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Chrysler Tires Tread/belt Reports

29 Jun

CHRYSLER LHS 2000 While Traveling Approximately 70 Mph, front/right goodyear eagle tire, size: p225/55r17, dot: unknown experienced tread separation. there were approximately 16,
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Firestone, Dot Hjhbclh209, p21565r16; while traveling at 65-70 mph vehicle started to pull and vibrate, upon inspection the consumer noticed that
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Vehicle Was Parked And consumer noticed that tread had began to separate from goodyear rear passenger tire. goodyear was
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 General, Xp2000gt, Aftermarket tire, p195/65r16; tread on right front tire separated at 70mph. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Goodyear Eagle Rsa Tire, p215/50r17, dot m6pclnwr107, experienced tread separation, causing vibration, goodyear exchanged tire at a 50% prorate.
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1991 Pee 020; Consumer Was traveling about 50mph 0n highway and heard a nois. they pulled over right away. tire tread
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on highway and heard a noise. she pulled over and noticed left front tire had
CHRYSLER FIFTH AVENUE 1988 Pe00020; Tire Tread Separation: while driving about 65/70 tread on the rear passenger's side tire came off. driver was able to control vehicle,
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Consumer Was Traveling About 70mph on highway and heard a thumbing and banging noise. because it was hitting up against the undercarriage
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Original Tires On A Chrysler pt cruiser 2001. p20555r16 consumer states that while driving at highway speed the left rear tire tread
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 Firestone, Daytona Radial A/s, p225/60r16; while driving 65mph front left tire had tread separation, and right front had tread separation.*ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 Tires Had Tread Separation, and could cause blow ut while driving. size p21550r17, dot m6pclnwr0200. cause unknown. dealer notified.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 Lifeliner Ste, P205/70r15, dot utytc4l418, replacement equipment with 28000 miles on a 1993, chrysler, concorde.tread separation on front and
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 On 12/2000 A Tread Separation was encountered and you were informed at that time. on 9/27/01 i survived a complete tire failure.
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1990 While Driving On Interstate I-17 northbound, the tire separated @ 55 mph. this is the second incident i had with these type
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 1966 While The Consumer Was Traveling three of the origional coker tires blew up due to tread separation. the fourth tire showed tread separation and
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1994 Pieces Of The Tire Are peeling off (cooper lifeline classic ii 205x70x15). nlm
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 Goodyear Tires Experienced Tread Separation and one tire was out of round, consumer wants reimbursement. *slc
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 The Front Right Tires Tread separated from the wall causing it to blowout. yh
CHRYSLER 300 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chrysler 300. the vehicle has goodyear integrity tires, size 175/70r13. the contact stated that the
CHRYSLER 300 2007 Tire Separation Causing Rollover Resulting in fatality. *tr
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 Tbc Sigma Regent Touring Tire, tread separated from tire causing the whole rear driver side quarter panel and rear fascia to blow off of
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Driving At 65mph On I75 the car began to vibrate. inspection showed approximately 10 cm x 2 cm separation on the outboard side of
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 chrysler concorde. the vehicle has cooper lifeliner touring sle, size 205/70r15 tires. nhtsa campaign id
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 1- Normal Day To Day driving or parked 2- no object in tire was told "it was a leak". and not defect -- happened
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1986 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1986 chrysler lebaron. the contact stated that twenty inches of tread has separated from the driver side front firestone
CHRYSLER 300 2005 I Purchased A 2005 Chrysler 300 new. after 20000 miles i now must purchase a complete new set of tires due to very poor
CHRYSLER SEBRING COUPE 2001 All 4 Wheels Failed At about 38,000 miles dealer and regional both denied responsibility i lost 2 tires and had to replace 4 wheels
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Tl* - The Contact Stated that he had goodyear eagle tires, 205/55 r16 eagle ls. at 31,000 miles the car was
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While the vehicle was at a dealer having general maintenance performed, the dealer determined all four tires had premature wear
CHRYSLER 300 2005 I Have Noticed Unusual Tire wear for the last few months. i just brought my 2005 chrysler 300 limited in for inspection and
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated the original tires of the vehicle had very thin tread belt and a very small nail caused a puncture.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 On 8-14-06 I Exited Us hwy 59 west of beltway 8 sw of houston tx. noticed "wobble" in front end of car. on
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Began Hearing A Light Vibration in the seats of my vehicle as i was driving. i drove approx. 90 miles on it
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated all four tires have worn prematurely, although they were serviced properly. the vehicle was taken to the
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Continental Oem Tires Cupped And at wear indicator at 16,000 miles. tires regularly rotated. continental denied any responsibility nor did they
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2001 I Bought A Used Car from hyannis honda, west main st., hyannis, ma the last week in may 2005. recently,
CHRYSLER 300 2005 The Continental Tires On Our 300c are worn to a 2 or 3 rating with only 20k miles on the vehicle. continental has
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Rapid Wear Of Tires On new car. severely cupped and down to tread wear indicators in under 20000 miles. tire manufacturer and
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Dt: The Caller Said the tires were wearing out too soon. the vehicle hydroplaned in light rain. he said the
CHRYSLER 300 2005 The Car Never Seems To hold an alignment. it gives the feeling that it wants to drift over the road (beyond the geometry of
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Dt: All Four Tires wore out at 19,000 and 20,000. they are all worn unevenly and the wiring in the
CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 2005 When I Had My Tires rotated on my 2005 chrysler t&c at 18,000 miles they said i had radial pull. chrysler didn't
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2002 I Started To Get A vibration throughout the vehicle. the dealer checked and determined that the steel belts inside the tires have shifted.
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Cupping Of Front Tires On 2005 chrysler 300 limited at 11,000 miles -- chrysler says it is because of lack of tire rotation every
CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE 2004 Problems With Tires On 2004 chrylser crossfire being excessively worn.***no answer required***. *mr the vehicle's rear tire had excessive wear on the
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 Cracks Appeared On All four tires. consumer replaced the tires. dealership was notified. goodyear, eagle, 205/50r17. *ak
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 On 12-17-04 My Tires Were rotated and balanced at discount tire co. this resulted in vibration at low speeds in my steering wheel.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2001 While Driving 45 Mph rear passenger side tire vibrated violently. when taking the vehicle into the dealer they stated that the tire tread
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 While Driving, The Consumer was flagged down by another motorist on the highway and was informed that smoke was coming from the passenger 's
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2001 Consumer Indicated Tread Separated from tires on three different occasions while driving at 50 mph. michelin, mx4, size 215/65r16,
CHRYSLER SEBRING COUPE 2002 My Wife And I Were driving in southern missouri from memphis, tn. we were on i-57 (i think that's the road number
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 There Was A Slight Vibration at 60 mph. the driver heard an explosion and temporarily lost control of the vehicle. the
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 After Buying A New Tire and placing it in the trunk the tire tread exploded. the explosion caused the rear window to shatter,
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 2000 Consumer Noticed Uneven Tread Wear with bubbler on sidewall of left front tire due to rim being out of round. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 While Driving 60 Mph, the rear passenger tire experienced tread separation and separated from the sidewalls. *ak *jb
CHRYSLER MASERATI TC 1990 1990 Chrysler Tc With 4 firestone ss-10 firehawk 205/60/r15 tires. two of the tires have started to separate and had to be replaced.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 Consumer Had Problems With A tearing on a tire. dealer was contacted, and stated that the rims were bad.*ak
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1997 While Traveling About 70 Mph on the highway without prior warning. a noise came from the rear. the driver side tire tread
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1991 Tread Separation On Firestone Tire. replacement tires bought in 1999, low mileage vehicle 18000 miles on tires - tread is excellent.
CHRYSLER LEBARON CONVERTIBLE 1994 We Bought 4 Of The bfgoodrich tires, model g-force t/a ( kdws), size 205/55zr16, on december 14, year later,