off. consumer was able to gain control after it reacheed 70 mph.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Vehicle Surges Forward At a fairly high speed when brakes are applied. had brake pads and rotors replaced 3 times; but
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1985 When Putting Vehicle In Drive engine revved and vehicle accelerated on it's own. consumer applied brake, pedal felt spongy. vehicle hit the
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 When Trying To Accelerate Beyond 45mph vehicle fails to kick in. vehicle would shake severely. when foot is removed from brakes, vehicle
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Engine Racing When Starting,and at time when stopping. also, transmission was slipping and brakes squeaked. mechanic refused to
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Cruise Control Once Disengaged And resumed, vehicle will accelerate highly, kicking into second gear. two area dealerships can't duplicate problem. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 Vehicle Will Accelerate Without Prior warning, while applying brakes vehicle roars up. dealership is aware of problem. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 While Backing Out Of Drive, vehicle started to rev,and then to accelerate in reverse. vehicle was doing a 360 degree, consumer
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 While Driving 60 Mph Vehicle accelerated to 80 mph, and brakes did not slow down vehicle. consumer shut off engine.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2000 While Driving 30-40 Mph Went to apply the brakes they locked up. rpms were racing up to 6000. took to dealer,
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 When Applying Brakes To Shift into reverse or drive vehicle suddenly accelerates, brakes would not hold, dealer contacted. *ak
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 Without Warning Vehicle Began To accelerate up hill, faster than foot pressure applied by consumer on brakes. placed vehicle in neutral vehicle
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Horn Does Not Blow, airbag light stays illuminated, and cruise control does not work. *ak *jb
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 When Disengaging Speed Control By depressing brake pedal, vehicle would idle high and gain speed. dealer has been notified, and could not