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29 Jun

CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 On November 12th 2013 , i took my 2005 chrysler pacifica to be inspected. i was told the vehicle could not pass inspection
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Yet Another 2004 Chrysler Pacifica with a sub frame cradle assembly that is completely rusting out. the vehicle has been deemed very dangerous unsafe
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Dealer Discovered Rusted Front Sub frame while performing inspection. there is very little other corrosion in that area of the vehicle, so
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Examined Subframe Of Car During routine inspection and discovered excessive corrosion to one side. visible cracking in subframe generating from corroded area.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 On October 25, 2013, i learned that the engine cradle/frame on my chrysler pacifica 2005 was severely rusted and rendered the car undrivable.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Upon Inspection During A Repair for another problem it was discovered that the front suspension crossmember known as the k-frame is severely corroded and
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Took My Wife's Car in because there was some shaking in the suspension...the mechanic showed me the holes in the engine
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 My Garage Told Me That the engine cradle or sub frame has a substantial hole from rusting out. *tr
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Went To Go Get An alignment mechanic told me the frame is rusted that i need to get it fixed before engine falls out very
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Took The Vehicle To good year for inspection and was informed that the engine cradle was rusted through and it was unsafe to drive.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Our Car Suffered From A severely rusted front sub frame (engine cradle) that required replacement. we had the sub frame replaced, chrysler
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Was Informed By Our Mechanic that the front crossmember/engine cradle/k-frame had rusted through and that this was a common problem with this make/model/year vehicle.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 I Was Traveling Down The highway with my two children in the car. i slowed at an intersection and the vehicle abruptly pulled to
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2006 Vehicle Inspected On 08/22/2013, found engine cradle rusted through also unitized body support structure under outer rocker cover is crumbling in large flakes.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Last Year At Time Of inspection my repair guy said the subframe looked good - he had seen a lot of complaints about them lately.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2006 The Subframe Of My 06 chrysler pacifica is rusting and my mechanic and chrysler dealer both explained that this is very unusual for a car
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 October 31, 2012; the chrysler dealer service department noted the owner that the engine subframe (engine cradle) had rusted through and advised the
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 The Front Suspension Cross-member Is severely rusted and will require replacement before the car will pass inspection. the car was in for routine
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 The Engine Cradle Or Subframe has rusted through on the right side. i was told the condition the subframe is in my vehicle is
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Adding To Previous Complaint. i find there is an internal recall granted to only a few. i am over the mileage due
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Was Having Pacifica Serviced at goodyear store in newport, ky prior to driving to florida. mechanic called me to service area
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 The Chassis Is Starting To rot out. *tr
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Bought This 2004 Pacifica from a dealer about a month ago. took it to the shop to get my shocks looked at and
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Dealer Service Department Claimed That the subframe is rotting and needs replacement (@$1890 + tax). this problem has been reported by consumers numerous
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Took My Pacifica For a front end alignment to get the news that my subframe is rusted through and that the car was unsafe
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 When I Got My Wheels fixed i was looking on the my car and me and the mechanic noticed that the subframe was rusty he
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Sub-frame Is Totally Rotted Out!!!!!!!!!!! *tr
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 I Took My Car Into the dealer where i purchased it and have it reg. service i was looking to have a oil change
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 We Have Just Found Out the sub frame of our 2004 pacifica is severely rusted out. it only has 120,000 miles on it
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Driving Down The Street And the car started shaking and then something sounded like it snapped and the steering wheel was almost locked and could
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 I Own A 2005 Chrysler pacifica with 126k miles. i recently had my tires rotated and it was noticed that i had
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 My Mechanic Called To My attention that the sub-frame on my 2004 chrysler pacifica had rusted through and developed cracks adjacent to the rusted area.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Took Car To Dealer For routine maintenance. dealer said that the car is unsafe to drive and that the engine subframe was corroded.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 I Have Been Made Aware of severe corrosion and rust of the frame and cross member of this vehicle. it has been properly maintained
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Working On The Car Notice the subframe is rusted thru on ths passenger side. there are many issue logged in on the internet with
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 I Took My Car Into a garage in waterford,ct for suspension problems. on raising it, he found that the sub-frame is rotting
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 The Subframe Of The Car is rusting terribly. i have been advised that it will become a hazard to drive the car in
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONV 2008 The Convertible Top Would Stop half way in the process of going down. we found that in the trunk there is a small
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Purchased This Vehicle Used with very low mileage. it is in great condition until i started hearing a noise in the front end.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Noticed A Lot Of Rust on frame at front of vehicle. body shop confirmed that the engine cradle was badly rusted and has
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 My Mechanic Has Advised That my car has a rusted subframe, parts of which have rusted through. it is due for inspection
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 My Very Well Kept 2005 pacifica failed inspection at my local mechanic due to a completely rotted cross member frame. substantial rotting in multiple
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 My Car Repair Shop Noticed the subframe on my 2004 pacifica as rusted through enough that the shop's owner could get a finger through the
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Took Car To The Shop for routine schedule maintenance. the mechanic said that the subframe was severely damaged by rust and recommended replacing it
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 In Going To Mechanic To get oil change. i was notified that subframe was rusted out and car is very dangerous to be driven.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Sub Frame Rusted Out, declared unsafe to drive. *tr
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 I Took My Care Into the sear auto center in annapolis, md for a tune up and also asked them to check for the
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2004 On My 2004 Chrysler Sebring touring conv., while parked i observed the passenger rear tire leaning out at the bottom and leaning in
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Front Sub-frame Found Significantly Rusted, complete perforation on the passenger side for almost 6 inches, several holes on the drivers side.
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 85,000 Miles On A well maintained vehicle. noticed noise in chassis especially turning and over bumps. rear crossmember (part
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Vehicle Was Taken In To dealer due to excessive noise when brakes are applied hard for sudden stops. were told that the subframe
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 The Dashboard Of My Chrysler pt cruiser started to crack soon after the warranty expired and continued to get worse, chrysler denied responsibility,
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 chrysler pacifica. the contact took her vehicle to the dealer because the steering wheel shakes while driving 65
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 I Bought A Used Car from a licensed inspection station and used car dealer 28 days after i bought the car i found out the
CHRYSLER LHS 1996 1. Backing Up From a parking place 2. lower control arm bracket ripped away from the engine cradle and cause the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2000 While Vehicle Was Having Over $1000.00 in unexpected repairs for defective parts (shattering drive plate, $550.00 exhaust crossover pipe) it was discovered
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2005 Today I Took My 2005 chrysler pacifica into the shop for new tires, i was told they could not do an alignment because
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 Strut Tower Has Severe Rusting that may lead to a collapse on the front tire. *jb
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 Constant Infiltration Into Engine Compartment by rodents, causing failure of blower motor and also trapped rodents dying on top of heater block, blower
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2000 The Bolts That Hold The front end frame on keep coming loose and i only know this when i start feeling and hearing a rattling
CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 2005 The Interior Rear Floor On passenger side gets extremely hot. seat brackets on floor also get very hot. i've had 4 children burn
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 Structural Strut Housing Is Failure do to rust perforation. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1996 When Driving My 1996 Chrysler concorde, i noticed the front end shaking, and a very loud thumping noise when starting and slowing down.

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