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29 Jun

CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 Interior Lights Failed. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 There Is No Protective cover on light in trunk. light has burned two layers of blankets. *ak
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 1990 Recall 96v099000. Dealer refused to repair vehicle because brakes were contaminated.*ak the light on the dash board (warning light) stayed
CHRYSLER 300M 1999 Overhead Lights And On The doors flicker intermittently. *ak
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1994 When The Vehicle Is Running power locks make clicking sound as though someone was opening & closing. also,
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 While Driving On The Highway headlights/dash lights, and mirrors went out for about a couple of seconds, then came back on.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Light Bulb In The Trunk is not covered and is hanging down, burning items in the trunk, and causing fire hazard.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1995 While Driving The Dashboard Light goes off. dealer attempted to repair several times, but problem still occurs. *ml
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Vehicle Stationary, Convertible Top went down twice; on 3rd time, went down okay, but going up, it kept going.
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1997 Had Articles In Trunk With trunk mostly closed but courtesy light was still on . came back to vehicle and it was on fire.
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 Electrical Short, Cauisng the air bag light to come on/ loss of all electrical functions/ headlights/ dashlights to fail. *ak
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1998 Intrument Panel Lights Went Out while driving. dealer contacted. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 While Backing Out Of Drive, vehicle started to rev,and then to accelerate in reverse. vehicle was doing a 360 degree, consumer
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Vehicle Has Automatic Lights That come on by themselves when it gets dark, consumer states headlights and dash lights go off by themselves,
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Right Front Head Lights And dashboard lights went out for 3 or 4 seconds at night and came back on. *jb
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1998 1.complete Electrical Failure While speed was at 45mph caused full brake pressure to be applied to vehicle in traffic. vehicle would not
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Interior Door Light Switches Failed.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1997 The Courtesy Light In The door burned out. nlm consumer states while his wife was driving vehicle the steering wheel suddenly
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Trunk Light Does Not Go off when closed, resulted in burning items stored in the trunk area. *mjs
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1994 Trunk Light Bulb Burned And melted items within the trunk.
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 1990 Head Light Doors/covers Failed From corrosion.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Consumer Has Experienced Problems With the interior light switch. the interior lights overhead in front will flicker off and on at times, the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 chrysler town & country. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 The Interior Lights Intermittently Go on and off. the headlights fail to turn off even when switch is off, causing a dead
CHRYSLER 300 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 chrysler 300 (n/a). the contact stated that when the windshield wiper switch was activated, the instrument cluster
CHRYSLER 300C 2005 A/c Has Never Ran Cold since we purchased this vehicle, we went to the dealer numerous times over the years to see if it
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 chrysler concorde. the contact stated that the passenger and driver side door handle broke; as a result
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2001 Dashboard Cluster Lights Work Intermittently and other electrical problems. talked to a auto electric specialist who told me this is a known problem
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 The Passenger Side Map Light not working, so found how to remove cover to replace bulb. bulb was not blown, but the
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2006 2006 Chrysler Pt Cruiser. bought the vehicle brand new in 2006. in the last two years i noticed intermittently the car
CHRYSLER 300M 2000 While Operating The Vehicle, the instrument lights, radio and compass lights flicker intermittently or become very bright for a few seconds then become
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 Instrument Panel Lighting In Several years of chrysler town & country and dodge grand caravans around 2006 have no provision for getting speedometer and tachometer
CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 2009 2009 Chrysler Town And Country when it rains or snows the dash lights do not work i must use a flash light to see the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chrysler town & country touring. the contact stated that the passenger map light stopped working. when he removed
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2006 I Have 2006 Pt Cruiser and i am having tons of electrical problems sometimes the stereo will not work.brake light stays on and run
CHRYSLER 300M 2002 Electrical Issue Started About Six months after purchasing my 2002 chrysler 300m. the lights would spontaneously flicker for no reason while driving.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 Driving 2006 Chrysler Town And country and dash gauges and lights go off and then back on. this happened twice in 5 minutes.
CHRYSLER 300C 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chrysler 300c. the contact stated that the headlights, dashboard lights and interior lights flickered on and off intermittently
CHRYSLER 300C 2006 I Own A Chrysler 2006 300 c i can not drive it at night because the lights keep going off i believe
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Faults Within The Headlight/foglight Multifunction switch on the 2001 pt cruiser causes the foglights to illuminate, even when the switch is off. i
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 I Own A 2006 Chrysler town and country. i've had a lot of problems with it since i got it, but the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2005 I Have A 2005 Chrysler town and country that from the day we got it the head lights and interior lights flicker. each
CHRYSLER TOWN&COUNTRY LWB 2007 Both Driver & Passenger Interior overhead light bulbs (come on when doors are opened or when activated by depressing light cover) melted their plastic retaining
CHRYSLER 300M 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 chrysler 300m. the vehicle would intermittently stall without any prior warnings. as a consequence his risk for
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1996 I've Had A 1996 Chrysler concorde lx for about 1 yr. it has always had problems when i put the key in the ignition
CHRYSLER 300M 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 chrysler 300m. while driving various speeds, the contact noticed that the interior dome light turned on and off
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2002 2002 Chrysler Town & Country lxi. turn signal indicator lights inside vehicle are malfunctioning, we are unaware if they malfunction outside, other
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 The Front Right Side Dome light was out. when i went to replace the light bulb, i discovered the light socket had
CHRYSLER 300 2008 We Have Taken Our 2008 chrysler 300 to 2 different chrysler dealers and they haven't fixed our car. our car windows, ac,
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2005 Purchased 2005 Sebring Convertible In early 2006 with 18,000 miles on it. was pushed into an extended warranty that has went out of
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2002 I Bought The Car Brand new, added the extended warranty and had several things go wrong. just to name a few:
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2006 My 2006 Chrysler Pt Cruiser has had problems since the time of the 36,000 mile warranty ran out. there is a problem
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chrysler town and country. whenever the contact drives the vehicle at night, the interior and exterior lights
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 chrysler sebring. the vehicle is experiencing electrical failure. the lights in the passenger compartment and instrument
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2004 I Have Had My Car for 2 years and already the transmission has went out and the timing belt broke. the panel lights
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 The Door Open Light Comes on and flashes randomly when the car is being driven. the dome lights come on
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated the interior and exterior lighting flickers and there is wind noise noticed near the passenger side door. although
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 2000 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2000 chrysler sebring convertible. the vehicle was purchased on 5-27-05. the dash lights did not work at night.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 Hello. I Tried Copying and pasting my letter into this box however, my letter is too long. therefore, i am
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 The Instrument Cluster On My 2002 pt cruiser stopped working. the dome light and the warning signals for leaving the headlights on or
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2002 The Consumer Stated While Driving at night the headlights failed intermittently. *ak *sc the part(s) were on back order according
CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 2005 The Lights On My Dashboard and interior lights continually flicker and adjust. when i took the vehicle to the dealer i was informed
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2003 Received Recall Notice For Upper power steering hose. windshield washers inoperative at times. unable to duplicate problem. *bf nar
CHRYSLER 300 2005 Two Days After I Purchased my 2005 chrysler 300 touring, all of the lights on the car began to flash off and on
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Some Of The Illuminating Lights in the dashboard for speed and rpm and fuel have gone out. i had mentioned this to chrysler
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 The Interior Lights Stayed On, even after the vehicle was turned off, which drained the battery. consumer had to remove the
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2004 The Computer In The Car keeps locking up, all the dash emer lights come on and no dash componets work, speedometer, mileage
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 When Turning The Steering Wheel the driver heard a rattling noise. the horn stopped operating and the interior lighting remained on.
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2003 While Driving Vehicle Lost Power which caused interior and exterior lights not to function. also, driver noticed that when tapping on the
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 Radio Does Not Receive Fm stations, interior lights intermittently came on with door opening
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1999 Consumer State That Truck Interior light would stay on while trunk was close resulting in light burning items in trunk. dealer was contacted and

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Same thing here, interior lights keep flashing on and off, driving me nuts. I'll never buy another chrysler, because of all the problems I've had with this car.

The front passenger side window of my 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser suddenly imploded, sending shattered glass into the interior of my car and cutting my arm as I drove. I was going about 25 mph through a residential area on a nice spring day, about 6

um here is a question, I have the smae problem with interior lights and the lighted clock and dash lights will not go out at night. I just had an associate put in a different c.d player and since then I have been having problems andy ideas?

Me and my mom say my car is "possessed." The interior lights flicker on and off while driving every so often like you said and its like having a disco show while the music is on haha. The car is beautiful still after 12 years, but it is so sad tha

99 chrysler concorde,Purchased in 2003. 2004 evaporator on ac went out 1300.00.  2005 going down highway radio,interior light ,door locks quit working.All power window need new motors.2006 with 80,000 miles radiator cooling fan broke,starter,alte

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