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29 Jun

CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Inside Sidewall On Left Front wheel suddenly split away. on four different occasions while driving the transmission suddenly downshipt without any warning to a
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Started Car, With Foot on brake went from park to reverse to neutral to drive. when car went into drive it raced out
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Drivers Side Electric Window Controls inoperative and automatic transmission not working properly
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 Consumer Heard A Noise Coming from underneath vehicle, transmission will not go into gears . also, speedodmeter won't move.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 From 27,928 Mile up to the present had four serpentine belts replaced & repaired by various independent repair shops, but,
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 While Driving Accelerator Pedal Sticks ,causing loss of vehicle control. *ak the vehicle's rpm races up and down while applying the brake.
CHRYSLER LEBARON 1994 When Going Up An Embankment car was changing to neutral and then to 1st gear. took to dealer for annual inspection, and
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1992 Transmission Downshifts By Itself Resulting in loss of the transmission. dealer has serviced the vehicle several times. *ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1993 Vehicle Gets Locked In 2nd gear. took to dealer, and they said clutch was slipping.*ak
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Transmission Has Been Replaced Two times. dealer says they don't know why it keeps going bad, and they can't stop it from leaking.
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 Transmission Seals Were Leaking, not allowing the vehicle to shift into gear . the dealer has repaired the vehicle.
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 While Driving Vehicle The Transmission lock into the axle and there was a lot of grinding noise. took vehicle to dealer and they replaced
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 While Driving The Vehicel At 40mph the automatic trasmission broke causing consumer to pull off the road. dealer has been notified. please provide
CHRYSLER EAGLE 1993 Consumer States That While Driving and no warning the vehicle will switch from drive to 2nd gear and it will be hard for the consumer
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 While Traveling On The Highway the vehicle shut down without prior warning. the transmission willnot engage in gear in cold weather unless the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1994 While Driving The Vehicle It will jerk and chug, not going into gear as it is suppose to. the transmission has been replaced
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Consumer Stated The Transmission Failed and was replaced with a rebuilt or new transmission, however consumer stated the transmission lines are still leaking at
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 In Warm Climates Traveling Fast, the vehicle would suddenly and violently downshift and place the vehicle into limp mode. the consumer stated that
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 Transmission Produces A Very Loud noise, it was replaced once but after 2000 miles the noise is back, the dealer states that this
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Transmission Fail With Only 24, 000 miles on the vehicle.*et
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Transmission Goes Into Limp Mode (2gear) and locks there, disconnecting the negative battery cable took care of it for a while. *et
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Transmission Goes Into Limp Mode (2gear) and locks there, disconnecting the negative battery cable took care of it for a while. *mjs
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1993 I Had To Replace The transmission on this chrysler -- people stop me in malls, supermarkets and ask me if i've had trouble with
CHRYSLER FIFTH AVENUE 1990 I Bought The Car With 20,000 miles on it. the car has had failures of the transaxle shifted down into limp mode or
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1993 This Car Has Had 2 transmission failures previously repaired while under warranty. i have notified the dealer of problems getting the car in gear
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1989 My Vehicule Would Not Go forward. what is the problem?
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 We Took The Car To the dealer to have a transmission line leak fixed (replacement of the line). we alos smelled a gasoline smell
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Transmission Failed And Was Repaired. *yh
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 The Vehicle Made Excessive Noise in the motor area or front axle. the dealer indicated the noise was caused by tires which needed rotating,
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 While Driving, Vehicle Came to a complete stop, consumer restarted the engine and proceeded to put the car in drive, however it
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Consumer Complained About The Transmission on numerous occasions while under warranty. there was a newspaper article which stateed the same problems the consumer
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 9999 Consumer Has Had To Replace the transmission three times. sixty days after purchase of vehicle the transmission failed. forty thousand miles
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 The Vehicle's Transmission Failed Resulting in it not shifting. *yh consumer is experiencing problems iwth the transmission, it was replaced at 52426
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 The Gas Mileage Was Inconsistant due to loose spark plug wires, consumer stated vehicle had consistent electrical problems prior to the end of the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Consumer States While Driving On highway all of a sudden vehicle would not accelerate and the service engine soon light came on, it was
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Transmission Is Shifting Erratically, internal problems with transmission, consumer has had transmission replaced a second time on 2-14-01 due to the fact that
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 The Vehicle Stalled Abruptly While driving in heavy traffic. *slc
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1995 Transmission Failed Prematurely. nlm
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1993 Transmission Is Slipping. *slc
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1993 Transmission Failure. *slc
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1993 The Transmission Failed Causing The vehicle to jerk when changing the gears from park to drive. nlm
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1999 Vehicle Is Experiencing Transmission Noises when changing gears and when placing the car in park there is a jolt and a thud noise.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1996 Transmission Leaking Fluid. nlm
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1994 Transmission Failed. Mjs
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1996 Transmission Failed.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Transmission Failed Prematurely.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 I Have Had Numerous Problems with this car, including the car seizing up while i was on the road with my family, necessitating
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Transmission Fails Intermittently; Fails to engage gear. seems like transmission is in neutral then it jumps into gear as engine is revving.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1993 Transmission Failure Two Weeks After complete tune up.
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 Transmission Failed.
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 1993 Transmission Failure. Owner requesting that an investigation or report be initiated.
CHRYSLER LHS 1995 Transmission Malfunction.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 Tranmission Line Connection Popped And leaked transmission fluid till empty.
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 Vehicle Would Not Shift Into park (would only go as far as neutral) and engine could not be turned off. emergency brake was
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Transmission Failed Causing Driver To loose control.
CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 9999 Transmission Failure Caused Vehicle To stop abruptly on the interstate.
CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 9999 Transmission Bad, Resulting In abruptly stalling on the interstate, could not take the key out of the ignition, shortly afterward car restarted.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Transmission Cooling Unit And Lines leak, causing vehicle fire. *ak
CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 9999 Transmission Failed.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Transmission Failure.
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 1991 Transmission Noise.
CHRYSLER FIFTH AVENUE 1990 Transmission Slips Out Of Gear, jerks when going into reverse, repair transmission.
CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 1991 Transmission Failed Due To Possible design flaw.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1990 Transmission Failure.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 chrysler pt cruiser. the vehicle was previously included in nhtsa campaign id number: 03v076000 (power train:clutch assembly) and
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 chrysler pt cruiser. the contact stated that when the clutch was engaged, the gear selector was extremely
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2007 Pt Cruiser Hydraulic Clutch Not working properly in hot weather. dealer tries to replace entire clutch and says they will not do anything
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2007 2007 Chrysler T Cruiser. clutch fails to disengage resulting in driver being unable to shift gears on the manual transmission and resulting in
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2007 Engine Light On For More than a week. did not notice anything different while driving. took vehicle in to have inspection 6/14/2009,
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2006 My 2006 Pt Cruiser Was making noises and then it started jerking in just as i got off on the exit my transmission when out
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2001 My Son Bought His Fist car, a used 2001 chrysler sebring with the 2.7 engine. day two of driving the car he
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 Have A 2002 Pt Cruiser with excessive oil burn. replacement of 1 qt. oil every 750 miles. bought car new in 02.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chrysler pt cruiser. while driving 40 mph, the contact attempted to downshift from fourth to third gear.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 chrysler sebring. on june 25, 2007, while driving 25 mph, the transmission failed.
CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 chrysler crossfire. while traveling 20 mph, the vehicle's gears are slipping into first and second gear,
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2004 I Have Owned A Manual shift 2004 chrysler pt cruiser since jan 2004. in june of 2006 the vehicle started rolling back in our
CHRYSLER 300 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated while the vehicle was parked, the clutch was depressed and all the transmission fluid leaked out of the vehicle.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 2 Years Into My Ownership, my car began having failures, my egr valve had to be replaced 3 times, the "brain" in
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 My 2003 Chrysler Pt Cruiser, gt model, has had problems since i have had it. first, the engine light came
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 I Have Taken My Pt cruiser into dealer 10-12 times for problems that they are unable to correct. there have been parts loose
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Sometimes, My '300 Touring' (3.5 liter ho v6) just 'lunges' forward while i'm stopped at a stoplight for no particular reason. this
CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE 2004 The 6 Speed Transmission Pops out of first gear on an intermitent basis when starting off. this problem has been ongoing since we
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 The Transmission Failed. a piece of the clutch broke off in the housing. per the dealer. *jb the consumer
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 Consumer's Vehicle Experienced The Same problem as stated in nhtsa recall 03v076000: on certain passenger vehicles, manual transmission models only, a welded
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2002 I Have Leased My 2002 sebring convertiable lxi on sept 9, 2002 since then the car has been back for numerous times. beginning
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 Electrical/transmission. *ak
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Consumer's Vehicle Was Parked In the 1st gear and turned off, it rolled, and crashed into another vehicle. *ak
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 2001 Chrysler Pt Cruiser: the battery light keeps coming on. i've taken to dealer four time now for that problem.
CHRYSLER CROSSFIRE 2004 Chrysler Cross Fire 2004. the manual transmission violently slips out of first gear into neutral after the car is moving the vechile and the
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 2001 Pt Cruiser, 5 speed manual transmission, 60,000 miles engine surges when car is moving, most noticeable when the car
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 The Transmission Went Out On my car a 2001 p.t. cruiser with only 44243 miles on it, the vehicle is only 17

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